The Best GoPro Stabilizers in 2022 – Key Differences & Comparison

Best GoPro Stabilizer

With GoPro cameras, you can record some amazing footage; however, it can be quite shaky. The images do end up being distorted when the camera experiences sudden movements or shocks. That’s why stability is important.

gopro stabilizersGoPro cameras are considered as action cameras for those active individuals that love sports. Apart from sports, a GoPro camera can also be used to shoot professional footage for normal videos.

However, to achieve the stability that will help make your footage perfect, you need to purchase a GoPro stabilizer.

The 10 Best GoPro Stabilizers in 2022

Mentioned below is a list of the best GoPro stabilizers of 2022 you can purchase for your GoPro. All of the stabilizers in the list have unique and impressive features that set them apart from the others.

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10. Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer


With this stabilizer, you can make steady, noiseless, and smooth videos powered by 3 axis that provides up to 360 degrees unlimited rotation and 3 brushless motors. The stabilizer facilitates the easy switching of mounting direction, either vertical or horizontal. The shooting angle can be controlled using the touch-sensitive 4-way joystick.

Features include enhanced camera functions, including face tracking, zoom in and zoom out, and camera record. You can also get access to the time-lapse and panorama made with the stabilizer’s app available on iOS stores and Android stores. Built-in batteries allow 12 hours of operating time.

  • It keeps the video really stable.
  • It works great in 4K.
  • Furthermore, it can be easily adjusted for different sized phones.
  • It can only handle 200g of weight.
  • Sometimes makes a loud vibrating noise, which can be a bit annoying.

9. ROXANT PRO video camera stabilizer for GoPro

ROXANT PRO video camera stabilizer for GoPro


The superior construction and design provide exceptional stabilization with less shake and motion than the other handheld stabilizers. With the shake-free design of this GoPro stabilizer, you can shoot exceptional videos. The custom lower arm is made using high-quality no-slip grip material, which eliminates sway.

This GoPro stabilizer features a ‘comfort’ grip handle along with 3 different counter-weights to make precise adjustments. Using this GoPro stabilizer, you can shoot extremely smooth motion shots on the stairs, in cars, in tight spaces, through crowds, and while walking, skating, and running.

  • Balancing it with different sized cameras is really easy.
  • It is build using well-machined and solid aluminum.
  • The customer service provided is exceptional.
  • It is effective, lightweight, and compact.
  • The gimbal’s friction is comparatively quite high.
  • Rotational inertia might not be up to par for some users.

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8. FeiyuTech 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for GoPro

FeiyuTech 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for GoPro


This GoPro stabilizer has an enhanced finish along with a unibody arm to make sure that the stabilizer provides anti-shake performance. It is made using a solid aluminum alloy, is super lightweight, and the rubberized handle grip is quite comfortable. It has a single 22560 lithium-ion battery, which facilitates 8 hours of running time.

This GoPro stabilizer is compatible with several cameras. The first IP67 waterproof camera gimbal offers a carefree filming experience during surfing, the seaside, and rain. The stabilizer also features anti-loss long screws with which you can use to secure the camera safely, thus allowing simple installation.

  • The build quality is exceptional.
  • It provides excellent, unbeatable stability.
  • This stabilizer has a great battery life.
  • It can be a bit expensive for some GoPro users.
  • Once the camera is placed, you cannot access the main home button.

7. Opteka X-GRIP Action Stabilizing Handle

Opteka X-GRIP Action Stabilizing Handle


This GoPro stabilizer is not only for amateurs, but it is also useful for professionals too. The stabilizer provides excellent control, as well as stability. It also comes with a removable shoe attachment with which you can add a microphone, flash, or video light. It is an extremely useful product for various shooting events like skateboarding and other similar extreme sports.

The Opteka X-GRIP Stabilizing handle features cushioned NBR padded handles, which alleviate the stress of filming for longer durations. It has a high-grade ABS plastic, which is impact-absorbent and ensures durability. The rubber rails are non-slip, which allows maximum stability.

  • Despite being sturdy, it is quite lightweight.
  • Modifying this GoPro stabilizer according to your needs, is very easy.
  • The weight is distributed evenly, and the handling is easy.
  • Lacks a few substantial lanyard attachment points.
  • The second attachment for mounting is quite short.

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6. Fantaseal Mount Hand Grip Stabilizer

Fantaseal Mount Hand Grip Stabilizer


With the 3 axes hot shoe level featured in this stabilizer, the photographer can get impressive accuracy when capturing pictures. This is, perhaps, the most suitable GoPro stabilizer as it has a quick-release buckle plate. It is an ideal portable platform for your GoPro so that you can shoot in 4K wherever you are. You can also control your GoPro camera using the GoPro app instead of the remote control.

It is an ideal portable platform for your GoPro so that you can shoot in 4K wherever you are. You can also control your GoPro camera using the GoPro app instead of the remote control.

This GoPro stabilizer enables advanced low angle shooting, which is ideal for making low position images and videos with micro shoots or movable scenes. It also has a removable ball head tripod adapter, which can be used for attaching LED lights, microphones, flashes, and video lights at any degree.

  • The handle is covered with foam, so it is comfortable to hold.
  • Attaching the camera using the mounts is fairly easy.
  • It has numerous configurations, allowing you to take various shots.
  • The camera sometimes does get shaky.
  • Getting used to this GoPro stabilizer can take a bit of time for some.

5. WINGSLAND Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro

WINGSLAND Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro


Another one on the list of best GoPro Stabilizers is the Wingsland GoPro stabilizer. Not only does it provide high power, but it is also equipped with high torque motors that provide an unparalleled and exceptional stabilization performance as well as camera feathering. As a result, you get smooth shots each time.

This GoPro stabilizer is equipped with 3 axis precision, which eliminates bumpy videos and instead helps you shoot cinematic-like pro-quality footage with your GoPro. This stabilizer also has a built-in charging cable so that you can extend the battery life of your GoPro. Moreover, it also has a mounting tray with which you add the GoPro battery BacPac and the LCD BacPac if needed.

  • It is effortlessly smooth even while shooting in rough terrain.
  • Also, it is very quiet and does not add additional sound to the video.
  • It provides clean movements and smooth functionality.
  • Getting used to the different modes can be a little tricky.
  • The felt sticker which protects the wires to the holder’s neck isn’t reliable.

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4. Zeadio Handheld stabilizer

Zeadio Handheld stabilizer


The next one on the list is this Zeadio Handheld stabilizer, perfect for low angle shooting with all GoPro cameras. It is the most suitable GoPro stabilizer where maximum stability is needed, such as in extreme sports like skiing, snowboarding, hunting, surfing, biking, motor racing, rollerblading, and skateboarding.

This GoPro stabilizer has non-slip rubber rails to provide a good grip. It also has a removable hot shoe, which can be used for attaching microphones, LED lights, flashes, and video lights. Another feature is the 360-degree swivel adapter with which users can make quick and easy adjustments to the shooting angles.

  • A great purchase considering the price.
  • For low shots, the stability is quite good.
  • The hot shoe mounts are very secure.
  • If you are a beginner, then you can find this stabilizer a bit shaky at first.
  • It doesn’t come with a manual.

3. GoPro Karma Grip

GoPro Karma Grip


With this GoPro stabilizer, you can make a stable and cinema-quality video while running, biking, or even be hiking. This stabilizer is compatible with the majority of the GoPro mounts while providing exceptional quality stabilization. The stabilizer can be removed from the grip and attached to the Karma drone to make extremely stable aerial footage.

What makes this GoPro stabilizer an excellent purchase is the built-in camera controls with which you can switch off and switch on the camera, change the modes, stop and start the recordings, or highlight the tags.

  • With this, you get exceptionally get smooth and shake-free video.
  • It comes with a carrying case.
  • The battery life is quite long.
  • Since the batteries are rechargeable, you will have to wait for the battery to charge instead of replacing them.
  • The GoPro’s screen might be partially blocked because of the gimbal motor.

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2. Pinty Handheld Stabilizer for GoPro

Pinty Handheld Stabilizer for GoPro


This is a super gimbal GoPro stabilizer for accurate and smooth motion. The camera mount is wrapped with rubber to provide additional protection to your GoPro. This GoPro stabilizer is made using aluminum alloy, thus making it lightweight, durable, and reliable.

During recording, this GoPro stabilizer reduces the camera’s vibration, which in turn provides greater stability. Maneuvering this stabilizer is easy and effective because of the arc-shaped design it has. With the stainless steel weights for calibration, you can accommodate various needs.

  • It is well built and lightweight.
  • Considering the price of this stabilizer, it is a great purchase.
  • The quality of this GoPro stabilizer is quite amazing.
  • Figuring out this GoPro stabilizer can take a bit of time.
  • Slight noise can be added to the videos.

1. Wealpe Camera Mount Stabilizer for GoPro

Wealpe Camera Mount Stabilizer for GoPro


The last GoPro stabilizer on the list is the best one by Wealpe. It is made using high-quality ABS plastic. The finish is non-slip, which also enables a wider range of motion. The grip handle also provides a steady shooting video effect.

The pistol grip is made using a high-quality material along with an ergonomic design. The non-slip platform, along with the wide rubber, holds the camera extremely steady while you shoot videos. This GoPro stabilizer can easily meet various shooting angles.

  • This GoPro stabilizer has excellent construction.
  • It enables you to hold the camera with just one hand.
  • Despite providing a comfortable grip, this stabilizer is quite sturdy.
  • It needs to have a wrist strap for safety.

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What to Look for in GoPro stabilizers – buying guide

 As different GoPro cameras are introduced in the market, the need for GoPro stabilizers also increases. Here are some features you must consider when buying a GoPro stabilizer:

  1. Type: There are two kinds of GoPro stabilizers; non-motorized and motorized stabilizers. Motorized stabilizers are powered by batteries and are extremely sensitive, but they are quite easy to use. However, non-motorized GoPro stabilizers are cheaper but stabilizing the camera with the non-motorized one requires a certain skill.
  2. Weight: If you are buying a GoPro stabilizer, then it is likely that you must love to shoot for hours. Therefore, if you are buying a stabilizer for daily use, then the stabilizer should be light enough to be easily carried around and not weigh on you.
  3. Comfort: Remember, if you buy a poor quality stabilizer that is uncomfortable, you will waste your money. Make sure first to check out the level of comfort that the stabilizer you are considering provides. Know that padded stabilizers are way more comfortable than the ones with bare handles. Similarly, having an ergonomic design will provide additional comfort.
  4. Material: This factor is often ignored; however, the material used to make the stabilizer affects your video quality. Don’t buy a GoPro stabilizer that will start to bend with time. Instead, go for a durable and solid stabilizer. Similarly, the material also needs to be rust-resistant. Moreover, the parts made using plastic like handles and camera holders should be high-quality.


Take time to go over this whole list of the top best GoPro stabilizers of 2022 once more to pick out one that is the best for you. All of the products mentioned on this list are exceptional ones as they provide extreme stability and comfort, thus enabling you to shoot great videos. Make sure you keep the buyer’s guide in mind when browsing the market.

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