Top 10 Best Ice Cooling Vests in 2022 | Ultimate Shopping Guide

Best Ice Cooling Vest

Whether you are an athlete, Multiple Sclerosis patient, or living in a city with hot weather, combating the summer heat can be a struggle. However, the intense summer heat shouldn’t hinder you from doing what you love. The best ice cooling vests are designed to keep your body cooler in hot weather conditions. This makes it a perfect choice if you are looking to train or take part in outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, cycling, or camping during the upcoming summer.

These vests will also let you work on your lawn, manicure your flowerbed, and tackle other tasks with ease. Plus, Ice cooling vests also allow a person with Multiple Sclerosis to perform his/her daily chores comfortably. Another benefit of using this vest is that working in cold conditions also allows for increased endurance and a stronger cardiovascular system.

Ice cooling vests first appeared on the market a few years ago and were primarily designed for individuals who work in areas with high heat. These areas included restaurant kitchens and metal melting factories. However, today, these vests are in high demand for athletes, builders, workers, as well as outdoor lovers who wouldn’t want the high temperature in summer to limit their productivity or fun.

In this guide, we have gone through numerous models available on the market and narrowed the list to ten products that offer the best performance in various applications.

Top 10 Best Ice Cooling Vests in 2022

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Read details about each product below:

10. FlexiFreeze Ice Vest

FlexiFreeze Ice Vest


With so many vests on the market designed to cater to various needs, it is crucial to choose an optimal vest that meets your specific needs. If your priorities are lightweight, thinness, and superior cooling, then this FlexiFreeze best is likely to meet your needs. Designed to fight brutal heat, while still allowing for flexibility, this vest is useful for both workers and outdoor lovers. Similar to other cooling vests from this brand, it utilizes the power of pure water ice cubes to bring the temperature down efficiently.

When compared to the gel packs, water packs offers more efficient and long-lasting cooling, allowing the user to stay protected from extreme heat for longer. The vest is also made of neoprene material that provides soft and lightweight insulation to protect your skin. More importantly, this vest is less than 1 inch thick to ensure your mobility and flexibility is never compromised. What’s more, it comes outfitted with three re-freezable panels that are removable. The vest is also adjustable from Xs to 2XX size, allowing it to offer a snug fit for almost everyone.

  • Designed for comfort and functionality
  • Washable and rip-stop materials
  • One Size fits most
  • Offers a long-term cooling solution
  • It has only one color choice

9. Ergodyne Cooling Vest with 4 Ice Packs

Ergodyne Cooling Vest with 4 Ice Packs


Offering a much tighter and sleeker look than other cooling vests, the Ergodyne cooling vest brings you unlimited flexibility and comfort when dealing with summer’s scorching sun. This vest boasts of an up to 60 percent lighter weight when compared to other models to ensure that workers stay cooler, safe, and more productive. The vest and packs are made of a hundred percent Biodegradable phase change materials that maintain a constant temperature of 15° C for about two hours after activation.

The vest is made of a cotton-polyester blend and comes with adjustable loops and closures on the waist to allow for a customized fit for everyone. Another notable feature is the quick recharge packs that let you get back to work in less than ten minutes. Plus, the vest integrates a heavy-duty front zipper that for easy on and off and two front pockets that are useful in storing your mobile phones, keys, and other small accessories.

  • Provides immediate and long-lasting cooling relief
  • Quick recharge Cooling packs
  • Flexible fit
  • Comes with two zippered front pockets that provide added storage
  • Black color tends to absorb rather than reflect heat

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8. Wendysy Cooling Vest

Wendysy Cooling Vest


Bringing an unprecedented cool experience under the baking sub in the summer, the Wendysy Cooling Vest is a suitable pick for farm workers, outdoor sports, hiking, cycling as well as chefs. The vest is made of soft-touch and mesh materials that maximize the ventilation effects, ensuring that your body remains cool. The soft fabric also feels comfortable when worn on bare skin. Notably, this vest comes with 24 ice packs, enabling you to stay cooler for longer.

Ultimately, the lightweight and thin design make it ideal for wearing under or over your clothing. We also love the adjustable waist that allows for a snug fit for most wearers. More importantly, the construction of this vest has more emphasis on gradual cooling while still ensuring that your mobility is not compromised. What’s more, it is made of high-quality materials that keep you cool for up to three hours for every charge.

  • Soft touch and durable mesh material
  • Comes With 24 ice packs
  • Adjustable Waist
  • Suitable for all outdoor activities
  • Comes in only blue color

7. FlexiFreeze Professional Cooling Kit

FlexiFreeze Professional Cooling Kit


This is another premium cooling kit from FlexiFreeze designed for a variety of uses. It is an excellent choice for an individual with occupations that involves working in high heat areas. They are also ideal for people who are highly sensitive to heat because of medical-related reasons such as multiple sclerosis. More importantly, the vest is also a perfect choice for everyday tasks such as gardening, walking the dog, or mowing the lawn under the sizzling sun, especially during the upcoming summer.

Boasting of the patented design, this vest has re-usable ice sheets to harness the power of pure water ice cubes. Since pure water is used pound for pound, it delivers a more efficient cooling when compared to vests that come with gel packs. The lightweight and slim design also ensure that your flexibility is not affected in any way. Above all, this vest also adjusts from XS to 6XX size providing a snug fit for everyone.

  • Machine washable
  • Free size, adjustable to fit the young and old
  • Thin and lightweight construction
  • Made with Heavy Duty Rip-Stop fabric
  • Pricey

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6. FlexiFreeze Professional Series Ice Vest

FlexiFreeze Professional Series Ice Vest


FlexiFreeze brand doesn’t need any introduction for most people. Being at the forefront of producing a cooling vest, this US registered trademark ensures that you get the best cooling performance and protection. Both the vest and the ice sheets are made in the US under stringent laws and regulations to ensure the consumer gets the best quality. It utilizes the power of industrial strength plastics and pure water to deliver superior cooling for worker and outdoor lovers looking for long term cooling solution.

Engineered with ripstop fabric and 3M reflective fabric, this vest also ensures that the users remain visible wherever they are. For durability and convenience, this vest is integrated with a high strength YKK zipper and two large front pockets. Besides, the vest is breathable, making it suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications, including occupational/ industrial as well as personal needs. Even better, this vest is lightweight and versatile, allowing it provides a full range of motion. You can also wear it under other personal protective equipment for enhanced convenience.

  • Made with Heavy Duty Rip-Stop fabric
  • Three Removable vest panels included
  • 3M Reflective fabric for enhanced visibility
  • Adjustable sides and shoulder straps fit most sizes
  • Water filled packs tend to take slightly longer than the gel-filled models

5. FlexiFreeze Personal Cooling Kit

FlexiFreeze Personal Cooling Kit


Beat the summer heat or industrial heat efficiently with this cooling kit. This cooling kit uses pure water ice cubes to reduce and maintain a constant temperature for over three hours. Taking pride in a patented design; these specially formulated industrial grade compartments allow that your body doesn’t overheat even when working the temperature surrounding you is high. While it was designed for melting crew, these ice vests can also be used as full-body protective gear in various high heat situations including when working on a farm in the summer.

Fearing a light and thin construction, this vest offers you with maximum flexibility. It is also made of soft neoprene that delivers soft and light insulation. Similarly, despite being extremely durable, these materials are also machined washable. The vest is also fully adjustable, ensuring a snug fit for kids and adults alike. As a bonus, you are also providing with a heavy-duty, insulated carry bag.

  • Have three re-freezable cooling panels that are removable
  • Offers an ultimate cooling solution
  • The size is adjustable from XS to 6XX
  • Compatible with most replacement panels
  • Available in one color choice

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4. Spand-Ice Women’s Ice and Heat Therapy Tank

Spand-Ice Women’s Ice and Heat Therapy Tank


Delivering natural and effective back pain relief, the Spand Ice women ice therapy tanks are the ultimate choice for moms looking for natural therapy but is too busy to find time to schedule a massage session and other self-care. Having been made using neoprene, mesh, and spandex material, this vest maintains a breathable yet lightweight feel, ensuring that you are flexible. Also, the fabrics are well insulated to ensure that your skin is not exposed to cold or hot packs. Different from other models in the market, this therapy tank also comes with two patented, long-lasting packs that can be either heated or frozen.

Additionally, this vest also comes with two internal pockets for the reusable ice packs that target your mid and low back pain. Similarly, these vests also adjust and conform to your body to not only offer you superior support but also keep the therapy packs in place. Notably, the vest also features a tank top design that allows you to wear it over or under your clothing. Thanks to the durable construction, this vest holds up to repeated daily use.

  • Comfortable enough for all-day wear
  • Natural pain relief solution
  • Adjustable compression strap
  • Made with strong, durable materials
  • Few customer reviews

3. Ergodyne Cooling Vest with 2 Ice Packs

Ergodyne Cooling Vest with 2 Ice Packs


A vest built that is built for action using study and non-flammable materials; the Egrodyne cooling vest is designed to provide the best in class cooling and protection. Boasting of innovative design, this vest keeps the workers cooler, safe, and productive. Once activated, it maintains a temperature of about 18° C for up to four hours. It is made of cotton and FR fabric that meets the ASTMF1506 requirement.

Plus, users will appreciate the flexible sizing thanks to the adjustable hook and loops at the waist and shoulders. This offers you a customized and comfortable fit for most users regardless of their size. For added convenience, this vest comes with quick recharge ice packs that let you get to work in as little as ten minutes. Notably, the honeycomb ice pack design also allows for added flexibility while the reflective accents allow for increased visibility in the job sites or in the woods while walking your dog.

  • Flame Resistant construction
  • Reflective accents or more visibility
  • Flexible Design
  • Quick recharge Ice packs
  • Only two color choices

2. New Home Innovations Cooling Vest

New Home Innovations Cooling Vest


Whatever your heat stress issue may be, this vest is up to the task. Whether you are mowing your lawn under the scorching summer sun, cooking or working in a metal melting factory, the new home innovation vest provides you with ultimate cooling comfort. This vest comes with four removable PCM cool packs that offer an instant and long-lasting cooling relief. These vests keep you at a comfortable temperature, meaning that you will sweat less and improve the overall concentration and productivity.

The ice packs are filled with 100 percent water to ensure safety in the event of any leakage. The vests are also lightweight, adjustable, and breathable. The materials are soft on the skin and provide maximum ventilation. Additionally, this vest comes with an adjustable torso and shoulder strap that allows for a snug fit. For enhanced convenience, this vest also comes with an insulated carry bag that ensures that your packs stay cool and ready to use in a moment’s notice.

  • Multi-purpose, ideal for workers, outdoor enthusiasts, and people suffering from heat-related health issues
  • Adjustable straps allow for a snug fit
  • Free insulated carry case
  • Provides up to 3 hours of cooling
  • Takes slightly longer for the ice pack to recharge

1. Summer Icy Cooling Vest

Summer Icy Cooling Vest


If you are looking for a highly durable cooling vest that comes at a budget-friendly price, then this heat resistant apron from Anthiway wins in every aspect. This versatile product brings an innovative circulation system that maintains your upper body cools when training, working outdoors during the summer or in metal melting factories. Studies reveal that keeping your body cool ensures that your muscles feel relaxed but also ensures that you stave off injuries when working or training.

Despite coming in a simple and lightweight design, this vest delivers rapid cooling that reduces the temperature from 122°F – 62°F in less than two minutes. They also maintain a cool temperature for up to four hours. Also, this vest comes in one size fits all that is easily adjustable to fit both adults and kids. What’s more, the vest is made of durable materials, making it not only reusable but also easy to clean with a washing machine.

  • Highly durable and reusable
  • One size fits all
  • Ideal for outdoor sports, cooking, training, etc.
  • Rapid cooling

None that we could find

Factors to Consider When Finding the Best Ice Cooling Vests

Regardless of the type of ice cooling vest that you choose, it is crucial to ensure that it works diligently to meet your needs. Now that you already know of the top-selling models let us look at some of the features to consider you to find a model that meets your needs perfectly.

  • Size/ is it adjustable?: The first you should look at is probably the size of the vest. It makes sense to find a vest that fits you securely. While some vest comes in various sizes, we recommend going for a vest with a snug fit. These vests come with adjustable straps at different positions to ensure a secure fit. This means you do not have to worry about getting a size that might not fit you.
  • How long it keeps you cool: Another important feature to look at is how long the vest keeps you cool. Generally, these vests are designed to keep you cool for 2 to 5 hours. The number of ice packs included usually determines how long the vest keeps you cool. So, if you are looking to work for long hours, ensure that you pick a model with several removable ice packs. Additionally, it is also essential to examine how long the ice packs take to recharge. Of course, a model that recharges faster is a better choice as it allows you to get back to work within a few minutes.
  • Weight and maintenance: Next, you also need to look at the weight and thickness of the vest. A lightweight and thin vest brings you uncompromised flexibility. You can also wear them on or over other protective clothing, boosting your safety. When it comes to maintenance, always go for vests that come with removable ice packs. They should also be reusable and easy to clean.


Yes, wearing ice-cooling vests can befit you, especially in a hot summer environment. Extreme heat in factories or kitchens can also lead to serious injuries. In the guide, we have included a multipurpose cooling ice vest designed to suit different applications. Simply decide on what you want and pick any of the above models that meet your needs.

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