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Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators

People who have been suffering from breathing problems and related health disabilities require special treatment with the assistance of bulky oxygen tanks, which is somehow inconvenient at times. But utilizing a portable oxygen concentrator can minimize difficulties and movement restrictions and deliver pivotal treatment in the uttermost comfort.

The POC is a portable device that helps provide oxygen therapy to patients who need higher oxygen levels than the ambient air. Portable oxygen concentrators are similar to oxygen concentrators for home use; only these machines are more applicable for traveling; they are lightweight, much smaller, but highly functional and reliable. Engineered with the innovative preset programs, the name itself already defines its use: portable oxygen concentrators filter the air to deliver 90% up to 95% pure oxygen to the patient.

With the overwhelming options at a vast range of prices, finding the ideal portable oxygen concentrator truly is crucial. You have to opt for and invest in reliable equipment that you or a patient will essentially benefit from for long periods of time. Our list of the Top 10 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators and in-depth reviews and guidelines will help you out!

What Does LPM Mean on Oxygen Concentrators?
Prior to using a portable or home oxygen concentrator, determining the measurement or level of oxygen concentration or the label LPM is a fundamental aspect. Reviewing this factor helps you identify how much oxygen you inhale every time you undergo oxygen therapy. But what does LPM mean? How much oxygen do oxygen concentrators actually provide? LPM stands for Liters Per Minute. A concentrator is designed with a specific capacity that defines the filtration capability and the amount of oxygen it diffuses. Typically, concentrators offer 1 Liter up to 6 Liters per minute. The bigger the capacity, the higher level of oxygen concentration it disperses via cannula. We inhale approximately 21% of oxygen, and concentrators can ramp up the level of concentration based on the liter per minute. To give you an idea, 1 Liter is equivalent to 3% to 4% of oxygen. Therefore, if an oxygen concentrator has a capacity of 5 liters per minute, it can produce 36% to 41% of pure oxygen. Although most oxygen concentrators have a maximum flow of 6 LPM, specialized machines offer up to 10 LPM, ideal for a particular group of patients. But before you engage in any form of oxygen therapy, it is a prerequisite to consult your doctor for professional supervision.

The best Portable Oxygen Concentrators you can choose to buy in 2022

We are sure it will help customers to have the right information about the features and functions. It will also help them choose the right POC based on correct and factual knowledge rather than being taken in by opinions and hearsays.

Below is a list of the Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators:

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Read our detailed reviews of each product below:

How to Choose the Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator

  • PORTABILITY: The portability of an oxygen concentrator depends on the essential factors: weight, size, and ergonomic design. First and foremost, if you’re looking for handy equipment that you can carry when you travel or move from one place to another around the house, it should be lightweight. The simple and ergonomic design, perhaps a handle, will make it much easier to bring in your luggage. Although such machines are typically heavy and big, a smaller or more compact size highlights its portability and hence, very convenient to carry and use.
  • INTUITIVE CONTROLS: Every patient or person should not struggle with how to operate the health equipment. Intuitive or user-friendly controls will help users easily and fully access the programs and receive immediate treatment. Most oxygen concentrators feature preset programs for the timer, power switch, and the regulation mode for the flow. Some machines are programmed with different sets of controls but still fully accessible. Nevertheless, it is a must to read the manual closely to determine the proper use. LCD is also a functional and ergonomic feature that allows the elderly and other patients to read the results and comprehensive readings conveniently.
  • OPERATION: The type of power operation greatly affects the convenience of the machine. There are battery-operated oxygen concentrators, while other models power up when plugged into electric outlets or cigarette lighter outlets in the vehicle. While each design has distinct advantages, it may also fall short in some aspects regarding its type of power operation.

Battery-operated oxygen concentrators promote maximum portability, and you can just set it up and use it anytime, anywhere. But the battery power tends to run out in a certain amount of time. Charging is a must to accumulate more power. On the other hand, plug-in machines can supply continuous airflow but require electric outlets or lighter outlets to power up.

  • ACCESSORIES: To fully benefit from the features of an oxygen concentrator, manufacturers incorporate a variety of essential accessories. This may include a remote control, oxygen cannula, nasal cannula, carry bag, masks, car charger power, headsets, adapters, and a lot more.


Oxygen concentrators are innovative health machines specifically designed for people who need supplementary treatment and therapy related to their breathing problems. It can also be a reliable aid for people with several medical conditions, and their physicians require them to undergo oxygen therapies.

If you prefer to have your oxygen therapy wherever you go, portable oxygen concentrators are definitely the ultimate solution. They are designed to provide the utmost convenience whether you’re at home or traveling to different places. Although compact and lightweight, these innovative machines are programmed with essential settings.

Finding the ideal oxygen concentrator isn’t as easy as a breeze. That’s why we’ve compiled the best portable oxygen concentrators on the market along with in-depth reviews and guidelines. But before you settle on any of these machines, it is vital to consult your doctor first.

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