Top 10 Best Photography Lighting Kits in 2022 – Insightful Tips

Photography Lighting Kits

Engaging in the competitive field of photography, whether it is as a professional career or a hobby, can be pretty intimidating at some point. Capturing stunning sights and portraits takes more than just having a creative eye; perfecting the photo lighting is mandatory. Truly, premium quality photos are a result of great photography skill and precise lighting.

But what kind of lighting do you need? Should you invest in a photography lighting kit?

When the golden hour ends or the natural light seems to go off, having a comprehensive photography lighting kit is essential. If you’re new to the photography business or just want to ramp up your studio, a lighting kit completes the setup and also allows you to deliver images in pristine quality and perfectly balanced neutral tones and colors.

However, as the market overflows with too many options, finding the ideal lighting solution might seem a little complicated. That’s why we’ve wrapped up the best picks in a list of the Top 10 Best Photography Lighting Kit in 2022 along with a detailed buying guide to help you out.

List of the Top 10 Best Photography Lighting Kit in 2022

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10. Linco Lincostore Photo Video Studio Light Kit

Linco Lincostore Photo Video Studio Light Kit


If you need a great setup for your studio, including a backdrop and reflective umbrellas, this lighting kit from Linco have the photography essentials to begin with. You’ll have white umbrellas for that soft tone and glow and silver softboxes for deeper shadows and great catchlight. There are also backdrops available in three different colors (black, white, and green) to ramp up your studio or outdoor photoshoot.

When it comes to durability, Linco crafted each and every piece with a sturdy material, although some users thought they were flimsy due to its lighter weight. Nonetheless, they are durable and the lighting kit is easy to set up and delivers excellent lighting.

The umbrellas are made of metal frames while the backdrops are reinforced with a stand support system. It uses tripods that can be adjusted into three levels for the ideal backdrop height. For enhanced portability, on the other hand, a carrying bag is included where you can store lights and accessories efficiently. As it is lightweight, carrying it around from one location to another would be much easier.

Key features
  • Lightweight yet durable material
  • Includes umbrellas, softboxes, backdrops, light stands, and a carrying bag
  • Ideal for beginners; easy to set up and use
  • Provides excellent and bright lighting
  • Includes 23W daylight studio bulbs (each is as bright as a 100-watt incandescent bulb)
  • Comes with a water-resistant carrying bag for enhanced portability and easy storage
  • Has compact, lightweight, and durable light heads

9. FOSITAN LED Video Lighting Kit

FOSITAN LED Video Lighting Kit


Fositan takes a contemporary approach with this photo lighting kit. It isn’t your usual lighting equipment that needs to be backed up with reflectors or modifiers. Given its illumination up to 3960 lux, it delivers a powerful lighting with an adjustable color temperature and dimmable setting at the back of the lighting. It allows you to modify the lighting according to the brightness, balance and softness of the colors. With its 120-degree lighting angle, you can also customize the angle and direct it to the subject according to the lighting you need. Hence, captures better images. Moreover, it has a CRI or Color Rendering Index of 96+ which is above the average rating. This factor is also a vital element to consider as it tells whether the lighting provides realistic and balanced colors or not. With the Fositan, it definitely does.

As it runs on lithium-ion batteries, it becomes an ideal option for photographers who shoot on-site or hobbyists who love to capture images and sights outdoors. You won’t have to worry about electric sockets to plug it in; this lighting kit is travel-friendly.

The light stand, on the other hand, showcases versatility in terms of height adjustment. Depending on the angle or distance you need, the stand has adjustable knobs that you can extend up to a maximum height of 79 inches. Aside from its tripod structure, it is made from an aluminum alloy that makes it lightweight but durable at the same time. It is also foldable for easy and quick storage.

Key features
  • Runs on lithium-ion batteries; portable
  • Customizable angle with the 120-degree lighting angle bracket
  • Adjustable light stand up to a maximum height of 79 inches
  • Diffuses a powerful light output of 3960 lux
  • The customizable setting for dimming, brightness, and temperature
  • Has 96+ CRI for accurate hues and colors
  • Easy to store; lightweight

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8. LimoStudio Background Support System, Umbrella Softbox Lighting Kit

LimoStudio 3meter x 2.6meter / 10foot. x 8.5foot. Background Support System, 800W 5500K Umbrella Softbox Lighting Kit


For beginners who are nurturing and establishing a career in photography may also consider this comprehensive lighting setup from LimoStudio. At an affordable price, you can have the basics for a photography studio or even for an on-site shoot. It includes umbrellas, softboxes, durable light stands, three backdrops, and a carrying bag. Truly, the LimoStudio lighting kit is a great value for money.

Many users who are amateurs in the photography industry found this lighting kit very easy to use and reliable for various events. It is easy to set up. It functions very efficiently and delivers optimal lighting with balanced tones and shadows. The combination of white and silver reflectors give off a soft and even lighting which elevates the quality of the images.

The light stands, moreover, are heavy-duty and have a solid locking system to keep them intact and reliable to use no matter what height you aim for. LimoStudio uses premium quality materials to make sure you get more from what you pay for. And many users, particularly beginners are all hands down with its intuitive function and superb performance.

Key features
  • Ideal for beginners; easy to set up and affordable
  • Provides optimal lighting with a soft and well-balanced output
  • Heavy-duty light stands with a locking system for safety
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Applicable for studio and outdoor photoshoot
  • Adjustable backdrop height
  • Portable; includes a carrying bag for easy transport and storage

7. MOUNTDOG Photography Umbrella Lighting Kit

MOUNTDOG 33" Photography Umbrella Lighting Kit


For those who need a reliable lighting assistance for both photoshoot engagements and recording videos, this lighting kit from Mountdog is another great find to consider. It includes heavy-duty light stands, single light heads, reflective umbrellas, continuous photo bulbs, and a carrying bag – a photography staple that improves lighting effects and balance in colors.

It’s all about soft hues and neutral lighting with the combination of its white and silver/black umbrellas. These reflectors work to produce even distribution of lighting and eliminate glares and spots. Therefore, these reflectors provide ideal lighting that enhances the quality images and videos to the topnotch level. It also uses energy-efficient CFL bulbs for a bright daylight lighting tone which is pretty useful for delivering bright yet not overpowering lighting.

In addition to its preeminent features, the lighting stands are extremely light but not flimsy. According to many users, they are easy to assemble and although they are not industrial gauge steel, these light stands do not have any stability issues.

Key features
  • Lightweight light stands but not flimsy; stable and easy to assemble
  • Comes with reflective umbrellas, carrying bag, CFL bulbs, and light heads
  • Produces optimal lighting for soft hues and bright lighting
  • Distributes the light evenly and reduces the shadows
  • Comes with CFL bulbs for bright daylight tone
  • Has a carrying bag for easy transport and storage
  • Applicable for photoshoots and recording videos
  • Ideal for professionals and amateurs

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6. Belle Max Photography Softbox Lighting Kit

Belle Max Photography Softbox Lighting Kit


Comes in a pack of two softboxes, the Belle Max lighting kit can give your studio a stunning revamp. It uses 28W LED bulbs; they diffuse bright and even lighting. You can also heighten the shadows and highlights with the silver and gold reflectors, which are also included in the kit. But if you want to go for a warmer and more natural tone, the gold reflector will do the job.

Aside from the high-quality softboxes, the light stands are tripods and also exhibit durability with its aluminum alloy make. They are sturdy and do not tip in the least. While it reinforces the stability, such material also keeps the stands lightweight and hence, allows you to carry them around more easily. A carrying bag is also included.

It may not seem as much as the other lighting kits available on the market, but this one has the basic essentials for photography and ideal for both amateurs and professionals. The LED bulbs are also a plus as they are energy-efficient compared to other types of bulbs whilst delivering high-intensity power.

Key features
  • Two softboxes with 28W LED bulbs for bright and energy-efficient lighting
  • Easy to set up
  • Includes gold and silver reflectors
  • Has a carrying bag included
  • Sturdy and adjustable light stands (up to 79 inches height)
  • Aluminum alloy stands; lightweight
  • Ideal for beginners and professionals

5. LimoStudio Photo Video Studio Soft Box Lighting Kit

LimoStudio 700W Photo Video Studio Soft Box Lighting Kit


If you need to upgrade your softboxes for better and softer lighting effect on your videos and photos, this lighting kit from LimoStudio is definitely a steal. Equipped with 700W CFL bulbs, the softboxes deliver incredibly bright light whilst the white and silver reflectors distribute the light seamlessly to provide a smooth and balanced lighting.

The light stands are lightweight but rigid that guarantees a steady base for the softboxes. They are also adjustable and you can customize the height up to 86 inches, which is a staggering height that allows you to adjust and direct the angles at a maximum level. Also, the stands are a tripod and feature a locking system to secure the height.

Besides the soft, even light, many users rave about the easy assembly which only takes a few minutes to do so. Plus, the customer service is very reliable. Some of the users had experienced a little trouble in setting up but the LimoStudio customer service resolved the issue in less than 24 hours. It defies poor lighting, heavy-duty but lightweight, and indeed the best bang for your buck!

Key features
  • Pack of two – silver and white softboxes
  • Delivers incredibly bright, even, and soft lighting
  • Rigid but lightweight adjustable light stands (up to 86 inches)
  • Tripod stands with locking system
  • Includes 2 700W CFL bulbs
  • Made of high-quality nylon

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4. Neewer Background Support System and Umbrellas Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit

Neewer Background Support System and Umbrellas Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit


If you want to perk up your studio with optimal lighting, Neewer offers a superb lighting kit that’s definitely worth a spot on your shopping list. It has softboxes, umbrellas, backdrops with clamps, and light stands – everything you need for a complete setup. This is also a great starter kit (affordable, too!) for beginners who have just started in the industry of photography. It uses 45W CFL daylight bulbs together with white the reflective umbrellas and silver softboxes that produce bright lighting and great balance in colors.

Everything is easy to set up. From the light stands up to the backdrops, all it takes is a few minutes to build your own studio. As the light stands are adjustable, you can expand it up to 7 feet high. They are also tripods and solid, despite being lightweight. The backdrops come in three different colors (black, white, green) that are quite useful for a variety of photo shoots, although they need some ironing for a seamless background. Overall, it is an affordable lighting kit that can keep up with some of the great lighting kits available.

Key features
  • Includes 2 reflective umbrellas, 2 softboxes, light stands, backdrops with clamps
  • Comes with a carrying bag for portability and easy storage
  • Adjustable sturdy light stands (up to 7 feet high)
  • Includes 4 45W CFL bulbs for bright lighting
  • Easy to set up
  • Adjustable single head light holder (180 degrees)
  • Delivers ample lighting (even without camera flash)

3. Photography Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit by MOUNTDOG

Photography Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit by MOUNTDOG


For capturing children or moving subjects, continuous light is all you need and this lighting kit from Mountdog will be a great addition to your lighting equipment. It includes one softbox with an adjustable single headlight holder, which you can move in a 180-degree angle; it is a useful feature that helps elevate the quality of your photos with the correct angle or direction of lighting.

Compared to other levels of brightness, this lighting kit gives off the incredible intensity of brightness with its 135 watts. And it provides continuous light, moving subjects such as kids, babies, and other objects won’t be too difficult to capture. The light stand is made of aluminum alloy which makes super lightweight but not flimsy. It is sturdy and holds the softbox firmly. Moreover, it adjusts up to 80 inches and locks in to secure the stand.

Key features
  • Includes one softbox, a carrying bag, and 2 135W bulbs
  • Delivers great intensity of brightness for ample lighting
  • Adjustable aluminum-alloy-made light stand; lightweight
  • Has a locking system to secure the height
  • Adjustable light head (180-degree angle)
  • Provides continuous light; ideal for moving subjects
  • Easy to set up

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2. Emart Day-Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit

Emart Day-Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit


You’d be surprised to know how affordable this lighting kit is from Emart. Equipped with fifteen photography essentials, you’d be all geared up for your next shoot without costing you a hefty amount of money. The kit is comprised of four umbrellas, two of which are plain white while the other two has a black backing. Three single head light holders with three 45W bulbs are just enough to provide balanced and bright lighting.

The light stands, moreover, are tripods. They are lightweight but impressively sturdy and also interlock when adjusted to the desired height. Two light stands can go up to 83 inches while the other one can go up to 33. With all these customizations, you can capture great quality pictures effortlessly. With these reflective umbrellas, you can soften the colors and shadows or neutralize the tone of colors seamlessly.

Key features
  • Easy to set up
  • Includes 3 light stands, 3 single head light holders, 4 reflective umbrellas, 3 45W bulbs, 2 carry case bags; great value for money
  • Provides soft effect in colors and shadows; also neutralizes the tones
  • Adjustable light stands (33 inches and 83 inches)
  • Heavy-duty tripod stands that provide excellent stability and support
  • Adjustable light holders

1. LimoStudio Photography Lighting Kit

LimoStudio Photography Lighting Kit


If you want to tweak your studio with a few add-ons, check this lighting kit from LimoStudio. Especially when you’re up for moving subjects, this basic kit includes three 45W daylight light bulbs that produce continuous lighting. While delivering intense brightness, it keeps the colors and tones natural, soft, and realistic. Using the reflective umbrellas, you can elevate the photos with the softest light and least contrast. As it also distributes the light evenly, there’d be no room for glares and spots.

When it comes to the light stands, you can depend on great stability and support with the tripod design. The height is adjustable and glides smoothly as it transitions from one level to another. And to keep the poles tight and firm, they are also engineered with solid safety locks. If you’re traveling, the additional weight on your luggage will be the least to worry about. Made of aluminum alloy, these light stands are lightweight but durable. And when you’re ready to go, you can just pack the pieces up and organize them in the bulb carry bag and equipment bag!

Key features
  • Includes 2 reflective umbrellas, 3 45W bulbs, 3 bulb socket, 3 light stands, 1 bulb carry bag, 1 equipment bag
  • Provides continuous light; ideal for moving subjects
  • Easy to set up
  • Gives off soft supple light with the least contrast and balanced spectrum of colors
  • Distributes light evenly
  • Adjustable height; two light stands can go up to 86 inches while one can go up to 33 inches
  • Easy to store and portable; comes with carrying bags
  • Lightweight but durable

How to Choose the Best Photography Lighting Kit


Each lighting kit contains different types of photography essentials and you can find the ideal content depending on your needs and preference. You can start off with the basics such as umbrella reflectors or softboxes with light bulbs. Sometimes, you can have these modifiers in one kit. Backdrops, reflectors, carrying bag, and light holders are also some useful accessories you can add later on although many lighting kits have these all included. However, take note that the more content the lighting kit has, the pricier it can be.


Identifying what your subjects will be and where the photoshoot will take place are significant elements consider as these will help you determine what kind of lighting you’ll need. For instance, capturing moving subjects is relatively crucial compared to portraits or still objects. It requires rapid recycle time to capture the action or movement with utmost precision. In this case, continuous lights and strobe lights are mostly preferred by professionals, albeit slight differences are still visible.

Children and babies who typically have inconsistent movements are more comfortable to capture with the use of constant or continuous lighting. You get a clear visual of where your light is whenever you move it from one angle to another. You’re in full control of where you want the lighting to be. And because it’s very easy to use, a lot of beginners and even professionals take advantage of this feature.

Strobe lights, on the other hand, eliminate blurring and keep the motion sharp and perfectly capture every move. Such lighting can also be equally powerful as the sunlight or can surprisingly be more powerful when precise modifications are applied. That’s why many professional photographers opt for this kind of lighting when they capture models or any moving subjects. And as these are powered by lithium batteries, they are also practical for the outdoor or on-site photoshoot. However, strobe lights aren’t as intuitive as continuous lights. You can’t easily direct them where you want the lighting on the subject should be. They are experimental. You need to play a bit with the angles, distances, and modifications to obtain the perfect lighting and hence, capture the perfect image.


As soon as you identified your subjects and locations for a photoshoot, determining the ideal lighting comes next. This includes careful considerations with the modifiers to use such as softboxes, reflectors, umbrellas, or the type and number of watts of bulbs to use.

Umbrella reflectors, softboxes, and reflectors enhance the light output and distribution. Softboxes are available in many different shapes, but most photographers prefer round shapes to give off a dazzling catchlight.

As the name suggests, umbrella reflectors look definitely like umbrellas that usually come in gold, silver, all white, and white with black backing shades. Each shade provides a different streak of lighting and shimmer. A white umbrella with a black backing neutralizes the color of light. Silver, on the other hand, heightens the projection of light with no to a slight hint of color cast. It also adds a dramatic effect with deeper shadows.  An all-white umbrella softens the color and shadows and even when you’re in a hurry, it still gives off a beautiful touch on the image.

In terms of the type of light bulbs, there are three (3) choices to consider
  • LED lights - compact, energy-efficient, and stays cool for a long time
  • Tungsten or Incandescent lights - lightweight; great for warm lighting but stays really hot when in use
  • Compact Fluorescent lights (CFL) - stays for a long time without getting too hot but not as bright as the other types of lights

When it comes to light stands, a tripod is the most popular kind. Its aluminum-made material makes it lightweight and therefore, much easier to travel with for on-site locations. It also provides a sturdy and steady support whether you use it in a photo studio or outdoors.

C-stands are also durable light stands, but they are heavier compared to tripods. Given its heavy weight, they are not practical to use for on-site or outdoor photoshoots.


Whether you’re just starting off your career as a photographer, just a hobbyist, or maybe you’re a professional photographer, investing in a lighting kit becomes a necessity in order to achieve great quality photos. There are overwhelming options on the market but it all depends on your needs how you can choose the ideal kit. Therefore, it is very important to consider the location of the photoshoot and your subjects. Once you’ve determined these factors, you’ll be able to identify what kind of lighting you need, the accessories or add-ons you should pick, and the quality you should stick with.

Our compilation of the Top 10 Best Photography Lighting Kit in 2022 will provide you with the best picks you can find on the market. You’d be happy to know that these lighting kits are a great value for money and most of them won’t cost you much. Together with our detailed buying guide, finding the ultimate solution for your lighting needs would be easy as a breeze!

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