Top 10 Best Folding Guest Beds with Mattresses in 2023 Reviewed

If you often accommodate multiple guests in your home or you brave the outdoors with your family for a nice camping, a folding guest bed with a mattress would be a great addition to your home essentials and outdoor gear. Structured with heavy-duty construction and equipped with a soft mattress, you or your guests can revel in superb comfort and cozy sleep.

Besides the homey feel and comfortable sleep, these folding beds also offer hassle-free storage where you can just put them away in a closet or behind the cabinet or after use. They showcase a space-saving and portable design, allowing you to use it anytime and anywhere. Before you get your guests to come over for an overnight stay or go camping to enjoy the outdoor breeze, you may need to invest in one of these fantastic folding beds. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of the Top 10 Best Folding Guest Beds with Mattresses in 2023 and a detailed buying guide to help you out.

These are the 10 Best Folding Guest Beds with Mattresses in 2023

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Read details about each Folding Mattress below:

10. Quictent Heavy Duty Folding Bed

Quictent Heavy Duty Folding Bed


For a heavy-duty folding bed that can offer excellent weight capacity, this Quictent folding bed must be your ideal pick. Designed with reinforced support belts, it provides sturdy structure and reliable support even when you move around.

It comes with a foam mattress and a stretch knit cover for added comfort. Quictent folding bed leaves a comfortable and soft feeling that allows you to indulge in a sound sleep anytime. We can set up this bed easily. It also comes with a storage bag to make it more compact when you put it away for storage.

Key Features
  • 300lbs weight limit
  • Reinforced steel frame and support belts for durability
  • Soft and comfortable mattress with knit stretch cover
  • Easy to set up
  • It comes with a storage bag and easy to store
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9. Triple Ottoman Folding Bed- Guest Bed Foam Mattress

Triple Ottoman Folding Bed- Guest Bed Foam Mattress


If you’re looking for a folding bed that is comfortable and multifunctional, this folding guest bed with mattress by Triple Furniture may perhaps be what you really need.  This bed offers real comfort, for it has high-density foam. Additionally, its construction is durable and constant.

Furthermore, this bed is not just your ordinary bed; it also functions as a single sofa, footstool, or even a coffee table. Its small size is also advantageous for those who have limited space in their rooms, but still want to use a spare bed for guests. It also comes with a waterproof suede-cover to protect the mattress.

Key Features
  • Durable enough to carry around 350lbs
  • High-density foam
  • Multifunctional; can be used as a sofa, footstool, or coffee table
  • Has an advantageous small size
  • Comes with a waterproof cover to protect the mattress

8. Comsuit Asaren Folding Guest Bed

Comsuit Asaren Folding Guest Bed


Are you searching for a bed that provides sturdiness, comfort, and convenience? Well, this folding guest bed by Comsuit might be a good option! A good sleeping experience is what we all need, so Comsuit created a bed that is composed of a high-quality steel frame and a Micro-Quilt 3D Stretch Knit Mattress. If it is not in use, you can just easily store it under a bed, or inside a closet. If you’re going to sleep somewhere else, you can easily put this folding bed inside the trunk of your car.

This folding bed is also installed with a metal tube frame and high-strength oxford supports, so it can help the bed maintain its stability. And for your additional convenience, you don’t need to assemble it.

Key Features
  • Micro-Quilt 3D Stretch Knit Mattress offers good sleeping experience
  • Very easy to store
  • Has a strong metal tube frame to maintain stability
  • Brings convenience and pure comfort
  • Easy to bring anywhere

7. Inofia Foldable Folding Bed

Inofia Foldable Folding Bed


If your room is not big enough for a nice bed, it is recommended for you to buy this folding guest bed with mattress by Inofia! Typical bed mattresses are too huge and they are not that easy to store for it occupies too much space. But with this folding bed by Inofia, you can easily store it and place it in your room without having any problems. It saves a lot of space, and you can simply place it anywhere because it is installed with durable wheels that are also flexible to be moved everywhere.

It also has a 5” memory foam mattress that provides excellent comfort, and every time you lay down on it, the foam contours your body curve. To ensure its durability and heavy-duty performance, this portable bed also has a 5-year warranty.

Key Features
  • Saves a lot of space
  • Easy to store and place anywhere
  • Attached with flexible and long-lasting wheels for additional convenience
  • Offers excellent comfort with its 5” memory foam mattress
  • Has a 5-year warranty

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6. LEISUIT Rollaway Guest Bed

LEISUIT Rollaway Guest Bed


Are you having a hard time sleeping in your bed? That needs to end. Here we recommend you to buy this rollaway guest bed provided by LEISUIT. It has thick memory foam and an oxford cloth support that will surely give you outstanding comfort and a better sleeping experience.

Whether you have an expected or unexpected guest, this bed is perfect to be used for it can be simply moved anywhere. And for added expediency, you are not required to use tools, because you can effortlessly assemble this rollaway bed in just a few minutes!

Key Features
  • Has a thick memory foam and an oxford cloth support for pure comfort
  • Not complicated to fold
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Perfect for expected or unexpected guests
  • Very stable

5. AmazonBasics Rollaway Folding Guest Bed

AmazonBasics Rollaway Folding Guest Bed


Pure convenience and safety; they are both present in this rollaway folding guest bed made by AmazonBasics! If you are having some visitors who will stay overnight at your house, then this rollaway bed can really help you! It is easy to move and place anywhere because it has wheels attached. However, those wheels can be locked in their place when the bed is in use.

Additionally, if the bed is not in use, you can lock it safely for it contains a locking system with a pinch-free button. You can fold it in half and easily store it in your storage area. No need to worry about the tools, because it is so much simpler to set up.

Key Features
  • Made with CertiPUR-US certified foam that has passed the safety standards
  • Promotes safety and convenience
  • Wheels can be locked in their place when the bed is in use
  • Has a safety locking system
  • Can be easily stored

4. Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress, and Pump Combo

Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress, and Pump Combo


Are you the type of person that likes to go on adventures, such as camping? Well, we highly recommend this air mattress and cot, made by Coleman. The air mattress highlights coil structure called ComfortStrong that promotes comfort and stability. Talking about durability, the sturdy steel cot can hold up to 600lbs, and it can have space for those people whose height ranges up to 6-feet 2 inches.

Not only that, to avert the mattress from leaking, Coleman has installed AirTight technology into this bed. This bed also comes with a 4d battery-operated pump, so you can easily inflate or deflate your airbed.

Key Features
  • Perfect for camping
  • Has a ComfortStrong structure that offers comfort and stability
  • Can hold up to 600lbs
  • Can have space for people that are up to 6”2
  • Installed with AirTight technology to avert the mattress from leaking

3. LUCID Rollaway Folding Guest Bed with Memory Foam Mattress

LUCID Rollaway Folding Guest Bed with 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress


It is always good to use a bed that is heavy-duty and long-lasting, which is why LUCID designed a bed that offers superior structure and quality! This rollaway folding guest bed provides extra comfort with its soft mattress that has 1 inch of memory foam and support foam that measures 3 inches. The memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified, so it is guaranteed safe for everyone. It has no dangerous odors that can be risky to your health.

Moreover, this rollaway folding guest bed with mattress is easy to set up, and you can easily store it if not in use. You can effortlessly assemble it and simply lock its wheels so you can safely use it. And another important detail, this bed has a 10-year warranty.

Key Features
  • Heavy-duty
  • CertiPUR-US certified memory foam; 100% safe for everyone
  • Very easy to set up
  • Can be stored easily when not in use
  • Has a 10-year warranty

2. Linon Home Dcor Luxor Memory Foam Folding Bed Mattress

Linon Home Dcor Luxor Memory Foam Folding Bed Mattress


If you’re looking for a space-saving and durable bed, this folding guest bed with mattress is one of the perfect selections! This bed will provide exceptional comfort with its thick mattress covered by a memory foam. It also comes with an Elegant Beige Damask Fabric Cover to avoid the mattress from dusting.

To keep the bed stable, it is structured with a durable metal tube frame, with the assistance of wood flat supports. So if you’re expecting some guests that will stay overnight in your house, this folding bed would be perfect to use.

Key Features
  • Space-saving
  • Thick mattress and a layer of memory from for additional comfort
  • Comes with a fabric cover
  • Structured with a metal tube frame and wood flat supports
  • Can be used as an extra bed, kid’s bed, guest bed or lounger

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1. Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed

Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed


Excellent comfort, stability, convenience, and stylish design are all in this outstanding folding bed made by Milliard. This folding bed is made with a full metal, and its legs are durable enough to keep the bed steady. Its foam has the perfect quantity of support. And to add magnificent comfort, it is topped with deluxe memory foam.

This bed also comes with a washable soft cover to protect the mattress from being dusty. Also, it is simple to use, and you can assemble it real quick. Despite being made with full metal, this bed is still lightweight. Its portability is superb, so it is easy to bring anywhere.

Key Features
  • Made with full metal
  • Has the perfect amount of foam support; topped with deluxe memory foam
  • Comes with a high-quality mattress cover
  • Can be quickly assembled
  • Lightweight and superb portability
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How to Choose the Best Folding Bed with Mattress

  • WEIGHT CAPACITY & SIZE:  Every folding bed offers respective weight limit and size. These factors are always important to consider, making sure you get the optimum support and therefore, allows you to luxuriate in a comfortable and cozy sleep or rest all the time. The weight capacity may also define the durability of the bed and mattress and also how much comfort it can provide.
  • DURABILITY: For a heavy-duty and long-lasting quality, it is a must to check the material of the folding bed closely. Many folding beds are structured with stainless steel material reinforced with heavy-duty materials such as support belts, stainless steel frames and a lot more, to ensure a quality that can last for years. If you’re planning to take it outdoors such as camping, you need to consider whether the material can withstand wavering temperatures and conditions. Many mattresses feature modern technologies to retain their density and keep them from leaking or being easily worn out. But if you’re not sure if it is durable enough for your preferences and needs, you may also consider the reviews and brand reputation to determine its quality.
  • COMFORT: If you want to benefit from a restful sleep any time of the day, make sure you consider the comfort properties of the mattress and the folding bed. When it comes to the mattress, you can tell the level of comfort according to its thickness, cover material and design, and size. As per the aforementioned features, you may also consider the weight limit, size, and durability of the structure to make sure you get all the comfort you need.
  • STORAGE & EASE OF USE: Although folding beds highlight its portability and hassle-free storage, you may also consider the compact design when folded down, especially if you prefer a design that can easily be put away for storage like behind a cabinet or inside a closet. Some models, moreover, are designed with convertible features where you can utilize the folding bed as a sofa or coffee table.


Have you found your favorite folding bed yet? If you haven’t found the perfect pick, mentioned above are the topnotch options for folding guest beds with mattresses. Whether you’re going to use it as an extra bed for your guests or as a comfortable bed while camping outdoors, each folding bed on the list has their outstanding features in terms of comfort and durability. To fully benefit from the superior comfort and cozy feel, make sure to consider the size, weight capacity, durability, storage properties, and ease of use.

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