How to Shop for The Best Eyeshadow Palettes in 2022

Eyeshadow Palette

Defining and adding depth to your eye makeup are all about highly pigmented and long-lasting quality eyeshadow palettes. You can create your desired look with the perfect blending and layering of a vast range of colors whether they are neutrals or bright colors. But how can you choose the best eyeshadow palette?

With our in-depth guide and reviews, we’ll help you find the ultimate eyeshadow palette that will best complement your look and preferences. You’ll also come across detailed guidelines to help you find which eyeshadow palette or colors will match your eye color and complexion. Keep reading!

Top 10 Best Eyeshadow Palettes in 2022

10. wet n wild Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palette

wet n wild Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palette


You can channel a natural look with the soft and subtle colors of this Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette that comes in 10 neutral tones. This affordable palette exhibits nudes and warm colors that can give off a more natural look. It is a combination of shimmers and mattes that you can layer and blend to create depth and add character to your eye makeup.

You can go for the deep tones to flaunt simple but sultry eyes or just keep it classic with the nudes. These eyeshadows are highly pigmented and also long-lasting. Whether you’re prepping for a photo shoot or just want to look bold and beautiful with your eye makeup, this compact and dainty eyeshadow palette can back you up. It is cruelty-free, too!

Key features
  • 10 matte and shimmering eyeshadows in neutral tones
  • Highly pigmented colors
  • Long-lasting and cruelty-free
  • Ideal for the simple and sultry look or natural look
  • Easy to layer and blend

9. Milani Most Loved Mattes Eyeshadow Palette

Milani Most Loved Mattes Eyeshadow Palette


If you want to keep it light and dainty, you can slip this 12-color eyeshadow palette in your bag and use it anytime and anywhere! These on-the-go matte eyeshadows offer 12 beautiful neutral and warm shades that can complement brown or black colors and skin complexions of any type. You can flaunt a natural look or keep it simple yet sultry with the neutral tones and nudes.

These shades are professionally curated for easy application and comfortable wear. It also stays long which is ideal for those who need to be glammed up throughout the day and night! The smooth and soft texture glides seamlessly in your eyes, allowing you to wrap up your makeup in no time.

Key features
  • 12 matte eyeshadows in neutral shades
  • Compact and portable
  • Smooth and soft texture for easy application
  • Glides smoothly for hassle-free blending and layering
  • Creates depth for a natural but sultry eye makeup
  • Long-lasting and cruelty-free formula

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8. UCANBE Spotlight Eyeshadow Palette

UCANBE Spotlight Eyeshadow Palette


For a beautifully pigmented eyeshadow palette in bright colors, you can surely flaunt bolder eye makeup with this palette from UCANBE. This Spotlight eyeshadow palette offers 40 vibrant and beautiful shades that you can mix, blend, and layer to create day-to-night eye makeup whether you’re working all day or partying through the night!

It is formulated with long-wear and crease-resistant technology to make sure it can stay for hours without smudging easily. Plus, it is cruelty-free. As each color is highly pigmented, a little goes a long way! Every swipe just beautifully delivers with a buildable intensity to achieve your desired shade and depth. The smooth and soft texture glides smoothly for hassle-free application and comfortable wear.

Key features
  • 40 vibrant eyeshadows
  • Easy to blend and layer with its soft and smooth texture
  • Hassle-free application and comfortable wear
  • Offers buildable intensity for color accuracy and depth
  • Crease-resistant and long-lasting
  • Made from a cruelty-free formula

7. Airblasters Gaga Professional 252 Colors Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette

Airblasters Gaga Professional 252 Colors Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette


If you’re all after an extensive range of colors for your eyeshadow palette at an affordable pricing mark, this 252-color eyeshadow palette from Gaga Professional would be more than enough! You’ll have a combination of bright and neutral tones along with darker shades that you can layer and blend to achieve whatever look you desire.

Whether you use it for professional makeup or just trying it out for the first time, the shades are highly pigmented and easy to blend and layer, allowing you to create a wide variety of looks for day and night makeup! These beautiful eyeshadows also feel light and soft in the eyes and you can switch between matte and shimmer colors to flaunt the looks you want.

Key features
  • Offers an extensive range of colors in 252 different shades
  • Includes bright, neutral, and dark shades
  • Easy to blend and layer
  • Offers shimmer and matte colors
  • Ideal for all types of skin complexion

6. Best Pro Eyeshadow Palette Makeup – Matte Shimmer 16 Colors

Best Pro Eyeshadow Palette Makeup - Matte Shimmer 16 Colors


When it comes to neutral or warm tones that can complement your skin tone, you may check out this beautiful color collection from Lamora. This 16-color eyeshadow palette offers highly pigmented neutral tones ideal in creating a natural bronze look or neutral smokey eyes. It is a combination of shimmer and matte eyeshadows that you can make use of to create the look you desire, especially if you are aiming for a more natural but more defined eye makeup.

You can take delight in the rich colors of dark browns, rose golden colors, and many other lustrous hues that complement each other. It is also easy to apply and blend. Plus, it comes in a convenient and lightweight packaging for portability.

Key features
  • 16 matte and shimmery eyeshadows in neutral tones
  • Highly pigmented and can stay for hours
  • Ideal for natural eye makeup or bronze look
  • Portable packaging for travel-friendly use

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5. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Ultimate Shadow Palette



NYX is one of the well-known makeup brands that many professionals and beginners use. And with their lineup of eyeshadow palettes, you’ll find this Nyx Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow in 16 bright colors. The vivid and playful colors can give your eyes a dash of pop colors; you can flaunt bolder shades whenever you go for avant-garde styles or other playful looks.

The mesmerizing finishes of these bright shades come in mattes, shimmers, satins, and metallics that can complement well with your skin whether fair or warm tones. What’s also great about these bold and beautiful colors is their cruelty-free formula. They last long, too!

Key features
  • 16 bright colors in mattes, shimmers, metallics, and satins
  • Easy to blend and apply
  • Cruelty-free formula
  • Ideal for bolder look or avant-garde style
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Highly pigmented colors

4. Prism Makeup Matte Eyeshadow Palette Pro 18 Colors

Prism Makeup Matte Eyeshadow Palette Pro 18 Colors


If you’re not into bright colors but want to add depth into your eye makeup, you might love the metallic and matte eyeshadows from Prism Makeup. This cruelty-free makeup offers a velvety texture and rich color that is easy to blend and apply. They aren’t too bright nor dark and just right for the fair and warm complexion.  Consists of 18 shades, you’ll have enough to layer and blend for smokey eyes, rustic look, and a lot more.

The colors are also highly pigmented that can stay for hours whether you’re working all day and night or just hanging out with your friends throughout the day. As it is also crease-proof and fade-proof, you won’t have to worry about any smudges when you wear it for hours.

Key features
  • 18 metallic and matte eyeshadows
  • Velvety texture and highly pigmented colors
  • Easy to apply, blend, and layer
  • Ideal for fair and warm complexion
  • Long-lasting and crease-proof
  • Cruelty-free

3. Beauty Glazed High Pigmented Makeup Palette

Beauty Glazed High Pigmented Makeup Palette


For bold and defined eyeshadows, these 39 metallic rainbow shades from Beauty Glazed might just complete your stash of eye makeup. This eyeshadow palette boasts its super pigmented color collection that allows you to flaunt your eyes with bolder and more vibrant colors with the shimmering and metallic shades.

It is soft and creamy, allowing you to apply the eyeshadow without any hassle. The colors are blendable, making it easy to use for both professionals and beginners. Whether you’re using it for professional makeup or makeup tutorial, you can give your eyes a dash of pop colors without smudging your lids. They are sweatproof and waterproof for long-lasting quality!

Key features
  • 39 metallic rainbow shades
  • Sweatproof and waterproof
  • Blendable colors for easy application
  • Highly pigmented colors for bold eye makeup
  • Great for professionals and beginners

2. Beauty Glazed 63 Colors Eyeshadow

Beauty Glazed 63 Colors Eyeshadow


If you’re stuck between neutral tones and vibrant colors, why not have them both in an eyeshadow palette? You’d be lucky to get your hands on this Beauty Glazed professional makeup eyeshadow palette that includes 63 highly pigmented matte and shimmer colors.

With this extensive color collection, you can mix and play with different shades and come up with your favorite look. You can take advantage of each and every color to complement your skin tone. It also offers a super creamy and velvety soft texture, allowing you to layer and blend the colors easily. The shades don’t also wear out easily and rather long-lasting so it can stay all day and night!

Key features
  • Consists of 63 matte and shimmer eyeshadows
  • Lends soft, creamy, and velvety texture for hassle-free layering and blending
  • Offers an array of neutral tones and vibrant shades to suit any skin tone
  • Long-lasting colors and highly-pigmented




The warm browns of this beautiful eyeshadow palette from Lorac can go well with your black or brown eyes. The neutral tones can also be perfect for any skin tone but would definitely blend well with warm skin tones. You can define your eyes and adorn with a dash of soft and warm colors from this palette.

It has 32 matte and shimmer eyeshadows that you can blend in your eyes for the natural yet sultry look! You can stick with the matte shades for a more natural look or add a bit of shimmer if you want to frolic in the night partying or hanging out with your friends! Formulated to be ultra-pigmented, it can stay for hours and give you that flawless look all day and night.

Key features
  • 32 matte and shimmer eyeshadows
  • Consists of warm browns and neutral tones
  • Can complement warm skin tone and brown or black eye color
  • Ultra-pigmented for long-lasting quality

How to Choose the Best Eyeshadow Palette

  • FORMULA or INGREDIENTS: Our eyes are very delicate and require gentle care and therefore, a prerequisite to check the ingredients or formula before applying anything in our eyes such as eyeshadows. This would also be very significant to take note of, especially if you have sensitive skin or you are suffering from any allergies. You definitely don’t want to suffer from any adverse effects due to the ingredients of your makeup. There are also brands that offer a cruelty-free formula that guarantees a process of producing eyeshadow makeup without harming and testing on animals. This would also be a vital factor to consider if you don’t want to patronize makeup brands that test on animals.
  • CONSIDER YOUR EYE COLOR & SKIN TONE: You can choose any eyeshadow color that you want but you can achieve best eye makeup looks if you consider some important factors. One way to know which eyeshadow makeup suits you best is to determine your eye color and skin tone. There are shades that perfectly blend with fair and warm complexion or brown and black eyes. Warm browns or neutrals complement brown and and black eyes while mustards and peaches or coral shades can give a nice effect to green eyes. Purple or any shade of lavender, moreover, can complement blue eyes, allowing you to highlight your beautiful eye color. When it comes to your skin complexion, you can choose colors that stand out against your skin tone. For warm or brown skin tones, you can try golden colors or warmer tones. But if you want to be playful with your eye makeup, you can channel a perky and stylish look with bright and fun colors! If you’re a beginner, you can start out with nudes or neutral tones because they are easy to blend and layer. You can create natural looks or simple eye makeup that you can rock throughout the day or night.
  • RANGE OF COLORS & TEXTURE: There is a vast array of eyeshadow palettes with extensive range of colors and textures. It is all up to your preferences which types and shades you want to choose. While you should go for highly pigmented colors for long-lasting quality, you can consider whether you want matte, shimmery, metallic, mineral, or cream eyeshadows. It’ll be much better if you can choose eyeshadows that have smooth and soft texture that can glide smoothly on your eyes for layering and blending. Many brands offer velvety and smooth textures for hassle-free application and comfortable wear.
  • BRAND & REVIEWS: If you are trying out an eyeshadow palette for the first time, you can start off with the reputable makeup brands such as NYX, Wet n Wild, Lorac, and many other popular brands that have been known for their lineup of remarkable makeup such as eyeshadows. You may also consider the reviews of the customers to know how the eyeshadows would look on different skin tone and eye colors.


Finding the best eyeshadow palette may take a bit of research, especially when you’re trying out a wide variety of colors for the first time. Apart from your personal color favorites, it is important that you consider your skin tone and eye color, determine the ingredients of the makeup, and also check the texture of the eyeshadow. But to narrow down your options with only the best choices of eyeshadow palettes, our in-depth buying guide and reviews unravel the key features you should know about. Hope this helps!

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