Top 10 Best Longboard Trucks in 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Days of Tony Hawks and Danny Way are long gone. If you are not aware of who these guys are, well they are the pioneers in the world of skateboarding. Now skateboarding is much more of a serious business and a professional sport. Many custom shops have emerged and added a lot more to these boards on wheels. Longboards are increasingly gaining significant fame and out of every third boarder skating in the park. You can find one with their very own custom-built a longboard.

While constructing your skateboard, longboard trucks are an essential part of your skating machine. A decent and strong truck ensures that your longboard now has a solid foundation, although, the community is a bit uptight when it comes to choosing the right one.

Therefore, we have yet assembled some of the best Longboard trucks to make your skateboarding experience an ultimate one.

These are our 10 picks for the Best Longboard Trucks in 2021

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10. Thunder Polish Hi 147 High Performance Skateboard Trucks

Thunder Polish Hi 147 High Performance Skateboard Trucks


Are you in search of longboard trucks which are optimum for all kind of boards? The thunder polish might be a reliable option, plus, they come in a set of two. They are reliable because they are composed of high quality material. They are stable and can work best on sharp turns.

  • Exclusive quick response geometry
  • Light & strong design
  • Turns quicker and reacts faster than the others
  • Guaranteed against all defects
  • The trucks are not too high as the regular ones

9. Gullwing Stalker 40 Degree Trucks

Gullwing Stalker 40 Degree Trucks


Gullwing is one of the best longboard truck brands in the industry. The Gullwing Stalker 40 Degree Trucks is a set of two and is a highly reliable product. The material and craftsmanship are excellent enough for the board to the last longer and keep providing the same optimum level of performance.

  • 40 Degree off-set kingpin for increased stability and more responsive turning
  • Free-floating axel with dampener bushing silence road vibrations
  • Standard and old school truck mounts
  • Comparatively expensive than other brands




Our first pick of the day is none other than the SCSK8 Longboard Trucks Combo Set. This set includes the perfect pair of trucks that are good in condition and easy to install. They are available in a wide range of colors; you can pick any in accordance with your preferences.

Gaskets are simple to install and are great for normal use. If you want the steering of the board to be tight or loose, then you may have to purchase a different gasket.

  • Best Trucks for all skill level professional skateboarders
  • The Truck and Wheel combo is one of the best in design
  • High-quality product in the economical price range
  • Few customer complaints – incomplete parts
  • Bearings are just average – reliability concern
  • Fails to fulfil the requirements of advanced professional skateboarders.

7. Bear Grizzly 852 181mm Skateboard Trucks

Bear Grizzly 852 181mm Skateboard Trucks


Not all skateboarders can get their hands on an all-rounder truck set as the few lucky ones. To do so, you have to be a loyal customer of Bear Grizzly. Well, just kidding!

You can still get them if you are interested in making a purchase. Providing maximum strength to your longboard, these trucks are designed with precaution. With Bear Grizzly 852, you don’t have to worry about versatility. This 5th generation truck has a laser engraved logo and is heat-treated to fit every skateboarder’s individual needs.

  • The trucks are extremely versatile and adjust accordingly in just a few minutes
  • These trucks are sturdy and rigid
  • They work best with all kinds of longboards
  • They are extremely responsive
  • Good for speed chasers
  • No cons

6. Buck Skate Truck Raw 180mm

Buck Skate Truck Raw 180mm


Skateboarders seeking a simple design with a permanent mold cast solution shouldn’t be looking any further. We introduce you the all new Buck Skate Truck Raw 180mm, designed with an outclass style and finishing touch.

These industry first trucks are economical and are the best fir for riders wanting to give audiences a unique feel. These trucks are different than others on the market because it is a cut thread design instead of a standard rolled thread.

  • Smooth Skateboarding experience
  • Easily replaceable parts
  • Economical Price Rates
  • No additional part is included within the package
  • If you are planning to customize longboard, then you may have to make additional purchases.

5. Paris 180mm 50° RKP Trucks

Paris 180mm 50° RKP Trucks


Although, multiple versions of Paris V2 Trucks have been introduced over the passage of time; however, the latest RKP 180mm trucks have truly deserved a place on our list, today.

The new design a lot sturdier giving an amazing look and feel. These lightweight trucks are carved with experience and passion. They are the perfect fit for any deck size. Plus, the additional virgin aluminum molding gives extra potency to the product.

  • These trucks are of improved quality.
  • The construction is well-built and the hanger seems to be everlasting
  • The finishing ensures that the product is durable
  • Bushings are perfectly designed
  • Makes the longboard perfect to skate on all terrains
  • No disadvantage as it is a durable product.

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4. INDEPENDENT Skateboard Trucks 129mm Silver Raw STAGE 11

INDEPENDENT Skateboard Trucks 129mm Silver Raw STAGE 11


Seeking a Skateboard Truck that fits best for all kind of skateboards? Well, look no further! Guess who got lucky? These babies come in a set of two. These trucks are extremely durable as they are aluminum coated with 356 T6 Aluminum formula.

These trucks are stable, works best on immediate turns and avoid wheel bites. Multiple skateboarders including professionals have counted them as one of the trucks that give the enduring performance. Don’t just buy our word for it! Check out the reviews yourself.

  • Trucks are pretty stable
  • They are made of a high-quality material
  • One of the best in design for performing grind tricks
  • You rarely observe wheel bites
  • These trucks give you an exceptional skateboarding performance
  • Limitations on deck size between 7.4-8 inches
  • If you plan to attach bigger wheels to your longboard, you might need an additional riser.

3. Paris 180mm V2 Longboard Trucks w/ 70mm 78a Stalker Wheels and Bearings

Paris 180mm V2 Longboard Trucks w/ 70mm 78a Stalker Wheels and Bearings


Paris 180mm V2 Longboard trucks have manufactured another emblem of perfect design. As preceding RKP trucks we discussed earlier in our article, these are not highly ranked as they have recently stepped into the market.

The specification stats on these trucks are neck to neck with the well-known Gullwing Sidewinder trucks and incredibly, I must say they are perfect for you if you really have a keen eye out.

  • Trucks are tougher with long-lasting pivot cups
  • Kingpins are improvised and cleared to give better carve
  • They are strong and durable
  • Powder coating finish on both
  • Perfect for skateboarding on any type of terrain 
  • None Identified, so far.

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2. Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks – set of two

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks


Caliber has introduced innovations to improve performance. The inner step is enhanced to provide a wider contact area. This results in a higher rebound and responsiveness.

Also, the outer step is now in a shape of the perfect circle for a no-slop fit. This offers all the strength without compromising any control or response. The features and specs make it one of the best longboard trucks.

  • Enough for setting up 1 skateboard / longboard.
  • Can be configured in hundreds of ways to achieve the perfect feel
  • redesigned bushing seat eliminate excess movement
  • New techniques in manufacturing to make it even stronger
  • Small for drop through mounting

1. Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo Set

Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo Set


Are you a speed fanatic? Yocaher has created the perfect Trucks combo set just for you. Even if you are a beginner, these trucks will leave an everlasting impact on other amateur skateboarders around you.

However, unlike preceding truck sets, this set doesn’t come in a variety of colors. If you wish to design a custom colored board for yourself, then you might have to wait out for your desired color to release. Also, don’t forget you might need to upgrade the bearings after excessive use when you purchase the pair.

  • For beginners who are speed chasers, these are the best trucks.
  • Includes everything within the offered package
  • Brings great value for customers 
  • Surface finish can be deteriorated upon scratching
  • Wheels are just fine, not that great
  • Bearings may need to be replaced on long term excessive use


So, that’s all there is to it folks. We have assembled some of the best longboard trucks out there on the market. We have tried to put in as much information on the list as we can find on the internet.

However, they may or may not be the best fit as you may all differ with preferences based on brand, style or color. While some are the astute purchase for experienced skateboarders, others are an ideal option for beginners. It really doesn’t matter, when you are a skateboarder! You need to have a perfect set ready for all situations and settings.

Amazon official network is the best online place to buy such trucks and we believe they are all available in stock. However, we cannot guarantee for how long they are going to stick around in their inventory, so if you are really into crafting your perfect longboard skate machine… Don’t hold up! Grab your pick before it depletes.

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