The Best Portable Projector Screens | Complete Buyer’s Guide of 2022

Best portable projector screens

You might be using a projector screen, but not all screens are portable, provide good projection and easy to install anywhere you want outdoors or indoors. You are always compromising on one of the key features to choose them. In an inauspicious case, you might get all the benefits but after spending a hefty amount and you certainly don’t want that.

Portable projector screens reviewsGetting the right portable projector screen is dependent on your needs. You might use it for business, leisure or academics. And this demand will determine the most suitable portable projector screen for you. To help you find the best one, we have researched the top 10 best portable projector screens for you with recommendations and a buying guide.

All these products vary in size, projection, features and hold different prices accordingly. Let’s have a look:

Below are the Best Portable Projector Screens in 2022

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Read more detailed reviews of each product below:

10.  Epson ES3000 Ultra Portable Projection Screen

Epson ES3000 Ultra Portable Projection Screen


By: Epson

Check Product Key Features
  • Dimensions: 8 x 10 x 10.8 in
  • Standard 4:3 or widescreen 16:9
  • Variable height and length options available
  • User manual included

Moving back to the traditional portable projector screens, Epson is a renowned name. It comes with a usual tripod stand and mounting tools. It is highly recommended and accepted because of its customized features. Its innovative design allows you to adjust the screen as per your projection needs; be it the height of the stand of the dimensions of the screen.

It is user-friendly and universally compatible with all electronic devices. When not in use, you can fold the screen, and it will automatically shape into its carrying case that is easy to carry. With the price it demands, Epson gives excellent picture resolution and sharp, bright images.

9. Excelvan Outdoor Portable Projector Screen

Excelvan Outdoor Portable Projector Screen


By: Excelvan

Check Product Key Features
  • Screen format: 16:9
  • Diagonal dimension: 150 inches
  • Screen area: 104×58 inches
  • Screen material: PVC

Excelvan is a pure white portable projector screen that serves as an affordable choice for home theatre movies, classroom training, and indoor presentations.

It is made up of a white matte surface which diffuses projected light equally and gives optimal images and colors. The white matte surface works great indoors or where you can control the light.

The Velcro’s makes it a great portable projector screen. You don’t need to drill the wall or mount the screen with nails. It’s easy to assemble and dismantle. However, while moving it around, the screen tends to have blemishes and wrinkles which cannot always be avoided.

8. VIVO 100″ Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen

VIVO 100 Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen



Check Product Key Features
  • Screen size 100 (diagonal)
  • Universally compatible with LCD, LED &DLP projectors.
  • Instruction manual inside

Vivo is a traditional patterned portable projector screen. The layout of the screen is white with a background to reduce light penetration. The black borders of the screen absorb light easily and give better picture quality.

Vivo has a 120 degrees viewing angle with 1.1 gain. Unlike the new portable projector screens, you would see this with a conventional tripod stand. But can also be mounted on the wall or ceiling.  It is easy to transport and store; however, it requires an assembling process.

Vivo is meant to be used for day to day purposes; in offices, at home or for education, therefore, it isn’t fragile. You can also wash it off with mild soap and water if need be.

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7. Best Choice Products Tripod Portable Projector

Best Choice Products Tripod Portable Projector


By: Best Choice Products

Check Product Key Features
  • Screen 100 inches diagonally
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 10 inches tripod stand
  • Instruction manual

The Best Choice portable projector screen is an exceptional combination of the conventional style and improved projection. If you have to carry your projector screen to different places often, then this must be your buy. Being portable, it is highly durable and lightweight. The tripod stand can fold, easily mount and the projector doesn’t require any assembling. With that, the Best Choice portable projector screen is also scratch-resistant, so no worries of screen damage.

The screen itself is white; with black borders and background that eliminates light penetration. With 1:3 gain, the screen projects high contrast images and resolution which is the prime requirement of any portable projector screen.

6.  Pyle 50″ Portable Projector Screen

Pyle 50 Portable Projector Screen


By: Pyle

Check Product Key Features
  • 50-inch diagonal screen
  • Product dimensions 21.5 x 16 x 15.5 inches
  • Aspect Ratio / Viewing Format: 4:3 (16:9 Compatible)
  • Includes tethers, yard stakes, fan, bag in the kit
  • Instruction manual and case included

Pyle is for movie lovers. Those who travel often and love to watch movies on large screens will enjoy this. It is a large portable projector screen with a sturdy tripod stand for still placement.

It is a 50-inch widescreen that projects bright images even when there is daylight. The straps and buckles allow easy assembling and dismantling of the screen. Pyle is perfect for large outdoor gatherings. The screen is lightweight and retractable to be used on versatile surfaces.

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5. Holiday Styling Portable Screen

Holiday Styling Portable Screen


By: Holiday Styling

Check Product Key Features
  • Screen dimension 60 x 160 x 110 inch
  • Storage bag included
  • Assembling tools inside the kit

Talk about inflatable portable projector screen, and here you have a choice. A bit pricier than other inflatable screens, Holiday Styling can inflate and deflate within minutes. Once you blow out the air, it fits into a tiny bag that you can carry along anywhere.

Holiday Styling is a simple tool to make anyplace a home theatre. The skates and tethers included in the kit make it easy to assemble and firmly place on any ground surface. If it’s windy around, you might need to place some bottom weight to keep it sturdy.

Like other inflatable portable projector screens, it has quieter fans, so you wouldn’t find it noisy. It requires cautious care and prevention from rocky, pointed surfaces and it will last pretty long.

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4. Visual Apex Projector Screen

Visual Apex Projector Screen


By: Visual Apex

Check Product Key Features
  • Screen dimensions: 120 inches diagonally
  • Overall dimensions 112.5 x 93 inches
  • 1-year defective parts warranty
  • 2 detachable legs
  • Carrying case

Visual Apex is a high definition, high-resolution portable projector screen. It is known for its high-quality movie theatre projection. The screen of the projector is UV protected anti-static with the flame retardant coating. All of these features make Visual Apex highly portable and easy to carry around.

The screen is made up of high-resolution white matte PVC elastic that gives zero light penetration. Upon assembling, the fabric remains flat and wrinkle-free. While Visual Apex is reasonably priced and offers excellent color reproduction, the only drawback it has is its difficult assembling method. The legs don’t adjust, and brackets are too tight to clip to the frame, making assembling and dismantling a hassle every time.

3. Camp Chef OS92L Portable Outdoor Movie Screen

Camp Chef OS92L Portable Outdoor Movie Screen


By: Camp Chef

Check Product Key Features
  • 92-inch diagonal screen
  • Overall screen dimensions: 5 inches wide by 45 inches tall.
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Hanging straps included

As the name says, Camp Chef is one of the recommended choices if you are looking for an outdoor screen.  It consists of a high-quality Oxford nylon screen that projects sharp, high-resolution images and has a gain of 1:1.

The assembling is super comfortable, and the screen is super light. However, you would have the purchase the legs and tie-down kit separately. If you intend to hang the screen to some wall or ceiling, this is for you.

Camp Chef also gives the great front and rear projection, which most outdoor screens don’t. The handling of the screen is entirely your discretion because you wouldn’t find any screen cover for protection.

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2. JaeilPLM 100 inch Portable Projection Screen

JaeilPLM 100 inch Portable Projection Screen


By: JaeilPLM

Check Product Key Features
  • Screen dimension 100 inches diagonally
  • Aspect ratio 16:9 and 1:1 gain
  • Carrying case included

If you are looking for a portable projection screen; a one-time investment with all bare necessities, JaeilPLM is worth buying. It gives excellent value for the price and acts as a complete kit with a portable projection screen, a portable stand, and an assembling kit.

It has a very stable triangular prism stand and adjustable legs to set the desired height. Its lightweight yet flickers free. So any outdoor setting you have, and it remains sturdy and firm.

The white matte projector screen with black coating evenly diffuses the light and gives bright colors with no hue or contrast variations. The screen also gives 160 degrees wide viewing angle that makes the outdoor movies become more fun. You will find JaeilPLM a great equipment to keep in the office or at home for leisure, work, and education.

1. Mdbebbron 120 inch Projection Screen

Mdbebbron 120 inch Projection Screen


By: Mdbebbron

Check Product Key Features
  • Screen dimension: 120 inches
  • The screen aspect ratio of 16:9
  • Portable

Out of all the other choices, we have Flovea for being reasonably priced and giving an excellent resolution. Mdbebbron is meant to be used anywhere, indoor or outdoor. It is easy to set up and remains stable in the breeze. It is lightweight and requires no other tool to mantle the system.

Talk about screen resolution? It supports 1080P Full HD resolutions. It also features a 160 degrees viewing angle, so you can sit anywhere and enjoy the display. For outdoors it consists of a multilayer weave that protects it from humidity and moisture. The company gives a 2-year warranty so you can without any worry use it as much as you can, and it wouldn’t wear off quickly.


The list we have provided is a summary of the best portable projector screens out on the market. Your perfect fit will be one that suits your needs and most importantly your pocket.

While all of these are great regarding their benefits, they most likely vary in prices. The decision is a very wise investment, therefore it must be carefully thought and taken. So, reevaluate the purpose of your purchase, and it will be easier for you to choose amongst the list above.

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