Decorate Your Garden with These Top 10 Best Garden Treasures in 2023

We understand that you desire to have a garden that is envied by all your neighbors and complimented by every guest that comes by. We also know that well-cut grass, trimmed flowers & fences, and a generally well-kept landscape is not always a good enough wow factor – you need some additional treasures to set the garden apart from the others in your neighborhood.

For that reason, you may find yourself scratching your head over the type of treasure that would suit your budget and still meet your preferred quality. The options at your disposal are many and, unfortunately, they can be deceiving.

In this review article, we have delved deep and sampled the ten best treasures you can acquire for your garden in 2023. We have considered different customer reviews as well as personal experiences to come up with this list.

Top 10 Best Garden Treasures in 2023 Reviews

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10. Sand Finish Lion Face 31″ High Wall Fountain

Sand Finish Lion Face 31 High Wall Fountain


Give your garden a royal outlook with this 31″ high x 20 1/2″ wide x 10 1/2″ deep lion’s headwall/garden fountain. As you relax in the garden, the water flowing from the lion head on the wall and falling into the basin at the base will be soothing you with a cool waterfall experience.

The regal columns on either side of the lion head and the carvings on top, on the other hand, will leave your guests staring at the striking beauty. Its sandstone finishes together with its light water pump makes it light enough for you to hang it on a fence with almost any hook you have at home, including a steel masonry nail, or better still, place it on the floor.

Sandstone is also resistant to harsh weather conditions, so you will have the fountain sitting in the garden all around the year without fearing that it’ll crack. As the fountain runs, it produces a unique glow that will set your garden apart from the rest of your neighborhood. Using this fountain will not hurt your power budget as both its pump and the lighting system uses the same 110V D.C. circuit, and you can always unplug them to save power when a need arises.

Having to refill the water basin from time to time could be tiring and inconveniencing. Besides that, the fountain has no direct switches for the lighting and pumping systems, so you’ll have to keep plugging and unplugging.

The electrical cord, on the other hand, is not long enough so you’ll need to acquire an extension if your power source is far from the garden.

9. Garden Snails

Garden Snails


Have this 9″ long, 9″ high, 4″ wide garden statue snail welcome you home with a beautiful glow in the evening. The snail is so nicely decorated and comes with an inborn solar panel that absorbs solar energy and then powers the lighting system at night, so you will not have to worry about additional power bills.

Its cute little face and ever-present contagious smile will leave you and your guests mesmerized. It has a unique blend of green, brown, and yellowish pink colors that will bring a charmingly pretty brightness and over ten tiny sparkling lights.

Its water and UV heat resistant for increased durability, zero fading, and safe usage in all seasons. You can place this beautiful snail on your flower pot or in the grass to complement their beauty. Your pets will adore playing with this little collection.

The snail is hollow, but you’ll sometimes hear some rattles inside when you shake it. This, however, doesn’t affect its operability. That aside, the item could be a little bit more expensive than the materials used to make it are worth. You can, however, overlook that if your budget isn’t tight- it is adorable enough for the price.

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8. Kilmer Creek 5′ Natural Cedar Porch Swing

Kilmer Creek 5' Natural Cedar Porch Swing


For a quality, natural-looking, decay & rot resistant, and perfectly comfortable swing for your garden, this is a treasure worth acquiring. The uniqueness of this swing is that red cedar is durable and repels all timber damaging insects.

It is crafted to give your garden and the entire home the natural appearance that combines both traditional and modern elegance. You can apply a clear or polyurethane finish touch to protect it from UV and moist, or just leave it natural to allow cedar’s unpretentious gray color to develop.

The sitting surface is 18″ deep by 58″ wide, while its height from the ground is approximately 23 inches. It is sturdy enough to carry up to 500lbs. weight, meaning that you will comfortably sit in this swing together with a couple more adults.

The springs, on the other hand, will fit perfectly in most of the swing frames you find in the market today and are made to absorb shock fairly well to give you a comfortable bounce. You can even hang it between trees so that you swing merrily as you grab fresh air in the evening.

The chain positioning may not be the best as it can knock your head if you choose to sleep horizontally.

7. Mosaic Cresent Moon and Sun Plaque Decoration

Mosaic Cresent Moon and Sun Plaque Decoration


Improve your garden decorations with Polynesian wall plaque. The magnificent piece of craftsmanship will sit well on your garden fence or patio wall and, with its vibrant and vivid color patterns and gold/copper background, it will give your home a completely new gorgeous look.

The 5” stretch of a purplish moon and glittering sun together with the decorating gems around them will give your fence a brilliant glitter at night. What’s even more remarkable about this garden treasure is that it resists UV and rain so it will be shining in your garden for a whole lifetime. It is also designed for windy areas as its materials are heavy and can withstand standard external forces.

It is only about eight inches wide- the size of a dinner plate- and will, therefore, disappoint you- it might require you to buy several. The asking price, on the other hand, is a bit exaggerated bearing in mind its small size.

It looks delicate so you will need to be extra careful when handling it otherwise it can break. The sad news is, you will not be able to repair it once broken.

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6. Regal Art & Gift 10341 Solar Mushroom Garden Stake, Butterfly

Regal Art & Gift 10341 Solar Mushroom Garden Stake, Butterfly


This colorful glass mushroom is one of the biggest wow factors that you can ever have in your garden. It is about 16” high, but you will need to bury around 4” to make it firm and stable enough to withstand strong winds.

The multicolored top and copper stem- blue, red, green, and orange patterns- will give your home a new breathe of life, leaving the neighbors asking you where you bought it and visitors giving you endless compliments. Its ability to tap and use solar energy will ensure that your power budget is not overstretched, while its firmly fixed bulb gives it a longer lifespan.

The mushroom will look great in the garden, at the driveway, or even along the pathway. The mushroom automatically switches itself on when the sun goes down and can maintain an attractive mellow glow for up to midnight or even extend depending on the strength of the day’s sun. It’s advisable to buy several if your budget allows.

Fades when subjected to direct sunlight for long hours so in extremely hot areas, you’ll have to buy a patio umbrella to cover it during summer. Again during winter, and on days when the sun is scarce, it may not produce the beautiful sparkle you may desire. The size could also be a slight disappointment, particularly the height.

5. Fun Express Resting Cat Stone Whimsical Garden Accent

Fun Express Resting Cat Stone Whimsical Garden Accent


Do you love cats? You will not get your eyes off this darling little cat statue sitting outside. Its greyish resin material guarantees you that the cat is resistant to fading or staining. There is a small bird perching on top of the cat’s head that makes it look natural and cool.

The tail, on the other hand, is flexible and you will be bending and coiling it to your liking. Being lightweight, there is no doubt that your pet-loving kid will enjoy carrying it around when you are in the garden.

This cat is too small that someone will barely notice it when sitting between rocks. Secondly, lack of color variety compromises its overall beauty- a few more color patterns could make it more beautiful.

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4. Keter Dia 13.9 in. Round Plastic Resin Garden Plant

Keter Dia 13.9 in. Round Plastic Resin Garden Plant


These two grayish brown spherical garden planters hang nicely in the garden to get the best, natural look in flowers. Their polypropylene resin material is designed in a way that mimics real rattan, making them look more expensive than they actually are. Besides that, Polypropylene doesn’t fade, dent, stain, or rust.

The metallic chain hangers, on the other hand, are sturdy enough so you will not have to be cautious when hanging the pots in the garden or around the house. These chains are also rust resistant.

As for regions that experience strong winds, the pot will withstand because they are heavy and kept well in place by the three chains. Versatility is also a plus for you can choose to hang or just place the pots on the floor- either way, your garden looks contemporary.

The water control plug is placed at the bottom so if you need to readjust it, and you may have to pour all the pot’s contents. Being heavy also means that you will need to purchase strong and probably expensive hooks. Could also look better if they were multicolored.

3. mayinc 5:00 Somewhere Tropical Party Gnome Garden Statue

mayinc 5-00 Somewhere Tropical Party Gnome Garden Statue


Redefine cuteness with this bright, cute, and eye-catching garden statue. It’s nine inches tall and has a round concrete base that improves its stability. Bearing in mind that the statue is cheap, you will be amazed to learn what a good quality it is- simply adorable.

You can also try positioning it on your screened or in porch deck railing- it looks fantastic. What’s more, the “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” sign is fun to read and memorize especially for your kids.

The painting and casting are a little bit shoddy- somehow incomplete. For height, on the other hand, the man is too tiny for the garden and may not be visible from a distance. Some parts may crack or fall off easily when mishandled.

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2. Moonrays 91351 Solar Powered Garden Fairy with Glowing Cardinal

Moonrays 91351 Solar Powered Garden Fairy with Glowing Cardinal


Upgrade your garden, walkways, patio, or driveway décor with this beautifully glowing cardinal that uses solar energy to produce a red light when the sun goes down. The red, little bird at the top is made for darkness while the fairy is to beautify your home during the day.

It’s about 10” tall for added stability, while its delicate-look makes it appear somehow feminine. In extremely cold areas, don’t worry much because the little lady will not freeze when placed outside.

She’s hand painted so you can be sure that the paint is on point. The metallic wings, on the other hand, will be a source of family happiness- kids love them.

It could have been better if the fairy, just like the cardinal, glows in the dark. The wings, on the other hand, appear weak and must be glued to protect them from strong wind. She’s also a bit small for the price.

1. Outdoor Turtles on a Log

Outdoor Turtles on a Log


If you are a turtle lover, you will certainly enjoy watching these three polyresin turtles glow on a log, All turtles and the log are waterproof and will not fade even if subjected to strong heat. Their source of power is a couple of rechargeable AA batteries which are solar-charged.

At sunset, the lighting system automatically detects darkness and lights up the turtles, creating a breathtaking yellowish scenery in your garden. Each turtle glows for averagely 4-6 hours. If the glowing starts to dim, which happens after several years, just replace the batteries and you will be good to go.

Won’t glow on cloudy days and during the winter. The turtles are also considerably small which could be a little disappointing. The glue holding this thing together is also not as strong as you’d expect for such a beautiful acquisition.

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If you are planning to acquire a new garden treasure for your compound, this review list is a good place to start. Each of the items discussed beats your expectations on quality and affordability, making them ideal for any budget. Choose the one that suits your tastes, preferences, and budget. We assure you that our featured reviews will not disappoint you- not now, not in the future.

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