Top 10 Best Glass Milk Bottles to Buy in 2020 – Milk Containers

Milk delivery or storage requires the use of glass milk bottles. Use of metallic containers such as steel, iron, and copper-based containers are not recommendable. This is because these materials tend to taint milk and also giving it undesirable taste. However, these days, there are diverse ways of handling milk. Apart from the glass jars, there are also plastic and gable-top carton.

Among these milk containers, plastic ones are the lightest and also recyclable. Paperboards are single use and recyclable, but the recycled ones are usually weak. When it comes to glass ones, they are the most reliable regarding hygiene and ease of cleaning.

In fact for glass bottles, it is possible to reuse it almost instantly. Also, they are available in various sizes and can be used for a variety of functions. In this reviews, we are focusing our attention on the top 10 best glass milk bottles in 2020.

Apart from reviews, below is an ultimate guide to buying glass bottles for milk.

  • The capacity of the bottle: Bottle capacity is vital in determining type and brand to get. On the market today, we have a variety of sizes depending on the individual preference. Choosing a big or small one is possible and straightforward. For the large one, they are ideal for milk delivery and storage. On the other hand, small battles are perfect for keeping milk while some are usable as drinking glasses.
  • The quality of the glass: Although many brands manufacturers glass milk bottles, not all are reliable. Some are light and thin which renders them easy to break. These have reduced durability which will force you to go back to the shop. Therefore, getting thickly walled bottles is a great achievement.
  • Bottle lids: When buying a glass bottle, looking for one with a lid is essential. Though most of the bottles come with plastic lids, they are worthwhile. If you get one with a metallic cap, the better. But, metallically isn’t as tight as plastic. Additionally, though plastic is tight, get ones which are safe, and FDA approved to be free from toxic particles.

Best Glass Milk Bottles in 2020

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10. California Home Goods Milk Bottles

California Home Goods Milk Bottles

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Enjoy a safe and fun breakfast with these clear bottles from California home Goods. Available in a set of 12 bottles, they are the ultimate glasses to have for your whole family. Accompanying them are retro straws which are reusable and fitted with metal twist lids. As a result, storing your milk, or juice, it doesn’t experience flavor doesn’t experience taste distortion due to oxidation. Construction of these bottles features extra thick glass material which is durable and hard to break.

With small and highly portable sizes, carrying these bottles is a piece of cake. They allow you to take your beverages to picnics, weddings barbecues among other celebrations. The caps and straws are safe and free from toxic particles; therefore, they won’t harm your body healthy. Each of the bottles has an 11-ounce capacity and are easy to clean. They are dishwasher safe while lids and straws are recommended to be hand washed.

9. VonShef Milk Bottle Drinking Glass, Reusable Straws & Lids

VonShef Milk Bottle Drinking Glass, Reusable Straws & Lids

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With a set of 6 glass milk bottles, you can use them on various occasions with confidence. The VonShelf milk glasses are designed to bring convenience wherever you are. Specifically featuring glass construction, it means a high level of hygiene whether indoors or outdoors. Further, enhanced with plastic lids, they help in easy transportation without spilling the content. Th lids are safe and DPA free hence, there is no worry about ingesting toxic particles. Unlike many milk glasses which are large, these are reasonably sized. Each can hold 10 oz thus ideal to act as drinking glasses.

For the ease of drinking, they are accompanied by reusable straws. Therefore, when buying these bottles, the environment is in mind since everything from bottle and straws are reusable, hence ideal for reducing waste. For people who like to carry homemade meals when going outdoors, these jars are the perfect solution. They are applicable for many occasions like barbecue, parties, weddings and beach trips. In general, these glasses are ideal for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks since they don’t cause tainting. They are dishwasher safe and transparent.

8. Estilo Clear Dairy Glass Milk Bottles, Metal Lids, Reusable

Estilo Clear Dairy Glass Milk Bottles, Metal Lids, Reusable

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If you need to keep your beverage cold and fresh, having a decent bottle is ideal. The Estilo clear dairy bottles are the perfect ways to ensures that your content is safe and intact. The set comes boasting 4 clear bottles which are great in allowing storage of the variety of beverages. Additionally, to prevent foreign contaminants, each bottle boasts a metallic lid. So, when you need to store milk, juices, water, and smoothies, these bottles are the perfect selection.

When going outdoors, these jars are great. They are light and strong which eases portability. Therefore, no need to worry about what to use to carry fluid contents. As a result, it’s possible to use them for your parties, weddings, and much more with comfort. Each has a large capacity; 33.8 oz hence great to carry large volumes. On cleaning these bottles, it is quick and straightforward. They are ideal for handwashing (lids) and also dishwasher safe.

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7. Libbey Clear 33.5 oz Glass Milk Bottle with Lid

Libbey Clear 33.5 oz Glass Milk Bottle with Lid

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If you are tired of replacing your plastic milk bottles, it is time to upgrade. One of the surest ways to go is getting glass ones. Libbey clear milk glasses are premium and heavy-duty. Featuring real glass, these bottles will keep your milk, water or any other beverage without causing undesirable tastes. Unlike plastic counterparts. These prevent lumping when one mixes powdered milk thus efficient way of preserving your milk without worries.

One pack comes with 4 thick glasses which are of superior quality. With this, it means that no stress when carrying as they don’t break easily. Also, to keep the inside airtight, BPA free snap plastic lids. Since it is not at all times which these bottles are storing milk, they are versatile. They can be used for storing homemade juices, almond milk, and other beverages without experiencing spoilage. With the ability to hold 33.5 oz liquid, they are ideal to fit in your fridge.

6. KOVOT 11-Oz Milk Bottles, Set of 12, Reusable Lid & Straws

KOVOT 11-Oz Milk Bottles, Set of 12, Reusable Lid & Straws

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To save money and save the environment, reusable glass milk bottles are the idealist idea. The Kovot bottles are dedicated to ensuring your storage and also transportation of milk is comfortable and safe. Each set comes boasting 12 glasses which are ideal for all your events and parties. Further, each glass has a plastic lid and reusable straw. This means that these glasses are suitable for storage and also straws facilitate easy drinking. As a result, they apply to a variety of occasions instead of using cheap and unreliable ones.

Besides being useful in keeping your milk and juices safe, their design is fantastic. They feature vintage-style construction. With this, it is possible to use them as canning bottles, creamer and as decorative glasses. They are easy to clean with a dishwasher while straws and lids are hand washable. Each glass has 11oz capacity and measures 6 inches tall. Real glass construction renders them reliable and durable than their plastic counterparts.

5. Dress My Cupcake Vintage Glass Milk Bottles, 12 Set

Dress My Cupcake Vintage Glass Milk Bottles, 12 Set

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Nowadays almost everyone is rushing to get plastic jars for preserving their beverages. But, it is advisable to get an exceptional and durable product to get services for an extended period. If you get milk bottles from Dress My cupcake, quality is assured. It is among the world largest and trusted table supplies. Glass bottles from this company are premium and ready to serve you. They are manufactured from heavy-duty glass which enables them to resist easy breaking. On top, the twist lids keep your milk safe from foreign contaminants.

If you have guests in your home, these bottles can confidently serve as drinking glasses. They come accompanied vintage straws from the company which is elegant. With a combination of vintage straws and elegantly shaped bottles, it makes sure perfect table complement. Each of the glass has 8 ounces capacity or equivalent to 175 jellybeans. The Dress My Cupcake glasses are ideal for storing various beverages and also great due to high portability.

4.Radiant Day Milk Bottles, Extra Lids, Glass

Radiant Day Milk Bottles, Extra Lids, Glass

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Get full assurance of the safety of your milk or any other fluid by getting Radiant Day bottles. They are not like any other plastic or glass bottles. These come with tight lids which prevent spillages even when placed upside down. Moreover, lids are tightly sealing with pop on /off and are leak proof. On construction, there is nothing to worry about. The glass material used here is durable and extra thick which improves on the safety and durability. So, when storing your content, it means that no bad odor, tainting or other toxic chemicals.

Despite these jars featuring pure glass, they are Eco-friendly since they are recyclable. Designed with space saving shape, arranging them in your cupboard or fridge is stress-free. Each glass has 33 oz fluid capacity. On the other hand, there is these glasses are multi-purpose. They are not restricted to milk alone. They can store milk, juices, buttermilk, cold tea among others without going bad quickly. Stylish shape keeps your table and fridges mesmerizing due to excellent compliment. Above all, the bottles are dishwasher safe thereby reducing cleaning time.

3. Circleware Odile Glass Bottles for Milk

Circleware Odile Glass Bottles for Milk

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When you have a lot of beverages to keep, having reliable containers is the key. The Circleware Odile glasses proves perfect to offer solace to your storage headache. These bottles are manufactured from pure glass and are free from toxic lead particles. This means that whenever you store anything on these bottles, there is health assurance. On top of that, the professional crafting by experts renders these jar durable and highly reliable. The company is known to be the leading seller of glasses around the globe.

Apart from being hardy glasses, they are quite stylish which renders them beautiful when arranged in your house. Therefore, thus, they can fit any occasion be it a wedding, party or a gift to someone. Unlike other glasses which are available in plastic lids, these enjoy metallic ones. Therefore, there is no worry about these caps breaking when subjected to stress. Above all are black measuring markings which ensure you know the amount of fluid in the bottle.

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2. The Dairy Shoppe Heavy Glass Milk Bottles, 2 Qt

The Dairy Shoppe Heavy Glass Milk Bottle, 2 Qt

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Holding a glass bottle sometimes can be hectic if it is heavy has no handle. Not many brands which come fitted with plastic handles. But, there is only one brand which has e eliminate the carrying hassles; The Dairy Shoppe. Being a leading glassware maker, it delivers fantastic products which are superior and reliable for a long time. Now, these glasses from the company are ideal for storing and carrying milk. Notably, they are suitable for use by dairies and are reusable.

It is not like the plastic where you use and dump after several uses. With these, they are incredibly durable and resists breaking due to thick-walled glasses. Also, they come with tamper evident seal and a white plastic lid which is reusable. Besides having lids, plastic handle for convenient portability. Large capacity allows these bottles to be an idea to carry a significant volume of up to 64 oz/ 1/2 gallon. The re-usability helps to save the environment from excessive dumping.

1. Bormioli Rocco Hermetic Seal Glass, 68 Ounces

Bormioli Rocco Hermetic Seal Glass, 68 Ounces

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Getting a glass bottle you can trust for multiple functions, and it will save you space and money. The Bormioli Rocco glass is one of the best you can spot on the market. Its construction is not like ordinary glass. This one is premium and superior constructed. The walls constitute a solid structure which renders it hard to break quickly. Additionally, this glass provides a safe and sure way of preserving your milk, juices and other fluids. To perform this, it has a hermetic lid which is leakproof for maintaining beverage fresh for a long time.

For the food safety, construction of the glass is free from lead particles. Besides being safe, the absence of lead renders it 100 percent recyclable thus ideal for minimizing environment waste load. The designing of this glass focuses on the comfort when holding it. Therefore, it possesses a durable integrated handle which is comfortable to carry. Pouring spout eases milk discharging and bottle is ideal for dishwashing. When using this bottle, it is advisable to avoid using hot fluids. It can accommodate 68 ounces.


In conclusion, we have seen that glass bottles can serve many purposes. Some are small while others are large to suit individuals requirements. With glass being durable and safe than plastic, it makes these bottles perfect selection. So, don’t be buying disposable bottles every day, you can save that money and environment by getting a glass milk bottles.

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