Top 10 Best Glass Milk Bottles in 2022

Glass milk bottles

A plastic free lifestyle is what many of us try to archive. While it is hard to live completely without plastic, there are small steps all of us can do to turn to more environmentally friendly alternatives. Usually this comes with a higher quality of products – and often also with items that upgrade the appearance of our home.

Glass milk bottles are a perfect example for this. Not only are they refillable, reusable and versatile, they also look beautiful. These bottles are suitable for all kinds of beverages like milk, smoothies, juices, teas and water. Many bottles also allow fermenting kefir or kombucha. On top of that they can store honey, maple syrup and sauces. Also dry foods like pasta, nuts, cookies and oats can be put into these glass jars and will be beautifully displayed.

The glass bottles make a perfect gift for family and friends as well. They can be upgraded as decorative items by filling in sand, seashells or pebbles. And they serve well also as flower vases. Our selected examples of glass milk bottles will give a good idea about the available products and for what purpose they can be used best.

Top 10 Best Glass Milk Bottles Reviews

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10. QAPPDA 12 oz Glass Milk Bottles

QAPPDA 12 oz Glass Milk Bottles


The glass milk bottles from Quappa come in a set of 20 bottles. With a volume of 12 oz and a height of 6 inch they offer a good size. Manufactured from high quality food grade glass the bottles are resistant to both hot and cold temperatures. The materials used for the bottle and the lid are 100% food safe and toxin & lead free.

The square shape of the jars allows you convenient storage. The wide opening gives easy access, also when you use the bottles to store dry food items, like cereals or rice. The clear glass lets you check on the quality of your stored food. The metal lids and glass jars are dishwasher safe. However, the manufacturer recommends hand-wash for the lids.

  • Come in a set of 20 bottles.
  • Multi purpose for beverages and dry food items.
  • Glass bottles are dishwasher safe.
  • Durable and free of toxins.
  • The lids should be only hand-washed to avoid corrosion.

9. Brajttt Round Milk Glass Bottles

Brajttt Round Milk Glass Bottles


These small glass milk bottles from Brajttt feature a beautiful design. The little round jars have a volume of 7 oz and come with a natural cork lid. The paper tags and strings fit to the colors of the cork lid and let you label the contents of your bottle. The quality glass is resistant for hot and cold contents. The glass jars have a non-slip bottom.

The clear glass makes the bottles ideal not only for milk or juices, but also for jam or pudding.  They can also serve as decorative items for pebbles or flowers. The glass milk bottles with cork lid are food safe and environmentally friendly. The bottles are dishwasher safe, but the lids need to be handwashed. You will receive a delivery with 30 bottles.

  • Beautiful design.
  • Suitable also for decorative purposes.
  • Environmental friendly materials.
  • Heat-resistant glass.
  • The cork lid is not 100% tight.

8. Premium Vials Glass Milk Bottle Set

Premium Vials Glass Milk Bottle Set


Premium Vials manufactures high quality glass milk bottle sets which can also last the tougher use in a restaurant or coffee shop for a long period. This set comes with 6 glass bottles each having 11 oz volume. 6 BPA free plastic straws and metal screw-on lids are included. All items are of premium quality and can be used for a number of beverages. No matter if milk, smoothies, shakes or cocktails – each drink will look good in these glass jars.

The glass bottles are dishwasher safe and can be even used in your microwave – but only for a short “heat up”. The lids and straws should be hand-washed only and be kept away from too high heat. The milk glass bottles are 6 inch tall, which makes them also an ideal flower vase or jar for decorative purposes. Think of sand art, sea shells or pebbles.

  • BPA and toxin free.
  • Bottles seal tightly.
  • Reusable straws included.
  • Safe for short heating in your microwave.
  • Higher priced product.

7. Le Parfait Glass Milk Bottles

Le Parfait Glass Milk Bottles


The French tradition brand Le Parfait produces a wide product range of glass household jars, bottles and glasses. They focus on food preservation.Therefore, they have also specialised in producing glass jars for fermentation and offer a wide choice of options. These glass milk bottles with metal twist caps are ideal to ferment kefir and kombucha among other food products.

The high quality lightweight glass and stainless steel twist caps are protectively lined and BPA-free. The bottles and lids are food safe and can be cleaned in your dishwasher. You are safe from cracked glass, seal failures or rusty lids. The design and size of the glass bottles allow an easy storage in your fridge or shelf. All manufactured materials are recyclable, but the high quality will allow you a longtime use of these beautiful bottles.

  • Material does not influence taste or flavors.
  • Lightweight glass.
  • The milk glass bottles and lids work also under pressure.
  • Metal lid from stainless steel.
  • No accessories included.

6. AYL Glass Milk Bottle 33 oz

AYL Glass Milk Bottle 33 oz


The glass milk bottles from AYL come with a large volume of 33 oz and a swing top seal. The narrow neck makes pouring convenient and avoids spills. The manufactured quality glass is odorless and does not influence the foods’ flavors. This makes these glass bottles ideal for infused oil and vinegars. The clear glass also allows a beautiful presentation of the contents.

The durable bottles are made from thick glass for an optimum resistance to temperature changes or impact. Despite the large volume the glass bottles can be easily stored in your fridge or on your kitchen counter. The resealable swing cap is airtight and leak proof. Only eco-friendly and food safe materials were manufactured for these bottles.

  • Recyclable materials.
  • Durable glass.
  • Helps you to reduce plastic bottles in your home.
  • Airtight and leak-proof caps.
  • The swing caps are more challenging to clean.

5. Estilo Glass Milk Bottles with Straws

Estilo Glass Milk Bottles with Straws


This set of 6 decorative glass milk bottles from Estilo will make a beautiful and useful gift for family members and friends. The quality glass jars come with a metal lid and BPA free plastic straws in red-white. The volume of 10 oz makes the 8.9 inch high glass bottles a perfect container for water, juices, shakes or cocktails.

You can take the glass bottles for your BBQs, picnics and parties outside. The metal lids keep your drinks safe from bees, wasps or other insects. While the glass jars are dishwasher safe the straws and metal lids should be hand washed and the lids thoroughly dried to prevent rust. Due to the hole for the straw in the lid these glass bottles can leak when tilted or carried in a bag.

  • Includes BPA free plastic straws.
  • Metal screw cap.
  • Lid with hole for the straw.
  • Decorative design.
  • Not leakage proof.

4. YEBODA Glass Milk Bottles with Metal Twist Lids

YEBODA Glass Milk Bottles with Metal Twist Lids


Yeboda is a well known brand for glassware of any kind. This set of 9 glass milk bottles comes in a classic vintage design. They remind of the “good old days”  when the dairyman still delivered fresh milk products directly to your door. The 11 oz glass jars are perfect for smoothies, shakes, juices or plain water.

The quality glass is safe to be taken also outside in your garden or to the park. The metal twist lid and the biodegradable paper straws are food safe and toxin & BPA free. The lid protects your beverages from insects or dust and debris on a windy day. The glass bottles also make a beautiful decorative item in your living room or kitchen.

  • Metal twist lid with straw-hole.
  • Wide-mouth for easy filling.
  • Suitable for outdoor use.
  • Vintage design.
  • Only paper straws included.

3. The Dairy Shoppe 2 Qt Glass Milk Bottle with handle

The Dairy Shoppe 2 Qt Glass Milk Bottle with handle


This ½ gallon glass milk bottle is a solid and safe container to be taken along for shopping or on a tour. The container weighs solid 2 lbs and comes with a reusable white plastic cap and a handle to carry it along conveniently. All materials are toxin free. The glass is of high quality with thick sides. This makes it very durable and difficult to break. The handgrip area adds to a safe use.

This sturdy large bottle is ideal to bring along to farmers markets or zero waste stores to refill your stock of fresh milk, juices, kefir, yoghurt or kombucha. Despite its large size it is easy to clean and even dishwasher safe. Hand-washing is recommended for the plastic cap.

  • Large bottle with handle.
  • Reduces waste.
  • Lead and BPA free.
  • Dishwasher safe glass bottle.
  • Size too large for some refrigerators.

2. Bormioli Rocco Quattro Stagioni Glass Milk Bottle

Bormioli Rocco Quattro Stagioni Glass Milk Bottle


This set of 6 bottles manufactured by the Italian brand Bormioli Rocco comes in a beautiful classic design. Made in Italy by expert glassmakers only the finest food-grade and lead-free materials are used for these glass milk bottles. The bottles come with a metal screw-on lid with a plastisol sealing liner and a freshness test button.

The bottles have a wide mouth for easy filling and you can even sip comfortable directly from them. They are an ideal storage for tea, milk, juices and also cold coffee. You can also use them to store dry foods, like pasta, rice, cookies or oats. The bottle is dishwasher safe and can be also used in your microwave. However, the lid is not microwave suitable and should be hand-washed.

  • Versatile bottles.
  • High quality Italian glass.
  • 75 oz volume.
  • Lid with an airtight seal.
  • The lid is not dishwasher safe.

1. The Dairy Shoppe Glass Milk Bottle with pour spout

The Dairy Shoppe Glass Milk Bottle with pour spout


Another option from the Dairy Shoppe US brand. Known for its solid range of glass containers the company manufactures durable quality products for your everyday use. These 32 oz jars come in a pack of 2. The durable glass has thick sides, which makes it sturdy and hard to break.

The special feature of these bottles is the Snap-on cap. The pour spouts allow you to serve your beverages spill- and drip-free. The removable cap seals the bottle and keeps the contents fresh. The bottle is 9 inch tall and fits large water bottle holders in your fridge. The bottles are also suitable for syrups, like maple, honey and also jam. The glass can withstand acidic contents, so vinegar or juices with citric acid can be stored safely as well.

  • Set of 2 bottles.
  • BPA free snap-on caps.
  • Durable glass.
  • Fits into most fridges.
  • Not completely leak proof when tilted.


Glass milk bottles can serve a wide choice of purposes. As they usually come at reasonable prices the budget should not be your main concern. It is more the quality and features which are important for you to make the right decision.

As these bottles are made from glass the safety aspect should be considered first. The glass should be of high quality, durable and sturdy, so the jars will not break easily. Also, the glass should be lead and toxin free and food safe. The same goes for any accessory coming with the bottles, like lids and straws. Cleaning the bottles is also important, as it impacts the quality and safety of your food. Dishwashing safe glass jars are always preferred. Lids should be rust free.

Then comes the functionality you expect from the bottles. If you wish to use them for drinks only, then a lid with a hole for a straw is a plus. The lid also helps to keep insects out of your beverage. For storing food and drinks airtight caps are important. This is also a plus if you like to ferment kefir or kombucha in your bottles. Versatile bottles that can also keep honey or syrups or dry foods like pasta or oats add value.

You can use all bottles also for decorative purposes, like a flower vase or for sand art. Our selected bottles shall give you a good overview about products that fit your preferences best.

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