Best Microfiber Towel Cleaning Cloths in 2021 – Complete Reviews

Microfiber towels offer significant benefits to the surface they clean compared to any other material. These towel cleaning cloths will trap dirt, water, and other debris hence leaving the surface cleaner. Different materials have a tendency of attracting dust to the surface. However, microfiber towels do the opposite.

This article will offer great insight for people who want to buy the best microfiber towel cleaning packs. We will explore the top 10 best microfiber towels that you should buy this year.

Here are the 10 Best Microfiber Towel Cleaning Cloths in 2021

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10. Cartman Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Cartman Microfiber Cleaning Cloth



You can use this towel to clean various types of surfaces. For instance, instead of using dry paper to clean a tablet’s screen, I believe that these towels clean without leaving any scratches. Additionally, when you wipe a wall using the towel, it will not scrape off any paint from it.

Be assured that you can clean it using any washing machine. However, take caution because you need to clean this product with other towels that have similar color and material. This will help in case one of them starts to decolorize.

I also noticed that you do not need to use any chemical cleaning agents when wiping with this cloth. The towel is very durable. It does not lose its absorbency after a long time of using it.

Key Features
  • Comes in a 30-pack
  • The towels are black
  • Very soft on surfaces
  • Can take up as much water as 6 times its weight

9. OxGord Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

OxGord Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


By: OxGord

When buying towels, one thing that most buyers consider is the plane they will use to clean it. These microfiber towels are an excellent pick for someone who wants to clean various types of surfaces.

You will not only use it for household purposes, but also to wipe surfaces on your automobile, boat, bicycle, and so on. The towel leaves surfaces clean without scratching the paint in any way.

You will be able to reuse and wash these towels so many times. The edges remain intact; also, it will not lose its level of absorbency. The towel can absorb huge amounts of water- actually, eight times its weight. The pack comes in a 32-piece pack with eight pieces that have the same color.

Key Features
  • Measures 12X16 inches
  • The towels are durable
  • The towel consists of 90% polyester and 10% polyamide
  • Will take less time to dry up after washing it

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8. Quickie Microfiber Towel

Quickie Microfiber Towel


By: Quickie

After testing this product, we found out that you could also use this product to wipe the water off your face. Also, it becomes softer when wet. This makes it safe for your skin because it will not leave any scratches on it.

These towels are thin but can absorb so much liquid at any given time. Do not fear to put them in the washing machine. They are very durable; you can use one for so many months.

The pack comes with 24 cloths, which are 14 square inches long each. The materials used include biconstituent fiber and polyester. You do not need chemical products to help you wipe liquids. This product uses natural cleaning abilities to deal with all kinds of dirt.

Key Features
  • Wash it in a washing machine hence durable
  • Wipes dirt without using chemicals
  • Very light
  • Cleans different surfaces

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7. SimpleHouseware Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

SimpleHouseware Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


By: Simple Houseware

The number of surfaces that this microfiber towel can clean will shock you. Primarily, windows and car windshields will become polish clean once you use this towel on them.

They are very soft, and it will absorb all the liquid from the surface with ease. The price of these towels is customer friendly; it is lower than what most companies are charging.

Some of the surfaces that the towel can clean include a computer screen, automobiles, musical instruments, and so on. Store them in a container, or a safe place, after you clean them. The drying process is not long. The pack comes with towels of different colors including red, yellow, green and blue.

Key Features
  • It can absorb so much liquid at one given time
  • Measures 12 X 16 inches
  • The pack features 50 towels

6 Chemical Guys MIC_507_06 Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towel

Chemical Guys MIC_507_06 Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towel


By: Chemical Guys

These towels come with a high and a low nap side. The high nap side is perfect for getting rid of dust and debris. The side is also crucial for buffing to provide a shiny surface. The low nap side is suitable for wax and sealants.

They are very soft, and anyone can use them when you want to wipe sensitive surfaces. The manufacturer insists that you should wash it properly; otherwise, it may destroy paint on different surfaces.

The microfiber towel is also durable. Wash it in the washing machine with the assurance that it will not deteriorate in nature. Use a good detergent when washing the cloth.

Also, you should not add any other material when washing it. Make sure that you wash it alone.

Key Features
  • Safe to wash in the washing machine
  • Made of durable microfiber
  • Soft on all surfaces
  • Measures 10.8 x 8.8 x 5.5 inches

5. Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloths

Chemical Guys MIC_507_06 Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towel


By: Microfiber Wholesale

One of the most annoying things that most cleaners encounter is when the towel starts to become stiff after washing it severally. This towel is different because it does not matter how many times you will clean it because the quality will remain.

For people who love to leave their windows looking sparkling clean, use the blue glass towels to remove dirt from them. You should first wipe the glass with the damp green cloth then use the blue towel to wipe it clean.

Cleaning with chemicals is no longer necessary. You will only need to spray some few drops of water on the surface, and then wipe with the towel. Therefore, the cloth is environmentally friendly. The towel is also machine-washable. The blue towels are also thin. They will absorb as much water as possible.

Key Features
  • Features 6 blue cloths and 2 green cloths
  • Only needs water to clean surfaces
  • Does not produce any lint after use

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4. Royal Reusable Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

4. Royal Reusable Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


By: Equinox International

One thing that stands out with these microfiber towels is their level of absorbency. They will suck in as much water as ten times its weight. The towel can clean all types of surfaces. It will not leave any streaks or lints on the cleaned surfaces. Some of the surfaces include Tv screens, laptops, machines, vehicles, boats, countertops, and even more. They are small but very equipped to handle different surfaces.

The towels come in a pack of 24, which include white, yellow and blue colors. Each color comes with eight towels; to have more options for you to choose. They are also very soft. If the cleaned surface has paint on it, the towel will not wipe off any of the paint.

Key Features
  • Use it on dry surfaces as well
  • The cleaner does not need cleaning agents when washing the towel
  • Effective than cotton fiber
  • They are 12 X 16 inches

3. Zwipes 735 Microfiber Towel Cleaning Cloths

Zwipes 735 Microfiber Towel Cleaning Cloths


By: Zwipes

Each of these towels comes with extra fibers-110,000 fibers in one square inch. These fibers are important for cleaning surfaces. The towels provide the user with the option of choosing to clean with or without detergents and chemicals. These towels are very soft on surfaces. They do not cause unnecessary scratches on any surface that they wipe. The cloths will absorb so much water, and it weighs eight times in its full absorption capacity.

With these towels, you will save the extra amount that you would use to buy other towels. This is because they are machine washable. It does not matter the number of times that you will clean them because they will not deteriorate.

Key Features
  • Measures 16X 12 inches
  • Suitable for cleaning different surfaces around the house and garage
  • They will not leave any streak on the cleaned surface

2. AmazonBasics Thick Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

AmazonBasics Thick Microfiber Cleaning Cloths


By: AmazonBasics

These towels consist of 90% polyester and 10% polyamide. These materials provide an ultra-soft surface that keeps all the surfaces sparkling clean. They are non-abrasive. When it comes to absorbing any liquid, the towel would weigh up to eight times its weight when in full absorption capacity. You are free to wash them in any washing machine. Do not dispose of any of them because they are reusable.

Some of the places that you can clean the cloth with include countertops, trucks, TV sets, and boats. They are small and convenient. They are portable because they are 24 X 16 inches long. Once you clean the surface, the towel will absorb all the dust. It will not leave any scratches or streaks on it.

Key Features
  • Reusable
  • Does not lose its absorbency level
  • Measures 24 X 16 X 0.3 inches

1. AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


By: AmazonBasics

You will not see clean windows if you do not clean them with these towels. The cloths consume all the grime on a surface, leaving it clear. If you want to retain the color of these towels, be sure to wash them accompanied by cloths that have similar colors. The towels can absorb huge amounts of liquid. You do not need any chemicals to clean surfaces with them.

You can reuse it because they will not lose absorbency regardless of the number of times you clean it. Cold water will definitely clean the towels completely. Use the towel to clean different kinds of surfaces including countertops and Tv sets.

Key Features
  • They are small but effective
  • You can reuse it for a longer time
  • The towels are very soft
  • Weighs only 1.59 pounds

Factors to consider before purchasing microfiber towels

As you know now, all the towels provide the user with an excellent result after using them. However, there are things to consider before you settle for the right one.

Maintenance: Different towels require different levels of maintenance. Therefore, inquire whether it would be safe to wash it in a washing machine. Additionally, the towels should be durable. One wash should not destroy the effectiveness of the towel.

Absorption: Different microfiber towels have different levels of absorption. Some can take in as much as eight to ten times its weight. If the towel cannot take in much liquid, then be sure that it will not be tiring to use.

Soft: Microfiber is very soft. The fiber should not corrode any paint or even cause scratches on any screen. They should also provide a polished surface. For instance, a tiled countertop should shine after cleaning it with this towel. They should also be able to pick dirt, grime, and grease from any surface without leaving any streak or lint on surfaces like windows.

Some of these towels will require that you use a chemical detergent when cleaning surfaces; for others, this might not be the case. Therefore, be sure to know whether the manufacturer encourages or discourages associating the towels with chemicals.


The top 10 best microfiber towels list will act as a revelation to most users. Never again should you struggle to look for an appropriate towel to use. After you use them, hang them on a place where it can dry up. People with vehicles should always carry these towels. This is because you will have something to wipe liquids and wiping the car windshield.

Additionally, these towels can be friendly, to not only windows, and other surfaces, but to utensils such as wine glasses, cups, and glass plates. These towels are durable. It will be long before you notice any signs of stiffness on them.

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