Top Best Hitch Cargo Carriers in 2022 – A Comparison & Guide

Hitch Cargo Carriers

Everyone needs their own space. This is especially true if you’re traveling by car for a trip across a long period. It’s bad enough you can’t step out every once in a while and relax your limbs! It is even worse if you have to be packed in with the luggage.

Hitch cargo carrier is becoming more and more common because of the many benefits. These carriers can carry your heaviest equipment. You can also free up a lot of space if you pack your luggage on the carrier at the back of your car. Here is a list of the top best hitch cargo carriers of 2022 that range in features, design, and function.

Top Best Hitch Cargo Carriers in 2022 That You Should Buy

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6. XCAR Folding Carrier

XCAR Folding Carrier


The XCAR hitch cargo carrier has 6” side rails that are designed to hold your possessions in place. We recommend this cargo carrier for anyone that is used to moving heavy equipment. The bed of this cargo carrier is reinforced with thickened steel mesh. The basket has four metal support poles and an extra-thick folding tube.

The maximum loading capacity for this cargo carrier is about 500 lbs. and that is more than enough for your extra supplies. If you’re short of space in your vehicle then you should get this cargo carrier. You can use it to haul your heavier equipment while allowing you some legroom.

Key Features

This hitch carrier has a two-piece construction and a powder coating for extra protection against damage. It has four metal support poles and 6″ side rails that keep your equipment from sliding off unexpectedly. The support poles also provide a sturdy attachment point for a cargo net or cargo straps.

The XCAR cargo features 18” worth of folding shank that allows the carrier to be properly put away. This Cargo carrier is about 60”x24” and fits perfectly with any standard 2” trailer hitch.

  • Reinforced steel mesh on the basket
  • Four metal poles good for securing cargo straps
  • 60” x 24” provides plenty of space
  • You can’t exceed the weight limit by even a little as it starts to shimmy from side to side
  • The rubber straps need to be reinforced

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5. Mockins Hitch Carrier

Mockins Hitch Carrier


This cargo carrier from Mockins has 20″ wide bed made from heavy-duty steel. We recommend this hitch carrier cargo for people that are used to hauling their expensive camping equipment. With this cargo carrier, you will also receive a waterproof cargo bag.

You can use this 57.7” x 19.4” x 24” bag to carefully store your vulnerable possessions. Once you have secured your equipment you can haul is safely on the Mockins cargo carrier. This cargo carrier even comes with two ratchet straps and a cargo net. If you’re looking for a reliable cargo carrier to transport your belongings then you should consider this one.

Key Features

The bed of this hitch cargo carrier is about 60” long, 20” wide and 6” tall. The floor of the hitch basket is thick, steel mesh that is easy to clean and maintain. The basket can be folded up for convenient storage when not in use. This hitch basket is compatible with most vehicles that have a 2” receiver.

  • Waterproof cargo bag and cargo net with 2 ratchet straps
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturers’ defects
  • It has a capacity of 500 lbs.
  • The basket provides multiple tie-down points
  • Folding design makes it easier to put away
  • The instructions for assembly should be clearer
  • Some of the screws for the brackets are a little shorter

4. Maxxhaul Hitch Carrier

Maxxhaul Hitch Carrier


This cargo carrier features a very simple design that serves the purpose. The basket, however, is wide and can accommodate your camping equipment easily. The frame is powerful steel that is powder-coated for resistance against rust.

This frame will endure against tough terrains and heavy loads over the years. You can haul about 500 lbs. on this cargo carrier without any problem. The simple design also makes this cargo carrier easier to clean and maintain after each use.

Key Features

The basket on the hitch carrier is about 53″ x 19 ½ ” x 5” on the inside and 51 ½“ x 17 ½“ x 4″ on the inside. This carrier can be attached to any Class III or Class IV hitch receivers. As an added safety measure this carrier also features reflectors.

  • The strong steel frame is powder-coated for protection against rust
  • Simple design makes it easy to clean
  • The bed features reflectors for added security
  • The wide bed accommodates 500 lbs. worth of load
  • The instructions need to be clearer
  • The packaging needs to be revised

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3. AmazonBasics Hitch Carrier

AmazonBasics Hitch Carrier


This hitch carrier provides you with plenty of space. If there is equipment you need to move but you don’t have room then here is the solution. This cargo carrier has a sturdy steel body that has 500 lbs. load capacity.

The basket of this carrier is framed with thick railing on all sides. This cargo carrier has cutouts in the steel railings for taillights to ensure security.

Key Features

This hitch-mounted carrier measures about 60” x 20” with a capacity of 500 lbs. The floor of the basket is durable metal mesh and the side railings are metal as well. There are cutouts for tail lights in the metal railing. This carrier would be compatible with any vehicle with a 2-inch receiver.

  • The railings come with cutouts for tail lights
  • The floor is a thick metal mesh that is easy to clean
  • The wide bed can carry 500 lbs. worth of load
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Assembly can be a pain as everything needs to be bolted down
  • It’s a little bulky and difficult to maneuver

2. Curt Hitch carrier

Curt Hitch carrier


This hitch carrier comes with 6″ rails that keep belongings in order. These sturdy railings can also be used to secure straps on your luggage. This cargo carrier has a sturdy steel frame that is powder-coated for extra protection.

The wide basket on this cargo carrier features a mesh floor that is easy to clean. This hitch carrier can carry 500 lbs. worth of load effortlessly. The angled shank provides you with an added 2” ground clearance.

Key Features

The entire frame of this cargo carrier is durable steel with a protective powder coating. This hitch carrier is about 60” x 24” x 6” all around. The shank on this carrier has a folding design that allows you to put it away when not in use.

This cargo carrier also features reflectors for additional safety.

  • The durable steel mesh floor is easy to clean
  • The frame comes with integrated reflectors
  • Its folding shank provides 2” extra of ground clearance
  • The folding design on the shank also makes it easy to put away
  • It is challenging to assemble without assistance
  • The instructions could be clearer to read

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1. CAR DRESS Carrier



This large hitch carrier has a wide basket that can fit most of your equipment with ease. The frame on this cargo carrier is solid steel that is coated with black epoxy powder. This coating gives the carrier an extra layer of protection as well as a glossy black finish.

You can attach this cargo carrier easily to any vehicle that accepts a 2” receiver. The thick steel mesh on this cargo carrier can support 500 lbs. worth of load. This carrier also features an improved design on the folding shank.

Key Features

The carrier basket is about 47.5″ x 60″ x 9″ in size. The outer Basket dimensions are 24″ x 60″ x 6” and the inner basket dimensions are 23″ x 58″ x 6″. The entire frame is constructed from durable steel and coated with black epoxy powder to make it rustproof.

The bottom of the basket is a thick metal mesh that is easy to clean and secures even the smallest objects. The shank on this carrier features a folding design that allows you to put it away.

  • The improved design on the folding shank provides higher ground clearance
  • It comes with a free ratchet strap
  • It is easily attached to any vehicle that allows a 2” receiver
  • This carrier features three metal support poles for added security
  • The screws for assembly are a little difficult to work with
  • Hitch pin is not included with the package
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That was the end of our review of the best hitch carriers. As we said this is a list of some of the best cargo carriers out there. There is however a clear winner and for is that is the CAR DRESS hitch cargo carrier. This cargo carrier comes in a solid metal frame that is protected by the rustproof and waterproof coating. You can haul 500 lbs. worth of load on this carrier safely because of the 6” rails and tough mesh floor.

This carrier also features an improved design on the folding shank that makes it easier to put away. The folding design also allows for higher ground clearance for the carrier. We hope you found this review helpful for when you’re buying your hitch carrier.

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