Top 10 Best Mini Fridges in 2022 – Complete Reviews & Buying Guide

MIni fridge

Mini fridges are becoming very popular for home or office usage, the reason for using this kind of mini fridges is the space constraint and they also are a handy and perfect use for keeping your food or fruits still fresh and cold.

The mini fridge is a great home product you should buy as it has compact storage. Being at home, office, dorm room garage, or wherever there is a space constraint, mini fridges are an ideal investment. Small fridges are also great to have for storing medications or other sensitive materials which need to be kept in a controlled temperature.

The 10 Best Mini Fridges in 2022

Here is a list of some great mini fridges, to help you choose from.

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10. Danby DAR033A6BSLDB Refrigerator

Danby DAR033A6BSLDB Refrigerator


The classic contemporary refrigerator by Danby is simple and stylish in design and is made for modern customers. The retro-inspired curved door, rubber gripped handle with a door-lock, and a stylish chrome worktop gives the exterior an exquisite look. The two and a half tempered glass shelves are designed for maximum storage capacity. There is ample space for storing bigger bottles, and vegetable crisper to keep your vegetables fresh longer. The mechanical thermostat will keep a check on your electricity bills.

Another exciting feature of this mini fridge is it has can storage, and white LED light. The reversible door can be opened from both right and left hand. This mini fridge is great to have anywhere – home, office, dorm or kids room. Though small, you can stash a lot of stuff into it. It is silent and will not disturb you with its humming.

Many customers like this fridge because it maintains a perfect temperature and does not ice-up anything. It can hold a tall bottle as well, and the LED light does not heat up the interiors. The bottom rack can be moved to the top which makes it ideal to fit a bigger item. The 3.3 matches the height of the kitchen counter perfectly if you have it in the kitchen.

Key features
  • 3.3 cu. Ft. capacity compact refrigerator
  • Energy Star compliant
  • Patented design
  • R600a refrigerant, Environmentally friendly
  • Glass shelves
  • Vegetable crisper with glass top cover
  • Interior white LED light
  • Metallic door finish, rubber-grip chrome ergonomic door handle
  • Scratch resistant worktop
  • Reversible door with lock
  • Automatic defrost

9. RCA-Igloo 2 Door Fridge and Freezer

RCA-Igloo 2 Door Fridge and Freezer, 3.2 Cubic Feet


If you are looking for a 2-door mini fridge, then here is the refrigerator for you. The RCA-Igloo has a compressor cooling with an adjustable thermostat, making it ideal for hot and humid weather conditions.

This is a great mini fridge is that it has a top opening for the freezer, which gives you maximum storage space. It is the best 2-door fridge to have for the given price. This mini fridge can fit perfectly in any corner, and as it has a reversible door, it makes it great for opening with both hands. The fridge and freezer are very quiet and hence not distracting. It is light and can be moved around easily. Since it is a 2-door fridge, space gets divided, which makes the fridge appear smaller. But either way, it is an excellent fridge, as your freezer cooling does not get disturbed if you are opening the fridge door frequently.

Many users like this fridge mainly because of its freezer storage space. It can store quite a lot of food and as it is very deep. The bottle and can storage is an added advantage, and it does not put a dent on the electricity bill.

Key features
  • 3.2 Cubic Feet 2 door Fridge and Freezer- Top Door for Freezer and bottom for Fridge.
  • Compressor Cooling best for ultimate cooling
  • Adjustable Thermostat.
  • Built in Can Dispenser with provision for 2 Liter bottles.
  • Vegetable drawer with a glass top to keep your vegetable fresh for long.
  • Sliding shelves for easy cleaning.
  • Reversible door.
  • CFC-free fridge for maximum electricity saving.

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8. Midea WHS-109FW1 Single Reversible Door Compact Upright Freezer

Midea WHS-109FW1, 3.0 Cubic Feet, Single Reversible Door Compact Upright Freezer


Midea is a leading brand and has focused on manufacturing high-quality and energy-efficient appliances. If you are looking for additional freezer space, Midea is just what you need. Its upright freezers come in a various size- mini or a full-sized capacity so you can choose depending on your space needs.

It is highly recommended for European and galley kitchens, offices, boats, RV’s or a mini bar. This fridge is also ideal for nurseries, bedrooms, hospitals, and libraries, and other such quiet places as the whisper-quiet compressors turn on and off so silently that they cause no disturbance.

Midea mini fridge is energy efficient and priced at very affordable rates. They cool quickly, evenly and efficiently and do not leave any warm spaces. The freezer maintains an excellent temperature and keeps the ice perfectly frozen. Midea mini fridge is handy for keeping snacks and beverages and provides an excellent solution for small spaces.

This mini fridge does not have racks on the door but has two shelves and a pull-out basket. It is quiet and deceptively spacious and can store quite a lot of food if you can organize it well. It’s rated because this fridge is compact and light, which makes it easy to move, and also because it is an energy-efficient fridge, which will not make a huge impact on your electricity charges.

Key features
  • Manual defrosts
  • Recessed handle
  • Adjustable legs
  • Reversible door
  • Mechanical temperature control
  • Energy Star Certified
  • UL Rated
  • 240kwh/115-Volt/60Hz
  • Temp Range 8.6 11.2
  • Min Side Air Clearance 7.87 in.
  • Min Back Air Clearance 3.93 in.

7. RCA RFR321-FR320/8, 3.2 Cu Ft Fridge, IGLOO Stainless Steel Mini Refrigerator.

RCA RFR321-FR320/8, 3.2 Cu Ft Fridge, IGLOO Stainless Steel Mini Refrigerator.


This platinum finish sleek will add a classy look to your surroundings and will compliment it. The reversible door makes it is easy to fit into any corner which makes it easy to use. This mini fridge truly stands out among the numerous choices of other refrigerators due to its funky colors, though there are muted shades also available. You can choose the color depending on your surroundings. The invisible door handle and flush back design gives it a sleek and a modern look.

Though it a mini fridge, the design is such that you keep your food items in a very organized manner. The integrated freezer is ideal for storing ice-creams or other highly perishable foods. The door bracket has racks for storing drinks and beverages.

The fridge is very quiet and keeps all items evenly cool without warm pockets. In spite of being a mini-fridge, it has a high storage capacity and allows for organized storage.

This fridge is selected because it consumes very less energy and hence lower electricity bills! And the best part is though it is a mini fridge, it has all the features of a regular refrigerator. The detachable shelves make it easy to clean. The adjustable thermostat is an added advantage.

Key features
  • Freezer with the Platinum finish and 3.2 Cubic Foot Fridge
  • Compressor Cooling which works great in hot weather.
  • Reversible Door and CFC-free
  • Glass sliding shelves
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Adjustable lever Feet
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Built-in Bottle Holder

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6. EdgeStar Convertible Refrigerator or Freezer CRF150SS-1 1.1 Cubic Feet.

EdgeStar Convertible Refrigerator or Freezer CRF150SS-1 1.1 Cubic Feet.


If you want to keep your food frozen and preserved, then EdgeStar Convertible fridge is what you should look for. This is one of the smallest zero-degree stainless steel convertible refrigerators available for keeping your storing your food and beverages. It is ideal for small kitchen, game room, etc. The noteworthy feature of this mini fridge is that it can be used as a freezer or a refrigerator. This fridge will prove great for storing medicines etc. which need to be stored at controlled temperatures. By turning on the thermostat, you can set the desired temperature of your mini fridge.

The EdgeStar Convertible Refrigerator can prove to be an excellent investment as it is small and handy to have. Plug it in next to you if you are enjoying a game and do not want to miss the exciting parts by getting up to grab some snacks or a drink! It is great to have at the workplace or dorm room. For those who want to use it as a secondary storage space or for storing frozen foods, this will prove handy.

What is the best about this fridge is that it defrosts very quickly and is highly energy efficient which makes it my favorite.

Key features
  • Can be easily converted to a refrigerator to a 0° small freezer.
  • Dimensions: 19 1/4″ H x 18 1/2″ W x 17 3/4″ D.
  • It comes with a lock and two keys.
  • Reversible door.
  • Modern Euro-style door with Recessed handle.
  • Full range thermostatic temperature control.
  • Pure stainless-steel door.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Manual defrosts.

5. Haier Stainless Steel 2-Door, 3.2 Cubic Feet Refrigerator

Haier Stainless Steel 2-Door, 3.2 Cubic Feet Refrigerator


This is a virtual steel compact refrigerator with spacious storage. The half-width freezer compartment helps to keep the food extra cold. The bottle storage space is beautifully designed for storing cans and bigger bottles separately and in an organized manner.

This mini fridge has a sleek design and has a virtual steel body. The separate freezer is excellent for storing frozen foods for long without spoiling. Since it has a separate freezer space, the temperature remains controlled which ensures minimum spoilage. It does not make any noise and hence is not a distraction even in the bedroom.

The design and the body of the fridge make it attractive to me, and the best thing is that it will go with any décor.

Key features
  • Spacious storage for frozen food items.
  • Dispense-a-Can storage for 6 cans.
  • Interior Lighting.
  • Manual defrosts.
  • Recessed handle type.
  • Right door swing.
  • Full-Width Glass Shelves which can be detached for easy cleaning.
  • 1 full-width clear food crisper.
  • 2 glass food shelves.

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4. EdgeStar CRF321SS 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Fridge/Freezer

EdgeStar CRF321SS 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Fridge/Freezer


The EdgeStar fridge/freezer is a very compact fridge with all the features of a regular sized refrigerator. The separate fridge and freezer space allows you to store your frozen and fresh foods separately. Separate racks for bottles make it easy to store cans and bottles neatly. The adjustable thermostat allows you to set the temperature as per your requirement within a wide range. It is perfect to have in places where there is a space constraint especially in offices, dorms, game rooms, home offices, etc.

The freezer is perfect for keeping your frozen foods intact, and the refrigerator also cools evenly ensuring that there are no warm spaces. It has plenty for room for ventilation.

The EdgeStar can fit comfortably into very tight places. It is highly energy efficient compared to similar other products, so it makes barely any difference to your electricity bill. It makes an ideal backup fridge for storing stuff that you do not need regularly. The internal light will help you to locate your food items quickly. The stainless-steel body and sleek design make it look good in any surrounding.

This energy efficient fridge makes it a great addition without putting a huge dent to your wallet, which is the reason it makes it to my favorite list of mini fridges.

Key features
  • Zero-degree freezer
  • Door bins in freezer and refrigerator sections
  • Molded worktop
  • Reversible doors
  • Energy Star rated
  • Pull out shelves
  • Stainless steel doors with black cabinets
  • Manual defrost in the freezer section
  • Automatic defrost for refrigerator section.

3. Black + Decker Compact Refrigerator BCRK32V Single Door Mini Fridge/ Freezer 3.2 Cubic Feet.

Black + Decker Compact Refrigerator BCRK32V Single Door Mini Fridge/ Freezer 3.2 Cubic Feet.


This spacious, energy efficient mini fridge/freezer has all the features of a regular refrigerator. Even the internal design is similar to a regular refrigerator. It is ideal for homes with small families, offices, workshops, etc. The design allows you to keep in a small place and the shelves can be customized as per your requirement.

There are two adjustable shelves made of glass, and the door-width shelves allow you to store even bigger bottles comfortably. Separate space is provided for storing cans which make it look neat and organized.

You can remove the vegetable crisper to make more space for groceries. The adjustable shelves allow you to rearrange and customize as needed.

It is a very lightweight refrigerator, which makes it easy to move. It makes humming noises when the compressor turns on but cools extremely fast. A large amount of space provided to the door keeps all the bottles well organized. Though the freezer size is not too big, it serves the purpose, and an ice-cube tray is included with the fridge. It also closes quite firmly so if you have small kids at home and you don’t want them opening the fridge and spilling something; then you will definitely like this one.

What makes it my favorite is that it has good looks and the interior design is much similar to a regular refrigerator. It is compact and a great mini fridge to have.

Key features
  • Energy Star Certified.
  • Dispenser Storage for six cans.
  • Recessed Door Handle.
  • Adjustable Thermostat Control.
  • Freezer Compartment.
  • Manual Defrost.
  • Interior light.
  • Flat Back Design for Space Saving.
  • Reversible Door.
  • Adjustable Leveling Legs.
  • Ice Tray.

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2. Danby Compact All Refrigerator- DAR033A6BDB 3.3 Cubic Feet

Danby Compact All Refrigerator- DAR033A6BDB 3.3 Cubic Feet


This model from Danby is all refrigerator without a freezer. The advantage of this mini fridge is that there is no wastage of space which happens in case of very tiny freezers. The primary focus of this kind of fridge is to keep the food and beverages at an ideal temperature. The sleek design of the refrigerator makes to look good in offices, workshops, garages, dorms, etc.

The retro-inspired door design with an ergonomic rubber-grip handle makes it look great. The tempered glass adjustable shelves allow you to customize it as per your needs. Due to its energy star rating, your electricity bill will not show a significant difference.

This mini fridge is very light and can be moved easily. The white LED interior lighting gives the refrigerator an elegant look and makes it highly energy-efficient. It will give your surroundings a very tasteful look. It can be fit comfortably into tiny spaces, and as it is very quiet, it can be kept anywhere, and you will not be disturbed.

What makes this model interesting for me is its look. It has a very contemporary look and is energy efficient.

Key features
  • 3.3 cu. Ft. Capacity.
  • The worktop is scratch resistant.
  • Unique can storage and Bottle space.
  • Tempered glass shelves.
  • LED Interior lighting.
  • Reversible hidden hinge.

1. Magic Chef Stainless Steel Mini Refrigerator MCBR240S1 2.4 Cubic feet.

Magic Chef Stainless Steel Mini Refrigerator MCBR240S1 2.4 Cubic feet.


Magic Chef’s mini stainless-steel refrigerator is great for any place where you need to keep something handy and chilling, especially in offices, dorms, workspaces, garages, etc.

This mini fridge comes with no frills but brings to you simple, no fuss interiors. The shelves are made of wire, to keep your things organized. The door has space to hold cans and bottles in the racks provided. Again, the bottle space is also kept simple, which gives you maximum storage without any fuss.

If you like simple, elegant designs, then this is the fridge for you. It makes its way into my list of favorites because of spacious but straightforward interiors.

Key features
  • Reversible door.
  • 2.1 cu. Ft. of refrigerator space.
  • 2 wire adjustable food shelves.
  • In-door bottle and can holder.
  • A tiny freezer space of 0.3 cu. Ft.
  • A full-range temperature control.
  • Fresh-food shelves to efficiently utilize interior capacity.
  • Adjustable leveling legs keep the refrigerator stable even when the floor is uneven.
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