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Best ping pong tables

Ping pong is the ultimate pass-time activity in workplaces, gaming rooms, and resorts. In recent years, it has become part of the gaming culture. Similar to other games, ping pong comes with its requirements. When compared to other activities in a game room, ping pong tables are considerably inexpensive and can indeed differ in sizes.

When purchasing a ping pong table, the first step is to find the right brand. The best table according to your requirements may be different from that of another person.

However, it is good to know that there exists an option for everyone. With the numerous brands of ping pong tables on the market, it can be difficult to determine the best one.

Best Ping Pong Tables in 2022

In case you have recently started playing the game, you may not be familiar with the impact the table may have on the overall gaming experience.

Fortunately, our list will hasten your endeavor to find the right product. Our review of the Top 10 ping pong tables currently on the market will give you an official verdict on what to pick.

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10. Viper Arlington Indoor Table Tennis Table

Viper Arlington Indoor Table Tennis Table


By: GLD Products

The list begins with the Viper as the 10th best table tennis table currently on the market. Of course, it has some excellent features which qualify it to be on this list. First, its striking surface which is black with trimmed red spices up the décor of any gaming, conference, or living room. Its enticing appearance will attract the attention of your family, friends or colleagues.

Other key features include its top being 5/8” MDF and its square legs and frame being 1-1/4”, which make it sturdy and durable. The ping pong table’s two parts also separately fold for easier storage, making it possible for you to lift one of the sides for solo practice. The table will be an excellent choice for indoors.

9. STIGA STS520 Indoor Table Tennis Table

STIGA STS520 Indoor Table Tennis Table



This STIGA STS520 is another outstanding model on sale this year. Among the main attributes that make the new STS Table by STIGA, the best choice include its durability, quality, convenience, and innovation.

The ping pong table is fit for tournaments, due to its durability and exceptional playability. Other features include a thick table top that is 1” with silk-striping, steal heavy gauge steel legs that are 2.5” with leg levelers and ball bearing wheels that are 5” in diameter.

The table also contains a powder-coated apron made of steel and patented with full-length ball storage. If you are worried about the net and how long it may last before beginning to warn out, your worries should be over from now. The table is equipped with 72” clipper net that is premium in rating, and also includes a post system.

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8. JOOLA 15mm Tour 1500 Indoor Table Tennis Table and Net Set

JOOLA 15mm Tour 1500 Indoor Table Tennis Table and Net Set



If you are looking for a fun-filled ping pong game at an affordable price, then the Tour 1500 Ping Pong Table by JOOLA is the perfect choice for you. With separable interlocking halves, a sleek frame, and net set, the table is indeed perfect for storage in any family home.

In the case of competitive matches, the 15mm wood surface composite facilitates a consistent ball bounce. Other features include automatic steel legs that are 1.5 inches in diameter and resin aprons that are 1.5 inches, which are used in creating a robust and highly durable table.

The table also includes height levers that are adjustable, as well as caster wheels that are 2 inches in diameter, to satisfy your needs as you use the table.  It is indeed an excellent choice, as it covers most of the extra features that the current table tennis tables have.

7. STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Table

STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Table



You are probably in need of a highly flexible table that can fold easily for convenient storage and transportation, right? Well, this InstaPlay table tennis by STIGA has features that are excellent and satisfy your needs.

In addition to its 075-top, the table is black and features high-quality edges for added durability. The table’s flexibility is displayed by the fact that two freestanding multi-use tables, as well as coming with a post system 66 net. It is an excellent choice, as the table also does not need assembly, increasing its ease of movement.

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6. Butterfly Personal Table Tennis Table

Butterfly Personal Table Tennis Table


By: Butterfly

Being among the best models of the Butterfly brand of ping pong tables, this table contains double wheels that are 5” in diameter, which work hand in hand with the side beams as well as a steel rim 1 1/2”, which caters for the highest performance level in its price range.

The table also has a top that is 3/4″, which facilitates for better playability. Its set up is also easy, as it can easily be folded and rolled without removing the post and net.

Its steel legs, 1-inch in thickness, also facilitate its durability, making it among the best choices in the market currently. The table offers value for the money!

5. Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table


By: Kettler

You may be in a situation where you want to place the table close to a swimming pool or in a place where it may be prone to getting wet, such as in the outdoors.

The Axos 1 outdoor table tennis table will go a long way in enabling you and your family, friends, and colleagues comfortably enjoy playing ping pong in the outdoors without having to worry about damage due to wetness and other external factors.

The design is waterproof, as it has a non-glare waterproof top made of aluminum, and an ALU-TEC climate control beneath. These features make it highly durable, and make it a guarantee, mainly if you a looking for a table tennis table to use in the outdoors.

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4. STIGA Outdoor Table Tennis Table

STIGA Outdoor Table Tennis Table



This is another excellent choice for enjoying your favorite sport in the outdoors. Some of the features that enable it to be highly rated for the outdoors include its highly affordable composite plastic construction with aluminum strengthening.

The table also boasts a blue top that is 6 mm thick, as well as silkscreen tournament lines that make it more adaptable to the outside environment.

Another reason for being an excellent choice for you is that it equipped to resist wrapping, and this allows for higher durability. Its assembled dimensions are 107.87 L length, 60 W, and 29.92 H inches, a size that fits into both recreational and competitive purposes. Its features will indeed go a long way in favoring your outdoor ping pong games.

3. JOOLA Rally TL 300 Professional Grade Table Tennis Table with Net Set

JOOLA Rally TL 300 Professional Grade Table Tennis Table with Net Set



The Rally TL 300 by JOOLA is among the best ping pong tables in the market due to its flexibility, as it can both be used in tournaments and at home and offices for recreation purposes. It 9-by-5-foot size is suitable for competitive matches and is also perfect for your home or office. If you are in search of a table tennis table with some added style, the Rally TL 300 is among the best choices available this year.

There are three 40mm ball bearings on each corner of the table, as well as two magnetic abacuses attached to the sides of the table, which add to its unique style.

The table comes pre-assembled at 95% and can be ready for use in 15 minutes. The table tennis table also has separable nesting halves and a sleek frame, which make the table perfect for storage. If you are worried about durability, there’s no need to worry anymore! Its apron, 1.5-inch-thick, and its sturdy steel legs, 1.5 inches in diameter, make the table to be able to last for years.

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2. JOOLA NOVA DX Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table with Weatherproof Net Set

JOOLA NOVA DX Indoor:Outdoor Table Tennis Table with Weatherproof Net Set



Also suitable both for competitive matches and recreational purposes, the additional advantage of the NOVA DX table lies in its high quality. The table tennis table is also designed mainly to withstand being used in the outdoors throughout the year, regardless of the terrain and the conditions.

The table is among the best selections you can ever make in the long list of table tennis tables in the market. Some of the features that make it take this position include its 6mm thick aluminum plastic top, resistant to chipping warping. There is also a 30mm by 30mm carriage underneath that is rust-resistant.

The NOVA DX’s surface also ensures consistent bounce even after years of extended plays in the outdoors, and this makes it an excellent investment for the family or your colleagues in the office.

1. JOOLA Inside 15mm Table Tennis Table with Net Set

JOOLA Inside 15mm Table Tennis Table with Net Set



It is no surprise that the Inside 15 table tennis table by JOOLA takes the first position in our list, as the table has been the brand’s best-selling table tennis table one year after another. It is the perfect table for you if you are looking for fun in the game of ping pong at a considerable price.

This fantastic ping pong table comes pre-assembled 95% and is ready for use in just but 10minutes, the shortest time when compared to the other tables in the list. Its separable nesting halves and sleek frame make the table perfect for compact storage. Its professional grade 15 mm (5/8 inch) wood composite surface enable it to have a consistent durability and ball bounce.

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Choosing the Best Ping Pong Table for Sale – Factors to Consider

There are a couple of key factors you need to consider when choosing your ping-pong of choice. Some of these include:

  • Specifications and dimensions: The dimensions and specifications of your ping pong table of choice include looking at the size of the table and its weight. You also need to remember the purpose for which you are buying the table as well as the limitations of the space in which you will be placing it. You need to ensure the specifications not only suits the limitations in the space available but also your intended needs of the table. For instance, a small table tennis table may not meet the standards of competitive table tennis.
  • If you would like to improve your ping pong gaming skills, you may need the small one. Additionally, ping pong tables used in competitive matches also have a surface meant for a single player, apart from the dual one, even though for practice, the dimensions of the table are indeed most important. For most, the best table is one that is foldable and boasts the right size for secure storage and transportation.
  • Ease of Assembling: Table tennis’ tables are sometimes hugely challenging to assemble, particularly in the case of the 4-piece table. The less the cost of the table, the harder it may prove to install, as tools may also be needed.
  • Foldability/Collapsibility: In many scenarios, the table’s ability to open permanently is essential, such as the available space for practicing the game in the case of permanent outdoor tables. In getting the table of your choice, you have to consider its adaptability in where you will be using it.


Although getting the right ping pong table is a daunting affair, this list offers insight on how to differentiate between the show-off and the so-so brands. We have keenly selected the best products and hope that you’ll add one of them to your cart. Whether you’re a professional or just play table tennis for fun, the tables listed in this review will offer the best service. Be sure to add one of them to your cart and have an excellent gaming experience.

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