Best Lighted Christmas Garlands You Can Buy Online 2020

Lighted Christmas Garland

The Festive Season is approaching fast, and soon it will be the time of the year to bring the Christmas mood to our homes and to think about the decoration we would like to display this year. A “must” is, of course, Christmas trees, but also other ornaments and lights are needed to add to the decoration and festive mood. Favorites for outside your house are light-displays, like Santa Claus and his reindeer, or more traditional Christmas angels. You can feel the spirit of Christmas everywhere. But also indoors you want to add colors and decorations to welcome the holidays.

If you look for more accented and smaller ornaments and decorative items, then Christmas garlands are your ideal choice. With these, you can decorate and light up many areas of your house. Stairway banisters, around the doors, windows, or above the fireplace mantel – a lighted Christmas garland will be perfect for such places in your home. But how to find the right choice for you among all these overwhelming options available?

You want a Christmas decoration that will complement your interior and match the long-loved Christmas ornaments you display for many years. Our list of the Top 10 Best Lighted Christmas Garlands in 2022 shall help you find your matching decoration.

Pre-decorated and pre-lighted Christmas garlands come in a wide selection, ranging from classical to modern decors. Also, you choose between battery-powered garlands or those that need a power socket to plug in the electric cord for the lights. Please take your time to read through our following selected Christmas garlands to find the right product for you.

These are the Best Lighted Christmas Garlands on the Market

10. NEW: CraftMore Brighton Pine Christmas Garland

raftMore Brighton Pine Christmas Garland


This Christmas garland from CraftMore is a beautiful natural looking festive decoration. The mixed decoration of different pine branches, leaves, pine cones, and red berries give it an absolute realistic look. The garland comes without lights, but you have the option to add your own string of small lights. You can use this garland indoors and outdoors. 

With a length of 72 inches, it is not only suitable to decorate door- and window frames, but also the mantle of your fireplace or your dinner table. You can curl it in the form of a wreath or cut it into smaller pieces for point-accented decors in separate areas of your home. Our recommendation is to give Christmas garland a shake and fluff before decoration for a fuller and more natural look.

9. NEW: LIFEFAIR Pre-lit Christmas Garland

LIFEFAIR Pre-lit Christmas Garland


LIFEFAIR created a thick and richly decorated Christmas garland with a wider diameter than comparable models. 9 feet long and 12 inches long wide, the pre-lit garland is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The Christmas ornament features 340 branch tips with three different types of green, molded from real tree branches. The decoration includes beautiful and natural-looking red poinsettia, pinecones, gold berries, and leaves. 

The garland is pre-lit with 50 LED lights, which run on 3 AA batteries. A solid box with a waterproof ring protects the power unit from the elements. The lights come with a timer function and 3 lighting modes. There are strong hooks on each end of the Christmas garland. These are convenient to hang and decorate the garland, fix it in a round wreath shape, or add and attach further garlands to extend your festive decoration. LIFEFAIR also provides a 3 years after-sales service for your holiday decoration.

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8. NEW: DearHouse 2 Pack Maple Leaf Garland

DearHouse 2 Pack Maple Leaf Garland


If your budget is limited and you look for a decoration at a good value for money, then consider the DearHouse maple leaf garland. This versatile garland will bring a festive mood into your home for the period from Thanksgiving until the Christmas holidays. The value pack includes 2 pieces with a length of 6.5 feet each. The maple leaves look natural and realistic and come in beautiful colors ranging from green to brown, yellow, and orange until a deep red. The garland does not include lights, so it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

You can decorate the 2 pieces separately or connect them to one long garland for long staircases or on your veranda railings. The materials are durable and last long. The leaves are made from quality plastic, while the stems are made from a flexible wire. This allows you also to bend the garland into different shapes. 

7. National Tree 9 Foot by 10 Inch Carolina Pine Garland

National Tree 9 Foot by 10 Inch Carolina Pine Garland with 27 Flocked Cones


Do you prefer to keep your garland classic, without red berries and artificial snow accents? If so, then the Carolina Pine garland might be your favorite Christmas décor. The pre-strung lighted garland is decorated with realistic looking pine cones and features 100 UL clear lights. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the lights will let your entrance, staircase, fireplace, and window frames sparkle. 

To light up the garland, plug it in. The materials are fire-resistant and manufactured in “feel real” technology. Its length of 9 feet and a width of 10 inches makes it look natural and “full.” 240 branch tips are individually crafted to add to the realistic appearance. You can also add your own decoration to the Christmas garland to give a more individual design. 

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6. NEW: Home Accents Kingston Garland 18 ft

Home Accents Kingston Garland 18 ft


A simple and plain Christmas garland is this product from Home Accents. The Kingston garland comes in a length of 18 feet, ideal for decorating banisters and railing inside and outside your home or office. 70 clear lights are pre-strung. The garland includes extra bulbs and fuses should you need to replace a light. To light up the Christmas decoration, you need to plug in the cord. The materials are flame retardant for your safety; however, it is recommended to plug the lights off when you are not at home or sleep. 

The garland looks natural and realistic and leaves it up to you how you would like to decorate it. With a wide choice of separate ornaments available to purchase your family and you can design and decorate your very own Christmas garland. This plain design makes the garland available at a very reasonable price.

5. NEW: OasisCraft 9 FT Prelit Garland

OasisCraft 9 FT Prelit


Don’t you love a lush and lifelike lighted garland on top of your fireplace or doorway? With the OasisCraft garland, you get pine cones; snow flocked branch tips, and 50 LEDs in your home. With a total length of  9 foot and a width of 9 inches, it fits nearly everywhere, from tables to door frames. You don’t even need a power socket since this garland needs some batteries. To avoid them running empty, you can set a timer. When you come home, you will be greeted with a festive blinking garland.

Because it uses pre-lit LED lights, you don’t need to worry about setting it up. While the branches are made from PVC so they last longer, the pine cones are actually real. And the garland is hand-painted, so it brings you a bit of exclusivity. In total, you have 300 realistic looking branches. Two hooks make hanging easy at each end, but you can also place the garland on the top of a shelf or a sideboard.

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4. NEW: Balsam Hill 6 ft Mixed Evergreen Christmas Garland

Balsam Hill 6 ft Mixed Evergreen Christmas Garland


Rustic and natural-looking are this thick Christmas garland made by Balsam Hill. The mixed needle tree branches resemble pines, Fraser firs, and cedars. Pinecones add to the realistic looking decoration. The festive ornament is pre-lit with 60 clear LED lights, hand-strung. 2 D batteries are required for their operation. Balsam Hill is so passionate about their decorative items’ natural ambiance that even the branches’ texture resembles real tree needles.

The Christmas garland is a great decor for your fireplace mantle, entrance door, window frames, railings or banisters, or as a table decoration. As the garland comes with minimum decoration, you can get creative with your family to add your own ornaments, bows, Christmas balls, tinsel or gingerbread men, sweets, or cookies. 

3. National Tree 9 Foot by 10 Inch Crestwood Spruce Garland with Silver Bristle

National Tree 9 Foot by 10 Inch Crestwood Spruce Garland with Silver Bristle


National Tree’s Crestwood Spruce garland is one of the best-selling Christmas garlands produced by this well known US family company. No matter if decorating your doorway, staircase, windows, or fireplace mantel, this garland will be an eye-catcher. With its length of 9 feet, it is long enough to frame your windows and doors with a single piece. It is beautifully decorated with bristle berries and pine cones and looks absolutely realistic thanks to its high-quality materials. This Christmas garland will beautify and highlight your home for the holiday season.

Coming with 50 UL lights, the garland needs an electric socket nearby to plug it in. While this might restrict you from decorating the garland in any place, it will illuminate your garland constantly without running out of power. The pre-strung lights save your work and will make the setup much easier for you. The lights illuminate nicely with a soft and warm glow bringing the right Christmas mood into your home.

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2. NEW: iGeeKid Christmas Garland with 100 LED Lights

iGeeKid Christmas Garland with 100 LED Lights


Thick, lush, long, colorful, and richly decorated is this Christmas garland from iGeeKid. The length of 9 feet makes a versatile piece of decoration in your home. With the lush and thick branches and a diameter of 10 inches, it will turn your fireplace, entrance door, banister, or window into real eye-catchers. The realistic-looking branches are decorated with red berries and pine cones. 

100 LED lights in 3 colors can be set to 3 different modes: steady on, flashing, or off. The lights operate with 3 standard AA batteries, so you have a free choice to decorate the Christmas garland. Thanks to the safe lightbox, you can use this beautiful garland also outside your house. The flexible Christmas garland can be bent to whatever shape you wish – heart shape, round like a wreath, S-form, or wrapped around railings. Your creativity has no limits.  

1. National Tree 24 Inch Wintry Pine Wreath with Cones, Red Berries, Snowflakes

National Tree 24 Inch Wintry Pine Wreath with Cones, Red Berries, Snowflakes


Christmas garlands and wreaths can be combined beautifully to create your perfect decoration at home. As a wreath is around garland, we have included this beautiful piece in our selection. Coming with rich wintry decoration, this wreath from the famous US family company National Tree will complete your festive decoration. Pine cones, red berries, snowflakes, and sparkling LED lights set the right mood for the holidays.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the realistic-looking wreath decorates your entrance, catches all eyes as a centerpiece on your dinner table or over your fireplace, or draws the looks to your window. 

The pre-lit Christmas garland has 50 LED lights that emit a soft sparkling glow. No cable is needed as the wreath is powered by 2 AA batteries. The garland also provides an integrated 6 hours On/18 hours Off timer option. The needles are fire and heat resistant for your safety.

How to Choose Lighted Christmas Garlands - Buyer's Guide
  1. SIZE and LENGTH Lighted garlands can be round in the form of a wreath, long, or short. If you look for Christmas garlands to decorate your stairway banisters, windows, or doors, the longer sized options will suit you. These are available in various length options. For the top of your mantle, small tables or window sills garlands of shorter length are the more suitable decoration. Plain garlands without pre-strung lights can be shortened by yourself to the exact length you need. Wreaths or round lighted garlands are other popular choices as Christmas decoration. If you want to embellish selected spots of your house, like above the fireplace, on your table, outside your entrance door, or by the window, you can find options without lights and decorations as well as pre-lit and pre-decorated products.
  2. DESIGN There are endless options of designs to choose from. You can opt for the classic green garland adorned with red berries, poinsettias, and pine cones or in winter wonderland style with accents of silver, white, and blue or artificial snowflakes. It all depends on your preference. There will be a perfect decoration that will suit your taste with the large selection of designs available. And you always have the possibility to add your own decoration to the garlands.
  3. QUALITY As you might want to use your Christmas garlands for many festive seasons to come, the materials’ quality is important to look into. Durable and non-breakable needles and decoration is what is preferred. Also, safety is a point to focus on. Garlands, which are heat and fire-resistant, are to be preferred. A natural look is important for many buyers. Very cheap products will not have a natural look and appear (and smell) clearly artificial. Non-toxic materials are offered for many quality Christmas garlands as standard already.
  4. LIGHTING Consider the number of lights, the type, and the power source. Are the lights in the garland battery-operated, or they need to be operated with an electric cord? Battery-operated lighted garlands might come in handy as you can place it wherever you want to, without worrying about an electric socket nearby. However, the batteries will need to be replaced from time to time.


Choosing the perfect decoration for Christmas should not cause you any stress. With our suggested Christmas garlands, you have a comprehensive overview of the available products and designs. All garlands are chosen carefully after testing either ourselves or collecting feedback of buyers who have purchased and used these garlands. Only those products with a good value for money and high quality made it into our selection. 

As decor and design preferences follow everybody’s personal taste, the wide choice of available decorations will offer a match for every home. But do not forget that it can also be huge fun for your family to get hands-on and add your own ornaments to the festive garlands. Your individual touch will make these look even more beautiful. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everybody!

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