Top 10 Best Handheld Massagers in 2022 | Ultimate Buying Guide

Handheld Massagers

Are you looking for the best handheld massagers for relaxing your muscles right there at home? Then you are in the right place. Here, you’ll find only the best brands recommended by world-class massage therapists.

After a healthy workout session, you need some refreshing massage. A good kneading of your muscles makes a great way to recharge and improve blood circulation. Relieve your back pain, muscle knots, and soreness with the best handheld massagers. These DIY therapy tools are best suited for use right there at home. No need to visit a spa or call on your personal masseuse or masseur.

You get to do it all by yourself. How about that? Sounds great, huh! These percussion massagers come in an array of brands. In this review, we’ve detailed all you need to know about some of the top brands. So, read carefully and compare the product brands in order to find what suits you best.

Top 10 Best Handheld Massagers in 2022

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10. MOICO Cordless deep tissue massager

MOICO Cordless deep tissue massager


Moico handheld massager works best for relaxing the neck, back, shoulders and leg areas. Besides, it comes with a range of heads for customized massages. Different heads also make for more targeted use. The deep tissue massager supports up to 10 variable speeds and 12 adjustable vibration patterns. Whether you love it gentle & slow or fast & intense, all the options are available at a press of a button.

The unit generates up to 3200 pulses per minute, sufficient to penetrate deep-seated muscles. Another impressive feature is the 15-minute auto shut off function. It prevents over-heating that could potentially damage the equipment’s electronics. You’ll also appreciate the LCD screen that allows easy tracking of the operational parameters.

The cordless massager can be used anywhere, anytime; office, airplane, beach, car, home, etc. The handheld massager is super-quiet during operation. Besides, it is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery with a 120-minutes lifespan. One last thing, the percussion therapeutic massager is ergonomically designed for the best massage experience. For instance, it has a fairly long handle for convenient access to the hard-to-reach corner of the body. Also, it weighs only 1.8lbs, making it comfortable to handle.

  • Ergonomic design with a long handle
  • Battery lifespan: 120 minutes
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold.
  • 45 days money-back guarantee
  • A 24-month product warranty.
  • Durable and ultra-quiet operations
  • 15 minutes auto shut off
  • It generates 3200 pulses per minute, sufficient to soothe the deepest muscles.
  • 6 interchangeable massage heads
  • Not identified

9. Snailax cordless rechargeable back massager

Snailax cordless rechargeable back massager


Compact, cordless, and ergonomic, Snailax handheld massager is a great luxury companion whenever you crave some good kneading. It is powered by a 120-minute Li-ion battery and can be used anywhere anytime. Whether you are at home, in the office, in your car, or airplane, this handheld massager soothes your muscles perfectly well.

The handheld percussion massager delivers soothing vibrations for relaxing your neck and back areas. Unlike other ordinary brands, Snailax has a heat feature. The infrared heat feature makes the massage experience even more refreshing. For your info, infrared heat has a more efficient penetration capability making it ideal for relaxing muscle tensions and knots.

The handheld massager comes with 4 interchangeable heads, 3 automatic massage modes, and 3-speed settings. To add to its versatility, Snailax massager makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for your loved ones.

  • Best Christmas or birthday present for loved ones.
  • Versatile handheld massager: 4 interchangeable heads, 3 modes, and 3-speed settings.
  • Heated massage support
  • Percussion massager for neck and back areas.
  • Relieves deep tissue muscle soreness and knots.
  • Cordless and rechargeable handheld massager
  • Not identified

8. Fitpulse Muscle massage gun for athletes

Fitpulse Muscle massage gun for athletes


The deep tissue massage gun is equipped with a 2550mAh long-life rechargeable battery. The gun has a service life of up to 6 hours on a single charge. So, you get to enjoy multiple massage sessions for an even more relaxing experience. With its 30 adjustable speed levels and up to 3200 pulses per minute, you can easily find an ideal vibration for you.

It makes a great handheld massager for routine muscle relaxation and body kneading. You’ll also appreciate its ease of use, thanks to the ergonomic design. And because it uses the latest noise reduction technology, the Fitpulse handheld massager is ultra-quiet during operations. The massage gun comes with some 10 attachment heads. With all these, you get to enjoy an unparalleled massage experience.

  • Rechargeable 2550mAh Li-ion battery
  • 6-hour high torque athlete massage gun
  • 10 massage head attachments.
  • Convenient storage and transportation case.
  • 30 adjustable speed levels
  • 60db near-silent operation
  • Ergonomic design allows for comfortable use.
  • Not identified

7. Renpho handheld percussion massager

Renpho handheld percussion massager


Another quiet deep tissue massage gun by Renpho. With up to 20 speed levels, the 3200 rpm handheld massage gun is suitable for relieving tension, stiffness, and muscle aches. It is powered by a 2500mAh Li-ion battery. From a single charge, you get up to 8 hours of quality massage.  The gun is ergonomically designed and weighs only 2.14lbs thus very portable and comfortable to handle. Like most top tier handheld massagers, this one comes with 4 attachment heads. These include the ball head, bullet head, hammer head, and the U-shaped head. All these massage heads are specially designed for use on different muscles and sections of the body. The next time you go shopping for a quality handheld massager, be sure to check out the Renpho massage gun.

  • Powerful muscle massage gun relieves pain, stiffness, soreness, tension. Etc.
  • Powerful 3200 rpm high torque brushless motor
  • 20 adjustable speed settings for the best massage experience.
  • 5db near-silent massage operations
  • Rechargeable 2500mAh Li-ion battery with an 8-hour lifespan
  • Four head attachments: ball head, bullet head, hammerhead, U-shaped head.
  • Not identified

6. Hangsun handheld neck back massager

Hangsun handheld neck back massager


Hangsun handheld massager uses a built-in motor that provides 3500 pulses per minute. It offers an excellent way to relieve waist and back pains. It also does an awesome job on the neck, calf, thigh, and shoulder muscles. And because it’s handheld, this massager can be used anywhere; in your car, airplane, office, or home.

It is equipped with dual replacement massage heads. That provides for targeted massage for deep seated muscles. Moreover, the replacement heads are best suited for promoting blood circulation to tissues, relieving muscle tension, knots, and aches.

Hangsun massager comes with an integrated variable speed controller. You also get to choose from 3 interchangeable massage nodes allowing you to easily customize your experience. In any single session, you can use one or all custom massage nodes.

The unit is ergonomically designed. Meaning it’s very comfortable to handle and grip. Also noteworthy is the 98” long power cord. It allows for flexibility and convenience when self-massaging from the comfort of your couch or bed. What’s more, every order of Hangsun handheld tissue massager comes with a 1-year warranty. That’s awesome because you’ll get replacements and repairs done for free whenever necessary.

  • Ergonomic design allows for easy handling.
  • A 98-inch long power cord for flexibility during a massage.
  • 1-year warranty
  • 3 interchangeable massage nodes
  • A range of variable speeds
  • Dual head percussion promotes blood flow, relieves pain, aches muscle tension, knots, etc.
  • Motor rating: 3500 pulses per minute
  • Not rechargeable

5. Vivreal handheld back massager

Vivreal handheld back massager


Whenever you feel stiff, achy and worn out, it’s time for a soothing massage therapy. With Vivreal handheld back massager, you get to enjoy quality kneading from the comfort of your home or office. It comes with 6 interchangeable massage nodes ideally suited for different massage techniques. From gentle & slow back massage to high intensity deep tissue massage, you get it all with Vivreal. The massager can be used on the foot, back, foot, calf, shoulder, etc.

It’s cordless and battery-powered, so you won’t have to wait till you get to your hotel room or home. You get to undo muscular aches on the go.

The built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 100 minutes on a single charge. That’s sufficient time for a good massage therapy. The percussion massager is powered by a motor that generates up to 3200 pulses per minute. That’s ideal for penetrating tissue massages. What’s more, the unit has an inbuilt 15-minute auto shut off function. That feature helps prevent overheating that could potentially damage the electronics.

  • 1-year warranty
  • Ecofriendly ABS and frosted design
  • Ergonomic handheld tissue massager
  • 3200 ppm percussion therapeutic massager has a longer service life.
  • 15-minute auto shut off function
  • 6 adjustable speed modes
  • Cordless and rechargeable handheld massager
  • Not identified

4. Wahl deep tissue percussion massager

Wahl deep tissue percussion massager


With Wahl handheld massager, enjoying the restorative power of deep tissue massage is guaranteed.  And you do it all by yourself. No more expensive spa visits. Whether you want it gentle & slow or deep & intense, this percussion massager has it all. It has a handy speed dial for variable massage modes. Managing muscle knots, post-workout aches, muscle pains, and fatigue doesn’t get any better than this.

It comes with some 4 attachment massage heads for different massage experiences. There’s the flat disc head, the 4 finger flex head, acupoint head, and the deep muscle ball head. The handheld massager works best on the neck, shoulder, legs, hands, feet, and full body. To add to its ergonomic sleek design, the massager has a 9ft long power cord for flexibility.

  • 9ft long power cable provides greater message flexibility.
  • Ergonomic and sleek design
  • Long handle for comfortable handling for the best massage experience.
  • 4 unique attachment heads; flat disc, 4-finger flex, acupoint head, and ball head.
  • Variable speed dial for a gentle or intense massage.
  • Guaranteed restorative deep tissue massage.
  • Not identified

3. HoMedics Percussion Action Massager

HoMedics Percussion Action Massager


If you are looking for a compact and portable massager, check out HoMedics. It fits nicely inside your travel carry bag or backpack. Furthermore, it’s very easy to use. All you need to do is plug it into a 120V outlet and enjoy a rejuvenating massage. It has a heat feature that helps relax muscle tension and knots besides enhancing blood circulation. The deep tissue massage technique is facilitated by its dual pivoting heads with massage and percussion nodes. Its interchangeable nodes and speed settings provide a customized massage experience like no other.

  • Ergonomic rubber handles for maneuverability.
  • Dual pivoting heads with massage and percussion nodes.
  • Soothing heat massage
  • 4-speed settings and 2 interchangeable nodes for a customized massage
  • Integrated controls for convenience
  • 2-year warranty
  • Not identified

2. Mighty Bliss deep tissue back and body massager

Mighty Bliss deep tissue back and body massager


If you are looking for an ideal replacement for your flimsy wobbly massager, the Mighty Bliss handheld massager is worth checking out. Say no to muscle knots and spasms with the all-powerful percussion massager. Its 3700 ppm percussion motor works quietly to relax your muscle cramps and pains in second. The package includes so 6 brilliant slim and lightweight massage heads. That collection suffices different massage techniques. And because it’s cordless and has an ergonomic handle, you can use this handheld massager anywhere anytime. Furthermore, every order comes with a hassle-free lifetime warranty. The coverage provides for free repairs and replacements. Besides, it has an inbuilt rechargeable battery with a 120-minute lifespan.

  • Relieves back muscle knots, stiffness, and improves circulation.
  • 3700 rpm powerful percussion motor.
  • Sleek and ergonomic design.
  • 6 different massage heads.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery with 120 minutes lifespan.
  • Cordless and lightweight for convenient use.
  • Adjustable speed for a custom massage
  • Not identified

1. Renpho rechargeable handheld deep tissue massager

Renpho rechargeable handheld deep tissue massager


It comes with 5 interchangeable head attachments for varied massage options. Added to its cordless handheld design, Renpho is definitely one portable and flexible massager you want to have. It uses a rechargeable Li-ion battery with a 140-minute lifespan on a single charge.

It is FDA & FCC certified for quality you can trust. The handheld massager has a powerful 3600 pulse per minute motor for a refreshing massage experience. An inbuilt 20-minute auto-stop function prevents system overheating. The percussion massager has an elegant and compact build that easily fits into your routine travel carry bag. It works best for relaxing your neck, shoulder, back, calf, and other muscles.

  • 20 minute automatic shut off prevents overheating.
  • A cordless design ensures portability and flexibility.
  • 5 interchangeable replacement heads
  • 3600 pulse per minute percussion motor
  • Best full body massage handheld massager.
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery with a 140-minute lifespan.
  • FDA & FCC certified percussion massager
  • Not identified

What to Consider When Shopping for a Handheld Massager

A couple of things come to mind when shopping for massagers. Ultimately, everyone wants the very best value for money. Careful consideration of key features and related pros and cons would suffice. So, which are the important aspects of elements to look out for in a handheld massager? Here are some….

  • Cordless or Corded: Handheld massagers come in two distinct varieties; corded and cordless. As the name suggests, the former has an attachment power cord while the latter has none. Both varieties have their pros and cons. For instance, corded massagers are powerful and can be used for much longer durations. You won’t have to worry about drained batteries and extended wait times during recharge. However, they are not portable. As such, you can’t use them for a quick massage in the car, office, or airplane. Cordless massagers, on the other hand, are portable and travel-ready. They have inbuilt rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Therefore, they can be used for customized massage experiences anywhere anytime.
  • Ergonomic Design: The design of the percussion massager determines the ease of use. The ergonomic design may include a long handle for accessing hard-to-reach areas of the back. A rubber handle and lightweight design also add to its ease of use.
  • Battery Lifespan: As above mentioned, cordless handheld massagers are battery-powered. If you are seeking the best of these, be sure to check their battery lifespan. The normal range is 60 – 180 minutes. The longer the better. An even better way to look at it is to check the product’s battery capacity rating.
  • FDA & FCC Quality Approval: The very first step toward getting a quality massager is checking for quality approval and certification logos and stamps. FDA and FCC are renowned quality control authorities. Before placing your order, be sure to check for the quality logo by established authorities.
  • Auto Shut Off Function: A very important safety feature. The auto shut off function prevents the massager from overheating. You don’t want heat damaging your expensive equipment while in idle mode. This feature automatically turns off the massager every couple of minutes, as preset.
  • Affordability: Handheld massagers come with different price tags. The cost is subject to a number of factors. Even so, it’s important to compare prices so as to get the best deals.
  • Warranty: I highly recommend choosing products with a warranty coverage. With such, you are certain to get repairs and replacements done for free by the manufacturers. Some even provide for refunds.


That’s it for our review of the best handheld massagers. The compilation includes a detailed description of each product along with a couple of pros. Compare all the products in the listicle to find a percussion massager for you.

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