The Best Mont Blanc Pens | Montblanc Luxury Pens of 2023

Best Mont Blanc Pens

With a long history of more than a century of offering exquisite writing instruments, Mont Blanc is a brand that many people trust. This brand remains one of the most recognized brands, thanks to its unique design and professional appeal.

Collectors, writers, and professionals are always amazed by the soulful artisanship, timeless design, and attention to details. This has helped the brand remain relevant and in the top of the list when it comes to the production of high-quality pens.

Over the years, the brand has been on the market, and it has managed to put more than twenty collections under its belt, with each collection having various models. This translates to more than a hundred pens.

To assist you in scouting for the best models, we have handpicked the most affordable, uniquely designed and stylish pens that make you stand out. Below are the most popular and best Mont Blanc pens of the time in a variety of price and style.

The 10 Best Mont Blanc Pens in 2023

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10. Montblanc Meisterstuck Le Grand Platinum Rollerball Pen

Montblanc Meisterstuck Le Grand Platinum Rollerball Pen


If you are a pen collector or writer, the Meisterstuck Le Grand rollerball pen will make an excellent addition.   Besides offering you with the brilliance that comes with the Meisterstuck family, these pens come with special features that you get only in the LE Grand series. This creates a modern and sleek look that will complement the look of your office or home.

This pen’s barrel has a platinum trim that is constructed using a black resin that has Mont Blanc emblem inlaid. It also boasts an enhanced platinum-plated clip as well as rings that offer the user with a brilliant design. Besides, thanks to the larger and modern design, this pen will feel more comfortable in your hand.

Additionally, the platinum trim doesn’t give the pen an attractive look. It will also make your daily writing experiences enjoyable. For added convenience, this pen comes with a capped design that will ensure no ink stains in your purse, pockets or organizers.

Key features
  • Great design
  • A platinum-plated clip that has its own serial number
  • Barrel made of Black precious resin
  • Great packaging, making it an excellent gift

9. Montblanc Rose Gold-Plated Fountain Pen

Montblanc Rose Gold-Plated Fountain Pen


The Mont Blanc rose fountain pen is a handsomely designed pen that feels comfortable in hand. As hinted by the name, this pen is designed in black resin copped with rose gold accents and fittings.  Users will appreciate the handcrafted gold nib writing system allows them to shape beautiful letters effortlessly.

This model also comes with a beautiful cigar-shaped design and rounded cap end as well as a gold-plated clip ring. Each pen has its serial number engraved in the clip ring. This helps to authenticate the pens and ensure you get the real deal.

With beautiful design, an excellent nib that shapes the letters beautifully, and ergonomic design, this pen will make an excellent choice for almost any professional. You can also use it in your home office to fill in the paperwork

Key features
  • Consistent flow
  • Professionally designed
  • Great fittings
  • Unique and durable construction

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8. MONTBLANC StarWalker Midnight Black Fineliner

MONTBLANC StarWalker Midnight Black Fineliner


Being one of the latest additions to the contemporary star walker collection, this model comes with a   dynamic and unique style that you are bound to like. This model comes with all the goodness that comes with other pens from this collection.

However, this pen will exceed the user expectation thanks to the use of innovative materials as well as modern lines. Similar to other pens in the collection, the barrel is crafted from the precious resin that has ruthenium-coated details. It also comes with a characteristic clip design as well as a floating Mont Blanc emblem.

This pen surely reflects a dynamic and unique style that every writer, pen collector, and professionals will love. What’s more exciting about this pen is that it will also come with a relatively affordable price. This makes it a perfect choice for almost everyone.

Key features
  • Interchangeable with a roller ball refill
  • Floating star on cap
  • Ruthenium-plated clip and rings make it look great
  • Barrel made from black precious resin

7. Montblanc M Collection Rollerball Pen 113619

Montblanc M Collection Rollerball Pen 113619


The Mont Blanc 113619 M collection features a black precious sandblasted resin that will express today ’s modern appeal and tomorrows timelessness. This is facilitated by the ultra lines that flow gently into each other.

The pen also features bright colors that make you stand. The modern and durable design balances the form and function perfectly. Another outstanding feature that comes with this pen is the ruthenium-plated accents.

The pen’s cap will snap in place thanks to the patented ingenious magnetic closure. This is not all; this pen also comes with a white Emblem, which is welded on the flat barrel perfectly.

If you love fountain pens, you can also consider getting this model. This is because it is also available as a fountain pen. Besides, the pen also comes with other various writing modes including the fine liner, ballpoint pen, as well as new Screenwriter.

Key features
  • Black precious resin
  • Balances form and function perfectly
  • The ingenious magnetic closure ensures the cap snaps easily
  • Capped pens do not post

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6. Montblanc Starwalker Extreme Steel Ballpoint Pen 111039

Montblanc Starwalker Extreme Steel Ballpoint Pen 111039


If you would want a Mont Blanc pen that highlights professionalisms but you do not have a lot of money to spend, you shouldn’t hesitate to pick this model. This pen combines black hues and anthracite look, giving it a unique look. It also features a relatively smaller ball at the tip giving you a smoother writing experience.

The pen’s barrel is crafted from high-quality steel that is PVD plated. Despite the exquisite look, this pen will offer the user with a simple tone,   everything a professional deserve. Some of the other features that make this pen stand out are the platinum plating trim as well as the transparent cap top that has a floating emblem.

Additionally, this pen is also patented with the brand unique essence features a platinum-plated clip that has the pen’s serial number as well as brand name lettering. Unlike other luxury pens that may cost more than this model, this pen will surely prove its superiority everytime you will use it.

Key features
  • Stainless steel barrel
  • PVD-plated inlays
  • Platinum-plated clip
  • Ballpoint writing system

5. Mont Blanc Starwalker Full Carbon Fountain Pen

Mont Blanc Starwalker Full Carbon Fountain Pen


The Mont Blanc Starwalker full carbon fountain pen features a statement of ergonomic and ingenious design that makes the user stand out. It is crafted using the woven carbon fibers making one of the most attractive, lightweight, and durable fountains pens available. We love the decorated barrel that features a subtle geometric pattern that gives the pen an excellent look.

Some of the other exciting features that make this pen stands out are the polished platinum plated fittings and caps. This ingenious design clearly gives this pen an edge when it comes to the color and material choice.

The manufacturer also adds a light finish on the surface of each piece, protecting it from any damage that comes from repeated use. Similarly, this pen is fitted with a 14K gold nib, which is plated with ruthenium.

Key features
  • Fountain Pen with 14K Nib
  • Twist mechanism
  • Comes in a cutting-edge design
  • Carbon fiber cap and barrel features a subtle geometric pattern decoration

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4. Montblanc Starwalker Urban Speed Ballpoint Pen

Montblanc Starwalker Urban Speed Ballpoint Pen


If you are looking for a pen to use for personal use or a gift to your father, teacher, or godfather, this is an excellent choice. While we have various pens on the market, this model stands out for a variety of reasons. The pen doesn’t only come with a stunning look but also features a professional as well as a high-quality look that makes the owner feel special.

This pen comes with a dynamic and special style, something that is not common even in the more expensive models. It is crafted from a black precious resin that has PVD plated fitting.

You will also love the bold red stripe on the clip. Similar to other products from this brand, this pen also features the   Mont Blanc emblem inside the resin crown, which is clear. For user convenience, this pen is available as a fountain pen, fineliner, ballpoint pen, as well as new screenwriter.

Key features
  • PVD-plated fittings with brushed surfaces
  • Floating Montblanc emblem
  • Red Stripe clip design
  • Twist mechanism

3. Mont Blanc 10456 Meisterstuck Le Grand Ballpoint Pen

Mont Blanc 10456 Meisterstuck Le Grand Ballpoint Pen


Well, this is perhaps the most iconic pen when it comes to the Meisterstuck Le Grand collection. The pen boasts of precious resin coat as well as the white star emblem surmount. This gives it a stylish and timeless look, making it a must-have for writers, pen collectors, and professionals who would want to stand out.

When it comes to user convenience, this pen stands out in terms of the look, construction, and the feel. In fact, most of the users who have already purchased it have rated it the best in flow and design.

You are also bound to love the gold plated clip that looks really nice in your coat front pocket. This is not only the pen feels pretty solid and comfortable in your hands.

Key features
  • Best in design and flow
  • Gold-plated clip
  • Black precious resin
  • Gold-plated rings feature the brand name

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2. Montblanc StarWalker Midnight Black Ballpoint Pen

Montblanc StarWalker Midnight Black Ballpoint Pen


The best three words that can describe this ballpoint pen are, elegant, mystifying, and classic. The pen is crafted from one of the rare and precious metals, giving it an urban sophistication and distinctive aesthetic appeal. The pen also comes with a mysterious and deep appeal thanks to the precious black resin barrel.

In addition, this pen comes with highly polished ruthenium fittings accents to give it a bold and stylish look.

The pen also retains one of the earliest innovations in pen history, the ballpoint design. This will allow you enjoy writing and signing with something that you are used to. Besides, users will also love the handy twist action mechanism that allows you to retrieve the pointer fast and retract easily to avoid marking your clothes or other items in your pouch.

Key features
  • Floating Montblanc emblem in transparent cap-top
  • Black precious resin
  • Ruthenium-plated fittings
  • Ergonomic and stylish look

1. MontBlanc 105653 Starwalker Red Gold Resin Ballpoint Pen

MontBlanc 105653 Starwalker Red Gold Resin Ballpoint Pen


This celebrated classic from Mont Black will help your future. Whether you are looking for a pen to boost your professional look or look fashionable, this pen is an excellent choice.

The pen comes with a gorgeous finish featuring rich lacquer and precious metals. This design epitomizes a timeless innovation. No, wonder why the pen is used by renowned persons including several presidents across the world.

This pen adds the elegance of red gold to a black precious resin, to come with an exciting design. It also features white emblem that floats in the unique transparent dome. This will emphasize the silhouette of the writing instruments, which are also gold, plated.

To suit the various needs of the user, this pen is available as a capped fineliner, a ballpoint pen that has a twist mechanism, as well as Fountain pen with 14K rhodium, plated gold nib.

Key features
  • Elegant design blended featuring red gold accents
  • Excellent quality gift packaging
  • Comes in an exclusive and dynamic style
  • Retractable twist-action for the ballpoint pen and gold nib for the fountain pen

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Factors to consider when purchasing the best Mont Blanc Pens

Even with the advancement of computers, tablets, and Smartphones, luxury pens are still relevant. These pens give the user a more polite and professional way of taking notes and signing documents or checks. With the best Mont Blanc pen, you will not only look better but also have more confidence. Below are some of the features that will help you in selecting the best Blanc pens.

  • The type of pen

We have various Mont Blanc pens. These include the fountains pen, ballpoint pens, the roller balls pens, fineliner, as well as a new screenwriter. Before you decide on the best model, you should start by thinking of what you are comfortable using.

  • Pricing

The pricing of the Mont Black pens ranges from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands. The price varies according to the type of the pen, the construction materials, precious metals used to accent as well as the design. While you would want to look fashionable and professional, there is no need of breaking your bank to get the most expensive model. Furthermore, we have affordable models that will allow you to achieve what you need.

  • Pen Body Materials

These luxury pens also vary when it comes to the materials of construction. Here the choice will depend on your preference as the company uses high quality and durable materials. It goes without saying a carbon Mont Blanc pen may look gorgeous to you than a stainless steel pen and vice versa.

  • Finish and Trim

Similar to the other luxury pens, the paint based and color resins are popular in the Mont Black pens. However, you can also find other modes with hand applied a finish, although you should expect to dig deeper in your pocket for these models.


Your personal notes and signature are as important as the words you note down. For this reason, it is important to own a high-quality pen. In addition, a luxury pen shows professionalism and fashion sense that everyone would want. The above pens are the most exciting Mont Blanc pens available on the market.

They feature excellent designs and expensive accents that make you stand out. By using our guide and browsing through the top ten best Mont Blanc Pens, we are sure that you will find what you need.

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