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Some illnesses take some time to heal until the patient get back to his/her normal state. As you probably know, staying in hospitals for long translates to enormous medical bills. However, you do not have to spend a lot of time in the hospital if you are out of danger.

Additionally, recovering in your home it can help the patient recover faster since they feel a lot comfortable when near the people they love. This is where the best hospital beds come in.

Best Hospital Beds for Patients in 2021

The best hospital beds come with various features that make the patient comfortable. These features will boost the patient and caregiver efficiency, maneuverability and comfort.

Today we have various hospital beds with a wide range of features and accessories. This can make it hard for you to decide the best model you need. For this reason, we have compiled an all-inclusive guide that assists you in picking the best hospital bed that helps you or a loved one recuperate conveniently.

Below is a list of top 10 Best Hospital Beds for you to consider:

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Take a look more detailed reviews on each product now:

10. Universal Full-Electric Low Bed Ends

Universal Full-Electric Low Bed Ends


If you are looking for a convenient home care bed, you will not go wrong with this full electric low bed end. The bed comes with a grid sleep surface that offers you with unbeatable comfort while it full adjustability allows you to relax for ultimate comfort. The bed comes with an ergonomic design that ensures that your patient gets the best healing environment.

Thanks to its electric adjustability, the caregiver can lower or raise it to give the patient the special care they need. We love the fact that this is a lightweight bed so moving it from one place to the other will not be a problem.

Key Features
  • Fully electric adjustable bed
  • Comes with swivel wheels making it easy to move
  • Lightweight and sturdy design
  • Practical to use in hospital and homes

9. Invacare IVC Manual Home Care Bed

Invacare IVC Manual Home Care Bed


A high impact bed that comes with impressive features ensures that the patient is comfortable. This is a universal bed that you can use either the footboard or headboard on all the Invacare bed that uses drive shaft. The bed comes with adjustable laying surface that allows the knees and head of the patient to be raised appropriately during the repositioning process.

Another great feature we love about this unit is the simple to set up design that ensures fast installation. The bed also comes with swivel wheels constructed using non-marring rubber making it easier to move the bed around. The bed is extra wide giving the patient ample space to relax.

Key Features
  • Simple set up allows you to install side rails easily
  • Easy to move thanks to the swivel wheels
  • Full manual adjustability
  • Extra wide to offer the patient ample space to relax
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8. Economy Full-Size Adjustable Bed

Economy Full-Size Adjustable Bed


With so many positive reviews from users who have already purchased this bed, there is no doubt that, the bed will offer the patient the care they need. The bed boasts of smooth and quiet operation allowing the caregiver to raise or lower the patient to suit their needs. The bed is made from sturdy tubular metal frame making it a perfect choice for individuals looking for durability and stability.

Some of the other features that you will love about this unit include the sealed safety wired remote control. This allows you to adjust the bed without breaking a sweat. This is not all, we love the impressive weight capacity that ensures even the heaviest patient can get the comfort he/she needs!

Key Features
  • Open frame construction
  • Made using tubular steel to ensure best in class stability and durability
  • Impressive weight capacity
  • Safety-wired remote control

7. Invacare 5410LOW Full-Electric Low Bed

Invacare 5410LOW Full-Electric Low Bed


You can use this low bed from Invacare as a basic bed for your medical facility as it is easily customizable to add the things you need to take care of your patient. Besides using this bed in a medical facility, it is also an excellent choice when recovering at home.

The Invacare 5410LOW Full-Electric Low Bed comes with a super silent motor that will not interrupt your sleep. The bed also comes with a decent upholstered frame that adds to the décor of your master bedroom. The bed is super easy to set up and features some exciting features such as independent foot and head incline.

Key Features
  • Solid built to ensure maximum durability
  • Super easy to adjust
  • Low package bed suitable for medical facility and homes
  • Comes with assist rails and adjustable bed height
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6. Hill-rom Resident Long Term Care Bed

Hill-rom Resident Long Term Care Bed


This is one of the most popular hospital beds from a company, which has been in this business for quite some time. This bed will offer both the patient and the caregivers a unique combination of style, function, and durability at an affordable price. Featuring a fully electric adjusts system you can easily raise or lower the bed deck to suit the patient’s needs.

The bed also comes with user-friendly controls that are mounted on the assist rails giving the patient the convenience he/she needs. This is not all; the auto contour feature allows the one-touch head and knee elevation.

Key Features
  • Comes with side rail control
  • Full electric low and high adjustment system
  • User-friendly controls make it easy to use
  • One touch knee and head elevation

5. Lumex Patriot Semi-Electric Homecare Bed

Lumex Patriot Semi-Electric Homecare Bed


You can enjoy some unique features in this bed. Unlike other models where you have to take a lot of time to do the installation, it is easy to set up this bed in hospitals and homes. The bed comes with an integrated system, which will improve the overall efficiency for both the patient and the caregiver.

Both the foot and head sections can be lowered or lowered either independently or simultaneously with one hand. The bed is available with fiberboard high impact plastic bed ends or decorative walnuts bed ends. This will allow you to pick the model that suits your needs best.

Another feature we love about this unit is the semi-electric adjustability. This allows you to continently raise it using electricity and manually when there is a power failure.

Key Features
  • Very easy to set it up
  • Semi-electric adjustability
  • Adjustable height with extra wide laying surface
  • An efficient motor that ensures smooth operation
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4. Drive Medical Competitor Semi-Electric Bed

Drive Medical Competitor Semi-Electric Bed


For individuals who would want a compact semi-electric hospital bed, this might be your best bet. It is a perfect choice for a patient in hospitals and those who would want to require special attention when recuperating at homes. This is a complete hospital bed that comes with everything you need including the motor, bed rails, footboard, as well as headboard.

The bed also features non-slip feet, making it a perfect choice for a patient who is tossing and turning constantly in bed. Both the deck and leg height are adjustable without requiring any tools. For safety, this bed comes with safety locks that slide over hanger pins, preventing disengaging.

Key Features
  • Full hospital bed with full side rails
  • Non-skid legs to ensure no movement when the patient is tossing in bed
  • The bed platform lowers and raises easily
  • Silent and smooth motor

3. Drive Medical Full Electric Ultra Light Plus Hospital Bed

Drive Medical Full Electric Ultra Light Plus Hospital Bed


This is a lightweight, easy to assemble and an interchangeable electric bed designed to offer the patient the best experience. The bed boasts of a new universal style interchangeable foot and headboards made of high impact composite. The unit also has a height adjustment motor that allows you to raise or lower the bed platform easily.

Another reason why you may need to select this unit is the single motor as well as the junction box, which are self, contained. This helps to prevent noise that may cause distraction when sleeping or watching the television.

Additionally, this hospital bed comes with channel frame construction that has zinc coated spring deck ensuring reduced weight and superior strength.

Key Features
  • Comes with new and improved controls which are easy to use
  • Self-contained motor to reduce noise and weight
  • Sturdy construction provides superior strength
  • UL approved to ensure maximum safety
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2. LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base

LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base


Unlike the regular bed, we use at home, patients need specially designed beds that will fit their needs. The Lucid L300 hospital bed is an incredibly adjustable bed that offers the patients a new level of comfort.

The patient can select the ideal position by simply pressing a button on the wireless remote. The bed comes with impressive features such as dual USB charging ports, independent foot, and head incline as well as programmable memory position.

The bed also comes with a whisper quiet motor that will never interrupt you when watching your favorite movie or sleeping. What’s more, the bed attractive upholstered frame also gives your master suite a great look.

Key Features
  • Independent foot and head incline
  • Convenient mobile charging ports
  • Inbuilt flashlight lights up your room
  • Adjustable bed base offer best back support

1. Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed Package

Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed Package


Designed to offer the caregiver and patient the best convenience, this Invacare full electric bed is a decent choice for medical facility and home use. The bed comes with simple to use pendant controls that offer a motorized positioning of the knees and upper body.

You can also adjust the bed height so that you can use the accessories fitted in this bed. The bed comes with high impact bed end panels that are not only resistant to impact but also scratching.

The bed also comes with universal bed ends that can be used interchangeably, quiet motor that doesn’t cause any disturbance as well as color-coded connection to make it easy to assemble. We also love the ergonomically designed hand pendant that has a heavy duty and strain relief cord. Besides, the waterproof casing makes the bed easy to clean.

Key Features
  • Simple to use pendant controls
  • The quiet motor makes it easy to adjust the bed
  • Easy to clean thanks to the waterproof casing
  • High impact bed platform
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Factors to consider when purchasing the Best Hospital Beds – Buyer’s Guide

We have various models of hospital beds that you can purchase these include the wooden beds, electric beds, as well as height adjustable. Regardless of the type, you select, your primary concern should be selecting models that suits your needs best. Below is some of the consideration that you should have in the back of your mind when it comes to selecting the best hospital bed.

Stability and durabilitySide railsSilent operationHeight RangeEase of assembly
The durability and stability of a hospital bed are determined by the construction material, ergonomics, and design. Ensure that you have purchased a bed constructed with solid materials such as steel or aluminum to ensure long lasting service. The bed should also have an ergonomic design that ensures that it is stable even at its highest point of height adjustment.
Whenever you are choosing a hospital bed, you should ensure that it has side rails. These rails will help prevent the patient from falling. As a rule of the thumb, you should ensure that the hospital bed comes with various safety features, as it would prevent adding to the injury especially if the patient falls. Preferably, the side rails should be removable to make the bed easy to access.
Generally, the hospital beds come with fully electric, semi-electric and manual adjustment. Depending on the model you select, you would want to make sure that it can be raised down and up quietly. Manual models are generally cheap although they require a caregiver to raise them to the patient needs. On another hand, the electric models come with a remote that assist either the patient or caregiver to set the bed in the ideal position.
When purchasing a hospital bed, you should ensure that the bed has a good height range. As mentioned earlier a bed with a good height range will allow the patient to access some accessories as well as makes it easier to access.
Similar to other products, choosing a hospital bed that is easy to set up will save you a lot of time and energy. Luckily, we have models that have color codes that help you to assemble easily. Other models come almost fully assembled saving you the installation hassles.


The hospital bed is used mainly in health facilities and homes to offer the patients with the best comfort as they recover from ailments. These beds are also a great choice for the elderly who may need special care. As you can see, these beds come with various specifications. We hope by going through our guide, it will be easier for you to select the model that suits your needs best. All the best!

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