Best Portable Electric Space Heaters in 2022 – A Comparison & Key Differences

Portable Electric Space Heaters

Most of us are familiar with the feeling of waking up in the morning and don’t want to leave the cozy and warm bed. Quickly we rush to the kitchen, prepare a hot cup of coffee, gulp it down, and wait patiently for heat to come back from the inside. While this is one way of battling the cold weather, hot coffee isn’t usually enough, particularly when it’s snowing already outside and temperatures are dropping. This is where electric space heaters come in. Looking a few years ago, the only way that our grandparents could heat their rooms was by burning wood at the fireplace or using coal ovens.

However, this wasn’t sufficient enough since the heat was only concentrated near the fireplace. Besides, the burning of wood produces smoke and CO2 and is not friendly to the environment. With the best electric space heater, you can avoid all these hassles warm and your room efficiently.

While every electric space heater is handy, we have many models on the market, making it hard for you to decide on the best model. To help you in making a good and suitable decision, we have prepared a detailed buying guide on the best electric space heaters on the market. Here are our top 10 Best Electric Space Heaters in 2022 Reviews.

Best Portable Electric Space Heaters You Can Buy Online

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Check out the detailed reviews of our top 10 picks for the best Electric Space Heaters in 2022 below:

10. OPOLAR Electric Space Heater

OPOLAR Electric Space Heater
Image credit: OPOLAR


  • A powerful up to 1500 Watt yet quiet heater
  • Over Heat Protection
  • Thermostat Control
  • Lightweight and portable design

We can agree that winter is a beautiful season that most of us love. However, one can loathe this season without because of the cold weather. With the Opolar space heater, you can forget the cold weather and enjoy warmth indoors without using too much electricity.

This lightweight and compact space heater is very economical and easy to carry from one place to the other. The heater comes with convenient features such as the adjustable thermostat to regulate the heat to your desired comfort level. The unit also heats very fast and spreads the heat around an 85-degree angle.


9. Home Choice Office and HomeOffice Heater

Home Choice Office and HomeOffice Heater
Image credit: Home Choice


  • Overheat Shut Off
  • Very Portable space heater
  • Simple in Design
  • High-quality construction

If you are looking for a portable space heater to help supplement your heating needs, you should consider selecting this product. This heater comes with a simple design coupled with a high quality-heating element that delivers warm heat efficiently. This handy heater is very convenient, thanks to its adjustable thermostat that enables you to set the temperature to suit your specific demands.

We love it to place on or under our desktop when sitting next to a cold window or when the air-con is set too cold temperatures at the office. A bright power light lets you know if it is in working mode. When it comes to electric space heaters for a budget, this product is a good choice.


8. Crane USA Ceramic Space Heaters

Crane USA Ceramic Space Heaters
Image credit: Crane USA


  • Safe, efficient space heater with a fan for quick warming
  • Sleek and modern design complements your home decor.
  • Remains whisper while creating a warm and comfortable environment.
  • Two heat settings allow you to customize the level of heat you need

The Crane USA Ceramic Space Heater allows you to warm your space with style. Coming with an ultra-compact design and excellent heat circulation, this heater makes a great addition to any room that requires extra warmth. This is an easy-to-use and safe space heater equipped with high and low settings that enables you to get the heat level you need.

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This heater also comes with distinct advantages over other heaters thanks to its unique heating mechanism. As opposed to other models, the air is forced through the heating coil instead of dispersing naturally, speeding the heating process. Additionally, this is an environmentally friendly model since it doesn’t burn oil to create heat.


7. Lasko 5307 Electronic Oscillating Tower Heater

Lasko 5307 Electronic Oscillating Tower Heater
Image credit: Lasko


  • It has an easy-to-use electronic thermostat.
  • Easy to Use Controls
  • Carry handle, and lightweight design makes it portable.
  • Widespread oscillation

Featuring a large heating surface, electronic thermostat, and high power output, this Lasko 5307 heater provides you with warmth indoors for maximum comfort. This versatile heater is designed to take the chill out of your room within a short time. To enhance your safety, this unit comes with a self-regulating electronic thermostat. This means no overheating or power overload, which translates to a longer lifespan.

Moreover, this unit fills a large space with warm air and a super-efficient warm air delivery system. What’s more, the heater’s low profile and sleek design make it a perfect choice for small spaced areas.


6. TaoTronics  Space Heater Tower

TaoTronics  Space Heater Tower
Image credit: TaoTronics


  • Versatile and portable design
  • Remote control for different temperature settings
  • Various power saving
  • High-quality heating technology

This powerful tower from TaoTronics will heat your room in no time, thanks to 1500 Watt. It reaches 70°F in 3 seconds while silently operating with not more than 45 dB.  Combining whole room heating capabilities and an aesthetically appealing design, this space heater provides you a comfortable setting.

You can choose between 3 different heating modes: high (1500W), Low (900W), and a special energy-saving ECO mode. The latter can be used after the room is heated up to keep the temperature.

One handy safety feature is a tip-sensor: once it tilts more than 45 degrees, the tower will automatically switch off. Talking about angles: like many other electric space heaters, the TaoTronics oscillates at a 70-degree angle, so when sitting on a sofa, warm air is distributed equally.


5. Bovado USA 166648 Ceramic Space Heater

Bovado USA 166648 Ceramic Space Heater
Image credit: Bovado


  • A multipurpose and portable space heater
  • Budget-friendly
  • Fan-forced for Wide Heat Dispersion
  • Easy to customize to your comfort

Bovado USA 166648 is a Fan-forced Ceramic Heater designed to warm you up almost anywhere you are. For versatility, this space heater comes not only with a compact and lightweight design, but it also has a convenient handle that makes it easy to transport.

The unique fan-forced heat dispersion technology allows it to distribute warm air faster, even in big rooms. The compact design also makes it a perfect choice for smaller rooms as it will fit conveniently on desktops or underneath tables—no more cold feet when working on the desktop or even in your office. Besides, you can also use it in your bedroom to get the temperature up fast and get quality sleep.

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You will also love the adjustable thermostat that enables you to customize the heat level into three settings with a simple flip of a switch. The three heat modes include a fan-only mode, high and low heat.


4. Lasko 755320 Electric Space Heaters

Lasko 755320 Electric Space Heaters
Image credit: Lasko


  • Self-regulating ceramic element
  • 1500watts maximum heat warms large space fast
  • Remote control
  • Easy to use controls

You do not have to suffer in winter when you purchase Lasko 755320 ceramic space heater to keep your home and office warm when outside temperatures are dropping. This unit comes with an impressive 1500 watt that ensures that space is heated efficiently. You don’t have to worry about noise with this heater since it runs in silent mode.

We also love the handy controls that make it super easy to use. This is facilitated by the electronic thermostat that comes with two heat settings. Besides, this unit comes with multifunction remote control, overheat protection as well as a cool-touch exterior.


3. Honeywell HCE840B Space Heater

Honeywell HCE840B Space Heater
Image credit: Honeywell


  • Overheat Protection
  • Tip-Over Switch
  • Cool Touch Housing
  • 6 Comfort Settings

The Honeywell HCE840B offers significant performance warming your living room, bedroom, or office with no time. This electric space heater is designed to offer you a smarter way to warm up and giving you more control. It has six customizable heat controls installed that enable you to change the heat according to your needs.

This unit boasts intelligent heating capacities that allow you to heat your home with a button touch. Also, this unit comes with two advanced features that you usually cannot find in other models. They include quiet mode settings and heat phase timer. This enables it to offer incredible power, safety as well as all in one heating capability.


2. Lasko 101 My Heat Personal Heater

Lasko 101 My Heat Personal Heater
Image credit: Lasko


  • Automatic shutdown system
  • Overheat protection
  • Cool-touch housing
  • Energy Smart

The best thing about this versatile space heater from Lasko is that it helps keep your heating cost low while ensuring you remain warm. It is a perfect choice for individuals who love widespread oscillation to give you exactly what you need. The compact design, measuring only sixteen inches tall, makes it an excellent choice for any room.

This unit also comes with various safety features that ensure that your wellbeing is guaranteed. The overheating protection and safe ceramic element guarantee that the temperatures don’t rise beyond your desire level. Moreover, this affordable choice will meet most of your warming needs while operating on a low budget.


1. DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater

DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater
Image credit: DeLonghi


  • 24-hour programmable timer
  • Automatic thermal cut off prevents overheating
  •  Adjustable thermostat
  • Compact and versatile design

The DeLonghi TRD40615E will heat any room in your home effectively. We love the inbuilt patented thermal vertical chimneys that allow you to heat your space without letting the surplus amount of heat to go to waste. Another reason why you may want to purchase this model: it has a compact and lightweight design that enables you to place it almost anywhere.

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What is more, with this heater, you will enjoy the heat from fans alongside the heating element. You can also make use of its 24-hour programmable timer that allows you to customize the time and temperature when it starts operating.


Factors to consider when looking for the best electric space heaters

Regardless of seasons and outside temperatures, it would be best if you warm your home or office comfortably with the best electric space heater. However, how will you differentiate the best model from the ordinary and substandard models? Below are the features that you should look for in an electric space heater.

  • Heating power: The first thing to consider is the heating ability of the space heater. This will mostly determine the space it can heat up effectively. Start by thinking about the area you would want to heat and then look for a model that has the ability to warm up the area.
  • Efficiency: While you would want a model that heats your space efficiently, you should also make sure that it doesn’t consume a lot of electricity. A model that eats up electricity will increase your hard-earned money and is also bad for the environment. With our review, the good news is that it is easy to find an energy-efficient model that consumes very little electricity while warming a large area efficiently.
  • Type of the heater: We have three types of electric heaters. These include convention, fan, and infrared. The fan heaters blow hot air out of a fan and fill it in the room. We also have the convection heater that operates by heating an internal element that warms a room passively, just the same way a radiator would. On the other hand, we have the infrared heater that heats certain objects in the room rather than the air itself.
  • Price: The price of the space heater is often determined by heating capability, type, and efficiency. It goes without saying models that have a higher heating capability, and efficiency tends to cost more. The infrared heaters are also more expensive. When considering the price, you should look at your budget and pick a model that is within your planned budget range. Remember, you shouldn’t base your purchasing decision on price alone. Look at other factors such as capability and safety before making your choice.
  • Safety: Safety is another major concern when purchasing an electric space heater. As you probably know, it is important to be cautious while using this heater to avoid fire accidents. However, since anything is possible, you should always be prepared. To minimize the risk of a fire accident, go for a model with automatic shut off when they overheat or topple.
  • Controls and customization: Selecting a space heater with simple and easy controls saves you the hassle of dealing with the complicated operation. Also, it would help if you went for models with an adjustable thermostat. A flexible temperature setting is handy as it helps customize the heat level to match your needs.


You can now fight the chilly weather in late autumn and winter with an electric space heater. These heaters will warm the indoor air fast, ensuring that your home or office is no longer frozen. With the above guide and review of the best models available today, we hope that you can now select a model that suits your needs perfectly. If you are not yet sure of the best model to pick, feel free to choose anyone in the list above, and you are guaranteed to get a service you can depend on.

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