Top 10 Best Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges in 2023 – Best Sellers

A fountain pen is one of the most popular writing instruments for many decades. Over time, the fountain pen innovators have created various refilling systems to offer their users optimal performance. Currently available are bottled ink, Ink converters, and fountain pen ink cartridge filling systems. While all these filling systems get the work done, the ink cartridges have the results when it comes to user convenience.

Generally, a fountain pen ink cartridge is a non-reusable case that holds the pen ink. This capsule is attached to the fountain pen feed where it supplies the pen with ink. Once it runs out of ink, you simply need to remove it and replace it with a fresh cartridge. Compared to bottled ink, cartridges are relatively spill- and mess-free. Unlike the bottled ink, you don’t have to dip your pen into the bottle to refill it. The cartridges are also well sealed, making them easy to carry with you without staining your bag or clothes. There will be no more worries about ink spillage.

As with many products, the market is filled with an extensive supply of fountain pen ink cartridge choices. In this overview, we have tested and reviewed the 10 most recommended cartridges to bring you a selection of the top-performing ink cartridges available these days.

Top 10 Best Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges of 2023 Reviews

Read details about each product below:

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10. Pilot Namiki IC100 Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge

Pilot Namiki IC100 Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge


Made by a brand that has perfected the art of writing for several decades, Pilot Namiki brings you a fountain pen that celebrates both art and writing. The replacement cartridges are filled with high standard colors which ensure intense color depth and consistency. This equips your favorite pen with the highest performance regardless of the paper you are writing on. Available in several colors, you can enjoy rich colors with every stroke.

While initially these cartridges were made especially for Pilot Namiki fountain pens, their international size and design make them ideal to use with most pens available today. Additionally, the pack consists of 12 cartridges. With each one designed to offer you at least two weeks of ink supply, it means that you don’t have to purchase any additional ink for six months. More importantly, the pack comes at an affordable price, offering you the best bargain.

  • 12 Cartridges per pack.
  • Consistent ink delivery.
  • Providing the highest quality of color.
  • Widely used and compatible with other fountain pens.
  • The ink is slightly acidic.

9. Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges

Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges


The Premium Wordsworth & Black Fountain pen Ink Cartridge is an ideal choice for office workers and students who don’t always get to choose the paper they are writing on . Similar to other cartridges from this brand, this model comes in a universal size. This makes it compatible with most fountain pens available on the market. Better yet, it is filled with high-quality premium ink. Another reason why you might consider getting this model is that it is available in a big value pack. The pack contains 30 black international standard size cartridges that should last you almost a year.

Moreover, it offers you a smooth and uninterrupted flow of ink. This means you don’t have to worry about any droplets regardless of the paper you are writing on. The ink dries in splits of seconds, ensuring that smears or smudges do not ruin your writing. Besides, the ink is carefully manufactured to ensure the safety and durability of your pen.

  • Fast dry ink prevents smudges or smears
  • Big value pack containing 24 cartridges
  • Long life span
  • Non-toxic ink
  • Comes in black only
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8. Cross Fountain Pen Cartridge Ink Refills

Cross Fountain Pen Cartridge Ink Refills


Are you tired of replacing dried up cartridges in your fountain pain? Save money and improve your experience by choosing the Cross Fountain pen cartridges. Long-lasting and efficient, you no longer need to refill your pen every few days. Each cartridge offers you up to 2 weeks supply of ink if you use your pens frequently. More importantly, they are filled with superior ink that is free from toxins. The ink also offers you a darker shade, bringing you an optimal writing experience.

Each pack contains six cartridges, which provide you with a supply for about three months. This makes it an excellent choice for students and teachers who are looking to use their fountain pens for their extensive schoolwork without replacing the cartridges every few days. Notably, this unit also comes in a universal size, allowing you to use it in nearly all pens available. More importantly, while the ink is not waterproof, it ensures that your notes are legible, and if they get a little wet, it will not feather too much.

  • Filled with original brand Cross ink.
  • The pack contains six cartridges.
  • Dispenses the right amount of ink for consistency.
  • Compatible with most fountain pens.
  • Only 6 cartridges per pack.

7. Parker Quink Fountain Pen Refill Cartridges

Parker Quink Fountain Pen Refill Cartridges


Unlike bottled paint where you need to refill the pens constantly, this cartridge ensures a mess-free and efficient refilling. This will also eliminate the need of having to clean your fountain pen regularly. You will receive a big value pack with each purchase. The pack contains 10  cartridges, which should last you for up to 2 months of continuous ink supply.  For compatibility, the cartridges come in an international standard size which is compatible with most fountain pens.

The quality of ink breaks or makes a cartridge, but you won’t be disappointed with this brand, as Parker stands for high quality for many decades. The cartridges are filled with high-quality ink that lets you shape your letters and documents to perfection. The seamless flow ensures consistency with every stroke of your pen. Additionally, the paint dries extremely fast. This eliminates instances of smears or smudges while writing.

  • Designed to fit most fountain pens.
  • High-quality ink.
  • Dispenses ink consistently.
  • The ink dries fast.
  • Higher priced product.
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6. Dryden Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges

Dryden Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges


Featuring black and blue cartridges, this pack is an excellent choice for people who are looking to use different colored fountain pens for their work. Dedicated to offering uncompromised performance with virtually any pen and paper, students, business professionals, and teachers will absolutely love these refill cartridges. Each pack offers 24 cartridges, 12 blue, and 12 black. Plus, they are available in an international standard size, making them compatible with almost all fountain pens.

Users also appreciate their long life span. Different from other models, these cartridges come in a plastic re–lockable case that offers you with at least two weeks of regular use. Coming with a smart design, this product also provides you with a smooth and un-intervallic ink supply. The design ensures uninterrupted ink flow that enables you to enjoy an optimal writing experience. Furthermore, your health is not compromised. The ink is made using natural and high-quality dyes that are nontoxic.

  • Value pack with each set containing 12 black and 12 blue cartridges.
  • International standard size.
  • Fast-drying ink.
  • Great for calligraphy.
  • Higher priced than comparable cartridges.

5. Montblanc Mystery Black Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges

Montblanc Mystery Black Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges


Unlike other ink cartridges filled with shimmering inks, the Montblanc cartridges are all about subtle magnificence. The ink from the famous pen manufacturer is made with an advanced formula that is safer for the user. And still, it retains its vintage appearance. This gives it a fabulous look on white and other colored papers. The versatile cartridge design ensures that you utilize every drop of ink. More importantly, it is compatible with not only Montblanc fountain pens but also with other pen brands.

This box contains 8 cartridges, enough for around three months of average use. Although the ink is not waterproof, it still looks grade on the softer paper. More importantly, it doesn’t harden even if you don’t use the pen for a long time. Additionally, this ink is available in international-sized cartridge and in bottles, allowing you to use it with any pen.

  • Standard international cartridges for wider compatibility
  • Made by a reputable brand
  • Formulated from high quality and safe materials
  • Dispenses ink seamlessly
  • Fewer cartridges in the pack
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4. Lamy Black T10 Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges

Lamy Black T10 Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges


Made by a reputable company, users will enjoy using these ink cartridges from Lamy. Being filled with high-quality ink, you can use your fountain pen for almost any type of work requiring handwriting. While the ink is not waterproof, it offers a low maintenance when cleaning the fountain pen. The advantage of this cartridge is that it is disposable. The ink also doesn’t harden even if you don’t use your pen for a longer time. This ensures that your pen delivers its best performance all the time.

True to Lamy’s design philosophy, these ink cartridges feature a unique shape. Besides making them practical to use, their shape and size are also compatible with most standard sized fountain pens. Speaking of practicality, these cartridges come in a universal size. Furthermore, the cartridges release the ink seamlessly. This ensures that always the right amount of ink is released to the tip of the pen.

  • Unique design for advanced performance.
  • Each pack contains 5 cartridges.<
  • Filled with premium ink.
  • Compatible with most fountain pens.
  • Ink not erasable.

3. Luxun International Size Pen Ink Cartridge

Luxun International Size Pen Ink Cartridge


Since fountain pens originally manufactured for the Chinese market become more popular worldwide, these refill cartridges from LUXUN are worth looking at. They fit standard fountain pens made by Jinhao, Baoer and approximately 98% of Chinese fountain pen brands. Manufactured from quality materials, these cartridges contribute to your refined writing experience. Coming in international size, these cartridges are compatible with most fountain pens. What is more interesting is that they pack enough ink to last you more than two weeks. This makes it a great choice for students, secretaries, as well as other people who use fountain pens more often.

Moreover, each pack contains 30 cartridges. This should give you enough supply for a whole year. More importantly, this pack is very affordable. When it comes to the color quality, these cartridges offer a cool, blue color that looks stunning on white and colored papers.

  • Each pack contains 30 cartridges.
  • Premium quality ink.
  • Compatible with most fountain pens.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Doesn’t fit LAMY and PARKER Fountain Pens

2. Waterman Standard Long Cartridges

Waterman Standard Long Cartridges


Waterman Standard Long Cartridges are convenient, simple to use, and mess-free to replace. Coming with smooth flowing ink they help to improve your writing experience when using your classic fountain pen. Regardless of the fountain pen you use, these cartridges help you to curve beautiful letters with each stroke. As the product name indicates, these cartridges come in a long standard size, making them fit most long standard fountain pens. Different from the short sized cartridges, these options store more ink that should last you at least three weeks.

Furthermore, these cartridges are available in a wide range of colors. This should help you in finding a color that meets your needs. The cool blue and black colors are a nice selection for students and business professionals. On the other hand, the red colors will make a perfect choice for teachers. More importantly, the ink is not bleeding through and has an enthralling color effect after drying.

  • Fast-drying ink.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Lasts for a long time.
  • Fits only standard long size fountain pens.

1. 2 Packs – Cross Fountain Pen Cartridge

2 Packs - Cross Fountain Pen Cartridge


While many fountain pen cartridges are great for sub-par and ordinary paper, the cross cartridges are specifically made to work perfectly on all types of papers. If you are looking for a model that works consistently with minimal bleed through and smudges, choosing this product might be the best choice. With its high-quality ink formulation, this cartridge will let you write legibly even on a paper towel. Plus, it comes in a pack of two with each pack containing six cartridges.

Similar to other models from this brand, each cartridge has an viability for up to two weeks even when used daily. Therefore, you should expect six months of ink supply with each purchase. Additionally, the ink is made from natural and neutral dyes for enhanced product safety. Thanks to the seamless ink flow, the cartridges also enable you to enjoy an optimal writing experience as the pen glides on paper elegantly.

  • Well established brand.
  • Non-toxic ink.
  • Seamless ink flow for the enhanced writing experience.
  • Very affordable price.
  • None that we could find

Factors to Consider When Getting the Best Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges

Even with our overview of the best ink cartridges available on the market you still need to consider carefully which product will suit your needs best. There are some factors that you should look into before deciding on the brand that suits your requirements best.

These include;

    • Your choice of pen: Fountain pen ink cartridges come in different sizes. Available are short international standard sizes and long international standard sizes. For this reason, it is crucial to note the correct size that your pen can accommodate. Next, you also need to consider the ink quality. Ideally, the best ink should be neutral and not acidic. Besides being gentle with your hands, non-toxic ink also reduces the wear and tear of a pen.
    • Color and writing style: Please also consider the ink color that you need. Some packs come in a combination of blue and black cartridges while others come in a single color. This should help you in picking the color combination that you want. Additionally, your writing style also determines the feathering and bleeds through that you will have to deal with. Generally, a heavy-handed writing exacts more pressure on the cartridge, increasing the flow rate. This may cause the ink to spread where it is not needed. On the other hand, writing too slowly may also lead to the same problem as you are giving the paper more time to soak the ink. You can find cartridges specially designed to eliminate these problems.
    • The number of cartridges per pack: As you can tell from the products that we have reviewed, the cartridges come in packs. Each pack includes a different number of cartridges. Of, course, big value packs will make a perfect choice. After all, everyone would want to save even if it means you’re saving only a couple of dollars. Often these value packs are available in a bundle with up to 30 cartridges. This is a great choice for a family or individuals who use fountain pens frequently.
    • Paper quality: Experts emphasize the importance of selecting a fountain pen with the right nib. However, even if you choose a pen with the best nib, you also need to check the ink or cartridge that you will be using. Combining these two features will minimize the bleed through and smudges when writing on different paper quality. The rule of the thumb is to pick a model with seamless consistency and fast-drying ink.


Contrary to what many people think, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need the best paper quality when using a fountain pen. Selecting the best pen nib and cartridges ensures an optimal writing experience regardless of the paper you are using. The best fountain pen ink cartridges reviewed in our overview above enable you to enjoy a smooth writing with minimal bleed through and feathering. However, to make a perfect choice, it is important first to lay down your specifications.

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