How To Choose the Best Magnetic Screen Doors | Buyer’s Guide 2020

Magnetic Screen Doors

If you have been looking for the best way to enjoy the breeze in your house leaving the doors wide open, without any insects or mosquitoes coming into your home, then the magnetic screen doors are the best solution for your needs. Additionally, magnetic screen door curtains can also protect you from dust and allergens. Unlike screens doors that require screwing and bolting and are not perfect for all door types, the magnetic screen door can be easily installed on any door type without any tools.

There are a lot of different brands on the market and finding the best magnetic door can be difficult for you. We have listed and reviewed the top 10 best magnetic screen doors in 2022 to help you pick the best one.

These are the Top 10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors in 2022

Here’s our list of the best magnetic screen doors in 2022:

10. Easy Screen Doors Magnetic Screen Door

Easy Screen Doors Magnetic Screen Door


Are you looking for the best magnetic screen door that is easy to use, install, and durable?  Then, this magnetic screen door from Easy Screen Doors is a perfect choice for you. This screen door is designed to fit all types of doors up to 36 x 82-inches in dimension. It is ideal for patio doors, sliding doors, RV doors, balcony doors, standard doors, and much more.

Unlike other screen doors on the market, this door is easy to install without any tools needed. If you get this screen door, you will like how it closes and opens with ease. Your pets and children can move freely out and in; you don’t need to open the door them. This door is made of high-quality mesh fabric which keeps insect, busy, flies away and allows fresh air in your house.  The middle seam of this door is well lined with strong magnets which close the door firmly and without any gaps for insects to fly in.

  • Opens and closes with ease.
  • Allows fresh air in a while keeping insects out.
  • It is designed with high-quality material.
  • Easy to install without any special tool.
  • Perfect for different types of doors.
  • The installation pins sometimes fall off

9. Mkicesky Upgraded Magnetic Screen Door

Mkicesky Upgraded Magnetic Screen Door


If you live in a city or area that is heavily infested with mosquitoes and insect, the Mkicesky Upgraded magnetic door curtain is a perfect solution for you.  This great door screen prevents insects, allergens, and dust from reaching your house.  This magnet door curtain is suited to fit any door measuring up to 70 x79-inches.

The Mkicesky screen door is made with high fiberglass mesh material which makes it ten times stronger than other magnetic screen doors on the market. This curtain is scratch resistant and cannot be easily broken by dogs, unlike the polyester screens doors. Furthermore, this is fitted with strong magnets that open and closes the door in a very secure manner. It opens and shuts automatically to allow pets and kids to walk through freely

  • Simple and quick to install.
  • Easy to use by kids and pets.
  • Durable fiberglass meshes that Fire retardant.
  • Closes securely and doesn’t leave any gaps.
  • Ideal for French doors, sliding door, Front, back door & wood doors.
  • Not easy to repair if it breaks but is durable and long-lasting
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8. Tadge Goods Magnetic Mesh Bug Screen Door

Tadge Goods Magnetic Mesh Bug Screen Door


Are you looking for a reliable and robust magnetic bug screen door? Then, you cannot go wrong with the Tadge Goods magnetic mesh bug screen Door. This is a durable screen door and is perfect for high-traffic doors. It is crafted with super durable and ultra-light fiberglass material which makes this magnetic door bug curtain more tear-resistant and stronger.

The Tadge Goods magnetic bug screen door is designed with 26 built-in powerful magnets that snap close automatically once you have exited or entered your home, RV, or patio door. You will also appreciate the versatile design of this door. It allows fresh air inside your house while keeping insects away. This curtain is also easy to install, and no special tools are needed.

  • Comes with strong magnets.
  • Fiberglass screen meshes construction.
  • Installation is straightforward and simple for newbies.
  • Fit on different types of doors.
  • Keep your home with fresh air.
  • Limited size

7. APALUS Magnetic Screen Door

APALUS Magnetic Screen Door


With the help of this magnetic screen door from APALUS, you can let fresh air in without worrying about uninvited insects in your home. This magnetic screen door curtain fits openings measuring 36 inches width by 96 inches height.  The APALUS screen door features high-quality mesh which is durable and robust to last you years.

On top of that, this magnetic mesh door is engineered with 28 magnets to ensure that it closes more quickly, tightly and quieter. With this magnetic mesh door, you can leave your house door open without any worry about bugs getting inside. The installation process is easy, and you don’t require any special tools or experience to do it. This screen door is stain, flame and weather resistant and won’t treat or scratch and will last you for long.

  • Easy installation without any special tools.
  • Automatic closing and opening.
  • Easy to clean and no maintenance.
  • Designed with a high-quality fiber mesh.
  • Unaffordable and quite pricey
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6. Augo Magnetic Screen Door

Augo Magnetic Screen Door


If you’re looking for a heavy-duty magnetic screen, then the Augo screen door is a perfect choice for you. This screen door measures 38 by 83-inches and will perfectly fit door measuring up to 36 by 82-inches. It is constructed from a high-quality polyester material that is durable and resistant to tear. The installation process fast and straightforward, thanks to the velcro-like strips and push pins. It is also lightweight enough for small pet and children to wall through and open without using the hands.

The mesh is well sealed at all times through the 52 powerful magnets that are sewn into the seams. Furthermore, it features gravity sticks at the bottom ensure that ensure the screen won’t be blown open by the wind. It comes with powerful magnets which close the door effortlessly and perfectly with no gaps or holes to ensure your house stays well protected. The Augo magnetic screen door is perfect for covering the standard door, sliding door balcony doors and also RV doors.

  • Friendly for pets and kids.
  • The magnets close and open with ease.
  • Greater durability and scratch-resistant.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Made with a high-quality polyester material
  • None noted

5. Homitt [Upgraded Version] Magnetic Screen Door

Homitt [Upgraded Version] Magnetic Screen Door


Are you searching for an easy to use yet heavy-duty magnetic screen door?  Then this is the best product to go for. The Homitt magnetic screen door fits doors measuring up to 36by 82-inches in size. It is made from premium quality fiberglass mesh that is more durable and scratch resistant than the traditional polyester magnetic doors.

This door is fixed with 26 powerful magnets which allow easy opening and closing. This door closes well such that it does not leave any gap for insect or mosquitos to get in. Furthermore, this screen door is resistant to fading, easy to clean and maintain. At the same time, this screen door is easy to install and does not require any special tools or equipment.

  • It works with most doors.
  • Resistant against the wind.
  • Closes and opens automatically.
  • Easy installation without any equipment or tools.
  • Heavy-duty & durable fiberglass mesh for long-lasting durability.
  • Moderately pricey

4. MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door

MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door


The MAGZO magnetic screen door is a perfect choice if you are looking for a reliable magnetic curtain door that can fit many door sizes. This door measures 38 by 97-inches, and it is suitable for the doors measuring up to 36 by 96-inch, 34 by 95-inches, and 36 x 95 inches –inches in size. It is constructed from the highest quality fiberglass mesh that is fireproof, tear-resistant and chemical corrosion resistance.

Also, it comes with a windproof magic sticker hasp which prevents this magnetic screen door from being blown away by the wind. This door closes instantly to make sure that bugs are kept outside. Furthermore, it opens easily to ensure that your baby or pet get in and out without calling for help. It is also easy to install in a matter of minutes.

  • Easy installation without tools.
  • Closes and opens with ease.
  • It is windproof and fireproof.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Ideal for different door sizes.
  • Heavy but durable.

3. iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door


If you’ve tried other low-quality magnetic screen doors before, then with this screen door from iGotTech you will notice a difference right away. This screen fits perfectly on doors measuring up to 34 x 82-inches in size. You can install it on the garage, porch, garage, patio, balcony, and many other places.  It boasts 26 strong magnets that ensure the screen is securely closed.

The iGotTech screen door is lined with a reinforced loop & hook to make sure that it will never fall off or break. This screen comes with a video tutorial which helps you in the installation process. You can also easily detach the screen and store it when not in use. Besides keeping the bug out, this magnetic door curtain also allows you to enjoy fresh air making sure that your house stays cool on hot days.

  • Features strong magnets.
  • It does not rip or stain easily.
  • Easy installation and removal.
  • It doesn’t leave any gaps.
  • None

2. Homitt Magnetic Screen Door

Homitt Magnetic Screen Door


The Homitt Magnetic Screen Door is a perfect option for those who are looking for durable and budget-friendly magnetic screen door. This screen is made of high-density and antioxidant material which is durable chemical corrosion resistance and has excellent light transmittance. This door can be used in kitchen doors, outside doors, balcony doors, and outside doors.

This screen door mesh curtain features 26pcs powerful magnets which make it close much quicker and more silent. To protect this screen door from being open or blown by the wind, it comes with four sets of gravity sticks at the bottom sides. The size of this screen door curtain is 39 x 83-inches, and it perfectly fit door measuring 36 by 80- inches and 38 by 82-inches in size. Besides, this screen curtain use the full frame loop & hook which enable you to install or remove it anytime easily. It is pretty easy to install without any tool and comes with 12 months limited warranty from the manufacturer.

  • It comes with affordable price.
  • Compatible with most standard door sizes.
  • Resistant against the wind.
  • Automatic closing and opening.
  • It is quite heavy but easy to install

1. Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door


Flux Phenom is one of the top-rated and top-selling screen door curtains on the market. The Flux Phenom screen is made from heavy-duty mesh which makes it long-lasting and scratch-resistant. This door screen curtain is perfect for door measuring up to     38 x 82-inch in size. It is ideal for different places including office, patio, home, interior, bedroom, balcony, exterior, and other many areas.

The middle seam of this magnetic curtain is well lined with powerful magnetic strips and cube that allow it to open and close easily. Your pets and kids can go outside and inside of the house with ease. This door comes with black metal thumbtacks and weather resistant loop and hooks backing for easy and quick removal and installation.  The installation takes less than 10 minutes. This door allows fresh air in your home. At the same time, it stops bugs and insects from entering.

  • Quite easy to install without tools.
  • Made from a sturdy mesh material.
  • Closes and opens with ease.
  • Kid and pet-friendly design.
  • Seals tight and does not leave any gap.
  • None noted

How To Choose the Best Magnetic Screen Doors | Buyer’s Guide

Below we have listed some of the factors you would consider when purchasing a new magnetic screen door. These factors include:

  • Size of the Door: The size is essential before purchasing a magnetic screen door. You should always measure the dimensions of your door first to avoid choosing the wrong size magnetic screen. The best screen should not be too big or too small. These screens are available in some standard sizes including 80 x 24-inches or 80 by 36 inches. To avoid purchasing the wrong screen size, you should first measure your door frame dimensions.
  • The Power of magnet: The quality and power of the magnet matter a lot when choosing a screen door. You should select screens with powerful magnets to avoid improper closing of the door screen curtain. To ensure you get a quality magnet screen curtain, purchase from reputable brands on the market like the screens we listed above.
  • Type of material: Magnetic screen doors are constructed from different kind of materials. If you want a screen that will serve you for many years, you should choose the one that is designed with very tough and durable materials. All the door screens that we have listed above are made from high-quality and sustainable materials.
  • Installation: The best magnet door screen should be easy to install and remove without using any tools.
  • Flame-Resistance: If you want to purchase the magnetic screen door for your kitchen, you should choose a flame resistant screen because it doesn’t catch fire easily.


Whether you want to bring cool breeze inside or you want to keep the bugs out, the magnetic screen doors are the best option for you. They are easy to install and come with affordable prices compared to other doors.  For you to get the best magnetic screen door on the market, we recommend you to choose the doors that we listed and reviewed above. They are durable, stylish, easy to set up and also easy to open and close.

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