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If you have ever been on a fishing trip, you will surely know about the diverse nature of fish. Each one has its preferred depth, food, pleasant temperature, and other necessities. With all such things, how can find the best portable fish finder on the market? It is true that there are various products available in the market. All have different qualities and features. It might be difficult for you to get the right one especially when you are new to fish finding.

To make this task easier for you, we have created a list of top 10 portable fish finders to save your time on selection. Avoid wasting money on poor quality products and buy the best one that suits your requirements. Before we proceed further, we would like you to consider the following points before you can make your buying decision.

These are the best Portable Fish Finders in 2022

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10. Erchang Portable Fish Finder

Erchang Portable Fish Finder


The Erchang’s Fish finder uses smart sonar technology of a 45-degree beam. This locates the fish, defines water depth and contour. The user can select the sensitivity level, and it makes more accurate detection according to the user’s needs. A backlight is also provided so that you can use the unit in the weaker natural light.

  • Size of the fish can be easily checked
  • Wider LCD displays all results with clarity
  • The transducer and a 25 ft. Cables are also included
  • There is no color display

9. Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+


It is a Wi-Fi compatible wireless portable fish finder. It has an app which is compatible with both Android and iOS.

This tool is ideal for all kinds of fishing styles, i.e., kayak, river float tube fishing, operating fresh and salt waters, etc.

It comes with enabled GPS for mapping all the desired locations. The mapped sites can also be analyzed on PC.

  • Relatively higher connection range of about 330 feet.
  • Instant information about all underwater bodes plus the depth, water temperature is available
  • Rechargeable Battery works 5.5-hours continuous use on a single charge.
  • Comes with a USB charging wire and carrying pouch
  • More substantial than many other models

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8. Wireless Portable Fish Finder

Wireless Portable Fish Finder


Fishinger’s fish finder is specially designed for amateur level fish hunters. This fish finder has a highly sensitive sonar sensor which gives you the exact location of fish in no time.

It has an LCD which can be easily read in broad sunlight. It is also able to withstand the harsh water environment and is a long lasting unit.

  • High temperature and pressure sensitivity
  • You can catch fish through a temperature gauge
  • Light in weight and a compact sized unit
  • The menu is in various languages, i.e. Chinese, English, Danish, and Dutch, etc.
  • Powered by Lithium-ion batteries
  • It is comparatively expensive than few other models

7. Garmin 010-01807-00 Garmin STRIKER 5cv with transducer

Garmin 010-01807-00 Garmin STRIKER 5cv with transducer


If you want to locate the fish from your boat or kayak and need to get their perfect images, then Garmin’s 5cv finder is a great pick. It has a high-frequency sonar technology which can give detailed images of not only fish but other objects as well.

It has a user-friendly interface with a keyboard and is available in 2 different sizes. You can also save the desired locations on maps for further use.

  • The continuous sweep of frequencies provide a wide range of information
  • Less expensive, suitable for most users on a budget
  • Light in weight and highly portable
  • Impressive graphics and crystal clear display
  • Does not come with a transducer
  • Does not read depth at faster speeds

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6. Deeper Smart Sonar

Deeper Smart Sonar


Deeper smart’s portable fish finder is an ideal tool for different fishing styles. It can identify anything up to the size of 3 inches, in a depth of about 130 feet.

Its sensitivity level is also adjustable. It can also work in a temperature range of about -4 to 104 degree Fahrenheit. Not only the images of fish, but it also provides other detail as well such as underwater vegetation, temperature, depth, etc.

  • A compact and portable device
  • Has a wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Can reach many places which other finders can’t, e.g., in rivers, kayaks, dock, bridges, embankments, etc.
  • The compatible application includes fish activity calendar, weather, maps and sharing features.
  • The battery can last for up to 6 hours when fully charged
  • No warranty provided

5. iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder

iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder


This one is a wireless Bluetooth portable fish finder. It has a compatible app developed for Android and iOS. Through the app, all the data and images can be viewed on the cell phone as well. It works with a rechargeable battery. The battery works 10+ hours when fully charged. It identifies fish through a patented sonar technology.

  • Accurate results at a depth of 135 feet are shown
  • Fishfinders of all skill levels can use this unit
  • Through the mobile app, not only location but data like weather, temperature species and photos can also be saved
  • USB charger and pouch are included
  • Progress can also be shared on social media through the app
  • The app might be difficult to use by new users

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4. Raymarine Dragonfly-4DV Sonar

Raymarine Dragonfly-4DV Sonar


The Raymarine’s portable fish finder has a high quality LED backlit display. It displays all the images and statistic with clarity. It ideally provides you with wider viewing angles without any fogging.

Innovative sonar technology can get you higher speed tracking and clear deep water resolution. It has a ball and socket type of mount system which makes it easy for you to place on any surface.

  • Includes a transducer and a temperature sensor
  • Photo-like sonar images
  • Easy identification of fish and other underwater objects
  • The unit is durable and can work in all weather conditions
  • Light in weight and compact design
  • The transducer’s cable is not long enough

3. Lowrance 000-12664-002

Lowrance 000-12664-002


Lowrance’s portable fish finder has a seven inched color display of relatively higher resolution. It also has an advanced level sonar technology which can provide the images from the depth of waters.

The signal processing system automatically adjusts all the settings so that you can view the fish size, structure and details of obstacles more clearly. Unlike many other models and brands, this fish finder comes with a transducer.

  • Multi-window display and a three-panel view
  • Finest noise reduction capacity is integrated
  • Built-in GPS antenna and other navigation features included
  • Favorite locations or points of obstacles can be saved
  • A card and cover is also included
  • The unit may need frequent rebooting

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2. Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 Built-in GPS Fish Finder

Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 Built-in GPS Fish Finder


With the Garmin’s GPS portable fish finder, locating your favorite fish is even more comfortable. With the echo MAP feature, you can quickly mark the spot of the fish save the location and return later to catch the fish.

The graphic display is of high quality and displays uninterrupted images of the water life. It also has a built-in flasher and can show you all the speed related data.

  • Easy to use user interface with built-in GPS
  • Convenient keyboard operation
  • Through history rewind, you can scroll to earlier images and save them
  • Portable kit included to take the device anywhere
  • Transducers have to be purchased separately

1. Humminbird 410210-1 HELIX

Humminbird 410210-1 HELIX


The Humminbird fish finder comprises of innovative technologies. The unit has a premium design for ideal fish finding which means you can find good fish in no time.

With the help of saving maps or specific waypoints options, you can catch your favorite spot later. An interactive display with backlight will enable you to get the location of the fish with clarity.

This is one of the best fish finders available in the market within this price range.

  • Slot for SD card provided to save maps and location
  • Maximum depth rage is of 2500 feet
  • Imaging Sonar system gets precise results in no time.
  • The unit is very light in weight and of compact size.
  • The LED display shows all the statistics with clarity
  • Transducer not included

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What to Look for in a Portable Fish Finder

Before you read on our selection of portable fish finders, you must know what the important considerations.

  1. Frequency

Since the portable fish finders work on sonar technology, the frequency level is an important consideration. You need to remember that higher the frequency of your device, the more details of the fish you get. Most of the fish finders have a frequency within a range of 50-200 kHz.

  1. Cone angle

The cone angle means the net of the signal which will be cast from your device once it has submerged in the water. In deep waters, there will be wide cone angle, but the sensitivity may reduce. The usual range of the cone angles is 15-20 degrees.

  1. Power

The power of a fish finder is determined in wattage. This will tell you how active sonar can work. If the fish finder’s wattage, is higher; the unit will relay the live results fast. Generally, for 100 watts, a fish finder can relay results of about 400 feet depth.

  1. GPS power

Most of the fish finders have GPS system installed in them. The GPS enables the user to save the location and view them later. These locations may indicate the area with desired fish, or the areas to avoid which have obstacles.

  1. Portability

Since the fish finding requires much other equipment, and you cannot hold many things altogether, a portable fish finder should have a compact design. It should also be light in weight so that you can easily carry and store it wherever you want. Portable devices also come in handy when you are moving in a small boat or a kayak.


The portable fish finders and their sonar technology can prove to be of great help while catching the fish. Regular fish hunters will surely have recognized the importance of this.

Consider getting the locations of your favorite fish before you start hunting them. How easy and fun filled the experience would be. You would know beforehand about all the obstacles, the water depth, the temperature and other things.

Collection of all this data is only possible through a reliable portable fish finder. We have arranged this list after careful analysis, and we are sure that it could help you in making a great buying decision.

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