The Best Picnic Backpacks for Family Outdoors of 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Picnic Backpack

If you are a picnic enthusiast, you will need the best picnic backpack to carry all your essentials to and from your favorite picnic spot. Picnic backpacks are specially designed to keep all your picnic gear correctly organized for easy transportation.

These backpacks come in different designs, colors, and sizes. For this reason, when choosing the best picnic backpack, you may need to have a keen eye to ensure that the bag you choose will serve to your satisfaction. And since picking the best is not a five-finger exercise as it may sound, we have compiled a list of top 10 best picnic backpacks for you. Be sure to follow the talk as we focus on exploring each of them.

But just before we get deeper let’s take a brief look some essential tips:

Why you need a picnic backpack

  • Storage: These backpacks are made with picnics in mind. Therefore, they come with all the picnic essentials and plenty of storage space for additional essentials.
  • Durability: since they are made to be used outdoors, they can withstand the harsh outdoor elements for years.
  • Versatility: these backpacks can also be used for almost any outdoor event ranging from camping to shopping.

Top 10 Best Picnic Backpacks in 2023

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#10. ALL CAMP Picnic Backpack

ALLCAMP Picnic Backpack with Detachable Bottle/Wine Holder, Fleece Blanket, Plates and Cutlery Set



If you are looking for a stylish backpack, this might be just the best picnic backpack for you. The two-person pack is of a waterproof material which is dirt resistant. This gets you rid of the hassle of cleaning the accidental wine spills giving you a worry-free experience so that you can create the memorable moment you intended to with your friends.

The backpack features a cooler compartment which keeps cold foods such as fruits and sand witches at the perfect temperature. Also, the main compartment features the sturdy PEVA lining which ensures that your delectable meal remains correctly put when in movement.

The strong opening makes it easy to put and take the food in the main compartment with great ease. And when it comes to versatility, this picnic backpack is made to suit almost any outdoor décor. This feature pairs with the sturdy nature to make it an excellent option for anyone looking for an everyday-use bag.

Key features
  • The extra-strong strap will not snap keeping you on the move for years.
  • This backpack features a stylish design.
  • The price suits almost any pocket.

#9. Kitchen Supreme Picnic Backpack Set

Kitchen Supreme Picnic Backpack Set for 4 | Luxury Gift Collection | Basket Bag with Large Insulated Cooler Compartment, Waterproof Fleece Blanket & Detachable Wine Holder


By: Kitchen Supreme

This set-for-four backpack is an excellent option for friends and family. The premium-quality pack is highly versatile making it perfect for almost any outdoor use ranging from sporting use to the weekly free concerts. Also, the fun design is paired with the heavy padded straps to make it easy to carry the bag for a memorable afternoon out with your allies.

The backpack comes with commercial-grade cutlery which stands the test of time without showing any sign of response to the harsh outdoor elements. Furthermore, the main compartment and the wine pocket feature an insulated interior to ensure that your food and drinks remain at the right temperature. After use, the bag is easy to clean so that you stay set awaiting the next picnic. The two back straps perfectly hold your picnic blanket.

Key features
  • The padded straps are easily adjustable to allow for user convenience.
  • The food and the wine compartments feature a lining of thermal foil which helps to keep your meals and drinks at the correct temperature.
  • It comes with a sturdy carry handle for added convenience in carrying the backpack.

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#8. VonShef Picnic Backpack

VonShef Picnic Backpack for 4 Person Outdoor Bag with Blanket – Woven Grey Waterproof Finish, Includes 29 Piece Dining Cutlery Set & Insulated Cooler Bag Compartment to Keep Food Chilled


By: Vonshef

Coming with a premium finish, this elegant bag should be the best option for any beauty enthusiast. The bag is made of top-class materials that resist tear and dirt to ensure maximum durability when giving you an easy time to clean.

Additionally, the backpack comes with a high-quality picnic blanket with a waterproof bottom for maximum comfort. The detachable bottle holders at the sides provide ideal storage for your drinks. Additionally, these removable side pockets are insulated which keeps your beverage at just the right temperature you intended. The main compartment holds your food chilled.

The 29 pieces of dining set provide you with all you need for the picnic when away from the home kitchen. The hidden pocket at the underside of the bag ensures that your valuables remain safe. The chrome buckles at the side of the backpack correctly hold the picnic blanket for easy transportation.

Key features
  • The polyester material is hard for durability yet soft to touch.
  • The extra-large picnic blanker keeps you, the bag and all your essentials dry since it features a waterproof bottom.
  • The compartment is lined with aluminium foil ensuring that your food remains chilled for longer than before.

#7. Picnic Backpack For 4 | Deluxe Family Picnic Bag

Picnic Backpack For 4 | Deluxe Family Picnic Bag with Insulated Cooler | Quality Picnic Basket Set with Blanket | Comes with Lunch Cooler, Cutting Board, Wine Glasses and Knife | Go Hiking and Camping


By: Herdesman

This would form a perfect gift for any friend who loves picnics. And whether the friend is a male or female, it is a unisexual bag hence works perfectly in both genders. The backpack features a lightweight design thus perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to struggle with the heavy loads. The multiple compartments ensure that you stay organized for easy access. Additionally, the ergonomic strap delivers comfort so that you can carry all your essentials for longer distances without struggling.

Furthermore, the backpack comes with utensils in sets of four for you and your other three friends. The exterior is of navy blue material that is waterproof to keep your foods and drinks dry. The handles of the bag are also well woven to let you carry without the worry that they may snap.

Key features
  • The bag features a herdsman elephant logo at the front which makes it more stylish.
  •  The backpack provides plenty of space for holding food, drinks, and tons of utensils.
  • The side pocket allows easy access to your drink.

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#6. One Earth Home 4 Person Picnic Backpack

One Earth Home 4 Person Picnic Backpack with Solid Stainless Steel Utensils, Oversized Water Resistant Fleece Blanket, Cooler Compartment, Detachable Wine Bottle Holder in a Modern Designed Backpack


By: One Earth Home

When you leave home for the market looking for the best picnic backpack, this is one of the most excellent options you will come across. The four-person picnic backpack features sturdy stitching which ensures maximum durability. The elegance of the bag provides a high-class look while the ergonomic design means that the pack suits longer hikes.

And since quality is the manufacturer’s stronghold, each package comes with a lifetime warranty to boost the buyer’s confidence. The blanker straps hold an extra-long waterproof blanket which provides enough space for you, the bad, friends, and all your picnic essentials.

Key features
  • The stainless steel utensils are highly durable and will not corrode or dust with time.
  • The detachable side pocket ensures that your drink stays correctly put to prevent it from spilling.
  • The reinforced handle will last for years.

#5. Sunflora Picnic Backpack for Family Outdoor Camping

Sunflora Picnic Backpack for 4 Person Set Pack with Insulated Waterproof Pouch for Family Outdoor Camping (Brush Beige)


By: Sunflora

This all-in-one catering picnic backpack lets you keep foods and drinks organized and fresh. The multiple compartments are roomy to hold your foods, tons of utensils and any other thing you might need when with the family or friends at the park or beach. Also, since it is a premium-quality bag, it would form a perfect gift during the father’s day, mother’s day or even for your closest friend’s long-awaited birthday party.

The insulated food compartment ensures that your food remains cold until when needed. Additionally, the detachable side pockets keep your drinks at the right temperature. The high-quality rust-resistant utensils last for years.

Key features
  • This backpack is sturdy for everyday use.
  • The clear leak-proof pouch allows you to put drinks in the main food compartment without the worry that they may wet the food.

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#4. APOLLO WALKER TAWA 2 Person Red Picnic Backpack with Cooler Compartment

APOLLO WALKER TAWA 2 Person Red Picnic Backpack with Cooler Compartment Includes Tableware & Fleece Blanket 45"x53"(red)


By: Apollo

Based on our research, this is the best picnic backpack on the market. The bag is of premium-quality 600D Oxford material that guarantees you to last for years. The thermal aluminium foil keeps the foods and the drinks at just the right temperature. And just in case you are looking for the best deal in the market regarding the price, you won’t get a better one than this!

The large side zipper closure provides enough space to hold a large bottle of wine or whichever drink gives you a kick. The multiple compartments ensure convenience and keep you organized. Moreover, the well-padded straps provide extra comfort giving you an easy time even when undertaking longer hikes.

The elegant design together with the unmatched quality makes it an excellent gift to anyone special to you.

Key features
  • It is made to serve to picnickers, you and your dearest one!
  • The sturdy straps are highly durable.
  • The polyester material is waterproof ensuring that your food remains safe.

#3. CALIFORNIA PICNIC Picnic Backpack




Picking the seventh position on our list of top 10 best picnic backpacks, this is a sure option to impress your family and friends. The bag is made for four frequent picnickers and comes with top-grade fabric that can withstand the harsh outdoor environment. Moreover, the durable material is waterproof to keep away moisture from penetrating the food.

The top of the line cutlery will not rust or corrode with time like most would do. Also, all the accessories are FDA approved hence they are safe for use. And just in case you are looking for versatility, this bag suits all occasions for all-year-round use ranging from pool parties and family outings to school and corporate affairs. And if there is something you don’t like about the bag (although I don’t think there is any), the lifetime warranty gives you the opportunity to ask for replacement or claim for refund.

Extra features:

  • The bag is available in three colors; black, grey, and blue/grey.
  • The bag comes with a washable picnic blanket.
  • It is a portable picnic backpack.

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#2. Picnic Backpack for 4 by Mister Alfresco

Picnic Backpack for 4 by Mister Alfresco, Stylish Black Color With Insulated Cooler Compartment 2 Detachable Bottle/Wine Holders Fleece Blanket Flatware and Plates. Light-weight, Versatile


By: Mister Alfresco

If you are planning for a picnic, this is one of the best options you can trust to carry your romantic outdoor meal. The high-quality backpack comes with a generous cooler compartment that provides plenty of space for your food. Additionally, this main compartment is also waterproof to give you peace of mind knowing that the bag will not suck in moisture even when you place it on wet grass.

Moreover, it features two insulated bottle holders that let you carry your favorite drink so that you stay hydrated during the time you are away from home. The package comes with plenty of extras such as four knives, four plastic glasses, spoons, a cutting knife, salt, and pepper shakers, among many others that you may need when away from your home kitchen.

Key features
  • The bottle holders are detachable hence you can remove them just in case you do not need them.
  • The straps are well-padded to ensure comfort.
  • The bag also comes with a durable drawstring dust bag for convenience in storage.

#1. VonShef 4 Person Outdoor Picnic Backpack Bag Set

VonShef 4 Person Outdoor Picnic Backpack Bag Set with Insulated Cooler Compartment - Includes Picnic Blanket, Detachable Bottle Wine Holder, Flatware and Plates – Navy Tartan


By: Vonshef

On top of our list. It comes with enough space to hold four-person picnic essentials, this would be an ideal selection for anyone in need of a large picnic backpack. The soft and adjustable shoulder straps ensure comfortable and easy carrying even on the longer hikes. Additionally, the roomy cooler compartment of the bag means that fruits, meat, sandwiches, cheese, and desserts remain cool.

The backpack also features two other compartments; one that holds all the picnic essentials that come with the bag while the other one provides additional storage space for anything else that you may need for your picnic. Furthermore, the neatly secured blanket at the side of the bag matches with the pack.

Key features
  • The bottom of the blanket is of waterproof material which prevents water from the grass from seeping through.
  • The multiple compartments ensure that you stay organized for easy access.
  • The fleece tartan pattern provides a beautiful look to the backpack and the blanket.

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Factors to consider when choosing the best picnic backpack

  • Size: Picnic backpacks come in different sizes. Some support up to four picnickers while there are other smaller for a single picnicker or two.
  • The material: The material of the bag should be durable. Similarly, it should be of waterproof material to keep your foods dry.
  • The design: Choose the model that best dovetails your style.

Final thoughts

Choosing the best picnic backpack remains a daunting task for any picnicker. However, with our guide, picking the best from the pool has never been this easy. Our hand-picked selections are tested and found to meet the needs of most picnicking fans. Your case is no different!

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