The Best Oxygen Masks For Adults & Children

Oxygen, a gas critical for our living and breathing, is present everywhere around us. We breathe every day, every minute and second, taking in oxygen and giving out carbon dioxide. For those who aren’t aware, while we say that oxygen is present universally, its levels are not standard throughout. For instance, it is less in hilly regions and even less as you climb up the hill.

Haven’t we seen individuals carrying a petite oxygen tank with a mask provisioning while going on a mountaineering fun trip these days? The same is true during underwater adventures such as scuba diving too. Every individual is provided with an oxygen mask to breathe generally while enjoying the marine sea creatures.

Besides such adventures and happiness sought by humanity, which involves using an oxygen mask, several critical situations demand an oxygen mask. It includes those with chronic respiratory illness, heart failure, stroke, and several other significant medical conditions under which the patient is unable to breathe, needing external equipment such as an oxygen mask for stabilizing blood oxygen levels.

Here is a list of Top Best Oxygen Masks in 2022

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Here are details of the top best oxygen masks, and reading through them would help you make the right choice.

9. Simple PVC Masks for Adults 

Simple PVC Masks for Adults


These masks are made from 100% latex-free PVC material and need no electric device for using or installing them. The mask is transparent and provides manual ventilation.

The mask fits perfectly on any adult’s face, taking the face’s shape due to its design. This also prevents external room air from entering into the mask, thereby enhancing the overall oxygen supply to the patient.

Key features
  • Made from 100% PVC material
  • It does not require the use of an electric device
  • It comes with accessories such as a breathing bag, user manual, breathing tool, tube, and an Ambu bag.
  • Suitable for using at home or professionally (such as hospitals)
  • Straightforward design that requires no electric device
  • The breathing bag does not come with a handle that makes it difficult to hold it for a long time.

8. Soft Adult Oxygen Mask

Soft Adult Oxygen Mask


Adult Oxygen Mask masks composed of high-quality PVC material and the highlight here come with a 6.6 feet long tubing.

This XL-size mask comes as a pack of three, providing comfort to the user when worn around the nose due to its soft material use. The 6-foot long oxygen tubing accessory ensures a continuous oxygen supply to the mask from an oxygen reservoir.

Key features
  • Made from PVC material
  • 6 feet long oxygen tubing
  • Proper sizing that fits most individuals properly
  • Soft and comfortable without causing chafing on your face
  • The mask sometimes fits closer to the eye for some individuals
  • Doesn’t sit properly for a more extended period

7. WNL Adult & Child Resuscitation Mask

WNL Adult & Child Resuscitation Mask


WNL is a brand that has been ruling the CPR industry, providing high-quality and economical products for more than 25 years, and this mask that comes from their manufacture is surely a life-saving device. This CPR resuscitation mask kit contains everything required to perform CPR on the needy person-you might be the guardian angel with this handy device as it helps you save lives during an emergency.

It contains a 1-adult mask, 1-child mask, 1-on-way disposable valve with filter, a pair of vinyl gloves, and an antiseptic wipe, all of this coming in a bright-red soft case enclosure. All the products are latex-free, and the masks are reusable when washed by hand.

Besides the mask, this kit is an all-in-one kit that’s got everything you need for CPR. Being a product of WNL, it can be assured that the kit has passed all quality measure tests. Each of the masks comes with a head strap that provides a better fit.

Key features
  • Reusable masks
  • It comes in both adult and child size
  • A face mask from the WNL brand
  • A compact CPR kit that could be carried anywhere and used on any person as the mask comes in different sizes
  • Latex-free and made of high-quality material
  • Elastic head strap promises a proper fit
  • The single-use mask valve does not guarantee quality.

6. Non-rebreather Oxygen Masks 

Non-rebreather Oxygen Masks


The mask is composed of soft and latex-free material. There is an adjustable strap made of spandex-terylene, making it easier to fit any individual in the right way. The reservoir bag is made of soft vinyl and the user-provided with a 7-foot long oxygen tubing.

This mask delivers high levels of oxygen using the reservoir bag that meets the oxygen demands depending on the breathing pattern observed.

The mask uses a reservoir bag and a one-way valve that delivers oxygen, increasing inhaled oxygen concentration, and prevents exhaled gases from entering the bag. The mask is made from soft PVC and is latex-free, enhancing the comfort of the wearer. There are adjustable nose clips provided, which help fit the mask without any loose edges that might allow outside air to enter.

Key features
  • The latex-free and soft material used for making the mask
  • The oxygen tubing is kink-resistant
  • All adults can wear the mask with adjustable nose clips that help in accurately fitting the mask.
  • Made of high-quality material
  • The one-way valve enhances oxygen intake and disallows exhaled gases from entering the reservoir bag.
  • Outside air enters inside breaking the purpose of a non-rebreather mask
  • Poor fit

5. MCR Pocket Resuscitator 

MCR Pocket Resuscitator


This mask is designed and made for professional use adhering to excellent design and customer service, but the latex-free protection can be used by any rescuer doing CPR. The resuscitator comes in a shelled case with a wrist strap attachment that makes it easy to carry around anywhere. The kit contains one mask that could be used on both adults and child, a one-way filter valve, a head strap, a pair of gloves, one antiseptic wipe, and an instruction manual.

One mask could be used on an adult as well as a child. To use it on the child, you need to rotate the mask to ensure that the wider area is over the nose and the narrow part is on the mouth. Made of latex-free material, it makes the entire CPR process much safer. The mask’s oxygen inlet increases oxygen concentration by over 50%. When the valve is removed from the place and the mask is connected to a bag valve mask (BVM), it increases patient oxygen concentration by 100%.

Key features
  • One mask fits both adult and child.
  • Made by a reputed manufacturer excelling in making CPR-friendly kit
  • Latex-free and soft material offering comfort
  • Easy to carry, provided with a wrist strap.
  • Could be used by professionals or individual users
  • Cannot be used on an infant

4. Westmed Kink-resistant Oxygen Tubing Mask

Westmed Kink-resistant Oxygen Tubing Mask


Westmed excels in manufacturing high-quality medical products, and this oxygen mask delivers utmost comfort with its transparent nature and softness. It comes along with a 7-foot kink-resistant oxygen tubing.

The mask is transparent, making it visible for easy assessment of the patient. It also has an elastic strap that makes it adjustable, fitting every adult. The kink-resistant tubing guarantees against any collapse or blockage of the tubes when bent.

Key features
  • Transparent with elastic straps
  • Kink-resistant oxygen tubing
  • Medium-concentration oxygen mask
  • Suitable for any adult fitting his/her face with the help of the adjustable strap
  • Not suitable for kids

3. HD HOUDELL Pediatric Mask

HD HOUDELL Pediatric Mask


Every HD HOUDELL mask comes with a germ-free package that could disinfect with ethylene oxide for protection against them. Made from good-quality medical grade PVC material suiting hospital treatments, especially for patients with dyspnea and hypoxia.

The pediatric mask fits well on kids and infants as provided with an adjustable elastic strap that could be conveniently fit across your child’s face.

Key features
  • It comes in all sizes, suitable for kids and infants
  • It comes with a germ-free package in a PE bag
  • One time use masks
  • Good for clinical purposes
  • Can be disinfected
  • Small size

2. Healva Adult Mask with Elastic Straps

Healva Adult Mask with Elastic Straps


This adult mask is from Healva, a certified oxygen mask manufacturer that boasts unmatched high-quality products. The company is a leader in medical supplies provides excellent services in the industry. Every mask is made of PVC material and is latex-free, which doesn’t harm the wearer in any way.

It is a one-time use mask that comes in a germ-free package that could be disinfected with ethylene oxide and safely used. The elastic ropes provided with the respirator are adjustable and enabling for a comfortable fit around the face. So, this is generally used frequently for patients with dyspnea and hypoxia.

Key features
  • PVC material
  • The mask comes with a 6.5-foot tube
  • Adjustable elastic straps
  • Certified seller of oxygen masks
  • Improper fit

1. Ausilium Oxygen Masks 

Ausilium Oxygen Masks


This mask is clear for enhanced visuals and consists of curved edges to maximize the comfort of use. It consists of a 7-foot kink-resistant green oxygen tubing that promises no blockage.

The mask is made from high-grade PVC material, is latex-free and has a 30-day return policy.

Key features
  • 7-foot long oxygen tubing
  • Made from PVC material with an elastic strap to make adjustments
  • Medium concentration flow
  • 30-day return policy
  • Comfortable fit
  • Improper fit

Factors To Consider Before Buying An Oxygen Mask

An oxygen mask is a mediator through which oxygen is transmitted from the cylinder or any other oxygen storage device to the patient’s lungs for making the breathing process easier during certain circumstances. These masks come in different materials such as plastic, silicone, and rubber, and the design of any mask determines the oxygen content that reaches the individual.

While the design is essential, the circumstance and performance also play equally vital roles in deciding the type of mask that would best suit the individual. Several factors determine the mask type that would rightly suit a patient depending on factors including:

  • Patient’s needs or health condition which determines oxygen requirement levels
  • Acceptance by the patient
  • Comfort and reliability
  • Ease of use and its efficiency

Types Of Oxygen Delivery Devices

Since time immemorial, oxygen delivery devices have been categorized into three categories: low flow, reservoir, and high flow. The flow of oxygen delivery could be perfect or somewhat inconsistent, depending on the type of mask chosen. Even while using any of these, it is essential to keep an eye on the oxygen dispensing level as greater than 60% oxygen delivery can become toxic and threaten life.

There are different types of oxygen masks. While some benefit from using any of these, a maximum number of patients are generally comfortable using only three types of masks. The major types include:

  • Nasal Cannula: This delivers oxygen at only 8 LPM or even lesser than the low flow category. Not many would-be fans of it as you still breathe the air around you rather than diving pure oxygen.
  • Face Mask: Though much better than the nasal cannula, this again lets in the air surrounding your room and allows you to breathe in oxygen only at a fixed rate.
  • Partial Non-Rebreather Mask: These are provided with holes on either side of the mask, which remain uncovered surprisingly again, showing that they allow air in the room to enter inside. It contains an air reservoir that should be filled before placing the mask on the person. A reservoir stores oxygen, which could be used anytime as required by the patient. These preserve oxygen and also effectively deliver them. It is present under the nasal cannula or could be hung as a fashionable pendant around the patient’s neck. If someone needs an increased oxygen supply, a facemask reservoir becomes the preferred choice to provide an inspiratory oxygen fraction (FiO2) of 40-60%. The oxygen delivered could be <35 % (low oxygen), 35-60% (moderate delivery) and >60% (high delivery). Though useful under many circumstances, it is often complained to be uncomfortable and obstructive.
  • Non-Breather Masks: This allows for deeper breaths that intake more oxygen. Some valves close the holes present on either side of the mask, preventing any entry of room air. Though cheaply available and covered with valves, it is loosely strung around the nose, allowing room air to enter inside. The reservoir supplied with it is not enough as most of us breathe deeply and take out ample oxygen with a few breaths.
  • Cluster O2 Kit: This is a non-breather mask with thick, cushioned padding that promises a 100% seal from the entry of room air.


Patients majorly use oxygen masks, and this increases the need for enhanced comfort and safety. Any mask that you buy should be chosen based on your requirements and primary purpose. Ensure that the protection has premium-quality materials that are germ-resistant and also take care to confirm that these masks don’t allow outside air entry.

Never make a choice depending on the cost alone-low cost doesn’t guarantee a great buy! Make the ideal choice of keeping your needs in mind, take care of the material, circumstance, and finalize on a product.

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