The Best Inflatable Hot Tubs in 2022: Compare of Key Differences

Best inflatable hot tub

Are you looking to bring the soothing luxury of a Spa to your backyard? Find details of the top 10 best inflatable hot tubs in 2022 right here. Inflatable hot tubs are the new way to get you warm and relaxed at home. These hot tubs are portable, easy to set up and pack away after use.

They are designed by experts to bring spa luxury right to your patio. With these inflatable hot tubs, you get all you want as far as luxury and comfort are concerned.

The following is a review and buying guide of the best inflatable hot tubs selected after careful research and analysis of the market. A lot of thought has been put into the ranking process so that you will get only the best for your requirements.

These are the Best Inflatable Hot Tubs in 2022

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10. Coleman Saluspa Thahiti for up to 4 people

Coleman Saluspa Thahiti for up to 4 people


This easy to set up inflatable hot tub can be used indoors or outdoors. It is fun for up to 4 people and can be used anywhere outside your house. The best part is that the unit requires no expert knowledge to run and maintain it or some pre-installed equipment to get it set up.

Key features
  • It can accommodate a maximum of four people, but with this amount of adults, it gets a bit cozy
  • Its walls are inflatable: This ensures optimum luxury and comfort. Also, they make the tub durable and long-lasting.
  • It comes with handles on two sides, so the hot tub is easy to move and, without water, can be carried back in the garage after use or in winter times.
  • A strong pump ensures that there is always enough air in the walls to give it maximum stability.

9. Aquaspa Bubble Jet  Tub Spa

Aquaspa Bubble Jet  Tub Spa


Get a feel of the warm weather in Hawaii with the Aquaspa Bubble Jet. Capacity for up to 5 individuals, this tub gives you an almost Jacuzzi experience with its build-in jets and bubble makers.  The rapid heating systems warm the water up in no time, and the attached air pump runs on its own to keep the tub walls firm. You can also control the pump via a modern digital display

Key features
  • It comes with up to 114 air jets ensuring every part of your body gets a gentle water massage.
  • A cover maintains the water temperature when temporarily not in use and protects from dust and dirt getting into the water.
  • The material is puncture resistant and durable. It will not loose its tension, so the tub always keeps its comfortable square shape.
  • It has an inbuilt system for rapid warming; the inflatable hot tub is always ready for you.

8. Coleman Saluspa Hot Tub with Remote Control

Coleman Saluspa Hot Tub with Remote Control


This inflatable Havana hot tub from Coleman is designed with a seating limit of up to 4 individuals. The remote control lets you adjust the pump, the temperature, and the massage system while relaxing in the tub. No jumping out of the water and switch settings; just relax and enjoy the jet streams under water. You can pre-heat the water with a timer up to 99 hours in advance.

Key features
  • Its in-built water heating system can be pre-programmed
  • In the box are a cover and a manually, a ChemConnect dispenser, remote control, and filters
  • Water can be heated safely up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Repair patch will seal in seconds any leak
  • Water is always clean with the automatic chlorine system
  • Warm bubbles help you relax

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7. Cosyspa Luxury Hot Tub for up to 6 Persons

Cosyspa Luxury Hot Tub for up to 6 Persons


For those who want to have a bit of luxury on the patio or in the garden, the Cosyspa is perfect. Up to 6 people can comfortably sit and relax in the hot water. It is easy to set up, the automatic pump will keep the 1000 liter of water clean, hot and the walls always inflated. The PVC material is designed for hot tubs and strong and durable

Key features
  • It comes with a strong 600 W pump and 130 air jets
  • A smaller version for 2-4 people also available
  • In the box are additional cup holders and head rests on making the spa experience even better.

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6. Bestway Helsinki Hot Tub with Wood Print Design

Bestway Helsinki Hot Tub with Wood Print Design


This inflatable hot tub looks amazing because of its wood print decor on the walls. You almost feel like in a Finnish sauna in Helsinki. Since the pump and its digital panel is close to the tub, you can easily control streams and water temperature. Up to 5 people can sit here and relax. It is also easy to deflate and store away when not used. The freeze shield technology still keeps it running when it’s cold outside.

Key features
  • Scandinavian outdoor sauna design is an eye-catcher
  • It has a water filtration and ChemConnect system that ensures the water is always sparkling clean. It also comes with a built-in air blower system for a soothing massage.
  • Its heating system is digitally controlled within some tight temperature ranges to avoid risks of over-heating the inflatable hot tub.
  • Ultra-sturdy top stitch material for strong and long-lasting walls

5. Aleko Square Hot Tub for 4 People

Aleko Square Hot Tub for 4 People


The Aleko inflatable Hot Tub is an easy to set up and great performing addition to your garden, patio, or backyard. 4 people will find enough space for a relaxing time and enjoy up to 108 degrees F hot water. Handles on each side make it easy to move when deflated.

The Aleko Portable Inflatable Hot Tub offers the perfect spa experience and relieves you from muscle aches and back pain.  When you are done, this hot tub is very easy to fold and store for later use.

Key features
  • Heats up the water depending on outside temperatures
  • Strong pump with 1500 Watt keeping the tub always inflated, 900 Watt of it reserved for heating up the water and keep the temperature
  • It is crafted from high-quality materials for durability and superior strength.
  • It has a user-friendly design for easy use and set up; no tools required.

4. Sunny Rain Single Person inflatable Tub

Sunny Rain Single Person inflatable Tub


This tub is a more simple model since only one person fits in, and it lacks some of the features of more advanced models. However, if you are single or just want to have a hot bath, but your home doesn’t come with a tub, this is a perfect solution. You can inflate it with the attached pump in minutes. You can get water from your garden hose or hot water from your shower in it through a connector.

Key features
  • Perfect for singles who want to relax in a bath tub outside
  • This hot tub is easy and simple to set up and doesn’t use much electricity
  • No automatic heating, but can be attached to a garden hose

3. Colorful ECOiNVA Hot Tub for Kids and Adults

Colorful ECOiNVA Hot Tub for Kids and Adults


A classic inflatable pool design comes with this model from Ecoinva. It has all the basic features a hot tub needs, but for a more affordable price. It is perfect for kids since it is small, easy to inflate and use. The colorful design will increase the fun factor.

Key features
  • It fits 2 adults or 4 children
  • The pump can also be used with 12 V so you can inflate it even from your car
  • Simply attach a garden hose and fill it with your ground water. You can also use it with hot water from any source.

2. Coleman 4-Person Black Portable Hot Tub

Bestway 4-Person Black Portable Hot Tub


This inflatable hot tub is a quality product from a well-known manufacturer. The Coleman hot tub is built to guarantee top-notch luxury in the comfort of your garden or backyard. Its 4-person capacity makes it ideal for partying and romantic treats.

Key features
  • Its floor is soft and cushioned for comfort while you are relaxing inside the tub.
  • It has a rapid heating system for quick but regulated water heating, just the way you love it.
  • Its digital controls make it easy to regulate the temperature of the water while you are inside the tub; just reach over with your arm.
  • Its one-beam construction is sturdily designed to allow one to relax at the soft cushioned walls.
  • This inflatable hot tub comes with two handles for easy carriage and transportation when you are done relaxing.

1. Intex 77-Inch Portable Spa Set

Intex 77-Inch Portable Spa Set


Sleek by design and rich in control features, the Intex 77-Inch Portable Spa Set is a perfect fit for your patio and the bestselling hot tub on the market currently. Its bubble streams are soothing, refreshing, and altogether relaxing. It is spacious enough to accommodate up to 5 adults, so all are seated comfortably around.

Key features
  • The insulated cover is lockable to conserve heat within the hot tub and keep dirt away when not used.
  • It has a hard water treatment system which helps with water softening and long lasting experience.
  • The material is Fiber-Tech designed for enhanced performance and durability, even when completely filled and occupied.
  • It is made from a puncture-resistant laminated 3 ply material. This extends the lifetime of the hot tub.
  • This inflatable hot tub also features handles for easy carriage and transportation. You can easily carry it along during your travels.

Things you need to know about a good inflatable hot tub

There are several considerations to make before buying an inflatable hot tub. It is important to note these issues because they define the perfect fit of the hot tub you take home.

  • Dimensions– This is often one of the first things to checks when buying an inflatable hot tub. Look for products which will accommodate you and a couple of other close friends or your family. Hot tubs come in different measures and shapes.
  • Amount of space it occupies – You ought to consider the tub’s space requirements. Regardless of whether you’re introducing it to your patio or just outdoor in your backyard, you will require some suitable space to set it up.
  • The plug socket –You will need to double-check on this one. It is one aspect that many users overlook at the time of purchase. This is critical because it is what you will use to connect the tub to the water fixture. Do not choose a bathtub with a substandard plug socket in the hope of using an extension lead to get the job done. Always use extensions that are waterproof and safe for outdoor use.

Remember not to over-inflate the tub. Good products like the ones we reviewed here will stop automatically when the perfect pressure is reached. Trust the pump system and only use manual mode for small adjustments.

These are basically some of the considerations you need to make before making a purchase. It is also important to note that the choice of a good tub depends, to some extent, on the manufacturer and supplier.

There are a few established manufacturers and online stores with quality brands. Luckily, we gave a detailed summary of brands from these renowned manufacturers and suppliers in this content.

Follow the links below each of the products to get more details on the price and make a purchase on It offers the best products at affordable rates.

If you want the best inflatable hot tub, you need to know the details and features. With our summary reviews, you can now make informed purchases without purchasing the wrong product. This way, you will enjoy your hot tub for a long time.


Our summary of the top 10 best inflatable hot tubs has captured only the latest trending models. You can acquire any of these hot tubs by following the links provided below each product.

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