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Isn’t it fun to enjoy your favorite movies anytime and anywhere you want to? Portable DVD players let you bask in the glory of your all-time favorite movies while you are traveling and trying to have some pastime.

A portable DVD player is a blessing for those who cover long distances on a regular basis. It enables them to watch their favorite movies and TV series on the go.

Imagine a road trip with your kids. How many games could you play with each other or how many songs can you sing along? Imagine the repetition of this question, ‘are we there’, from the back seat passengers?

You don’t need to be worried about any such happenings as a portable DVD player can solve this problem efficiently. If your car didn’t come with a DVD player, it’s time to install a new one on your own. But the thing is which player you should buy as many options are available with different features and price tags.

That’s definitely a sweet ride! But whether you are on a trip or just on your cozy couch at home, a portable DVD player gives you an enjoyable piece of entertainment.

Best Portable DVD Players in 2022

We have come up with a detailed review of the Top 10 Best Portable DVD players in 2022 to help you find the best bang for your buck! What would it be?

If you have listed down the specifications, you are looking for a portable player, and the next step is finding the best unit. Which should you buy?

Here is a top 10 list of the portable DVD/CD players with remarkable features. Check them out!

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Read our detailed reviews of each product below:

10. SYNAGY 10.1″ Portable DVD Player

SYNAGY 10.1" Portable DVD Player


The SYNAGY portable DVD player has all the necessary features that you might be looking for. It has a very accessible and simple interface where the controls are all laid out nicely.

You’d really enjoy watching your favorite movies without any interruptions. But if you do want to continue watching your movie after a short break, you don’t need to rewind it. It has a break-point memory function that lets you play where you last left it. Effortless!

This portable player supports multiple media formats that so you can play your movie library unlimited. The swivel screen also gives you a better angle whether you’re sitting down or lying down on a bed. And if the audio quality is not enough for you, you can connect external speakers to enhance the audio.

9. UEME 10.1″ Portable CD/DVD Player

UEME 10.1" Portable CD/DVD Player


Like most portable DVD players, the UEME 10-inch player also features a swivel screen that provides you a nicer angle when you watch with your friends and family. It includes a car headrest mount holder that secures the portable player while you’re watching inside your vehicle. It is lightweight and portable which makes it easy to carry around.

UEME designed the controls to be as simple as possible allowing you to operate the DVD player without any hassle. Kids can even control the settings! And to make it more convenient, it also provides a remote control for more comprehensive and accessible settings. It supports various media formats and files from your USB and SD card.

  • 4 hours battery life
  • Widescreen format
  • 270-degree swivel provides better adjustment
  • Great for frequent road trips
  • Anti-shock and region free
  • Last memory option may not work properly

8. Upgraded Pyle 15” Portable DVD Player

Pyle 15” Portable DVD Player


If you prefer wider screens, the Pyle PDV156BK must be your best bet. With its 15-inch screen, you can indulge yourself with the vivid colors and breathtaking action scenes from your best-loved movies. And although it is a wide-screen DVD player, it is lightweight, sleek, compact, and definitely portable. You’ve great movies on-the-go whatever the format is!

The Pyle portable player would also be an excellent movie buddy for travel. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that allows you to use the player for extended hours. It showcases a minimal design where the controls are accessible and easily operated with a remote control.

7. APEMAN 7.5” PV1060 Portable DVD Player

APEMAN 7.5'' PV1060 Portable DVD Player


The smaller the screen is, the cheaper the player will be. The APEMAN PV1060 portable DVD player features a 7.5-inch screen that can swivel to adjust according to your viewing preference. So if you don’t mind watching with a smaller screen, the APEMAN PV1060 must be the one for you. The screen’s smaller compared to other DVD players in the market but it comes at a very affordable price. So, it won’t definitely hurt your bank.

It is compact, lightweight, and portable that makes it more convenient when you travel or watch movies around the house or anywhere you go. The interface also makes the controls much easier to operate – the play, reverse, stop, or forward and the volume control. A remote control is also included. You won’t also have any problem with the movie formats you’re playing because it is compatible with different media formats.

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6. COOAU 11.5″ Portable DVD Player

COOAU 11.5" Portable DVD Player


Are you looking for a portable player that you can use during a plane ride or for long hours of travel? Or for your child, perhaps? If you are, the COOAU portable DVD player is another great option. It not only plays movies but your kids can enjoy gaming as it comes with a free game controller. It offers multiple viewing angles with the help of its swivel screen. Moreover, it can be attached to TVs for a cinema movie experience.

This COOAU portable DVD player has a built-in battery that can play up to 5 hours. But if you need to power it up again during a road trip, it includes a free car charger that you can just plug into your vehicle.

The controls are all laid out nicely so you can operate the player conveniently. It supports different media formats. And if you have them on a USB or SD card, you can play them too with this portable player. The 11.5-inch swivel screen provides you a better angle when watching movies. The COOAU also made the design more stylish with a complementary color that is available in four shades – purple, red, black, and blue.

  • Large screen with rotation
  • 5 hours screen time
  • Affordable
  • No WiFi connectivity

5. DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD Player

DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD Player


With a simple yet attractive design, this player can entertain you in multiple ways. From playing DVDs to games, this is all set to make your road trip memorable.

Do you prefer a player with a rechargeable battery? The DBPOWER 9.5-inch portable DVD player uses a built-in 2500mah rechargeable battery that can run up to 5 hours. Just charge it up for an unlimited binge-watching! And this is not only for adults, but kids can also enjoy this player, too! It includes a game controller that can be just plugged into the back of the DVD player. You can load it up with games for kids that can be downloaded from DBPOWER’s official website. Absolutely free!

It also supports different media formats and available ports for USB and SD card. So whether you have your files on your USB, SD card or DVDs, the DBPOWER will handle them all for you.

Featuring a 9.5-inch swiveling screen, this DVD player is suitable for playing a variety of popular video formats and can also be hooked up to a large screen TV using the AV input and output. You can even connect two same players to enjoy the same movie simultaneously. The only downside many users find is the lack of volume.

  • 5 hours battery life
  • Swivel screen that can be flipped to 180 degrees and rotate up to 270 degrees
  • SD card and USB ports
  • Game joystick and remote control included
  • Touch buttons cannot be locked

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4. DR.J 9.5″ Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player

DR.J 9.5" Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player


The DR.J portable DVD player is one of the best-sellers in the market because of its stable and long-lasting battery life. A lot of users find it very practical to use, especially for long hours of travel. It can play different media formats, so you won’t have a hard time playing them.

This portable DVD player has a built-in rechargeable battery that can run up to 5 hours. It includes a car charger and a power adapter for continuous entertainment anytime and anywhere.

The screen can swivel up to 270 degrees for more comfortable and better visibility. With its stunning features, this one’s great for kids and adults for games, movies, DVD concerts, or your favorite music playlist. Perfect as a gift for Christmas or birthday!

3. 2019 Upgraded DR.J Portable DVD Player

2019 Upgraded DR.J Portable DVD Player


Because most movies nowadays are downloadable, you can just save them to a USB or SD card. But if you also have a huge compilation of DVDs, a portable DVD player with more output options would be very practical. Just like the DR.J DVD player, it has available output options for USB and SD card. It features a 14.1-inch swivel screen that allows you to watch your favorite movies with a better view and angle.

But if you want to view it on a larger screen such as TV, an AV OUT option is also available. It has high resolution that ensures you an excellent movie experience anytime and anywhere you want.

It is powered by a built-in large capacity battery that can keep the player running up to 7 hours so you can enjoy two DVDs before it turns black. Moreover, it supports all popular video and audio formats.

  • Package includes a car charger and power adapter
  • Swivel and flipping for perfect viewing angle adjustment
  • No WiFi connectivity

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2. WONNIE New 9.5 Inch Portable DVD Player

WONNIE New 9.5 Inch Portable DVD Player


The WONNIE is probably one of the portable players that have the simplest interface among in our list. WONNIE made it simple, sleek yet accessible. The playback controls are all in one place, and the rest of the available ports are located on one side. This portable DVD player makes all the ports and controls organized and much easier to use.

It uses a built-in rechargeable battery that powers up the DVD player up to 5 hours or so when fully charged. It makes it really handy when you’re out for a road trip or plane ride. And because it is engineered to enjoy the most out of your movies, it supports multiple media formats.

You can also use the ports for USB and SD card. The screen displays an excellent audio and video quality and can swivel 270 degrees for better viewing.

1. DBPOWER 10.5″ Portable DVD Player

DBPOWER 10.5" Portable DVD Player


The top portable DVD player on our list is also from DBPOWER. It showcases a 10.5-inch screen that can swivel up to 270 degrees. The screen display provides bright and vivid color that lets you enjoy your favorite movies in its finest quality. The screen display is excellent, not too big and not too small. So, it might be the portable DVD player that will suit your needs.

One of the most impressive features you can find is the break-point memory function that allows you to continue your movie from where you left it last time. And because DBPOWER designed it to be very flexible, it supports different media formats that won’t leave you worrying which movie you should play. You can watch your favorite movies at any time of the day!

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How to Choose Best Portable DVD Players – Buying Guide

First and foremost, you have to check the general features of the portable DVD player you are planning to buy. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a cheap quality. That will be a waste of money! Here are some factors you should consider.

  • SCREEN SIZE: Portable DVD players are available in different screen sizes. The wider the screen, the better. Unless you prefer a smaller screen. However, both sizes have advantages when it comes to portability and overall entertainment. Smaller screens are travel-friendly as they are lighter and more comfortable to carry. But you might strain your eyes a little when watching. Larger screens, on the other hand, provide you better viewing. They let you enjoy your movies to the fullest, but they are heavier and bulkier. They also cost more than the players with smaller screens.
  • CONTROLS: The controls should be precise and easy to use. You should be able to control the settings using these functional buttons that include playback, menu, volume, audio settings, and other fundamental buttons.
  • AUDIO: The movie is much more enjoyable with a better audio. Most of these units have built-in speakers that can provide you with a good quality sound. It is best if the portable player has available audio outputs for headphones or external speakers if you want to enhance the audio.
  • MEDIA COMPATIBILITY: You can get the most out of your portable DVD player if it is capable of playing CDs and DVDs in different formats. So, if you have a huge collection of movies or other media files, opt for a portable player that is compatible with different types of media format.
  • AVAILABLE OUTPUT: SD card reader, USB port, headphone or earphone jack, AV out, are some of the available ports that you can find on a portable DVD player. Much better if the unit has more to offer. It makes the portable player efficient and convenient to use.
  • SWIVEL SCREEN: Some models feature a swivel screen that allows you to get a better view and angle. This would be an excellent attribute if you have two or more audience watching on the portable player. Although not all models have this feature, you can still enjoy watching your favorite movies with a wider screen.
  • PRICE: If you’re planning to invest in a portable DVD player, you should know how much money you are willing to spend. These DVD players all come with different price tags. Although you may find some of them expensive, you can still find seasonal best deals that will fit your budget.


If you are a complete movie addict like every moviegoer is, one of the first things you’d probably look for is a reliable and high-quality portable DVD player. You don’t want to ruin your favorite movies when you binge-watch them all throughout the day or anytime and anywhere you are.

But with tons of portable players, the market can offer, it might take a while to end up with the best one. That’s why we came up with this informative buying guide to make things quite easy for you! Our detailed reviews and comprehensive guide will help you find the best deals and the best portable DVD player you can find in the market.

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