Best Lighted Christmas Garlands of 2020 | Perfect Decoration for Home

Shimmering lights, ornamented Christmas trees, houses with bright dashing red shades, and colorful presents – everything seems to be alive! You can absolutely feel the spirit of Christmas! It’s nice to add some colors and decorations in your home before the season takes off, isn’t it?

A few dainty sparkles can light up the corners of your house. And if you want to put them up along the stairway banister, around the doors, windows, or above the mantel, a lighted Christmas garland might be the one you’re looking for. Have you found the best one yet?

Lighted Christmas Garlands

Because of the overwhelming choices you see on the market, it’s pretty confusing to pick out which ones would complement your interior and signify the gift-giving season. So, while you’re prepping for Christmas, our list of the Top 10 Best Lighted Christmas Garlands in 2020 can help you with your decoration ideas.

Plug-in lighted garlands are also a practical choice. It can supply an unlimited power and let the lights on for as long as you want.

You don’t have to worry about flickering lights. You only need to make sure to place it where an electric socket is nearby.

Here are the Best Lighted Christmas Garlands on the Market

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10. Emerald Pine Lighted Garland

Emerald Pine Lighted Garland

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If you’re planning to decorate your stairway, doorway or windows, a longer garland is what you need. You can consider the Emerald Pine lighted garland to your preferred choices. With a length of 9 feet, you’ll surely have enough for a lovely centerpiece or an ornament together with your Christmas decorations.

It is a pre-lit garland, so you can just put it up wherever is fitting without worrying about setting up the lights. You can just plug it in, and you’re good to go! It consists of 150 soft glowing lights that would leave your living room a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the holiday season!

9. 6 Foot Snow Frosted LED Pre-Lit Cordless Christmas Lighted Pine Garland

6 Foot Snow Frosted LED Pre-Lit Cordless Christmas Lighted Pine Garland

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Christmas season is much more fun with a dash of snow and colder breeze. Although you’re still waiting for the snowfall and capture the frosted snow among your green bushes, you can get a glimpse of that white beauty with the Snow Frosted Cordless lighted Christmas garland from Ger.

This artificial pine garland displays beautiful snow frost together with red berries and pine cones. And to keep your house glowing and sparkling throughout the night, it has 25 LED lights that won’t die on you. It is battery-operated. But to constantly provide glowing lights, it conserves the power through its timer function. It stays on for 6 hours and shuts off for 18. But it will light back for 6 hours again.

The timer function is customizable, so if you want to keep it on constantly, you can set it so. This lighted Christmas garland is cordless and can be used as a decoration outdoors and indoors. It is easy to set up, too!

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8. 6 Ft LED Lighted Battery Operated Cascading Garland Christmas Holiday Decor

6 Ft LED Lighted Battery Operated Cascading Garland Christmas Holiday Decor

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If you’re going to place your lighted garlands nowhere near the electric socket, this cordless and battery-operated Cascading Garland must be the one you’re looking. Although we often try to save as much for Christmas, this lighted garland is worth every penny.

It showcases an elegant and classic design adorned with berries and pine cones. This 6-feet garland is just right for your mantel or stairway. And because it illuminates using 100 white LEDs, it would certainly give you a soft glow and shimmer as soon as you turn it on. It also features a timer function that leaves it on for 6 hours and 18 hours when it is off.

During the day, this beautiful garland keeps your living area, particularly the fireplace, sophisticated and elegant that would leave every visitor in awe!

7. National Tree 9 Foot by 10 Inch Carolina Pine Garland

National Tree 9 Foot by 10 Inch Carolina Pine Garland with 27 Flocked Cones

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Do you want to keep your garland classic without the red berries? If you do, this Caroline Pine garland might be the Christmas décor you’re missing. It is a pre-strung lighted garland with 100 UL clear lights that would illuminate your outdoors or indoors with just one plug!

Although it is not cordless, it will supply you unlimited power for as long as you want. It has a length of 9 feet which is long enough to spruce up your fireplace, stairway, fence, and doorway. It has 240 branch tips that blend well with the overall design. But if you want to add more color, a touch of red from the lovely poinsettias can do so!

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6. Gerson 23117 – 2145280 Battery Operated Lighted Garland

Gerson 23117 - 2145280 Battery Operated Lighted Garland

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It’s nice to try and explore more decoration ideas that would make every Christmas unique and worth remembering. So, if you want to step back a bit from the traditional and usual lighted garlands, you can give the Gerson lighted pinecone garland a chance.

It is not your usual green and bushy garland but a long artificial twig adorned with snow-frosted pinecones. This lovely piece comes with 30 warm white LED lights that would keep your home stunning and beautiful. You can place it together with your Christmas decorations by the fireplace or the stairway banister.

Since it is battery-operated, it also has the timer function feature that would conserve the power. Hence, keep the lights constantly glowing all through the night. It stays on for 6 hours and 18 hours when it is shut off. And because it comes in a high-quality material, you can use those dainty lights again next year!

5. Brookstone Cordless LED Pre-lit Cone & Berry Christmas Garland

Brookstone Cordless LED Pre-lit Cone & Berry Christmas Garland

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Don’t you just love a lush and lifelike lighted garland on top of your fireplace or doorway? With the Brookstone’s pine cones, berries, and multi-colored lights, it feels more like Christmas! It has a length of 6 feet that goes well with your mantel right beside the scented and colorful candles. It is battery-operated so, no need to worry about tangled wires and plug-ins!

Because it uses pre-lit LED lights, you don’t need to worry about setting it up. You can just place it on wherever you think is fitting. Those LED lights will definitely keep your area glowing with soft sparkles at night. And since the lights are multi-colored, the Christmas garland depicts more life and not like a stiff, boring, and plain decoration. The lights turn on and stay on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours. Thanks for the built-in timer!

A lot of users find this lighted Christmas garland full, pretty, and long-lasting due to its durable quality which you can use again for the next holiday season. And if you’re thinking of getting one, you can choose between the multi-colored lights or white lights.

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4. LED Primitive Country Berry & Star Garland

LED Primitive Country Berry & Star Garland

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You’re probably be looking for a perfect centerpiece or an addition to your Christmas garlands. Either way, the Primitive Country Berry and Star garland will add glamour to your holiday decoration! It is not your usual lifelike lush hanging across the stairway basinet, the hallway, the doorway, or windows. It showcases a unique design that can go well with your interiors whatever the season is. Those subtle pieces are pretty enough to spice up your holiday decoration.

This primitive country berry garland is adorned with berries, rustic metal stars, and yellow LED lights that all jive in to create a warm and sparkling glow at night. It also doesn’t need any wires or an electric socket to plug in. 3 AAA batteries are all that you need to power it up! Because it’s cordless, you can put it up wherever you want to. You can control the lights on and off with just one switch!

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3. National Tree 9 Foot by 10 Inch Crestwood Spruce Garland with Silver Bristle

National Tree 9 Foot by 10 Inch Crestwood Spruce Garland with Silver Bristle

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National Tree’s Crestwood Spruce garland is one of the best-selling lighted Christmas garlands you’ll find on the market. This one’s right for your doorway, staircase, windows, or mantel. With its length of 9 feet, you’ll have enough to hang up on the certain spots of your home. It comes with bristle berries, pine cones, and the lifelike lush will beautify and highlight your home right for the holiday season.

This lighted garland needs an electric socket where you can plug it in. Although it may restrict you from putting it up wherever you want to, it will definitely provide you an unlimited supply of power. The pre-strung lights, 50 in specific, make all the set up much easier for you. The light illuminates nicely with a soft and warm glow that you can absolutely enjoy all throughout the Christmas season.

2. Cream / Gold 9′ Pre-Lit Decorated Garland

Cream : Gold 9' Pre-Lit Decorated Garland - 1

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This pre-lit decorated garland from Village lighting is probably one of the most beautiful Christmas garlands you’ll see. Aside from the 100 supermini LED white lights that give off warm and soft illumination, its lifelike lush adorned with pine cones, crystal balls, flowers, and metallic pears truly highlight the spaces and corners in your house. It has accents of white, gold, and cream that display more sophistication and elegance.

Cream : Gold 9' Pre-Lit Decorated Garland

Putting it up in your desired spots is no trouble. It is a pre-lit décor that will only take you a minute or less to prep the whole garland together with your decorations. Since it is battery-operated, it makes it even more flexible and easier to use and set up. Whether you place it indoors or outdoors, it will surely deliver the glow you need at night.

The shatterproof and UV-resistant décor ensures excellent durability that can withstand different seasons and can be used for long periods of time. It is supported by an internal steel frame to fortify its quality even better. Although it is a bit pricey than the other garlands you see, this one’s worth your money!

1. National Tree 24 Inch Wintry Pine Wreath with Cones, Red Berries, Snowflakes

National Tree 24 Inch Wintry Pine Wreath with Cones, Red Berries, Snowflakes

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Round lighted Christmas garlands never go off the trend. It is actually one of the most popular choices for Christmas decorations. And if you haven’t found the perfect round lighted Christmas garland, you might want to check out the wintry pine garland from National Tree.

It exhibits winter accents and pieces of snowflakes that would complement well with your outdoor decorations. You can put it up on the door or someplace else together with the mistletoe. It is embellished with pine cones, red berries, and snowflakes. The intricate design beautifully denotes the spirit of Christmas!

This pre-lit Christmas garland has 50 UL listed white LED lights that give off soft and bright glow every night! No wires needed. You don’t need to go near an electric socket. It is powered by 2 AA batteries.

How to Choose Lighted Christmas Garlands - Buyer's Guide
1. SIZE and LENGTH Lighted garlands can be round, long, or short. If you prefer the ones that you can wrap around the stairway banister, windows or doors, you can go for the long ones and determine the length you need. You might need a shorter length if you want to place it on top of your mantel. These lighted garlands come in different lengths that correspond to the measurements of the house corners where they are usually placed. Hence, there will be a suitable length for you. Manufacturers provide the length and size of the garlands so that it won’t be much of a problem. On the other hand, round lighted garlands are also one of the most popular choices for Christmas decorations. If you want to embellish some parts of your house, perhaps above the fireplace, doorway, on the door or by the window, you can opt for the size that you prefer. 2. DESIGN There are tons of designs to choose from! You can opt for the classic green garland adorned with red berries, poinsettias, and pine cones or the winter wonderland style with accents of silver, white, and blue. It depends on your preference, though. There sure is a perfect design that will suit your decoration standards. 3. QUALITY Look for a garland that you can use for another year or more and not for the one that can wear out after a couple of months. Settle for a durable quality. If you’re going to check it in a physical store, it is a little less difficult to know if the material is cheap or not. However, browsing the lighted garlands online can be tough. The reviews and ratings of the customers can help you out with that. You’ll also know which brand they prefer the most. 4. LIGHTING Consider the number of lights, the type, and the power source. Are the lights in the garland battery-operated or plug-in? Battery-operated lighted garlands might come in handy because you can just place it wherever you want to without worrying about an electric socket. However, the batteries can wear out over time so, you still have to replace them from time to time.


Choosing the perfect decoration for Christmas is something worth every effort, time, and money. It happens only once in every year, so we always make sure to get only the best decorative and beautiful garlands for our home. The lighted Christmas garlands make the season even more wonderful, colorful, and alive.

If you still can’t find the right décor for your home, our list above will help you get the top choices. Consider the design, the length or size, the lighting, and the durability before you make your purchase. Once you found the perfect lighted Christmas garland, brighten up your home and enjoy the wonderful season ahead!