Top 10 Best Kidkraft Dollhouses in 2022 – Best Gifts for Kids

Kidkraft Dollhouse

Kidkraft, a dollhouse manufacturing company that was established in 1968 has created several dollhouses, play kitchens and many such toys in variety. The organization strongly believes that every child needs some space to imagine and explore. A classic dollhouse is composed of natural wood. However, it does not hold true for all the Best Kidkraft dollhouses. Whether the house is big or small, it needs to have all the home essential things inside it, which make it appealing.

The dollhouses manufactured by Kidkraft are so popular among both boys and girls that it can give any toy manufacturing company a run for its money. Kids above 3 years should play with these toys as they have several small playing parts which have a danger of choking if played by toddlers.

If you are looking forward to buying a Kidkraft Dollhouse, here we help you with the list of best Kidkraft Dollhouses available in the present year. Let’s get started.

These are the Best Kidkraft dollhouses you can buy for kids in 2022

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10. Melissa & Doug Kidkraft Dollhouse 

Melissa & Doug Kidkraft Dollhouse


This is a solid wooden dollhouse which has the furnishing that can spark the visionary play. The wood is of high quality which makes the house very sturdy. It encompasses two staircases that can move and there are five external doors to the house. There are around 19 hand-painted furniture pieces. Also, it holds cabinets and doors which are working as well as drawers which provide the final finishing touch. It can be used either at home or at school.

Why Buy This Product

This is a three level wooden house which is very easy to assemble. It comes with a move-in condition. There are five spacious rooms, including two movable staircases and five doors that make the house appear giant and beautiful. There are a total of 19 pieces of solid wood hand painted furniture pieces assembled in the house, which is a treat to play with for your doll. This is a perfect dollhouse if your kid is between 3 to 7 years in age.

Key Features
  • It is sturdy as it is made up of high-quality wood
  • There are two movable staircase and five doors
  • It includes a total of 19 solid wood furniture pieces
  • The dollhouse measures 28” H * 15.5” W * 24.5” L when assembled.
  • Ideal for kids between 3 to 7 years of age
  • It is highly strong
  • Easy to assemble and play
  • Pieces do not get attached with each other easily

9. Kidkraft Kayla Dollhouse 

Kidkraft Kayla Dollhouse


The Kayla dollhouse from Kidkraft is a perfect choice for kids who want their dolls to stay in glamour. It is an ideal place where the fashion dolls can live in style. It stands at a height of four feet. This house has three levels which encompass four rooms and a balcony. Each room is shown very brightly through the detailed artwork. The staircase is moulded with plastic. It is made up of high-quality wood which makes it sturdy and durable.

Why Buy This Product

If your kid is of age 3 years and higher, this dollhouse is ideal to buy. The house has three storeys, and the dolls of height 12” can be easily accommodated into the house. The plastic staircase is connecting the middle and upper floors. A total of 10 furniture pieces is encompassed in the house and all the pieces are very beautifully colored. The house is large where multiple children can play at once.

Key Features
  • It weighs 26lbs.
  • The house has three levels, all connected with a staircase
  • A total of 10 beautifully printed furniture pieces comes along with the house.
  • Fits 12 inch dolls easily
  • It is sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Many kids can play at once
  • The packaging needs to be taken care of that no parts are missing.

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8. Kidkraft Sparkle Mansion Dollhouse 

Kidkraft Sparkle Mansion Dollhouse


This dollhouse appears to be very sophisticated. It is very stylish. The name Sparkle Mansion is given because it includes sparkles and the interior showed is very modern. This house is really big with four storeys. The possibility of play with six rooms and two outdoor areas has no limits. The height of the house is big enough for kids who are a bit older who would love to play in the house with their fashion dolls.

Why Buy This Product

It is a very great dollhouse if your kids are a bit older. The house is very sturdy and is a really big mansion with four floors and various sections. There are six rooms in total with two outdoor areas. The design of each section is very unique. The outdoor area comprises of swimming pool and the backyard grill. The house also holds a gliding elevator. In short, it is the proper dollhouse which will keep your kid and their friends busy and entertained for a good amount of time.

Key Features
  • The dollhouse dimension is 50.75”L * 14”W * 54.5”H.
  • It is made up of MDF Wood
  • There are a total of 30 detailed furniture pieces.
  • A total of six rooms, backyard grill, swimming pool, gliding elevator, and two doors is all you will find in the house.
  • Dolls of 12” can be easily accommodated
  • Elegant and Appealing Look
  • The giant house where multiple kids can play together
  • Easy to assemble
  • It would require a good amount of space to place it.

7. Kidkraft Enchanted Forest Dollhouse

Kidkraft Enchanted Forest Dollhouse


This version of the dollhouse, popularly known as the Forest Enchanted dollhouse, is completely made of many charming details whether you see inside or outside. The design of the house is a very innovative hinged design, which means that the kids are able to play with the house open or closed.  There are two floors in the house and a total of 7 rooms which are assembled properly. It will really be a good house to play with.

Why Buy This Product

The house is different than the other dollhouses as it can be opened and closed both. It is made up of MDF, Solid Wood, Plastic and Metal Hardware. It is very strong and sturdy due to its building materials. The accessories are very beautifully colored, and we get a total of 16 accessories with the pack. Featuring two spacious levels, 7 cozy rooms along with a princess cottage design is really a must have for all the kids.

Key Features
  • The house dimension is 17.6” * 17.25” * 15.6”.
  • There are a total of 7 rooms on two floors
  • The house comes with 16 accessories
  • Accommodates dolls of 5” in the house
  • It is sturdy
  • The house can be easily opened and closed.
  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • A giant and spacious house that has 2 levels, 7 rooms, and 16 accessories
  • The open and close mechanism for the house
  • Elegant appearance
  • None

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6. Kidkraft Disney Princess Dollhouse

Kidkraft Disney Princess Dollhouse


The Kidkraft’s Disney Cinderella Royal Dream Dollhouse is really a princess house. It is believed that this house encompasses almost everything that your princess will require to relive her fairytale. This super dollhouse comprises a total of four storeys which really makes it big. There are a total of 5 rooms on these four levels accompanied by a balcony. There are two staircases in the house which are winding in structure. An added surprise is a hidden clock tower loft.

Why Buy This Product

It is made up of solid wood, MDF, Plexi and plastic which makes it very sturdy. In this large house, there are five rooms with beautiful accessories in all the rooms. The dollhouse includes a total of 12 pieces of furniture which have a very royal appearance. A few to name among the many are a beautiful glass slipper and a gold hanging chandelier. Also, there are gold attic doors, and the house can easily accommodate dolls of 12”.

Key Features
  • Made up of solid wood, MDF, Plexi, and plastic
  • The dimension of the house is 96.52 * 38.74 * 149.23
  • The house has 4 levels with 5 rooms
  • There is one balcony
  • Highly durable and strong.
  • It includes golden slippers with a hanging chandelier
  • A very great gift idea for gifting anyone
  • The dollhouse is well designed and is very sturdy
  • Ideal for kids who are a bit older
  • Not for small kids

5. Kidkraft Penelope Dollhouse

Kidkraft Penelope Dollhouse


The house is divided into three levels and it appears very simple and pretty with its pastel design. It comprises a total of 9 furniture pieces which includes a beautiful chandelier along with a canopy bed. The stairs are curved which connects the second floor to the third. The windows being large make the view very easy from several angles. As the house is large, multiple children can play at one time.

Why Buy This Product

If you are looking for a dollhouse for a four-year-old kid, this is a perfect choice. However, children aged between 36 months to 8 years can fondly play with this mesmerizing dollhouse. It has a total of 3 levels and 9 pieces of furniture. This house is not much sturdy, but it is highly durable as per the customers. The house needs to be attached on the wall which is really helpful to prevent the house from falling on small kids.

Key Features
  • The house dimension is 25.5” * 13” * 44”
  • It weighs 27.8 pounds
  • There are 3 levels to the house
  • The house comes with 9 furniture pieces which include a chandelier and a canopy bed.
  • The house is very durable
  • It fits Barbie dolls up to 12 inches
  • The house has big windows which make the view very clear from various angles
  • This house eliminates the need to buy any extra furniture
  • Not much sturdy as it is being made from composite wooden materials
  • Some people face problem to assemble it

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4. Kidkraft SO Chic Dollhouse

Kidkraft SO Chic Dollhouse


Few of the houses that we saw till now were very sophisticated and loaded with furniture for the kids who love to have sleek dollhouses while few were made with a beautiful and mesmerizing wooden construction that was simple yet elegant. This house falls in the category of simple but will keep the kids glued to it. The house is divided into three levels, and there are four open sides to the house which allows easy viewing at all the angles.

Why Buy This Product

This house is ideal if you have a toddler or a small kid. With its beautiful design and high space, more than one kid can easily play with the house. This house is not very height; hence kids can play by sitting on the floors and hence it is ideal for toddlers too (only if an adult is sitting beside to look after). There is a big pack of accessory which has a total of 36 furniture pieces. There is no second thought to be given while buying this house.

Key Features
  • It has three storeys with 10 rooms
  • There are four open sides to the house
  • A big package having 35 pieces of furniture
  • The house can easily accommodate dolls of 12 inches
  • The house is very sturdy
  • It weighs 68.5 pounds
  • The house dimensions are 34.25 * 27.25 * 46.25 inches
  • Magnificent look
  • You can set up lots of furniture that comes with the accessory
  • It has a sturdy wooden design
  • There are rooms on both sides
  • You can easily look through all the angles
  • The house is mounted on wheels; hence the house can be moved easily
  • For some people, the house is tricky to assemble
  • The space acquired by the house is too much.

3. Kidkraft Girls Uptown Dollhouse

Kidkraft Girls Uptown Dollhouse


This is a dream house and is very elegant and royal with all the lavishness one can ask for. Even adults cannot stay without loving this houses. This Uptown Dollhouse is for older children. The house appears very sophisticated with all the brightening colors and the sleek design. This house comes with many accessories. The artwork that is done at the back portion of the house will help your child to envision her fashion dolls living with all the luxury and lavishness.

Why Buy This Product

This uphill dollhouse from Kidkraft is a giant fairy tale house that no one can say no to. The big house is divided into three floors which have five rooms in total. Each room has very beautifully painted accessories. Some of the accessories are a deluxe swimming pool and a piano that has sound enough to blow away your kids’ minds. Moreover, there is an elevator which glides to all three floors. This is a must buy dollhouse for your kid.

Key Features
  • Made up of solid wood, MDF, plastic, and fabric
  • Divided into three levels with five rooms
  • Comprises of a deluxe swimming pool and a backyard area
  • There are dozens of beautiful furniture pieces that come along with the house.
  • It weighs 57.3 pounds
  • The unique lavish look makes it stand out from the rest.
  • The design is very dignified and graceful.
  • Ideal for older kids
  • It is very sturdy
  • Few people have faced problem in assembling it.

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2. Kidkraft Charlotte Dollhouse

Kidkraft Charlotte Dollhouse


The classic Kidkraft Charlotte house is a real spark when we look at the design and construction of the dollhouse. This house has a height of four feet. The dollhouse has 4 levels and all are very spacious, enabling multiple kids to play together. The house is heightened enough to welcome 12” dolls with ease. The house comes with a set of 14 furniture pieces which abolish the requirement of any other furniture pieces.

Why Buy This Product

The rich and royal decor, all the bright and lively colors and the cozy atmosphere makes this house splendid, elegant and compassionate. This house comes with a total of 14 pieces of furniture that the kids would really love to play with. Moreover, the house comes with the EZ Kraft Assembly technology, which helps to assemble the house within minutes. Hence the children get more time to play and the adult needs to spend less build time.

Key Features
  • Dolls of 12” height can be easily accommodated in the house
  • There are four levels to the house with rooms like Bathroom, Sitting area, kitchen, nursery, etc.
  • A 14 piece furniture assembly comes along with it
  • The house dimension is 32.5” L * 11.8” W * 49” H
  • It is made up of Wood, plastic, and MDF
  • It weighs 29 pounds
  • A rich and royal decor house that’s a perfect gift for any kid
  • It comes with EZ Kraft technology which helps to assemble the house
  • Dolls of 12” inches can be accommodated
  • None

1. Kidkraft Everyday Heroes Play Set

Kidkraft Everyday Heroes Play Set


This house is not just a playhouse that allows our kids to play with but also a learning house as they learn to save people by imaging themselves as real-life super heroes. The house is divided into three floors. There are a total of 12 rooms on the floors. There are fire fighters pole from the floor to the ceiling. This house comes with a pack of 35 piece accessory kit. It is made up of wood, plastic. It comprises a total of 12 figures like animals, vehicles, and accessories.

Why Buy This Product

Using Kidkraft Everyday Heroes wooden play set, kids can play as well as save their time. This house is so detailed and creative that it helps the children to imagine themselves as real-life heroes. They learn how to answer people in an emergency and how to save someone in need. Hence, this is an ideal house choice if you want your child to learn the basics of life. Moreover, it is very convenient to close and put the house back within seconds.

Key Features
  • Made up of Wood, MDF, Fabric, and Plastic
  • The house dimension is 38.25” * 10.75” * 27.75”
  • It weighs 23 pounds
  • The house comprises of three floors with 12 rooms
  • There is a roof to floor fire pole attached
  • The house is foldable and it is easy to store
  • It comes with three vehicles such as Helicopter, Police Motorcycle, and a fire truck
  • The house also comprises of fire-fighters that can be bent and dogs
  • A giant house with multiple accessories
  • The house comes with various vehicles
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to wrap up
  • Enhances the kids’ imaginative skill
  • No Disadvantages


This ends our list of the best Kidkraft Dollhouses available in the market in the current year and hope, and you found it useful. This review is purely based on the research and the inputs of the customers who have purchased these dollhouses. As you will study about each dollhouse, you would get a clear picture of the dollhouse you want to purchase for your kid.

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