Top 10 Best Omron Blood Pressure Monitors in 2022

Omron Blood Pressure Monitors

For those who suffer from high blood pressure, a device like the Omron Blood Pressure monitor isn’t just medical equipment; it is necessary. This home equipment can help you to get accurate blood pressure readings anytime and anywhere. You can provide data to your GP or check your health when feeling a bit dizzy and weak. 

Omron is one of the most popular and favorite brands that most patients opt for when it comes to blood pressure monitors. We use them a lot and are happy with fast readings and comfortable operation. No technical knowledge is needed. Known for its accurate reading, portability, user-friendly software, and high-tech functionality, Omron indeed is reliable medical equipment that won’t also break your bank.

If you are looking for the best Omron blood pressure monitor that will suit your medical needs, our list of the Top 10 Best Omron Blood Pressure Monitors will guide you through it.

List of the Top 10 Best Omron Blood Pressure Monitors in 2022

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If you are still looking for the best Omron blood pressure monitor to be your reliable health assistant, our top ten list will help you the one that suits you. Check out the best-selling picks. We looked for both types, the monitors with a cuff you know from hospitals and those for the wrist, with quicker readings and easier handling.

10. Omron 3 Series for Wrist


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  • Informs the user about the normal and hypertension readings 
  • Uses a wrist cuff
  • Detects pulse
  • Processes 10 minutes average readings
  • Stores previous blood pressure readings
  • Readable digital display

This is one of the easiest to use blood pressure monitors from Omron. The 3 Series isn’t the latest model but still does a good job. This is particularly the case for patients who are not used to electronic devices, like older adults or confused patients. Even with a compact design and only a few buttons, this monitor can detect an irregular heartbeat and send a warning tone.

There is also a hypertension indicator telling you what those numbers on display actually mean. To get a more accurate reading, you can use the averaging functions, where the data from 3 readings within 10 minutes is processed and displayed. This cuff is suitable for wrist sizes from 5.3″ to 8.5″. It comes with a carry case and is also perfect for you if you travel a lot.


9. Omron Adult Manual Blood Pressure Kit

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  • Manual inflation
  • Easy to use
  • Features a professional-quality gauge
  • Doesn’t need batteries
  • Cuff fits arms 9 to 13 inches

Although automatic blood pressure monitors have become widely used over the years, some users still prefer to stick with the traditional way – using an inflation bulb. Omron has a manual blood pressure monitor that will definitely suit your needs if you prefer the manual process.

The manual blood pressure sets include an inflation bulb that you can manually check your blood pressure. You have to rapidly squeeze the bulb until it reaches about 30-40mmHg higher than your normal systolic reading. You use the gauge to check the numbers. The D-ring is easy to fit, and the stethoscope tells you when to start and stop counting. 

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8. Omron 3 Series Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • One-push operation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Features a large digital panel
  • Detects irregular heartbeat and notifies you with an indicator icon
  • Has 14 memory storage; allows you to review the last 14 readings
  • Cuff size fits 9 to 13 inches.
  • Portable and durable

The Omron 3 Series features a one-touch operation that allows users to check the blood pressure instantly. It has a large digital panel that shows the blood pressure readings in large digits. Users, especially the elderly, can truly benefit from this feature, making it much easier for them to read the results.

Another outstanding feature of this automatic blood pressure monitor is its ability to detect irregular heartbeat while you’re checking your blood pressure level. Once it detects an irregular heartbeat, it will notify you through the indicator icon. It will alert you, which allows you to consult your doctor immediately. And if you want to review your last 14 readings, you can check it with just one push!

7. Omron Bronze Blood Pressure Monitor


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  • 14 readings stored
  • One button to start the procedure
  • Easy to read display
  • The large cuff that fits the arm at 9 to 17 inches

OMRON decided to upgrade some of its blood pressure monitors and skip the numbering. Now the most simple yet precise device is the Bronze monitor. It comes with the usual arm cuff and a solid rubber hose attached. Even this model features a irregular heartbeat detection. Using the pressure monitor is not difficult: Attach the cuff to your arm, press start, and the machine will inflate the cuff and start measuring the pressure.

The monitor will keep the last 14 readings in the memory, enough data to get a good idea about the average pressure and recent changes. It is also certified with a Validated Device Listing (“VDL”), so the readings are as accurate as they can get. Omron gives you a 2-year warranty.


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6. Omron Silver Automatic Blood Pressure Device


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  • Features Advanced Accuracy technology
  • Connects to Alexa
  • It has a large digital display that shows blood pressure readings and pulse rate
  • Can detect hypertension
  • Has 80 total memory storage; allows you to review the previous readings with date and time
  • Has a hypertension indicator

When it comes to technology, OMRON is at the forefront of medical devices. The Silver Argent model is a good example because it comes with Bluetooth Technology and is Alexa enabled. You still need to wrap the cuff around your arm and then open the Omron app, and then it will automatically start reading the pressure data and store it. You can keep up to 80 readings in the device, but you get an unlimited number of readings with the Alexa connectivity. You can then ask the “Alexa, what was my blood pressure yesterday” and quickly get an answer.

This Omron blood pressure monitor uses advanced accuracy, a system built by the manufacturer. It gives warnings when the diastolic mmHg is higher than 80 or the systolic is higher than 130. The cuff wraps comfortably around your arm and is made from a material that doesn’t irritate your skin.


5. Omron 3 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


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  • One-touch operation; easy to use
  • Cuff fits arms with size 9 to 17 inches.
  • It uses a contoured cuff for a more comfortable fit while checking the blood pressure.
  • Detects irregular heartbeat
  • It has a large digital panel to view the results
  • Has 14 memory storage to review the previous readings

If you’re looking for another Omron unit that detects the irregular heartbeat and provides accurate readings, consider this Omron 3 series. It is also designed with a cuff that fits standard and large arms. And since the cuff is contoured, it provides superior comfort while getting your blood pressure measured. It fits 9 to 17 inches.

This best-selling blood pressure monitor functions with just one push, allowing the patients and other users to check their blood pressure levels easily. It also detects irregular heartbeats and alerts you through the indicator icon. This helps you keep track of your medical records and inform your physician right away if there’s any health risk. The 14 memory storage is also a useful feature that you can use as a basis for a blood pressure reading comparison.


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4. Omron Gold Blood Pressure Monitor for 2 Users


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  • Deigns for two users
  • 60 readings storage each user
  • Alexa and Bluetooth enabled
  • Comfortable cuff
  • Morning hypertension detection

Omron Gold is the next level of the successful new series of blood pressure monitor devices. The Gold edition lets two users measure their blood pressure and display and store the data separately. When using the Omron app, you can even add an unlimited number of users and store as many readings as you like. The monitor itself will show the last two users and can store the last 60 measurements each. 

The LCD screen shows you both blood pressure numbers as well as the pulse. It has a morning hypertension indicator, telling you that you may not have to worry about higher numbers after waking up. The arm cuff fits from 7” to 13”, so most people have not problem wrapping it around. Like the Silver model, the app connects with Alexa if you want, and you can listen to your last readings through this device.


3. Omron Gold Wrist Monitor


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  • This blood pressure monitor is easy to carry and lightweight.
  • Good for travelers
  • Stores data from 2 people
  • Cuff size fits arms 9 to 17 inches.
  • Shows pulse
  • ultra silent inflation
  • It has an Advanced Averaging feature that shows three consecutive readings and their average

When you want convenience and a feature-rich blood pressure monitor with the newest technology, the Gold model for wrists is a good selection. It is very compact and thus perfect for traveling or using at the office. Just let your hand slide in, pull it tight, and the measurement starts. As part of the Gold series, the wrist model also has Bluetooth and can send data to your smartphone. You need to download and install the free app to use this feature.

The Gold Wrist edition stores 200 readings and can be used by two people, although the display shows only one reading. You can switch between the users easily. With just one button, you start the process, and once you hear a beep, the reading is done.


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2. Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor


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  • Wrist blood pressure monitor
  • Automatically inflates when the wrist is at the heart level.
  • Has indicator lights to help you find the correct position
  • Silent and quick operation
  • Easy to use, portable, and small
  • Has BP level bar to compare the normal blood pressure range to your readings
  • Has 100 memory storage that shows the previous results

If you want to venture on another type of blood pressure monitor for home use or whenever you need to check your blood pressure, the Omron 7 series wrist blood pressure monitor is a must-try. It is innovatively created and highly portable, and reliable with its precise blood pressure and pulse readings. Physicians and health professionals even recommend this wrist blood pressure monitor.

This portable equipment inflates automatically when the wrist is at the heart level and in the correct position. If you want to make sure you’re in the correct position before taking your measurement, it has indicator lights that will guide you through. The operation is silent and quick! You can definitely take your blood pressure measurements anytime, anywhere.

Like the other Omron blood pressure monitors, this one also has a BP level bar that differentiates your readings from the normal blood pressure range. Although it is sleek, small, and portable, it functions with immense features and stores 100 memory blood pressure results that you can compare and review!


1. Omron Platinum Luxury Monitor

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  • It has a Bluetooth connection; integrated with IOS and Android devices
  • Has multi-color indicator that shows normal and hypertensive levels
  • Can store 200 blood pressure readings
  • Features a large easy-to-read digital panel
  • Features Easy-Wrap Comfit cuff for accurate arm positioning
  • Has BP level bar to compare the normal blood pressure range to your readings
  • This blood pressure monitor has an Advanced Averaging feature that shows three consecutive readings and their average

The first spot on our list is the latest Omron blood pressure monitor unit and one of the newest units on the market. This Omron Platinum series is loaded with stunning features that jive in modern technology without compromising its accuracy and reliability.

It is engineered with a Bluetooth connection that integrates with your smartphone, tablet, computer, or any device applicable with Bluetooth. As it is also integrated with an app, you can keep the records on your computer or send them to your doctor through email. It can store 200 readings that you can check and review for comparison.

When it comes to the precise readings, Omron ensures you get the most out of your readings. It has a backlit LCD display with large numbers. The monitor will alert you when your numbers are too high compared to average data. It uses an Easy-Wrap ComFit cuff to prevent incorrect arm positioning.


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How to Choose a Blood Pressure Monitor

  1. READING ACCURACY: The most crucial attribute of a blood pressure monitor is accuracy in reading. It is the major reason why you’re buying a blood pressure monitor in the first place. Look for labels and details that are clinically tested or validated, indicating that the equipment had gone through a series of tests before becoming available on the market.  The product’s authenticity will assure you that the blood pressure monitor is tested and proven to provide accurate and reliable results. However, if you’ve overlooked these details, you can still check whether the equipment is reliable for blood pressure readings or not. You can jot down the readings you get from the blood pressure monitor and compare them to your doctor’s readings the next time you visit for a check-up.
  2. CUFF SIZE: The cuff or the part of the equipment you wrap around your arm comes in different sizes. Using the right size of the cuff makes the blood pressure reading more accurate. It’ll also provide you better comfort while getting through the process. That’s why you should make sure you have the right size of the cuff. Otherwise, there’s a tendency you’ll get an inaccurate reading. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose but rather provide a snug fit.
  3. DIGITAL DISPLAY: Blood pressure monitors are designed with digital display screens to view the readings or blood pressure measurements. It is important that you clearly read the details right there and then record the accurate medical information. These Omron blood pressure monitors are designed with an easy-to-read backlit display with extra-large digits for a much clearer display. Pick out the one that’s very comprehensible and readable.
  4. DEVICE INTEGRATION: As these monitors are innovatively engineered with modern technology, you can now integrate the blood pressure monitor with your smartphone, computer, or tablet. You can integrate it with an available app and keep the records on your device. This will also be a convenient feature for patients who need to update their doctors or medical assistants with their regular blood pressure readings.


Choosing a blood pressure monitor can truly be a lifesaver. Through accurate readings and regular checking, you can make necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle. But before you can apply such changes, you need a reliable and trustworthy brand of blood pressure monitors that you can depend on to avert the risks of high blood pressure; Omron is one of the best brands you can find on the market.

As you get through the huge selection of Omron blood pressure equipment, you can pick out the best one to suit your needs if you thoroughly check the features such as accurate reading, cuff size, device integration, and ease of use. If you consider all these, there’s no doubt you’ll find the best blood pressure monitor that you can use at home! Please note that those devices are not clinical monitors and that your blood pressure may vary depending on the time of the day and activities. If in doubt, also consult a doctor. 

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