These Best Outdoor Obstacle Course Sets Make Kids More Fun

Outdoor Obstacle Course Sets for Kids

It’s most parents’ dream to raise his or her children in a home that has a backyard. So, if you are blessed with one, why don’t you adorn it with fabulous play sets for your young ones? Your kids will definitely appreciate an elaborate playground structure, but it doesn’t mean that you have to shell out thousands of dollars to do so. The best outdoor obstacles for kids help you create an affordable and busting play spot that not only your kids will love, but also something, that other kids from your neighborhood will want to experience.

Moreover, with these sets, it makes it easy for you to plan for birthday parties, backyard BBQ parties, or picnics. The best part is that the kids will enjoy the fresh outdoor air and exercise. This makes them an excellent gift for kids who spend most of their time playing Video games or watching movies. Besides, thanks to their attractive and customizable design, your kids will enjoy endless fun outdoors. More importantly, outdoor obstacle course games help your kids develop gross social skills, motor skills, balance, built strength, and coordination. As usual, we have done extensive research to bring you the best outdoor obstacle course for kids to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Top 10 Best Outdoor Obstacle Course Sets for Kids in 2023

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10. Rainbow Craft Hanging Obstacle Course for Kids

Rainbow Craft Hanging Obstacle Course for Kids


Kids love to climb, and if you are looking for a perfect Ninja warrior training equipment that you can set up anywhere, this model might be your best bet. Featuring tons of unique obstacles, this training course brings your kid an infinite world of possibilities. First, this unit comes with a ratchet system that lets you set it almost everywhere. You simply need two trees, posts, or pillars that are 20 to 40 feet apart. Secondly, it comes with a convenient carry bag, so whether you are planning a picnic or a family outing, you can bring it conveniently and keep your kids entertained all day.

Boasting of an exclusive design, this versatile obstacle course holds up to 250 lbs. This makes one of the best choices in terms of durability and safety. Whether your kids love swinging or climbing, you can have peace of mind knowing that they are doing so on a model tested to ensure maximum safety. Additionally, when comparing it with other models, this product brings you more functions and colorful color that attracts your kids to play in the outdoors.

  • Available in a Colorful and attractive design
  • Easy Setup saves you time and energy
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Free carry bag included
  • Some wish that it had several color combinations

9. Elite Potato Sack Race Bags

Elite Potato Sack Race Bags


Sadly, most kids spend most of their time glued to their computer games, phones, and televisions. This leaves them hardly any time to exercise. The Elite Potato sack race bags are designed to offer an engaging and fun play that encourages your kids to get out and play with their peers. This kit includes all the three all favorite kids games. These include the three-legged relay, potato sack race, and egg and spoon race. Combining these games brings hilarious fun and highlight of your kid’s birthday, family reunion, picnics, and many others.

Besides the fun, physical exercise helps your kid’s minds to develop, allowing them to concentrate and solve problems. It is also great to burn extra calories and maintain a healthy body. For added convenience, each of the equipment is well built to allow durability. They are also large enough for adults to join in the fun. What’s more, the kit comes with a durable zip up bag that lets you bring the set anywhere you want.

  • Free carry/ storage bag included
  • Combines three fun games
  • Ideal for kids of all ages
  • Made from durable and safe materials
  • The sacks have a strong smell, but this goes away after some time

8. Prextex 3 in 1 Carnival Combo Set

Prextex 3 in 1 Carnival Combo Set


Field games make a kid’s birthday, picnics, or a backyard barbecue more fun and enjoyable. However, without the right supplies, getting ready for these events can be difficult. The Prextex 3 in 1 Carnival Combo Set Bring your kids unlimited fun where you need it most. Combining beanbags, rings, and cones, this set will be the talk of your upcoming party. Each of these pieces is made of colorful and safe plastics, making them ideal for young toddlers and older kids.

The set includes ten brightly colored rings that measure 5 inches, making them perfect for ring toss games for all ages. It also includes ten tear resistance nylon beanbags that let your kids enjoy corn hole as well as beanbag toss games. Moreover, you are provided with six colorful sport training cones. What sets this model from other games is that each of the pieces is correctly sized in a manner that even adults can enjoy the game. Therefore, parents can also join in the games and create a memorable childhood for their kids.

  • Perfect for kids and adult play
  • Brings an engaging and fun play
  • Reasonably priced
  • Colorful, attract your kids instantly
  • A bit clumsy to carry for long distances

7. Slackers Ninjaline 36′ Intro Kit

Slackers Ninjaline 36' Intro Kit


Designed to bring unmatched versatility and convenience, the Slackers Ninjaline intro kit is a perfect foundation for your kids that turns your backyard into a fun adventure. The kit includes more than a dozen obstacles that create a simple backyard gym for your kid that helps them increase their overall strength, expand their minds, and develop self-confidence. Coming with various obstacles, the possibilities are limitless. Simply change the distance and position of the obstacles, and the training course will look different every time.

Through the adjustments, this kit also suits the needs of young beginners and older kids who are ready to advance their kids. Unlike other models on the market, this model comes with easy instructions that allow for simple installation so as your champion can get swinging within no time. Moreover, each of the pieces is made of strong and durable materials to enhance the safety of your kid.

  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Guaranteed Quality and Safety
  • Included storage book bag allows for easy storage and portability
  • Easy to customize
  • Adult supervision required

6. Constructive Playthings 5 Piece Sliding Toys

Constructive Playthings 5 Piece Sliding Toys


As the old adage goes, work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. Playtime not only keeps your child happy but also enhances healthy brain development. This five-piece sliding toy helps your child’s creativity to grow from a tender age while still boosting the development of their physical, dexterity, and cognitive skills. Designed with the kid’s safety in mind, these moveable shapes helps your kids built their own playground at your backyard or driveway.

These toys are also compact, making them perfect for indoor play. Built for toddlers and babies, these forms are lightweight enough for the pre-schoolers to arrange and rearrange them as they play. By doing so, these toys allow your kid’s mind to expand while the physical exercise keeps them in optimal health. Even better, these toys are made of soft vinyl materials that are not only safe to use but also have a long shelf life.

  • Durable construction
  • Soft play forms are easy on the delicate skin of the baby
  • Five-piece interactive set
  • Versatile and educative
  • High price tag

5. Easy Outdoor Space Dome Climber

Easy Outdoor Space Dome Climber


With the Easy Outdoor Space Dome Climber, your kids get to enjoy hours of creativity and playtime that helps them develop their social and interpersonal skills. This versatile product lets your kids hang climb and swing in their personal and safe playgrounds. Boasting of a maximum capacity of 1000 pounds, several kids can play at the same time without having to worry about its stability. It is also large enough to accommodate up to five kids.

Better yet, this climber is crafted from top quality steel to ensure resilience. It is also powder coated to ensure UV resistance and rust proof, allowing your kids to enjoy endless play in the outdoors. Besides, thanks to its ingenious design, this product enhances your kid’s balance, strength, and creativity while having fun.

  • Perfect for Backyards
  • Impressive weight capacity of up to 1000 pounds
  • Fun for all kids aged between 3 -10 years
  • Sturdy and spacious, support up to five kids
  • Takes time to assemble

4. Jungle Highline Kids Obstacle Course

Jungle Highline Kids Obstacle Course


If you want giggles, then this fun and en ganging obstacle course from Jungle Highline is the real deal. Built to bring an engaging and educative play in your backyard, this adventure kits offers your whole family hours of limitless fun. Set up the rings, ropes, and monkey bars and keep yourselves active for hours. This unit also makes your home the center of excitement in your neighborhood. Coming in optimal length and size, your kids can enjoy a fun experience every time.

When it comes to construction, this unit is double stitched and wrapped to ensure maximum strength and durability. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that it won’t buckle easily and lead to injuries. Moreover, this unit is customizable to meet your kid’s needs. It comes with the entire feature you need to get started. Besides coming with 10 loops to attach the obstacles include, it has plenty of room to add more. Plus, by changing the order or spacing of the obstacles, you will create new challenges to keep your kids engaged and active.

  • Made from high-end materials to ensure safety and durability
  • Provides fun for everyone, kids as well as their parents
  • Educate and provides a fun experience at the same time
  • Ideal for toddlers and older kids
  • Available in one color combination only

3. HearthSong Rope Tunnel Bridge

HearthSong Rope Tunnel Bridge


Children love playing and competing, and The HearthSong rope tunnel bridge combines the two to provide endless hours of fun. It is made of heavy-duty woven rope that is highly resilient and durable. The construction materials are also weather resistant, thus making it ideal for outdoor use. Boasting of a unique design, this product comes with an active zone that offers endless fun while still allowing the kids to build strength. It also provides an airy place where the kids can relax and watch others play.

Having been made using high strength rope and with the durable ratchets included, this bridge is perfect for backyards and other outdoor sites. It hangs easily between two trees securely to ensure a safe play. This unit also has a decent weight capacity and a spacious interior that accommodates up to three kids. Besides, it comes pre-assembled, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time assembling it.

  • Made from weather resistant materials
  • Strong enough to handle several kids at a time
  • No initial assembly needed, you simply need to set it up between two trees or poles
  • Two ratchets included
  • Expensive

2. JumpOff Jo Rocksteady Balance Stepping Stones for Kids

JumpOff Jo Rocksteady Balance Stepping Stones for Kids


Take your child playtime to the next level and let their imagination run wild with JumpOff Jo Balance Stepping Stones. Smartly designed to assist your kid build confidence in their coordination and balance, these stepping-stones enables them how to determine the right distance and height. The set contains six colorful stepping-stones integrated with a rubber base to prevent slipping.

The best thing about these stepping-stones is that they can be used on concrete floors and grass surfaces. So, when the weather is bad outside, your kids can comfortably play in his room. Also, when the sun shines, he/she can take the fun outside. Having been made using sturdy materials, these stepping-stones are weather resistant and withstand serious abuse without any problems. Moreover, the stones can e arranged in different variations, and their stackable design makes them easy to store.

  • Great for indoor and outdoor play
  • Non-Slip Grips enhances the kid’s safety
  • Comes in bright and attractive colors
  • Available in three sizes
  • One game only

1. School Smart Stepping Buckets Balance Builders

School Smart Stepping Buckets Balance Builders


Just as its name suggests, there are various educational games that you can play with this balance builder. From obstacle courses, color recognition, counting, the possibilities are limitless. Similar to other balance builders, this model is designed to assist your kid in developing coordination and balance, only that this model makes the process easier. This hastens the ability of the kid to determine the height and distance.

Different from other units, this set comes with six stepping buckets that are connected by a braided nylon rope. What makes them stand out is the fact that that the buckets have a wider surface area. This enables even the beginners to learn balance much faster. The nylon rope is also flexible, allowing you to customize the setup. Plus, the top of these buckets has gripping lines that allow for added stability. Also, the bottoms are fitted with rubber padding to ensure they don’t slip off when stepping. More importantly, the buckets nests easily, saving the storage space.

  • Stack on design makes them easy to store
  • Brightly colored and durable design
  • Assists kids to develop coordination and balance
  • Budget-friendly
  • None that we could find

Factors to consider when selecting the best outdoor obstacle course for kids

When choosing any toy for our kids, it is always crucial to prioritize their convenience and most importantly, their safety. Below are some of the considerations that should help you in selecting an outdoor obstacle course that meets your needs.

  • Set up and available space

By just looking at the reviewed products, it is clear that these products come in different design and sizes. The first thing to ensure is that you have enough space in your backyard to accommodate them. The products themselves should be spacious enough to prevent kids from running into each other as the play. Next, look at the setup. For instance, if you need to hang them between trees, ensure your yard has trees or consider installing poles if you don’t have trees.

  • Durability/safety

The obstacle course for kids is designed for outdoor use. For this reason, you should always ensure that they are made of tough, weather resistant materials. The materials should also be strong enough to withstand repeated use. Moreover, while most of these products require child supervision, they should be designed in a manner that they prevent accidents that may injure your kids

  • Number of games

Obviously, two games or more are better than one. Kids get bored easily, so choosing a model that combines more than one game will keep them entertained for longer. While not all may have many games, their setup should be customizable. This prevents the boredom of playing the same game multiple times.


Whether are planning a birthday party, family reunion, or spending quality time with your kids, the best obstacle course for kids makes the events more lively. Each of the models reviewed in this post is designed to bring endless fun while still allowing your kids to learn certain skills and exercise. Select any or a combination and let your kid’s childhood remain etched into his/her mind forever.

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