Best Floor Lamps for Reading and Living Room in 2022

Best Floor Lamps

When it comes to modern room lighting, one classic is still be found. Even if most floor lamps are placed in the corner of a room, they give a warming and relaxing atmosphere. The usually indirect light goes up to the ceiling and is then equally and softly distributed everywhere.

There are two types of floor lamps. One is a fixed model; the other has a flexible head. This way, it can also be used as a reading light next to your armchair or sofa. While most lamps of this type are found in the living room, you can also use them in your bedroom or – if you have – in your dining room.

Be assured that we love to decorate and re-arrange our rooms a lot, but we never had a living room without a floor lamp. And since we are so excited about them, we thought sharing is caring, and we share our top 10 list of the 2020 best floor lamps with you.

The Best Floor Lamps for Reading and Living Room in 2022

Enjoy browsing through the product features and compare the different models. You will find a variety of models in different shapes and price ranges. And for your convenience, you can also purchase your favorite with just one click at our partner Amazon. 

10. Oneach Modern Shelf Floor Lamp

Oneach Modern Shelf Floor Lamp


This 63-inch floor lamp by Oneach has a stylish design. Its tall frame allows you to place the floor lamp everywhere in the room since it doesn’t need much space. The lamp provides a soft glow and has a few shelves below. You can place a book here, charge your phone or use it for decorative elements.

A bulb is not included with this floor lamp; a 60-watt CFL is recommended that provides a warm and cozy glow. It comes with a classic style “pull-chain” switch allowing for a quick on-and-off function. Manufactured using authentic wood, this floor lamp has 3 flat-surfaced tiers measuring 10.5 inches in width. The makers provide a 2-year warranty and promise after-sales. Moreover, the solid bottom plate ensures a solid stand on any surface. 

Key Features & Benefits
  • Soft light
  • Made using authentic wood.
  • It has 3 tiers.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It can be placed anywhere.

9. Amora Lighting Tiffany-style Floor Torchiere Lamp

Amora Lighting Tiffany-style Floor Torchiere Lamp


Do you like Art Deco, the period when the Chrysler building was constructed, and the design of New York Central Station became famous? You can have a bit of the 1930s glamour between your walls with this tiffany lamp. This floor lamp is made using 180 pieces of stained glass and metal, finished with paint. It measures 72 inches in height while the shade measures 14inches in diameter.

While the French artists inspire the design in the late 1920s, it works with a regular and modern light bulb. You can also use energy-efficient and even LED bulbs. With a wifi bulb and a smart home, you can set your devices to greet you with this lamp and some old fashioned swing music.

Key Features & Benefits
  • No fabrics are used for making this floor lamp.
  • It has a solid structure.
  • Mineral oil finish.
  • Works with standard light bulbs.
  • Has a classy look to it.

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8. Ikea 301.841.73 Holmo 46-Inch Floor Lamp

Ikea 301.841.73 Holmo 46-Inch Floor Lamp


Ikea has always been associated with providing quality furniture and Scandinavian design to its consumers. The Holmo floor lamp is a good example of the simplicity of IKEAs design. And yet, their furniture fits in nearly every home. This floor lamp is 46-inches tall and can be placed either in your living room or your bedroom.

The rice paper shade brings even a bit of an Asien design element with it and softens the light. It would be best to use opal light bulbs with warm color or a LED bulb with a soft tone. The switch is a press button mounted at the cord, so you can even use your feet to switch the lap while sitting on your sofa or bed. 

Key Features & Benefits
  • Rice paper shade for s soft tone
  • Contemporary European design.
  • From one of the worlds most famous manufacturers
  • No batteries are required for this floor lamp.

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7. Brightech SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamps

Brightech SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp


If simplicity is your thing, this floor lamp takes it to a new level. It nearly vanishes in the room with its thin metal frame. The head contains LED light with a soft temperature of  3000 K. This floor lamp comes with a 3-tap dimmer allowing you to adjust the light according to your need. It can be bright enough to be the only source to illuminate your room. The top head is safe for children because the LED light doesn’t heat up. They are also built-in and have a very long lifetime. 

One of the great advantages of the dimmer is that it remembers the recent setting. So when you come home and switch the lamp on, it will immediately provide you the same warm setup of yesterday’s evening. The head can also be rotated to adjust the main light direction.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Has versatile use.
  • Provides a strong light.
  • Helps save money on energy costs.
  • Modern yet artistic touch.
  • The rotating head allows you to adjust the light accordingly.

6. Brightech Twist LED Floor Lamp

Brightech Twist LED Floor Lamp


When we first saw this floor lamp, we thought someone beamed us up to the starship Enterprise. This floor lamp is a twist of style and futuristic design. Measuring 43 inches, this floor lamp can fit anywhere. It comes with a foot-switch dimmer. To adjust the light, you can choose between  3 taps. The first tap is 100% of light; the second tap reduces the glow to 50%, and the last tap brings the glow to 30%.

The lights use only 16-watts of energy and have been manufactured using semiconductor technology. They keep cool even when you or some unauthorized crew – sorry: family member touches it after some operating time. The twisted frame is solid metal, and the stand heavy enough to keep the lamp steady. By using LED technology, this floor lamp saves energy and money. The manufacturer of these floor lamps gives a 3-year warranty.  

Key Features & Benefits
  • It can be used for home or office.
  • It is cost-effective and “green.”
  • Gives a futuristic touch to the room.
  • Offers three different glow settings.

5. NEW: Modern Torch Lamp with Adjustable Reading Lamp

Modern Torch Lamp with Adjustable Reading Lamp


This lamp reminded us of the IKEA lamps we got as students. It comes with the modern top shade but with a warmer color. What makes a difference is that the floor lamp has a little brother attached: a small reading lamp. This way, it is the perfect company for a sofa or an armchair.

The rotary switch gives you three options: Floor light only, reading light, or both on. Since the LED provides a warm 3000 K light, even both lamps won’t be too bright for your room. The shades of the floor lamps are made from plastic, so they are easy to clean. Since the LED doesn’t heat up, the plastic won’t change its shape or color.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Two lamps, one for reading
  • LED lights included
  • It is portable.
  • It provides a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.
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4.    VAVA Dimmable LED Reading Lamp for Living Room

VAVA Dimmable LED Reading Lamp for Living Room


This floor lamp is on this list for many reasons. First, it is a reading light, so it is different from those models shining at the ceiling. It still gives you enough light for space where you sit. Second, it is very energy-efficient and cost-saving as well as versatile. This reading floor lamp gives you 5 different color temperatures plus 5 different brightness settings. All controlled by a panel. 

But the feature list isn’t finished yet. The  2-in-1 system will enable you to disassemble this floor lamp and turn it into a table lamp. And the rotatable neck gives you maximum flexibility where the light should shine the brightest. To make it’s safe, it operates with just 12V and 1.5A, so no worries about electrical problems

Key Features & Benefits
  • It allows you to have a customized approach.
  • Fitted with environment-friendly and cost-effective LEDs.
  • Has a built-in touch system.
  • It has a 2-in-1 design; a floor lamp can be changed into a table lamp.

3. Brightech Montage LED Floor Lamps

Brightech Montage LED Floor Lamp


The oil and black finish gives this floor lamp a bit of a vintage look. This floor lamp redefines elegance and can fit anywhere. It has a soft glow that offers a cozy and homely feel and yet provides sufficient illumination. Weighing only 12.2 pounds, this lamp can be transported from room to room with ease.

With a preventive slip base, the lamps provide a solid stand. The LED lights further provide you a hassle-free experience as you will not have to replace the bulbs too many times. This floor lamp is also cost-effective and environment-friendly. The decorative shade lets the lamp fit in classic and farmhouse styles, victorian homes, or timeless living rooms in the American midwest style.

Key Features & Benefits
  • It can last up to 20 years.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • It is energy efficient and helps save money.
  • It is a classic decorative piece.
  • Soft and warm 3000 K light.

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2. Brightech Emma LED Tripod Floor Lamp

Brightech Emma LED Tripod Floor Lamp


This beautiful floor lamp is a traditional yet modern addition to your décor. The tripod style lamp has birch wood legs and cream color shade. With its special design, the example of floor lamps looks best in your guest room or study.

Its soft amber glow provides a calming effect with no extra cost to your bill because of the LED lights used. The 10-inch tall frame makes it stand out from other décor pieces. Designed like the lamps of the 50s and 60s, it brings back a glorious time. You may want to dance to Rock’n’roll when it switched on. 

Key Features & Benefits
  • Midcentury design.
  • Manufactured using the finest materials.
  • Eco-friendly and cost-effective with a long life.
  • Provides a homely feel with a comforting glow.

1. Brightech Litespan LED Reading and Craft Floor Lamp

Brightech Litespan LED Reading and Craft Floor Lamp


Another item from Brightech, this table lamp features LED lighting with an impressive maximum of 6000 Kelvin color temperatures. This makes it an excellent reading lamp but can assist you in the workbench too. And if you have a study room, Brightech, as an experienced floor lamp company, makes sure everything is lit perfectly. 

The rotatable neck is supported by the lamp’s concrete base, thus allowing it to stay steady.  Also, this lamp features an amber button. Holding down on the said button, it notches the light level-by-level. Hold up wherever you want the light to stay adjusted. This smart lamp will remember your choice level the next time it is used. The lamp is available in 5 different colors to choose from.

Key Features & Benefits
  • It blends pastel and neutral colors to give an elegant design.
  • The lamp head can be rotated in any direction.
  • Durable lamp
  • It allows you to adjust the light level-by-level.
  • It comes with integrated smart technology.
  • Portable and only requires a 5-minute easy assemble.
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What to Look for in Floor Lamps – Buyer’s Guide

The factors listed below should be kept in mind when buying floor lamps. These include:

  • Purpose: A floor lamp serves many purposes; thus, you must first determine why you want it. Do you want to direct the light to a specific spot? Or, do you want the floor lamp to light the whole room or just space where you sit? Perhaps you want your floor lamp to be flexible?
  • Height: Determine what purpose your floor lamp has to serve and then purchase one with the best height that suits your purpose. This is important as you should also protect yourself from the possible glare of a bright floor lamp.
  • Materials: A wide range of floor lamps are available in the market. Find the one that best suits the décor of your living room or wherever you want to place the floor lamp. Traditional floor lamps include wood and rattan, whereas the new ones range from metal. 
  • Shades: Apart from the shade that comes with the floor lamp, you can also personalize shades and choose from the traditional shade, reflector, or even globe.
  • Reliability: Be sure to inspect your product after delivery as floor lamps may be subject to manufacturing defects. Purchase strong, solid, and firm floor lamps. That’s why it’s recommended that you go for a company you can trust.


With a wide range of floor lamps available and the hassles that come with purchasing the wrong model, you should be buying them from a reliable seller. So, feel free to go through our Top 10 Best Floor Lamps list. Remember, before finally choosing a product, you must make sure that you go through all of the floor lamp features before paying for it.

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