The Best One Piece Swimsuits for Women in 2022

One Piece Swimsuit for Women

Frolicking in the summer heat calls for the beach, refreshing warm breeze, and one piece swimsuits. Whether you want to get sun-kissed tan lines or just want to flatter your figure and curves, there are different styles and designs to choose from. But how should you choose the best one piece swimsuit?

It isn’t just about the design or the color that falls in your favorite palette. Your body shape and comfort preferences are considered significant aspects you shouldn’t brush off. You should also take note of the size and material, especially if you’re shopping online to make sure you’ll hit the beach with the perfect one piece swimsuit!

Haven’t you found your ultimate one piece swimsuit yet? Don’t worry! Our detailed buying guide and roundup of the topnotch swimsuits on the market will narrow down your options.

Top 10 Best One Piece Swimsuits for Women in 2022

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10. CUPSHE Women’s Black Striped Leafy One Piece Swimsuit

CUPSHE Women's Black Striped Leafy One Piece Swimsuit


This CUPSHE one piece swimsuit shares a summery vibe with its black stripes and leafy prints. The green color captures the refreshing feel of the waters during summer. If you’re a plus-size or trying to conceal your tummy, this swimsuit will do the trick.

If you have an athletic build, you’d also be surprised at how this swimsuit contours your figure. Crafted with a black waistband, it highlights your waist and body shape, leaving you with a more flattering curve.

It has padding cups that provide optimum support on your bust. It is also available in a vast selection of sizes that can accommodate women with body sizes that range from extra small to double large sizes. Made from chinlon fabric, it lends a smooth texture and feels light on the skin.

Key features
  • Available in a wide selection of sizes
  • Designed with black stripes and leaf prints for a summery feel
  • Great for plus-sized women and those with an athletic build
  • Crafted with a black waistband to highlight your curve
  • Feels light and has a smooth texture

9. PRETTYGARDEN Women’s One Piece Tummy Control U Neck Backless Swimsuit

PRETTYGARDEN Women's One Piece Tummy Control U Neck Backless Swimsuit


Whether you want to highlight your bustier figure or want to give your smaller bustline a sultrier look, this one-piece swimsuit from Prettygarden might just be the perfect fit. Apart from its flattering design and style, it also boasts its high waist belly cover that keeps your tummy flat and sexy. Plus, it is a backless bathing suit that enhances your figure.

Made from polyamide and spandex, it renders a flexible and comfortable fit. But if you want to modify the fit, the strap is adjustable to make sure it won’t fall off while you’re taking in some summer heat or enjoying the waters on the beach. It is available on the solid dark and light colors and busy animal prints.

Key features
  • Designed with a lower neckline and sexy side cutout
  • Backless design
  • Made from spandex and polyamide material for a flexible fit
  • Available in different colors and prints
  • Has tummy control to flatter your figure

8. Amazon Essentials Women’s Classic One-Piece Swimsuit

Amazon Essentials Women's Classic One-Piece Swimsuit


If you want to keep it classic and simple, this swimsuit from Amazon Essentials could be your ideal pick. It carries out a sophisticated design with modest coverage and light bust support. Not only does it give your body full coverage but it also ensures excellent comfort and fit that you can indulge in while frolicking in the sun.

The design and style are ideal for those who want to flaunt their figure but prefer to maintain a pleasing and decent cover for your body. It is also made of polyamide and elastane materials that provide elasticity to the swimsuit, making it stretchable and more comfortable to wear.

Key features
  • Classic design
  • Provides modest coverage
  • Has nipple pads for light bust support
  • Made from elastane and polyamide for a flexible fit
  • Lends good weight and a comfortable feel

7. CUPSHE Women’s Falbala One Piece Swimsuit Deep V Neck Monokini Swimsuit

CUPSHE Women's Falbala One Piece Swimsuit Deep V Neck Monokini Swimsuit


This CUPSHE swimwear is embellished with ruffles on its V-neckline that adds an attractive curve along your bustline. Therefore, if you have smaller busts and you want to go for a more revealing look, this style can complement your body figure. It also features a tie back design that allows you to adjust the suit according to your preferred fit.

To provide ample support on your bust, it has bra paddings. Another interesting feature is the combination of chinlon and spandex materials. This makes the bathing suit more comfortable to wear because of its stretchable design. Crafted with durable seams, this one-piece can ensure great quality that can last long.

Key features
  • V-neck design with ruffles for a more attractive and sexier look
  • Gives off a flattering look for women with smaller bustline
  • Adjustable fit with its tie back design
  • Features durable seams for long-lasting quality
  • Stretchable fit

6. CUPSHE Women’s Elegant Dance Solid One-Piece Swimsuit

CUPSHE Women's Elegant Dance Solid One-Piece Swimsuit


The tie closure at the front ramps up the style of your classic bikini. While it adds a fashionable touch, the tie closure also customizes the size for better and more snug fit. The backless design also ramps up the style for a slender and curvier shape. The paddings are also removable for ample bust support.

When it comes to the material, it is a combination of chinlon and spandex. Not only does it enhance durability but it also makes the bikini stretchy and more comfortable to wear. It also lends a nice leg cut that highlights the shapes of your thighs and accentuates the curves of your hips. You can get yours in green and wine red. It is also available in a wide range of sizes, perfect for women from small to large frames.

Key features
  • Features a stylish tie closure that also adjusts the fit
  • Has a backless design for a sexier look
  • Made of high-quality stretchable material
  • Removable paddings for ample bust support

5. Tempt Me Women’s One Piece Swimsuit

Tempt Me Women's One Piece Swimsuit


This Tempt Me ruffled bikini is a sweet treat for women with beautiful fuller and bustier figures. Trimmed with a sleek ruffled cut, you can flaunt your sexy shape and neckline. Its chic cut also provides excellent coverage around your torso to keep your tummy slim and fit. The ruffles add a stylish and sophisticated touch to your suit. The straps are also adjustable, allowing you to modify your suit for a more comfortable fit.

This bikini is derived from a high-quality stretchable material for a flexible and adjustable fit. It also feels smooth and soft, giving you a comfy feel whenever you’re out on the beach and taking some sun for your tan lines. Apart from its summer prints and vivid colors, this swimsuit is available in a wide selection of sizes, allowing every woman in every figure to flaunt their natural curves!

Key features
  • Features a stylish ruffled cut
  • Ideal for fuller and bustier figures
  • Conceals your tummy for a slender and sultrier look
  • Adjustable straps for a customized fit
  • Highlights your neckline and torso

4. BALEAF Women’s Athletic Training Adjustable Strap One Piece Swimsuit

BALEAF Women's Athletic Training Adjustable Strap One Piece Swimsuit


For the medium neckline and moderate cut leg, this swimwear from BALEAF could be your ideal pick. The design lends a nice coverage on your bust area and bottom while giving your back a sexy feature with its circle cutout. The crisscross back straps are also adjustable, allowing you to customize the fit according to your preference.

Made from soft polyester fabric, it lends durable quality that can last for years. It also does not easily wear out over time. This fabric is chlorine-resistant that helps preserve the swimsuit’s condition and color. What’s also great with this bikini is the stretchable fit that contours the curves of your body. Plus, the cups are removable for ample bust support.

Key features
  • Adjustable straps for customized comfort and fit
  • Durable polyester fabric for long-lasting quality
  • Chlorine-resistant fabric that preserves the condition and color
  • Removable bust pads for optimum support
  • Accentuates the curves of your body

3. zeraca Women’s Surplice Neckline High Waisted Halter One Piece Monokini Swimsuit

zeraca Women's Surplice Neckline High Waisted Halter One Piece Monokini Swimsuit


The side cutouts and plunging V-neckline make this Zeraca one-piece bikini a sweet treat for your voluptuous body. Besides women with fuller figures, this style also works with women who have rectangle-shaped bodies and smaller chest areas. The design can accentuate your natural and beautiful curves while concealing your bottom or rear area with moderate coverage.

Another impressive feature is the adjustable halter straps for a more flexible fit. The paddings are also removable and hence, allow you to optimize the support for your breasts. Its fabric is the combination of polyester and elastane that delivers exceptional durability.

This also makes the bikini stretchable and comfortable to wear, allowing you to move freely whenever you swim or walk around the beach. It is also a quick-drying fabric that wicks away moisture and heat.

Key features
  • Highlights your bust line and figure with side cutouts and V-neck design
  • Provides moderate coverage on your bottom
  • Stretchable and comfortable fit
  • Adjustable straps to customize the size and fit
  • Has removable paddings for optimum breast support
  • Durable and quick-drying fabric

2. Hilor Women’s One Piece Swimsuits One Shoulder Swimwear

Hilor Women's One Piece Swimsuits One Shoulder Swimwear


The asymmetric design of this swimsuit from Hilor probably takes the spotlight. Embellished with ruffles, the style and design accentuate your shoulders, bustline, and sexy curves. Whether you have a bustier or fuller figure or smaller bustline, this swimwear can compliment your body for a more appealing look.

What’s also great with this suit is the coverage. If you’re into daring and plunging necklines, this design can provide decent coverage along your bust line as well as your buttocks. Apart from the ruffles and asymmetric style, the ruched details do the trick to hide your flabby tummy or any imperfections, keeping your body slim and sexy. It also uses a stretchy and soft material for a more comfortable feel.

Key features
  • Stretchable and soft material
  • Full coverage along the bustline and rear area
  • Features asymmetric cut with ruffled trim
  • Great for the fuller figure and smaller bustline
  • Accentuates your shoulders, neckline, and curves

1. Tempt Me Women One Piece Swimsuit

Tempt Me Women One Piece Swimsuit


Tempt Me is the merge of sexy and sophisticated. It showcases a high neck design that offers a decent coverage but compliments your bust area and figures with its mesh design. It spruces up your classic black swimsuit and makes you feel more confident and sexy when you’re out in the sun.

You’ll notice the ruched pattern along the torso that emphasizes your curves. It also hides your tummy to give you a more flattering look. Designed with a hook lock, you can easily wear and take the bathing suit off.

While you can have it in elegant black, there’s a wide array of colors from bright, neutrals, and dark shades that you can choose. If you fancy printed designs, you can also pick out your favorite designs from their refreshing summer prints!

Key features
  • Features a high-neck design for flattering bustline
  • Crafted with mesh fabric for a plunging look
  • Has ruched pattern to accentuate your curves
  • Easy to wear and remove with its hook design
  • Available in solid colors and summer prints

How to Choose the Best One Piece Swimsuit for Women

  • CONSIDER YOUR BODY SHAPE: One of the most important factors to take note of is your body shape. There are tons of swimwears to choose from. They may all look pretty and fancy but not all of them can flatter your curve and figure. Much worse, some of them will do otherwise. That’s why it is imperative to know what body shape you have and therefore, determine which type of one piece swimsuit will best fit you. If you have a pear-shaped body or your hips are seemingly wider than your shoulders, one piece swimsuits with stylish cutouts. Go for a lower neckline if you have a smaller bustline. On the other hand, women with an apple-shaped body can go for dark colors and prints. For women who have beautiful rectangle-shaped bodies or those who have smaller bustlines and who want to create flattering curves with the help of bikinis, you should go for stylish side cutouts. It is also your chance to flaunt your colorful and bright swimwear! If you’re under the category of plus-sizes, you can show off your sexy curves with one-piece swimsuits that are designed with ruffles and skirts. You can go with dark colors, printed designs such as stripes, lines, and other minimal characters.
  • CHOOSE THE CORRECT SIZE: Size matters. Just as how you choose a shirt or pair of pants, you’ve got to double-check the size to make sure it will fit. Although most one-piece swimwears are typically made of stretchable material, they still offer a wide range of sizes. This is definitely important when you’re shopping online. You should refer to the manufacturer’s measurement guidelines for the ideal size and fit. The measurements usually include the bustline, waist, and hips. In this way, you can move comfortably when you’re out on the beach swimming in the vast waters or just basking under the sun!
  • CHECK THE MATERIAL: Many swimsuits and swimwears are derived from spandex and nylon materials due to their flexible fit, durability, and waterproofing ability. They also provide excellent resistance against wear and tear. As such material is stretchable, it lends a snug fit that highlights and contours the curves of your body. However, the majority of material being used for swimsuits is polyester because of its waterproofing properties and durability. It also dries quickly, allowing your body to breathe and wick away any heat and moisture. Apart from its reliable and sturdy quality, this material can also preserve the color and quality of the swimsuits for years.
  • DESIGN & COLOR: Once you’ve decided on your size and fit, the next thing to do is pick out your favorite style, design, and color. There’s a plethora of designs to choose from. While you are free to choose whichever color or style you like, it will help to consider your body shape to determine which style, colors, or prints will fit you perfectly.


To sum it all up, the best one-piece swimsuits are perfectly worn when they fit comfortably. Such comfort greatly depends on several factors such as your body shape and size. That’s why it is imperative to determine what your body shape is and which size best fits you. In this way, you’ll be able to pick out the correct size, style, and design that will flatter your curves and body figure.

The list mentioned above along with comprehensive guidelines will narrow down your options and help you find the ultimate fit for your body!

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