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Demand for microphone stands has been on an upward trend in recent times. As a result, manufacturers are trying to ensure that they meet the increased demand. This has made the process of identifying the right microphone stands a daunting task. The best microphone stands should be flexible, quick to assemble and easy to use.

Additionally, some come with microphone clips, phone holders, and pop filters. What’s more, you may also find one that is multifunctional, yet comes at a pocket-friendly price. In this article, we will give a list of the Top 10 best brands to help you make an informed choice.

The 10 Best Microphone Stands in 2020

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Check out the Top 10 Best Microphone Stands in 2020 below:

10. World Tour MSP300 Microphone Stand

World Tour MSP300 Microphone Stand

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World Tour Microphone stand is one of its kinds. If you have two more friends for a presentation, then World tour microphone stand is for you. It can sustain three users at the same time.  The adjustable setup height suits the preference of any user. No limitations. The microphone stand is portable and lightweight. Besides, it has foldable legs. Therefore, you can fold the legs down for effortless storage and transport.

You can carry your microphone stand to wherever place you may need to use. The quality metal material of the world tour microphone stands makes it last longer.  It has firm plastic leg making the microphone stand stay in position.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Comes in a pack of three microphone stands
  • Reliable and convenient for any occasion.
  • The high-quality metal construction material makes it very durable.

9. OnStage MS7700B Tripod Microphone Stand

On Stage MS7700B Tripod Microphone Stand

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Are you searching for an affordable but best performing microphone stand? Good! OnStage Microphone Stand is a choice worth making. It meets all your expectations without disappointments. Forget about the cheap quality microphone in the market. Onstage Microphone Stand is very sturdy and can serve you year in year out. It is easy to store after use. It has foldable legs, thus, much easier to store and carry around.

Key Features & Benefits
  • The legs have plastic end caps that help minimize vibrations.
  • The clip on the cable holder ensures that the microphone stand remains intact once set.
  • The clutch at the middle of the microphone allows you to adjust the height of your microphone stand.
  • It has a sturdy material for durability.
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8. AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

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The AmazonBasics Microphone Stand proves to be the best from its ergonomic structure. You know how it feels to stand before a microphone and walk away feeling back pains. It is very unhealthy.

In fact, if you have to bend or strain for you to reach the microphone, then you at high risk of getting dizzy. AmazonBasics Microphone stand has your safety as a priority. It is highly compatible with an adapter of up to 5/8 inches.

The microphone stand has a clip-on cable holder. The cable older keeps away all cord to allow the user to walk around with ease.

Key Features & Benefits
  • The sturdy steel built material of the microphone stand is durable and ultra-light.
  • It has a long plastic molded boom arm for horizontal placement of the microphone.

7. Ohuhu Microphone Stand / Collapsible Tripod Boom Stand

Ohuhu Microphone Stand Dual Mic Clip

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Ohuhu Microphone stand has unique features that make it stand out. Just a quick clamp release you have the height you want.  The height adjustability ranges from 29 to 52 inches. Leave alone adjustable height; it has adjustable legs. You can place it on any surface and still make it stable.

This microphone can rotate up to 360 degrees. You do not have to move it when you change your position. Just rotate it to a suitable angle.  Ohuhu microphone stand is out of super quality steel material with a sleek finish. The material withstands any physical impact.  The microphone stand lasts longer.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Its ergonomic design makes it the best choice for musicians.
  • It can rotate to any angle and adjustable to any height a well.
  • It is light and foldable for easy storing and transporting.
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6. Pyle Compact Base Black Microphone Stand

Pyle Compact Base Black Microphone Stand

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Purchasing a classic item is the goal of everyone who values quality.  Pyle Microphone stand is one of the high-quality equipment one should consider buying. You can have it at any height of your choice. It has an adjustable height approximately from 33 inches to 60 inches maximum. Also, it has an extendable boom arm. It makes the microphone remain elevated thus easy to use.

Pyle Microphone stand has a reliable stable base. You can be sure of setting it up and forget about it falling at any point. It can hold a microphone firmly and in place. The ultra-lightweight of Pyle Microphone stand assure you portability for easy transporting.

Key Features & Benefits
  • It is flexible thus convenient for a variety of preferences.
  • Its compact design makes it durable.

5. OnStage DS7200B Adjustable Desk Microphone Stand

On Stage DS7200B Adjustable Desk Microphone Stand

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Are you after a smart microphone stand? Onstage DS7200B Microphone stand is the right equipment for you. It is of high technology design yet comes at an affordable price. The microphone stand has a broad base of 6 inches. The bottom end gives the microphone stand excellent stability. On Stage DS7200B microphone stand is portable thus you can have it with you anytime.  It is a multi-functional microphone stand.

You can use it for a music concert for live sound enhancement of amps, piano or even kick drum. You can also use it for home recording purposes. The locking notch ensures that the stand holds the microphone correctly.

Key Features & Benefits
  • It weighs 2lbs only
  • It has an adjustable height to suit any user.
  • You can adjust it up to a height of 13 inches
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4. Tree New Bee Complete Set Microphone Stand

Tree New Bee Complete Set Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

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The Tree New Bee microphone stand is known for its top-notch efficient working.  It is highly versatile best for TV stations, studios, stage performing and many more others of your choice.

The fact that its height is adjustable makes it stand out as the best microphone stand today. Whether the user is tall or short, you can still adjust the stand to fit their height.

It comes with features such as microphone clip, pop filter mask shield, and a table mounting clamp. These features enhance the performance of the microphone stand.

Key Features & Benefits
  • It has adjustable arms for easy carrying.
  • It is long lasting. Once you buy, you will enjoy its services for many more years.

3. Samson MK-10 Microphone Boom Stand

Samson MK-10 Microphone Boom Stand

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Super performance is what defines the best microphone stand! Samson Technologies Microphone stand comes with extra features that enhance its performance. It includes a microphone clip for better services.

The Samson MK- 10 microphone stand is collapsible. You can fold it and store. It is therefore portable and comfortable to carry it to even far places and have it make your performance audible enough. The black sleek –finish makes the microphone stand attractive and elegant.

Key Features & Benefits
  • The microphone stand is ultra-light for convenient transporting.
  • Its construction of sturdy steel material lasts longer Bottom of Form
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2. On Stage Stands MS7701B Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

On Stage Stands MS7701B Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

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The MS7701B Tripod microphone stand has exceptional flexibility and strength. No wonder it is one of the best-selling microphones stand on the market today. You can effortlessly adjust its height from 35 to 64 inches depending on your comfort. You can also rotate it to any angle to suit your position.

The MS7701B microphone stand has a construction of durable metal sheet and plastic legs.

These material models make it lighter but hard to tamper with. This microphone stand is portable thus an excellent choice for artists who are always on the move. You can fold down the legs for easy storing.

Key Features & Benefits
  • It comes at a relatively low price.
  • The microphone stand includes a clip cable holder
  • The professional clutch allows vertical locking at any adjusted height.
  • It has separate clutches for angle and length adjustability.

1. NEEWER Adjustable Microphone Stand

NEEWER Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

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The Neewer Microphone stand is the top best choice that you cannot afford to miss. The top steel frame of the stand is durable. No doubt you are going to like the exceptional satisfaction that comes with Neewer Microphone stand. It is convenient to carry. You only have to fold it and pack it safely.

Imagine with Neewer Microphone stand you can mount it on your desk then make your announcements or presentation while sitting. It ensures that you can use it to your comfort you do not have strain.

The Neewer microphone stand is entirely flexible. You do not have to carry it around, just a quick rotation and its ready in your mouth to amplify your voice. Its design ensures the firm holding of the microphone.

Key Features & Benefits
  • It comes with the Table mounting clamp and plastic microphone clip.
  • Its compact design makes it ideal for any TV stations, broadcasting, stages, and studios.
  • Newer Microphone Stand is sturdy and serves you for many years.

What to Look for in a Microphone Stand:

You should be careful so that you may not end up disappointed. Therefore, it is essential to have some fundamental tips in mind before placing an order.  Some of the crucial features that will guide you in choosing the best microphone stand are;

Type of microphone stand

There are different categories of microphone stands.  All have specific functions. Choose the one that will serve you with satisfaction. Make a wrong choice, and you will meet disappointment while performing, Therefore, get to know what type are there and which one will be of great help to you.  These categories are;

  • Tripod boom microphone stands; have more extended reach,
  • Tripod stands are standard and are mostly for general applications,
  • Round base stands, the best choice for musicians,
  • Desktop microphone stands, ideal for home broadcasting
  • Low profile microphone stands are suitable for guitar and kick drums cabs

Lastly, we have an overhead microphone stands which are the largest compared to other stands. Also, they are the most expensive but adaptable stands.


Flexibility is the key especially if you going to use the microphone stand on different occasions. You should get a stand that you can mount on any surface. The microphone stand should be collapsible and portable. Adjustability of the height is another thing for a flexible microphone stand. It helps one use it at their comfort.

Intended use

Different microphone stands have different purposes. You have to get the one that will suit your expected needs. Though, we recommend for multifunctional microphone stands. Such a microphone stand will serve you on different occasions to satisfaction.


Accessories are what you find in the package. Apart from the microphone stand is there anything else? Depending on your preference you may expect to see additional items for better performance. Some of these accessories that you may need to check are; mount clamps, pop filters, microphones holders, phone holders.


Above are the top 10 best microphone stands currently available on the market. All prove to be of high performance. However, it depends on where you intend to use your microphone stand. Get the right microphone stand and start enjoying fantastic audible and clear voice recording among many more services.

Go through the buyers guiding tips before purchasing any microphone stand. The tips will guide you on what always to consider for you to make the best choice. Otherwise, you will end up spending a lot of money.

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