Top 10 Best Oxygen Regulators in 2022 | Reviews & Insightful List

Oxygen Regulators

Whether for pediatric use, general respiratory management in the hospital ICU, personal oxygenation, adding life to your aquarium, or for industrial welding applications, oxygen regulators have countless applications.

Because of their versatility and range of applications, we have decided to review some of the best oxygen regulators in the market for you. Our compilation includes varieties used for welding applications as well as medical use. That being said, let’s get started with the description for each of the products in this listicle.

Top 10 Best Oxygen Regulators in 2022

10. Nuvalsa Low Flow Ozone Therapy oxygen regulator

Nuvalsa Low Flow Ozone Therapy oxygen regulator


A low flow oxygen regulator that operates at 50 psi. In addition, it features an adaptable hose barb outlet. That makes for unmatched versatility and suitability for ozone therapy. It is compatible with a range of adaptable flow sequences. Some of these include 1/32, 1/16, ⅛, ¼, ½, ¾, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4. Besides, the oxygen flow regulator features a wrench-tightened CGA 540 connection for attaching the delivery hose.

It is made of the best quality premium brass fittings. That makes for convenient regulation of gas pressure. If you are looking for unbeatable precision, affordability, and reliability in gas pressure regulation, this German-engineered regulator is an ideal fit. Choose Nuvalsa oxygen regulator and you’ll never regret.

  • It operates at a low flow pressure of 50 psi.
  • Adaptable Hose Barb outlet
  • Versatile oxygen regulator with a range of applications.
  • Supports wrench-tightened CGA 540 connections.
  • German-engineered for superior precision.
  • Not identified

9. Image Welding Gas oxygen regulator

Image Welding Gas oxygen regulator


Are you looking for a replacement for your old welding gas regulator? Then you got it. Image Welding Oxygen Regulator works well with Victor Torch cutting kits. It’s equipped with an inlet valve with a pressure rating of 0-4000 psi. The outlet valve has a pressure rating of 0-100 psi. It is compatible with 2-inch diameter gauges.

Furthermore, it features a CGA-540 female inlet thread for tight, secure, and fitting tubing connections. The oxygen regulator is known for reliable and accurate pressure readings. It makes a great choice for medium-duty industrial welding applications.

  • Easy-to-use oxygen regulator.
  • Guaranteed accurate display of gas pressure.
  • Must-have welding gas regulator.
  • Responsive and friendly customer support.
  • Highly compatible with Victor Torch cutting kits.
  • Not identified

8. Victor genuine oxygen & acetylene regulators

Victor genuine oxygen & acetylene regulators


Top-quality gas oxygen acetylene regulator from a reputable manufacturer. The unit comes with color-coded knobs for easy gas type identification. You also get to enjoy a comfortable and easy gas pressure adjustment. The dual gas regulator features a “B” fitting (9/16” – 18) outlet connection, CGA-540 oxygen connection, and CGA-510 acetylene connection. You will also appreciate the ease of reading values from the high contrast pressure gauges. That is further enhanced by the kit’s scale and red tick mark that shows the exact operating pressure.

  • Dual gas pressure adjustment support
  • Easy-to-read high contrast pressure gauge
  • Scale with a red tick mark for actual service pressure indication.
  • Color-coded knob for easy gas identification.
  • Unmatched comfort while adjusting gas pressure.
  • Not identified

7. AGPTEK welder oxygen regulator

AGPTEK welder oxygen regulator


The design of this high-quality oxygen regulator includes a valve and a 2-inch gauge. Besides, it has an inlet pressure of 0-4000 psi and outlet pressure of 0-100 psi. With this oxygen gauge, you get more options in as far as regulating gas pressure goes. An inbuilt flow meter makes for easy adjustment of gas flow rate.

The handy oxygen regulator is made of durable copper metal. It is also worth noting that the kit has a CGA-540 female inlet thread. That makes for convenience, unbeatable flexibility, and reliability at work.

  • It is made of high-grade copper for durability
  • Handy and easy to operate oxygen regulator
  • Inbuilt flow rate meter for adjusting gas pressure.
  • Best replacement for worn out welding gas regulators.
  • High contrast 2-inch pressure gauge.
  • Not identified

6. ESAB Victor Technology single stage oxygen regulator

ESAB Victor Technology single stage oxygen regulator


A medium-duty single stage oxygen regulator from Victor technology. The gas regulator has some cool specs that you might want to pay attention to. For instance, it supports a delivery pressure range of 150 psi. Also, it is compatible with CGA-540 connection for reliability and convenience during use. The 9/16”-18 outlet connection makes for convenient gas delivery. The kit works best for medium duty gas welding and cutting operations. ESAB oxygen regulator has a number of safety features. To start with, there’s the color-coded knob for easy gas identification. Also, it has an inbuilt overload detection system that automatically relieves any extra gas pressure.

If you are a welder looking for a worthy replacement for an old gas regulator, the ESAB oxygen regulator is a good pick. Give it a try and you’ll never regret it.

  • Color-coded knobs for gas identification.
  • Affordable industrial gas regulator.
  • Best for medium-duty welding and cutting operations.
  • It has a gas delivery pressure range of 150 psi.
  • Supports CGA 540 connection.
  • Not identified

5. SUA welding oxygen regulator

SUA welding oxygen regulator


If you are looking for a medium-sized welding oxygen acetylene regulator, then this is it. It works well with portable oxy-acetylene welding and cutting kits. In terms of design and application, SUA is best suited for light industrial gas pressure control applications. It features a rear CGA-540 connector. That readily connects with most American Oxygen tanks. The 9/16” – 18 outlet connection fits most types of standard delivery hoses. Also noteworthy are the kit’s inlet pressure gauge of 0-4000 psi and outlet gauge of 0-100 psi.

Before placing your order, be sure to double-check all the product pictures and related connector dimensions. Ensure the indicated values fit those of your gas tank. The manufacturer emphasizes that because of increased complaints from customers on compatibility-related issues. You definitely don’t want to add to the statistics. That being said, this is one of the best oxygen acetylene regulators.

  • Highly compatible with most American Oxygen tanks.
  • Supports an inlet pressure range of 0-4000 psi & outlet pressure range of 0-100 psi.
  • Ideal fit for portable Oxy-Acetylene welding and cutting kits.
  • Easily connects with a 9/16”-18 RH outlet hose fitting.
  • Has a CGA-540 rear connector.
  • Not identified

4. Ever Ready First Aid oxygen regulator

Ever Ready First Aid oxygen regulator


A compact gas regulator for your industrial gas tank. Measuring only 4.5” x 2.5” x 1.25”, Ever Ready First Aid fits nicely without taking too much space. It has a characteristic barb design for a secure fit onto hose tubing. That comes with the advantage of minimal risks of leaks and potential tubing detachments. The gas regulator has an oxygen key. This makes for a convenient opening of portable gas cylinders. For accessibility, the key is chained to the oxygen regulator.

The unit is equipped with some 12 adjustable flow settings. These range from 0 to15 LPM. It has a handy gas knob for convenient changing between different flow rates.

Something else, the gas kit is made of anodized aluminum with a high-pressure brass conduit. That makes it ideal for use on gas tanks with a pressure rating of up to 2000 psi. To be exact, the Ever Ready First Aid oxygen regulator is designed for use on CGA 870 gas tanks. Anyone looking for a proven oxygen regulator that is designed for high pressure industrial applications, look no further.

  • Compatible with CGA 870 oxygen gas tanks.
  • Supports a max gas pressure of up to 2000 psi.
  • It has 12 preset flow settings from 0 to 15 LPM.
  • The compact gas regulator takes very little space.
  • Handy oxygen key for opening portable gas cylinders.
  • Barb design ensures a secure fit into hose tubing.
  • Not identified

3. Blawicat oxygen regulator

Blawicat oxygen regulator


One of my favorite gas regulator brands of all time. Blawicat oxygen regulator is made of high-grade durable copper metal. That also accounts for its superior reliability, besides the long service life.

The single-stage style regulator comes with multiple impressive features. For instance, it supports a CGA-540 inlet pressure of 0-4000 psi. The outlet 9/16”-18 pressure is rated at 0-200 psi.

Furthermore, it has an inbuilt automatic degassing feature. That comes in handy in case of pressure overload. That way, it prevents potential leaks and gas related accidents and incidents. And for convenient pressure adjustment, the unit has a signature T-handle.

That allows for easy pressure regulation by hand.

What’s more, the high-end oxygen regulator also includes two 5/8 inch gauges and one valve for accurate display of gas pressure. Blawicat oxygen regulator makes a great choice for welding applications. If you are looking for a regulator that is best suited for heavy-duty applications, I recommend it. A real value for your bucks.

  • Handy T adjustment handle for regulating gas pressure.
  • Best suited for heavy-duty applications.
  • A pair of ⅝ inch gauges and one valve for accurate display of gas pressure.
  • It is made of copper metal for reliability and durability.
  • The body is made of forged brass.
  • Inbuilt automatic pressure overload degassing feature.
  • Not identified

2. Medline Best Valued Mini Oxygen Regulator

Medline Best Valued Mini Oxygen Regulator


An affordable oxygen regulator that is laser-etched to minimize flakes and rub-offs. The package includes a user manual with installation instructions. Be sure to check that out whenever you need some assistance with installation and directions for use. Also included in the guide are methods for testing ignition and other potential flaws. You also get to test the sensitivity and fault tolerance of oxygen with this invaluable medical equipment.

Besides that, the unit is fitted with key safety features. A notable one would be the durable brass sleeve fitting around key components. Moreover, it has an inbuilt pressure overload relief valve.

What’s more, this kit makes a great gas regulator for use during medical emergencies. If you are looking for a quality product to replace a worn out oxygen regulator, go for this one. With its superior quality and unmatched performance, this is the number one choice recommended by doctors.

  • Best oxygen regulator for medical emergencies
  • Fitted with a brass sleeve for strength and durability.
  • Supports testing for ignition, sensitivity, and fault tolerance of oxygen.
  • Laser-etched to minimize flaking and rub-off
  • Affordable oxygen regulator.
  • Not identified

1. Victor heavy-duty oxygen regulator

Victor heavy-duty oxygen regulator


Made of high-quality thick brass to withstand intense gas pressure. The 350 oxygen regulator features a pair of 0.5-inch high-contrast gauges. These make for easy reading of gas pressure values at a glance. You won’t have to strain your eyes or guess values. The welding gas regulator comes with dual pressure gauges. Oxygen pressure gauge is rated at 5-125 psi while Acetylene gas pressure is rated at 2-15 psi. That makes a great combination for industrial applications.

It also features a CGA-540 connector that’s compatible with most American Acetylene and propane cylinders. However, note that it won’t work with MC and B acetylene tanks. Some other notable features of this heavy duty industrial gas regulator include the 9/16” – 18 RH Male delivery connector for oxygen and the 9/16” – 18 LH Male delivery connector for acetylene or propane. If you are a welder looking for an affordable, reliable, and efficient gas regulator, this one makes a great fit. I highly suggest you give it a try.

  • The CGA-540 connector fits all American oxygen tanks.
  • CGA-510 connector fits most acetylene and propane cylinders.
  • Oxygen pressure gauge: 5-125 psi
  • acetylene/ propane pressure gauge: 2-15 psi
  • Built of thick brass material for heavy-duty industrial applications.
  • Not identified

Things to Consider When Shopping for Oxygen Regulators

When shopping for the best oxygen regulator for you, there are a couple of things to consider. However, before we get to the specifics, it’s important to note that oxygen regulators come in different types. Some are used for heavy-duty industrial applications, others are for routine welding application, while others are for medical use. Irrespective of the application, these gas equipment have one thing in common- they control gas pressure. That being said, here are a couple of things to remember the next time you go shopping for an oxygen regulator.

  • Durability: The longevity of oxygen regulators is dependent on an array of factors. Some of these include the design material. Most gas regulators are made of brass or anodized aluminum. These metals are known for their superior strength and durability. Some gas regulators are made of low quality metals and plastics. Such varieties are prone to frequent breakdown and potential risk of gas leaks. So, when shopping, you may want to check and verify the quality of the kit before checking out.
  • Affordability: There are many affordable brands of gas regulators. No need to overspend when there are countless options to choose from. And good quality brands and models for that matter. However, it is important to note that most top brands often have a slightly high price tag. So, the best way to find the best price is to compare prices.
  • Welding or Medical use: Some oxygen regulators are for welding and cutting metals. On the other hand, some other varieties are strictly for medical use. The latter are for use by individuals with respiratory complications. Depending on the intended application, you’ll choose appropriately.
  • Warranty: Some oxygen regulators are backed by a warranty coverage while others are not. The coverage caters for free repairs and replacements. Therefore, whenever possible, choose on products with warranties. Unfortunately, not so many oxygen regulator brands have a provision for this. Anyhow, just check the product specs and features to confirm the same.
  • Compatibility: You want a regulator that works with different gas tanks, right? Then you’ve got to check the product’s compatibility. The gold standard for most regulators are American gas tanks. Unless otherwise stated, be sure to check and verify that the product is compatible with American oxygen tanks.
  • Safety Features: There are countless safety features to look for in a quality gas regulator. These features and functions enhance the efficiency of the regulator while also ensuring the safety of the user is guaranteed. For example, some are made of thick brass or aluminum metal to withstand high pressure. Others are laser-etched to eliminate flacking during their lifespan. Automatic pressure overload degassing feature helps keep the output pressure within the set range. All these features are indicated on the product specs.
  • Ease-of-use: This has to do with how the equipment is used to control gas pressure. A simple and easy to use regulator is recommended. You don’t want to end up with a complex unit that would require you to seek the help of an expert time and again. That would be expensive. Even with an easy-to-use unit, you might want to confirm that the package includes a user manual. That will be your point of quick reference when need be.
  • Nature of the Application: Depending on their nature and design, oxygen regulators vary in applications. While some are for heavy-duty industrial application, others are meant for routine welding gas pressure adjustment. Furthermore, some are meant for health-related applications. Check the product specs for the details and choose accordingly.


That’s it for this round up of the best oxygen regulators. Our compilation includes reputable brands from leading manufacturers. Compare the product details in order to find what suits you best. All the best with your shopping!

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