Top 10 Best Outdoor Pool Tables in 2021 – Complete Reviews

When it comes to the sources of entertainment, everyone has his or own set of choice and preferences. Some find that listening to music is the best while others find that swimming more interesting. Among outdoor games, the pool is a common choice for many people. If you don’t have a separate room for a pool in your house, it is better to invest in an outdoor pool table for a wonderful time with family and friends.

The market is flooded with so many outdoor pool tables that it literally becomes daunting to choose the best one among them. You need to analyze a lot of things before actually finalizing one. To make your work easier, here is a comprehensive review of the top 10 best outdoor pool tables with their pricing and features. Take a closer look at our top 10 picks and compare the ones you like. We wish you to settle for none but the best! Check our top picks for the best Outdoor Pool Tables in 2021 below.

The 10 Best Outdoor Pool Tables in 2021

An outdoor pool table will be your perfect reason to enjoy a family get together and spend more time with family. You will also end up enjoying the outdoors and spend lesser time in front of the screens.

Our comprehensive checklist of the Top 10 best outdoor pool tables will help you pick the best:

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10. Carmelli NG2535P Newport 7’ Pool Table

Carmelli NG2535P Newport 7’ Pool Table


The Carmelli NG2535P is a wonderful pool table and a 3-in-1 table. When required, it can easily be converted into a table tennis board or a dining table.

It comes up with 2 padded benches that are used for storing game equipment. The table is 84x46x32 inches in measurement and is made up of CARB certified MDF material.

Key Features
  • Table Dimensions: Length x Width x Height: 84 x 46 x 32
  • Comes with 2 soft-padded benches with inbuilt storage
  • Benches have hydraulic EZ-lifters because of which the seat top opens and closes effortlessly.
  • Multi-purpose table. Can be converted into a tennis board and dining table.
  • Accessories include: Two pieces 57″ pool cues(2), 2.25″ pool balls, cue chalk, table tennis net, posts and 2 balls, 2 paddles, 1 plastic triangle.
  • Driftwood melamine top rail
  • Independent leg levelers with side, end and leg panels.

9. Mizerak Dakota BRS 8-Foot Billiard Table Mizerak Dakota BRS 8-Foot Billiard Table


Mizerak Dakota is a pool table with a laminated cabinet and robust metal frame that provides it the durability of a lifetime.

This table is known for its robust built up and has reinforced legs properly fitted with leg levelers. There is a wool blend cloth on the playing surface which makes it appear more professional. One more additional positive point of this table is the ball return system.

Key Features
  • Robust built up and durability with Metallic Frame and Laminated Cabinet
  • Reinforced Pedestal Legs that makes it sufficiently rigid.
  • Adequately fitted leg Levelers creating a smooth playing surface
  • Wool Blend Cloth is giving a professional look and feel.
  • Rail Unified Pockets that the returns ball
  • Accessories Included: 2 Cues, Brush, 1 Triangle, 1 Set of Balls for Billiards, Triangle, and 2 Chalk

8. Fat Cat 7 ft. Kansas Billiard Table

Fat Cat 7 ft. Kansas Billiard Table


The Fat Cat Kansas 7 ft long table is a perfect outdoor pool table for professionals. The table comes with eagle claw legs and black polished finish.

The green wool blend cloth at the play area gives a professional look and finish. You can play passionately on it for years and still remain intact. The leather drop pockets make it more classy and sophisticated.

Key Features
  • 7 ft. pool table with eagle claw legs
  • Features a 5 by 8 inches hard tac surface bed
  • 5″ Rails
  • Accessories included

7. Hathaway Park Avenue Billiard Pool Table Set

Hathaway Park Avenue Billiard Pool Table Combo Set, 7-Feet


Hathaway Park Avenue Pool Table is 7th on our overall checklist of the top 10 best outdoor pool tables for 2019. It comes with a classy design and is a multi-purpose table. It can be utilized as a pool table, as a tennis board, and as a dining table.

The table is made up of high-quality MDF material and is covered with a durable black lamination that will help it last for years. The benches that come with this table are robust and can be utilized to store game equipment, etc.

Key Features
  • 3 in 1 table, triple the fun, outdoor pool table, tennis board, and dining table
  • Durable and classy
  • Perfect for families
  • High-quality built

6. Triumph 3 in 1 Swivel Multigame Table

Triumph 3 in 1 Swivel Multigame Table


Triumph 3 in 1 is a table with a play surface measuring 66×36.25”. It can be utilized as a pool table, a table tennis board, and an air hockey table. The table is made up of high-quality green nylon.

The accessories included with the table are a complete set of billiard balls, cues(2), chalks and brush, 2 table tennis paddles and posts, 2 red pucks, table tennis balls (2), hockey pushes(2), and table tennis net.

Key Features
  • The fun of 3 in 1. Can be utilized to play air hockey, pool and table tennis
  • You can switch from one game to another infraction of a second due to the rotating swivel
  • The airflow is evenly distributed all over the table
  • The table is 84” x 44.5” x 32” which makes it perfect for the entire family
  • All accessories included for all the three games to start playing with.

5. Mizerak Donovan II 8’ Billiard Table

Mizerak Donovan II 8’ Billiard Table


Mizerak Donovan is a fantastic table that comes with a sleek design. The table comes with Leg Levelers that are disk styled levelers to make the playing surface more smooth. The trendy wool blend red cloth gives a royal touch to the table. The only area that could be improved is the basket where the balls go. Currently, it’s of plastic and can be changed for better, but that doesn’t make much a difference keeping in mind all the benefits the table offer.

Key Features
  • Smooth Design with Wool blend red Red Cloth
  • Constant Rebound with 3-5/8” Rails
  • Leg Levelers are disk styled to provide a smooth Playing Surface
  • Accessories Included: 2 Cues, 1 Triangle, Brush, Set of Balls for Billiard, 2 Chalk

4. MD Sports 84 in. Arcade Billiard Table

MD Sports 84 in. Arcade Billiard Table


MD Sports table is extremely stylish in looks and has a red felt play surface which is in sync with the black and metallic colors of this pool table. It has a robust steel frame that ensures that the table is properly leveled.

The holes have meshed fabric which easily holds the ball. The levelers are adjustable that gives stability to the table. The table also comes with all the accessories including a set of balls, cues, and a rack.

Key Features
  • High-quality Playing Surface
  • K818 Rubber Rail Bumpers
  • The Wood Finishing has Scratch Resistance
  • Built-in pockets
  • Professional Tournament Quality
  • Durable particle board
  • Robust leg design

3. Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Billiard Table 

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Billiard Table


The Mitzerak Dynasty is a perfect table in all sense. It occupies very little space and still offers the best in class experience to all the pool enthusiasts. It is a 6.5 ft. long pool table with disc-shaped leg levelers that helps in easily adjusting the table height. The leg levelers are so sturdy that the table can even be set on an uneven surface.

The table also has the ball reset system which helps you set the next game very easily and quickly. It also has the green nylon cloth which is long-lasting and gives a professional look.

Key Features
  • 5’ Design that saves on space and can be fitted in comparatively small rooms too.
  • Sturdy Leg Levelers
  • Automatic Ball Return helps in setting the next game speedily
  • MDF Play-Bed that is sealed doubly
  • Green Nylon Cloth
  • Accessories Included: 2 Cues, 2 Chalk, 1 Triangle and a Set of Balls for Billiards

2. Hathaway Maverick Table Tennis and Pool Table,  7-Ft.

Hathaway Maverick Table Tennis and Pool Table, 7-Ft.


The Hathaway Maverick pool table serves the purpose of 2. The table is a perfect combo of a pool and a table tennis table. The playing surface comes covered with red felt, while the table tennis play surface has a thick 2 piece blue surface. The table is wrapped in black laminate, the top rail in silver and the chrome plated corner cap gives a wonderful look and feel. The best part is, anyone can easily assemble this pool table.

Key Features
  • Perfect combo of a Pool and Table Tennis Table.
  • Perfect for both Kids And Adults
  • High-quality features and design
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Accessories included

1. Fat Cat Pockey 7ft 3 in 1

Fat Cat Pockey 7ft 3 in 1


The Fat Cat Pockey is a three in one game table that enables you to play pool, air hockey, and table tennis, all in 1. It is a compact table that has a green Tetolon cloth and with proper rubber bumpers that keep the leg fit. The best part of this table is the built-in rack to store all your game equipment.

Key Features
  • Compact 3 in 1 game table works as a perfect space saver. Can be utilized as a pool table, air hockey table, and table tennis table.
  • Like a pool table, the table features Tetolon green cloth and drop pockets.
  • Rubber bumpers to keep the leg fit.
  • In-Built storage rack to store all the game accessories.
  • Comes with all accessories

Why Should You Invest In An Outdoor Pool Table?

The pool is one of the favorite games for the vast majority of people. Whether they play it for a living, during their free time or simply as a hobby, pool enthusiasts are very particular about the pool table.

What can be better than having their outdoor pool table at a reasonable price? Having your outdoor pool table will not only make playing pool easy for you but will also hone your playing skills.


The pool is one of the most enjoyable games in the world. To enjoy the game properly, the first and foremost thing you need is a top-performing pool table.

Pool tables come in various sizes, designs, styles, etc. with varied specifications from different manufacturers. However, a perfect pool table can change the entire gaming experience.

If you are looking for the best outdoor pool table, these tables are a must to consider. By now, you must have already made up the decision as to which pool table you should go for. Right? So, what are you waiting for? Go online and order one for you now!

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