The Best Laser Temperature Guns in 2019 – Ultimate Reviews & Guide

As technology has moved from one level to another, quite a few things also have changed. Even a few decades ago measuring body temperatures was done with the help of thermometers which required physical contact.

The same was the case whenever there was a need to measure other animate and inanimate surface. However, today we have laser technologies which can be used for measuring temperatures of various objects without physically touching them. This is done with the help of infra-red technology, and it certainly is a big breakthrough.

The device helps you to measure temperature both in Fahrenheit as well Centigrade. But when you have so many options being available, making the right choice is not easy. Hence it is but natural for us to get confused and undecided.

The 10 Best Laser Temperature Guns In 2019

Therefore we will try and list down the 10 best laser temperature guns. This will not only give the customers information about the right models but also will help them to have a better understanding as to what a good laser temperature gun is all about.

It also will be helpful in getting to know more about the main attributes, features, and functionalities when it comes to choosing these laser temperature guns.

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10. Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer

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Etekcity is known for some of the best medical devices and appliances. In keeping with their reputation, they have come out with the 1080 laser grip digital laser infrared thermometer. It is quite versatile and can handle temperatures in the range -50 to 550 degree Centigrade. It is ergonomic looking and comes with a stunning yellow and black color combination.

The design is also quite versatile. It is known for its accuracy, and it also is durable and long-lasting. The distance to spot ratio is 12:1 which actually means that the laser thermometer can measure temperatures of surfaces even if they are located quite far off.

  • It helps to target the subject quite rapidly.
  • The LCD screen is backlit and comes with an on and off facility.
  • This leads to extended battery life.
  • It is practical and perfectly suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.
  • A few cases of inaccuracies in temperature reading have been found.
  • Expensive when compared to other such brands available in the market.
  • Not the best of after sales customer services.


After factoring the various pros and cons and also the features, there are reasons to believe that it is a high quality and high performing laser thermometer. Accuracy is quite admirable, and hence at the end of the day, customers believe that it offers the best value for money.

9. HOLDPEAK 981C Non-Contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Temperature

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Holdspeak is a well known and respected company which has been around for the past many years. They have offered some of the most customer-friendly appliances, and hence there are reasons to believe that this model no. 981C could be a good buy. It is non-contact in the true sense of the term. This could be considered as one of the best laser temperature gun choices. This is it has a unique color screen display. It also comes with a 12 point aperture which helps the user to choose the right surface. The emissivity can be adjusted from 0.10 to 100.

  • Elegantly designed and good ergonomics.
  • Easy to hold.
  • The user can effortlessly switch from Fahrenheit to Centigrade.
  • The backlight and laser can be independently turned off or on.
  • It can measure temperatures in the range -50 degree centigrade to 550 degree centigrade.
  • A few cases of inaccurate readings have been reported.
  • Distant reading often has problems with accuracy.
  • Battery installation is a pain.


It is a quality laser temperature suitable for various uses. Customers, therefore, believe that it is suited for many versatile requirements. It has a solid feel, and the ease of use is also wonderful to say the least.

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8. Sovarcate Infrared Thermometer, Digital IR Laser Thermometer Temperature

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This Digital IR Laser Temperature Thermometer is often considered to be one of the most rugged, compact and easy to use laser thermometers on the market today. It works just by aiming and pushing the button. It helps the users to read the surface temperature in a second and that too accurately.

This Laser Temperature Thermometer is considered suitable for measuring accurately and safely measuring temperatures of risky and hazardous surfaces. This thermometer is suitable for industrial usage and also for daily household use.

  • It finds usage in machinery maintenance, chemical equipment and also for metallurgical forging.
  • This thermometer is suited for home use (checking water pipes and vehicle engine temperatures)
  • It can measure temperature ranging from – 32-degree centigrade to 550-degree centigrade.
  • The response time is fantastic at 500 mSec.
  • Works on 2 x AAA batteries.
  • May not be suitable for the most accurate reading of temperatures.
  • The battery life perhaps needs improvement.


If you are looking for a reasonably accurate laser temperature gun suitable for heavy duty use it could be the right choice. It is also quite competitively priced.

7. Rhinoco Digital Laser Temperature Gun Infrared Thermometer

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Rhinoco is quite well known for offering reliable and high-quality infrared thermometer for versatile use. People believe that this is a good buy with some smart and customer friendly features.

This Laser Temperature Gun is attractive and stunning in looks and is also extremely ergonomic and easy to grip. It is light weight and has a number of unique features.

  • Capable to operate in a wide temperature range (-50 C to 550 C)
  • The backlight display is large.
  • Quick cooling design and temperature alarm feature.
  • Measurement is accurate making it a high-quality laser temperature gun.
  • Suitable for multiple uses.
  • Expensive.
  • Packing is not good and a few guns arrived scratched and dented.

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6. Nubee Temperature Gun Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared IR Thermometer

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If you are looking for a quality, FDA approved and value for money digital laser infrared thermometer, your search might have ended here. It is suitable for various uses and reads temperature quite accurately. It is stylish looking wit ergonomic designs and user-friendly features.

  • Accurate temperature reading in a second. Aim and shoot.
  • Has a wide range of temperature reading from -50 degree C to +380 degree C.
  • Can measure both centigrade and Fahrenheit.
  • Works on a single 9 volt battery which is included.
  • Not suitable for internal temperature reading.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty use.


On the whole, when this temperature gun comes to the accurate reading of the temperature of both animate and inanimate objects, it could be a right choice. It can read the temperature from a distance.

5. GBB Infrared Thermometer Non Contact Digital Laser Temperature

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This is a high-quality infrared thermometer from the house of GBB, who have a good track record. It is suitable for multiple uses, and the handy design and ergonomic styles are good takeaways.

GBB infrared thermometer also features quite a few other functions including reading objects accurately even at 12:1 distance to spot. We can use it for various purposes in kitchens (grilling steak), air leak testing, water pipe testing and much more.

  • It comes with adjustable emissivity.
  • One of the best when it comes to accurate reading.
  • It comes with the backlit LCD screen.
  • Easy conversion from Centigrade to Fahrenheit and vice versa.
  • Larger in size compared to other model.
  • Heavy and bulkier too.


It is a high quality, high performing and rugged laser temperature gun suitable for various uses and purposes. It reads temperature accurately and offers good value for money.

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4. HDE Temperature Gun Infrared Thermometer w/ Laser Sight

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HDE thermometers have always stood the test of time, and therefore there is quite a bit of interest as far as this brand and model is concerned. It is a quality appliance offering centigrade to Fahrenheit conversion quite effortlessly. It has a response time of 500 m-seconds. There are other interesting features too such as automatic data hold and low battery indicator.

  • Auto power shut off facility
  • This leads to increased battery life.
  • High quality backlight (LCD)
  • High class distance to spot ratio of 12:1
  • A few customers question the 12:1 distance to spot ratio.
  • Not suitable for reflective surfaces such as stainless steel or mirrors.


If you are looking for decent value for money and a quality IR temperature gun, then you are buying it at the right price. You can expect good value for money.

3. Amprobe IR-710 Infrared Thermometer

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The Amprobe IR-710 infrared thermometer could be the ideal choice if you are keen on an accurate and efficient reading of temperatures. It has multiple uses and is commonly used in kitchens, industrial maintenance, fire detection and prevention, and also for HVAC servicing and overhauling. It can test temperatures within seconds and of course accurately.

  • The accurate reading of temperature without touching.
  • Suitable for air conditioners because it can easily spot air leaks.
  • Saves money when used in HVAC systems.
  • Made from quality material with the best of ergonomics and easy to handle features.
  • Fixed emissivity of 0.95.
  • Is good enough for 10:1 subject to distance ratio against 12:1 which is the market norm.
  • A few cases of inaccurate readings have been reported.


It is best suited for HVAC uses and also for various cooking purposes. It has earned reputation for its accuracy, durability and longevity.

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2. Fluke 62 MAX IR Thermometer

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Yes, you are buying one of the best laser temperature guns because of a number of reasons. It is small in size, light weight and offers a wide temperature reading capability (-20 degree centigrade to +932 degree Fahrenheit ). It is best suited for HVAC, mechanical, electrical and other monitoring devices. Highly accurate non-contact temperature reading is possible.

  • Highly accurate
  • Covers a wide range of customers and end uses
  • Safely reads temperatures from a reasonable distance.
  • Ensures accurate readings.
  • The emissivity settings often go haywire.
  • Readings tend to vary once in a while depending on surfaces.


All in all, there is no doubt that you are buying a value for money IR thermometer which has been designed and made to perform.

1. Nice Non-Contact LCD IR Laser Infrared Digital Temperature Thermometer Gun

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This comes from the house of Aichoic and it certainly is a nice IR digital thermometer gun. It is good looking and has a cute ergonomic design. This thermometer gun is lightweight but at the same time suitable for rugged and rough uses.

  • It has auto power shut off facility and this happens in flat 7 seconds
  • This helps to extend battery life.
  • It comes with a temperature range of -50 to 330-degree Centigrade.
  • Decent 12:1 subject to distance ratio.
  • Looks cheap.
  • Not exactly durable.


It is an above-average laser gun suitable for various purposes. However, it may not be exactly suitable for long-term use according to a few users.

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