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Professional chefs, as well as gourmet cooks, are appreciative of the even cooking power and the convenience that a good gas range offers. Unlike an electric range, which must first heat up to the desired cooking temperature, a gas range provides an instant flame. The flame can be increased if more heat is required or decreased if something is to be cooked at a lower temperature.

The gas ranges available today come equipped with a variety of BTU ranges. Similarly, a majority of them have a fifth burner fitted which helps to keep a dish warm.

There are some gas ranges that come with other features that help to widen culinary capabilities such as a work grate or a griddle plate. When it comes to selecting a gas range, ovens with both the conventional and convection ovens are available.

The 10 best Gas Ranges for kitchen you should buy

In fact, you can also choose between a single oven and double oven model. To make sure that you pick out the correct gas range, you need to weigh the benefits as well as the features of each model.

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10. GE Profile PGS950EEFES Profile Series Slide-in Gas Range

GE Profile PGS950EEFES Profile Series Slide-in Gas Range


This slide-in gas range is quite feature-rich. The burners work great at both high and low heat while the double burner can be used to heat things up quickly. This gas range is equipped with convection upper and lower oven which is great for all baking items.

There is no need to worry about space with this gas range. Meanwhile, the slate color is quite better than stainless steel because it’s easy to clean.

There are no fingerprints left behind; hence, there is no mess. This gas range is equipped with a slide-out rack as well. The slide-out rack stays balanced and requires only a little force to be telescoped out.

Key Features
  • It comes with 5 sealed burners with 5000-20000 BTUs.
  • The roller rack is heavy-duty and self-clean.
  • It is also equipped with a reversible cast-iron grill.
  • The upper convection oven measures 2.5 cu. ft. and the lower oven measures 4.3 cu. ft.

9. Frigidaire FFGF3049LS Freestanding Gas Range

 Frigidaire FFGF3049LS Freestanding Gas Range


With the Frigidaire gas range, you can enjoy all your favorite foods without any hassle. This freestanding oven rack features a 50 cu. ft. oven capacity and is equipped with 2 oven racks. Thus, there is plenty of space for cooking and catering to a large group.

This gas range has a stainless steel finish and is equipped with 5 sealed burners, an extra zone center burner, quick boil burner, and ready-select controls. It’s great for cooking a wide range of meals in an efficient manner.

Key Features
  • Storage drawers provide a convenient space for storing items like cooling racks.
  • The cast iron top is a great addition.
  • The oven works great and can be preheated.

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8. 36″ Pro-style 6 Burner Gas Range

36″ Pro-style 6 Burner Gas Range


Another great gas range is this one which comes with continuous cast-iron cooking grates that allow moving the large cookware easily. The black porcelain drip pan allows easy surface cleaning.

The oven has a capacity of 5.2 cu. ft. Moreover, the infrared broil burner offers even and fast boiling. The commercial convection fan fitted in the oven maximizes even cooking.

Furthermore, the oven cavity is illuminated with halogen lights. It also comes with an LP conversion kit which adds to the convenience of this oven.

Key Features
  • The interior of the oven is made using blue porcelain.
  • The gas range is CSA certified.
  • It comes with a 2-year labor and parts warranty.
  • The gas range is thermostatically controlled, allowing precise temperatures.
  • Comes with two nickel-plated oven racks.

7. Suburban 3206A Gas Range with Conventional Burners

Suburban 3206A Gas Range with Conventional Burners


This company is known for manufacturing gas ranges with various options, features, and sizes that can cater to a large crowd. Their gas ranges are ideal for such homes where space is limited.

What sets this gas range apart from the others is the piezo ignition which creates a spark to light up the cooktop burner, reducing the need for matches. It is fitted with a 9,000 VTU front burner with a linear valve.

Meanwhile, the two 6,500 BTU rear burners add to the cooking capacity. Moreover, the porcelain-coated one-piece steel grate is convenient for griddles and big pans.

This gas range also features two well-insulated and high-efficiency ovens that heat up to 500 degrees and feature big broiler areas.

Key Features
  • It comes with an easy-sliding and sturdy oven rack with numerous rack positions.
  • The surfaces of the broiler pan and the porcelain oven are rounded and smooth, thus allowing simple and quick cleaning.
  • With the piezo knob, the burner can be ignited easily and quickly.
  • The infinitely variable and smooth flame can be adjusted from a gentle simmer to high heat for quick cooking.

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6. Verona VEFSGE365NSS 36″ Freestanding Dual Fuel Range

Verona VEFSGE365NSS 36" Freestanding Dual Fuel Range


This single-oven dual range with 5 burners is considered by many as one the best when it comes to efficiency and flexibility. The porcelain cast-iron caps and grates, chrome handles and knobs, and the EZ clean porcelain oven offer an effortless glide so that moving even the heaviest dishes is easy.

This dual fuel range also provides you with the power that you need. It has 5 sealed burners with a powerful 16,000 BTU burner in the middle that can fit large pots. It can be reduced to 1,000 BTU for simmering. This gas range is also durable and is made to last since it is constructed of 304 stainless steel. It has a high corrosion resistance as well.

This gas range comes with a flame failure safety device which keeps the users safe. Furthermore, this gas range is also easy to clean. The sealed burners prevent the spills from leaking in the interior. You only need to remove the iron-cast grates and simply wipe away the mess.

With the multi-function convection oven that provides 7 different cooking modes, you can prepare your meals in a much shorter time.

Key Features
  • The burners light up without a standing pilot.
  • The circular element surrounding the fan both work to provide uniform heat distribution without any cold spots.
  • It promises all the specifications needed for cooking on a professional level.
  • The gas is automatically switched off as soon as the flame goes out.
  • It offers 7 cooking modes.

5. Thorkitchen LRG3001U Freestanding Style Gas Range

Thorkitchen LRG3001U Freestanding Style Gas Range


The freestanding style gas range in stainless steel from Thor Kitchen not only looks great but also functions well too. It is fitted with 5 burners and an oven capacity measuring 4.55 cu. ft. This product is able to offer exceptional quality when it comes to function, fit, and efficiency.

It also has a broil burner with 10,000 BTU along with 4 other burners. It also has a convection fat which ensures an even distribution of heat.

The interior of the oven is made of black porcelain, and there are two oven racks made of black porcelain as well. Moreover, there is also a storage drawer made of black porcelain to store your cooking equipment.

Key Features
  • It offers exceptional quality in terms of function, fit, and form.
  • High quality castings and machined brass burners allow easy disassembly and cleaning.
  • The valves allow micro adjustment for precise flame control.
  • It features well-built burners.

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4. Bosch HGI8054UC Stainless Steel Gas Slide-In Sealed Burner Range

Bosch HGI8054UC Stainless Steel Gas Slide-In Sealed Burner Range


While the gas burner has a look of a slide-in gas range, it’s designed to fit in any traditional freestanding gas range cutout. So, when using this gas range, you don’t need to make any costly cabinetry or countertop renovations. The oven capacity of this gas range is 4.8 cu. Ft. and can accommodate most pans and pots.

Furthermore, the center burner with 18,000 BTU allows you to get your favorite food ready in just a short time. It also comes with a warming drawer to keep the items warm until everything is ready to be served. It has a low profile design which gives it a sleek look while the heavy-duty metal knobs give it a premium finish.

Key Features
  • Touch controls allow easy operation.
  • The featured 9 cooking modes, coupled with the 5 burners, make it easy to cook gourmet food.
  • Standard convection promises even baking.
  • Comes integrated with a timer.

3. AVANTI GR2416CSS Gas Range Sealed Burners

AVANTI GR2416CSS Gas Range Sealed Burners


This freestanding 24-inch gas range, despite being slim, provides a good amount of burning power. It features four sealed burners as well as heavy grates and a great design. Moreover, the oven comes with a see-through glass which allows safe and east monitoring while the digital clock allows convenient timing.

The heavy stainless steel top, as well as the hefty grates, enables a person to use larger pans easily. The glass oven door is easy to clean, thus promising ease of use. It also comes with a waist-high broiler and a storage drawer with enough space to store even the broiler pan.

Key Features
  • It comes with an automatic electronic ignition with oven temperature ranging from 300 to 500 degree Fahrenheit.
  • The oven capacity measures 2.6 cubic feet; enough for most pans and dishes.
  • The oven cavity comes with a light, and an on and off switch.
  • Also features a 62-minute timer.

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2. Kenmore 73433 4.2 cu. Ft. Freestanding Gas Range in Stainless Steel

Kenmore 73433 4.2 cu. Ft. Freestanding Gas Range in Stainless Steel


The Kenmore gas range is fitted not only with a versatile cooktop but also with a powerful broiler and oven. It comes with five sealed burners which make various techniques such as searing and boiling is simple.

The large burner in the center is ideal for odd-shaped pans. Moreover, the extra-large oven windows, LED display, and electronic controls allow superior temperature control. The 14,200 BTU power burner allows you to cook your favorite dish in a short amount of time.

With the 10,000 BTU center burner and the 5,000 BTU simmer burners that can accommodate for awkwardly shaped pots, cooking is made less stressful. Furthermore, the Easy Set electronic controls let you set the desired time and temperature.

Key Features
  • The capacity of the oven is 4.2 cubic feet.
  • Featured 5 sealed burners provide great cooktop versatility.
  • The center oval burner is suitable for a griddle.
  • Stove heat can be easily controlled with the twist-knob burner controls.

1. Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range


This gas range features a convection oven measuring 4.2 cubic feet and 22,000 BTU along with a 13,000 BTU broiler for browning and grilling food. The freestanding gas range is equipped with 4 high-powered burners that let you enjoy versatility while cooking.

Due to the removable backsplash, this freestanding gas range can also be used as a slide-in gas range. Moreover, it has a classic stainless steel body along with a modern black finish. If you’re looking for a reliable and powerful gas range, this is clearly one you should know about.

Furthermore, it’s easy to use, clean, and maintain. Also, the 2-year manufacturer warranty it comes with ensures this gas range will serve you for a long time.

Key Features
  • It has a great modern look and is equipped with innovative features.
  • It has an electronic ignition with auto re-ignition feature.
  • Features durable cast-iron heavy-duty cooking grates.
  • Comes with 2-year manufacturer warranty.

What to Look for in a Gas Range – Buying Guides

  • Different kinds of gas ranges: Primarily, there are two kinds of gas ranges; freestanding and slide-in ranges. Freestanding ranges are the most known particularly because of how easy they are to install. In such gas ranges, the oven control panel is fixed on the back panel and is above the cooktop surface. Meanwhile, the slide-in ranges provide a custom built-in look and can easily slide in between the surrounding cabinets. In slide-in ranges, there is no back panel, and the oven controls are present on the range front.
  • Double ovens: A majority of the gas ranges come with a double oven. With two separate cavities, you can cook different dishes at two separate temperatures. While some gas ranges have a small top oven and a large lower oven, there are also gas ranges that come with two same-sized ovens. However, with two ovens, you will have to sacrifice the storage drawer which also provides convenience.
  • Rack positions: With a number of rack positions, you can create space in the oven for additional items if needed. Some of the gas ranges come with five rack ranges while the lower-end models don’t have any rack positions.
  • Convection: A number of mid prices and higher priced gas ranges have one or more fans that are used to circulate the hot air within the oven. Convection is helpful for reducing the cooking time.
  • Variable broil: Most of the gas ovens come equipped with a variable broil. The feature helps to adjust the settings for such foods that need faster or slower cooking.


Do go through this list of Top 10 best Gas Ranges of 2022 again to help you make a comparison of the different features provided by each product. We hope this list is able to help you select the best gas range. Also, keep the Buyer’s Guide in mind to make an informed decision. A reliable gas range is what you need to continue making tasty meals.

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