Top 10 Best Portable Printers in 2023 – A Comparison & Reviews

Best portable printers

Printing on the road is not the first thing that comes to mind when planning a trip. Be it business travel or a vacation; you never know when you are going to be in need of a printer.

You may want to share a memorable moment or print out a contract copy at a moment’s notice. But going around looking for a printer does not cut it in today’s digital age.

A portable printer comes in handy as it is compact, lightweight and can fit just about anywhere. Even large offices can make do with portable printers when moving from room to room.

The Best Portable Printers in 2023

Here, we review the best portable printers on the market. They are all super capable and efficient. Some of them are as small as your phone, so be ready to move with your print copy.

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10. Primera Trio 31001 All-in-One Portable Printer

Primera Trio 31001 All-in-One Portable Printer


Weighing in at only 2.6lbs, the Primera Trio 31001 is an excellent option for printing on the go. It can fit in your business briefcase or purse, so you’ll be ready to print whenever you need to.

It can also scan and copy documents, adding to the convenience of having your office on the road. This printer achieves excellent text quality for colored print and in black and white. It favors print resolution of up to 4800x1200dpi.

You’ll love it more if you have a small office or even for your dormitory room. The book-sized printer is a perfect choice when you are printing on the move since you can manipulate it with one hand.

It works with Windows and Mac operating systems and connects without hassle using a USB cable. It’s the perfect choice for fulfilling all your printing demands.

9. Kodak Mobile Mini Portable Printer

Kodak Mobile Mini Portable Printer


In mobile printing, wireless is the way to go. Kodak has an impressive way of showing it using its NFC and Wi-Fi compatible portable printer. It is by far the smallest and most lightweight printer on the go.

For those who love living out their memorable moments on paper, you’ll be able to use your Android or iOS smartphone to print directly from it. Using the very innovative D2T2 Dye Transfer mechanism, Kodak printer produces photos full of color and vibrancy in even black and white portraits.

Plus the color fidelity stays shiny all through for the next 10years. When you choose the Kodak mini printer, you get easy maintenance and full convenience anywhere and everywhere. Isn’t it a great investment?

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8. SereneLife Instant Mobile Photo Portable Printer

SereneLife Instant Mobile Photo Portable Printer


This pocket size printer has everything you’d desire. Do you wish you could retain the same quality of pictures that you see on your iPhone or Android smartphone?

Well, you’ve just landed yourself the best color printer. SereneLife has self-contained cartridges which maintain the accuracy of each photo file you’ve saved on your phone.

Not to mention, you don’t need to install any ink or paper. Its cartridge has all that taken care of, and all you need is print up to 10 photos and replace it after it’s done.

Capable of holding a charge for 25prints, SereneLife is the ideal companion for life on travel. It doesn’t need connecting to your phone via USB. Just allow Wi-Fi compatibility for instant access. Not forgetting, there’s a PICKIT mobile app which lets you edit images before printing.

7. HP OfficeJet 200 Wireless & Mobile Portable Printer

HP OfficeJet 200 Wireless & Mobile Portable Printer


HP is best known for having the best desktop printers. But with a fast-paced life, there’s a great portable printer which provides you with the same top-quality HP enjoys. The OfficeJet 200 fits well in a briefcase and can quickly move using one hand.

It has a wide selection of printing capabilities starting with its wireless direct, where you don’t need any wires or network for connection. It also supports mobile printing. You don’t need to be close to the printer to get work done.

A long-lasting battery supports energy saving so that it can last for extended hours without recharging. It uses an AC power source such that you can charge it from anywhere. Be it your car, office, home, or even hotel. Better still, it supports borderless printing such that you can print documents up to 5x7inches in size.

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6. HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile Wireless Portable Printer

HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile Wireless Portable Printer


Like the OfficeJet 200, the HP 250 version is another incredible mobile wireless printer. It lets you print right out of the box as it is easy to set up. It is adorned with a touchscreen user interface, so you don’t need to master a series of functions.

Also, it comes with an auto document feeder of up to 50 sheets such that you can copy, scan, and print multiple pages. It can send scan files to email, and it enjoys borderless printing. Here is the ultimate time saver.

OfficeJet 250 offers mobile printing using the free HP ePrint app. It gives you the convenience to print from anywhere. So you don’t need to carry it with you if you are having a meeting across the street. If you don’t have a mobile app, Android users can still print using Wi-Fi Direct. Plus, with the original HP 62ink and HP62XL guarantees you the highest quality of color and black& white documents.

5. Epson WF-100 Workforce Wireless Mobile Printer

Epson WF-100 Workforce Wireless Mobile Printer


Where does the business take you? Then no need to fret about the paper. The world’s lightest mobile printer is here to make your portable printing worthwhile. Epson Workforce prides itself in the compact size and convenient battery life.

It uses either USB or an AC adapter to recharge whenever you like. There’s also an automatic power off button that saves the lithium-ion battery from self-discharge. This way, you can do a few more prints than you would with other printers.

When it comes to printing, it has a built-in wireless and Wi-Fi functionality. Tap the print option from your iPhone, tablet, smartphone, laptop and the Epson receives the command fast and easy. You should get yours to get the real feel of the documents it brings forth. Pictures are glossy, and official documents are rich in color. And, considering the price it rates, it is just hard to pass on.

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4. HP Sprocket Wireless Color Portable Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Wireless Color Portable Photo Printer


If you are just starting in photography, there’s always the need to have high-quality photos. But capital might be something you don’t have. This does not mean making compromises when you need to grow.

HP offers you its best design in mobile wireless printing. It is for you who like celebrating social events and letting your guests carry with them their best moments.

This printer uses the HP sprocket app which allows seamless connectivity to your social media accounts through Bluetooth. You can print from anywhere as it is barely the size of your phone. It uses sticky-backed photo paper to produce dynamic pictures that will have your friends and customers asking for more.

3. Canon Selphy CP1200 Color Wireless Photo Printer

Canon Selphy CP1200 Color Wireless Photo Printer


Printing does not come close to being a fun activity. This is especially if you are dealing with ink smudges and leaving your fingerprints all over the paper. But with the Canon Selphy CP1200, you have a reason to smile.

It is not only very portable, but it also comes with a dedicated Selphy ink and paper kit. It opens your choices since you have the option of having a total of 18, 36, or 54prints by the time the kit is done.

No sacrifices on quality here. As you’ll see, each of your Instagram and Facebook photos is replete with clarity and life vibrancy. And durability is critical as the print comes in an overcoat which protects it from dust and liquids. Get to print your portrait by either AirPrint or Wi-Fi.

You can also shuffle the images up instead of sticking to portrait or landscape images. But do we say; it’s an easy, fun, and creative method of enjoying your pictures.

2. Canon PIXMA iP110 Mobile Wireless Printer

Canon PIXMA iP110 Mobile Wireless Printer


The efficiency of printing on the go is just sinking in. Most mobile printers do not have many functions. But that’s not the case with Canon PIXMA iP110. This portable printer can print both photos and business documents without sacrificing image quality.

It explores color dpi of 9600×2400 dpi so whether you have family photos or contracts to print, they’ll all be crisp and clear. It does not need the installation of drivers to work. As long as you have a compatible iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you’ll print wirelessly.

It also features mobile printing using AirPrint when you have Canon Print app or Google Cloud Print. That means you can print from anywhere when your phone and the printer are close. And, no need to worry about battery life. It can charge using a power cord or an AC adapter. Better still, you can carry a lithium-ion battery for when you don’t have the option of recharging it immediately.

1. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Portable Printer

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Portable Printer


Securing its place as the best portable printer in the world is the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Portable Printer. It is by no means a by-the-way printer. If you do not have your images on Polaroid print, then you are not enjoying life as it is.

Polaroid has made it okay to forget your camera. Take all the pictures you can from your Android and iOS compatible devices, and then just print using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology or Bluetooth.

This Printer has surpassed all the others when it comes to picture perfection. It creates smudge-free photos that you can have hanging on your wall for decades to come. The simple options of being able to edit, and add texts and links make it a great attraction. It even allows embedding of passwords so you can share secret information. All this is in a device that weighs only 6.6ounces.


The world of portable print is growing every day. The only way you can keep up is by securing the best of what the market has. The portable printers on our list are versatile and fun to use. They are the ultimate tools to buy for high-quality documents and photos.

Expect each of these devices to be lightweight and rugged to offer top-notch service for a decent period. Our aim is that you don’t make compromises in quality when looking to purchase an affordable portable printer.

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