The Best Electric Air Pumps for Swimming Tubes, Pools & Inflatable Furniture

Going for an extended vacation or hosting a pool party in your backyard, an electric air pump can be a perfect companion to your party. It can not only fill the air inside your inflated swimming tube ring but also come very handy when you are on vacation.

An electric air pump is a handy device used to inflate or deflate anything which is made of tube materials. They are popularly used to fill air mattresses, swimming tubes, outdoor pools, and other inflatable furniture.

Do you remember the days when you used to get panicked from the arrival of an unexpected guest for an overnight stay? The pressure to fill the air mattress to accommodate the guest for a night felt like a nightmare! But with a handy electric air pump in your home, you can fill the mattress within seconds.

These Are the Best Electric Air Pumps You Should Buy

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10. Sailnovo Electric Air Pump

Sailnovo Electric Air Pump

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With this air pump inflating any tire, tube or mattress is a task of a few seconds. The three types of nozzles attached to the pump make it more efficient. The small nozzle mostly used for the swimming ring, the medium nozzle can inflate your pool or sofa, and large nozzles are used for the mattress. Due to its lightweight, you can carry it with you for emergencies.

If you want a portable pump to inflate swimming rings, boats, air bed, air mattresses, pool toys, sports equipment, and more, this is an excellent choice for you. As this pump comes with three nozzles, it can easily fit in mostly all types of valves. The pump is elementary to use and can easily carry in your backpack during the trips.

Key Features
  • It comes with three types of nozzles
  • Easy to carry
  • 130 Wattage pressure power
  • Inflate and Deflate
  • It does not create much noise
  • Portable
  • Portable to carry around
  • Easy to use
  • Quickly fills the air because of its high wattage power
  • The device runs without electricity
  • Not suitable for football, yoga balls or balloons
  • It cannot inflate a tire

9. KERUITA Electric Pump 

KERUITA Electric Pump

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KERUITA Electric Pump is an ideal electric air pump for any household purpose. It saves you a lot of time in the process of inflating or deflating any air mattress or large pool. The pump is easy to carry and does not make much noise while you are using it. As it is operated with a battery, you can use it for outdoor activities and can quickly charge it in your car during emergencies.

The pump comes with 3-types of nozzles to ensure that it fits in all types of valves. One can easily store it inside a small box.

KERUITA  is a budgetary electric air pump for any household. Whether you want to take it on a long trip or simply inflate a few items for your pool party, this purchase will not disappoint you. Due to its lightweight, you will not face any issue while using it.

Key Features
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Ideal pump for both indoors and outdoors
  • Inflate and deflate very quickly
  • Easily be operated by anyone
  • Operated from a battery
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • 3-types of nozzles
  • Comes with a car charging cable
  • Small in size & very fragile
  • Can be a bit noisy
  • The power cord is short

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8. ONG NAMO Electric Air Pump

ONG NAMO Electric Air Pump

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ONG NAMO Electric Air Pump is a very efficient air pump which can even inflate more significant objects. The 3-variations of nozzles make it perfect for almost all types of valves, but it cannot inflate tires, basketball, and balloons. This small and compact pump is efficient for traveling purposes, and its quick charging and long-lasting battery backup make it more efficient.

The pump is easy to use and portable to carry while traveling. It does not require any battery or power supply during the usage. You can charge it at home before leaving, and the battery will last long without requiring any further charging. The multiple nozzles can mostly fit in all types of valve, and the air pressure is good enough to inflate even a large mattress within a few minutes. While using the pump, make sure you take a break of 2 minutes after using it for 5 minutes.

Key Features
  • 3-types of nozzles for multiple uses
  • User-friendly pump
  • The pressure of the pump: 0.58PSI/4000Pa
  • Small and compact design
  • Caters to all your home requirements
  • Portable to carry for trips
  • Quick charging
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Small and easy to use
  • It comes with three nozzles
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easily blow up large inflated items
  • It creates low noise
  • Does not come with a car charger
  • The inflation power is low in comparison to other pumps
  • It gets hot after 5 minutes of usage

7. WEY&FLY Quick-Fill Electric Air Pump 

WEY&FLY Quick-Fill Electric Air Pump

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WEY&FLY Quick-Fill Electric Air Pump is a quick way to inflate or deflate any inflatable items. It comes with three types of nozzles, allowing it to fit in different types of valves. You can even use this pump to blow balloons or football as its pressure can easily be adjusted. This electric air pump is not only portable but also easy to store after the usage.

This pump is efficient for daily use. You can easily use this air pump because of its lightweight and storing it will never be a hassle for you. The car adaptor makes it an excellent choice for long trips and vacations. The pressure of the air pump inflates and deflates very quickly. With these features and price, this product is undoubtedly worth the price.

Key Features
  • Portable electric air pump
  • Easy to use
  • It comes with three types of nozzles
  • It can quickly reduce the pressure to blow balloons
  • Inflate and deflate quickly
  • Charged with 110V AC socket
  • Easily blow up balloons
  • It comes with a car charger
  • It has three types of nozzles
  • Multifunctional usage
  • It can inflate with minimal effort
  • Creates a loud noise and gets heated quickly
  • Takes longer to inflate
  • Does not work on tires and basketballs

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6. Jasonwell Electric Air Pump

Jasonwell Electric Air Pump

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Jasonwell Electric Air Pump can easily blow up air mattresses or any other inflatable items. It is easy to carry because of its lightweight and can be used by anyone in your family. It has both 2 in 1 AC DC charging sockets, making it more adaptable for every type of household. You can also charge it with 12v-DC gadgets. There are three nozzles provided to fit in mostly all types of valves.

The primary reason why you must purchase this pump is that it is value for money. It not only inflates the mattress faster but also can be used for up to 10 minutes without getting heated. Charging will never be an issue, as you can charge it with an AC DC charging sockets, car charging point, or cigarette lighter.

Key Features
  • Comes with three nozzles
  • Faster results during inflation
  • Can be charged with both AC DC charging sockets
  • Easy usability
  • Compact and lightweight
  • It can easily be charged in a car or with a cigarette lighter
  • Powerful motor
  • Environmental friendly material
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The adapter improves the pump’s durability
  • Car charger provided
  • The inflate unit is very efficient
  • It can be used for 10 minutes in a stretch
  • The cord is too short
  • Risk of electric shock in a moist condition
  • It does not work well on big inflated items

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5. Intex Quick-Fill DC Electric Air Pump 

Intex Quick-Fill DC Electric Air Pump

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Intex Quick-Fill DC Electric Air Pump is a portable pump especially made for outdoor purposes. You efficiently use it to inflate your air mattress, swimming rings, rafts, or any other water toys. If you run out of battery during your trip, you can simply charge it with any 12-volt DC plug point.

The three nozzles are interconnected and can easily be fitted into all types of valves, and because of 650 L/min air pressure, your task will be completed without much effort from your end. Due to its lightweight, you can easily carry it with you during any outdoor trip.

This product is the most compatible pump when it comes to finding the right fit for outdoor activities. You can easily carry it inside your bag, as it does not consume much space because of its small size. During emergencies, you can quickly charge this pump with your car charger or your cigarette lighter. If you and your family enjoy outdoor trips, this electric air pump can be an excellent choice for you all.

Key Features
  • It just weighs 1.31 pounds
  • 12V DC Car Adaptor
  • The three types of nozzles mostly fit all the valves
  • The air flows at 650 L/min during inflation
  • It can be charged from a cigarette lighter when you are outdoors
  • All the nozzles are interconnected
  • It can be charged by mostly any type of gadget
  • Powerful high-pressure inflation flow
  • Portable because of its lightweight
  • It has an excellent grip
  • Hassle-free storage
  • Easy to use
  • It can become tricky while deflating anything
  • It does not inflate balloons properly
  • The cord is too short

4. OutdoorMaster Air Mattress Pump

OutdoorMaster Air Mattress Pump

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OutdoorMaster Air Mattress Pump comes with a Heat Dissipation feature, which prevents the pump from overheating. Due to its high power air pressure, you can quickly inflate any type of air mattress, floating toys, inflated furniture, or pool. As this pump comes with three nozzles, you will not face any issue while finding the right fit for the valve.

This easy to use pump is very efficient and can work for a longer duration without getting heated. You can use it for a party in your backyard, an extended vacation, or filling the air mattress for a surprise guest. As the pump does not make any noise, you will not have to worry about disturbing other people.

The best features of this pump are that it comes with a long cord and consumes very little electricity.

Key Features
  • Has an air pumping speed of 420L/min
  • Consumes only 130 W energy
  • Quickly inflates air mattresses, pools toys, yoga balls, and swimming rings
  • Efficient for outdoor activities
  • Weights 1.05 pounds
  • Heat Dissipation keeps your device cool
  • The power cord is 5ft 7 inches long
  • Three types of the nozzle to fit all kinds of valves
  • Don’t make any noise
  • It does not overheat
  • High-pressure air does the work faster
  • Quite during the process
  • It has a long charging cord
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a potent motor
  • Cannot inflate balloons because of high pressure
  • Not suitable for the tires
  • A bit costly

3. Etekcity Electric Air Pump 

Etekcity Electric Air Pump

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Etekcity Electric Air Pump is a high powered air pump that can efficiently pump large inflated objects. Due to its lightweight, it is easy to carry during long trips. The pump is designed to create less noise in comparison to other pumps, so you do not have to worry about disturbing other people.

As the pump is small and has tight interlocked nozzles, anyone in your family can use it to inflate any object.

If you are looking for an electric air pump which is easy to use, portable, inflate and deflate any object very quickly, then this is the best choice for you. Although you cannot use it continuously for a longer time as it gets rapidly overheated, the result it gives is undoubtedly worth your money.

Key Features
  • Sound insulation design to reduce the noise
  • It comes with a 5.3ft AC power cord
  • It inflates and deflates with the pressure of 0. 55 PSI
  • Versatile usability because of interlocked nozzles
  • Fast inflate and deflate because of high pressure
  • Anyone can use it
  • It makes less noise.
  • All the nozzles are interlocked to secure all the air
  • A very compact pump
  • Inflate even big objects in a few minutes
  • Deflates very efficient
  • High air pressure completes the task quickly
  • It does not blow up balloons and exercise balls
  • Overheats quickly

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2. Coleman QuickPump 

Coleman QuickPump

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Coleman QuickPump is a quick solution to inflate or deflate any type of inflatable objects. You can quickly charge it with a 120 V charger and enjoy using it for a longer time without the worry of the battery going down. You can carry this air pump on your road trips without facing any hassle. The Double Lock/Boston combo valve adaptor works on mostly everything, so now you do not have to worry about changing the nozzles according to the valve.

Coleman is one of the few electric air pumps which come with a double lock valve adapter to reduce the hassle of changing the nozzles. As it is light in weight, it can easily be used by anyone in your family.

If you are the type of person who often enjoys having guests at your home and requires the blow of the air mattress now and then, this pump can be an excellent fit for you. It gets the work done in very few seconds without taking any effort from your side.

Key Features
  • Quickly inflate and deflate
  • 120V charger, which you can easily use at your home
  • The battery lasts longer
  • It comes with a Double Lock/Boston valve adaptor that fits in every inflatable object
  • 1-year warranty
  • It can be used for versatile use, which includes indoor and outdoor usage
  • Works perfectly with an air bed
  • Operated with a battery
  • Works best with the mattress
  • Fast inflation and deflation
  • A single battery works for a longer duration
  • Portable
  • No, nozzles are provided or can be used
  • Creates a lot of noise

1. Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pump

Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pump

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Intex Quick-Fill AC Electric Air Pump is the best pump available in the market. It gives the users the hand-free experience to inflate or deflate any type of air mattress, toys, or swimming equipment. All you have to do is to attach the pump with the valve of the thing you want to inflate, and it will be balanced by itself.

Intex Quick-Fill is the best electric air pump available in the market. It is not only user friendly but also allows you to use it without the pressure of holding it until the task is finished. The nozzles provided with the pump manages the air pressure perfectly, making it a perfect pump even to blow up the balloons.

Key Features
  • Hand-free inflates and deflates process
  • Portable because of its lightweight
  • Three interconnecting nozzles present
  • It can manage the air pressure according to the object
  • Chargeable with any standard 110-120v power outlet
  • Comply with UL and CSA standards
  • The air pressure flows at 650 L/min
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Can quickly inflate balloons
  • Gives you a hands-free experience
  • The three interconnecting nozzles to maintain the air pressure
  • Inflates very quickly
  • The pump can easily fit in the palm of your hand
  • Great air pressure
  • Comes with a long cord
  • No flaws

Factors To Consider While Buying An Electric Air Pump

  • Usability: When you are purchasing an electric air pump, it is essential to know the significant purpose of the purchase. Not all pumps are used to inflate everything. The ones with high power and nothing to control the air pressure cannot be used to inflate balloons and yoga balls. Ensure that your pump is as good in deflating as in inflating the objects.
  • Type Of Nozzle: All the electric pumps come with a nozzle, but each nozzle has different usage. The small nozzle mostly used for the swimming ring, the medium nozzle can inflate your pool or sofa, and large nozzles used for the mattress. Many pumps offer interconnected nozzles to manage the airflow.
  • Air Pressure: The pumps with high air pressure finish the task quicker and are best to inflate the mattress or pool, but most often, you cannot use these pumps to inflate smaller objects like balloons, basketball, football, or exercise ball. If you have any requirements mentioned above, you should go with a pump with interlocked nozzles.
  • Design & Quality: The quality of material used to build the product makes a lot of difference in the durability of the product. It does not matter whether the product is light or heavy unless it can work correctly for a longer duration. The pump should also be easy to use and store after the usage.
  • Battery Life: When you are on an outdoor trip, the battery backup of the pump can make a huge difference. Many pumps can be changed in your car or with the help of a cigarette lighter or any other gadget. Few pumps run on rechargeable batteries and have a more extended power back in each battery. You must choose the one which caters to your requirement.

Benefits Of Buying An Electric Air Pump

The significant benefit of purchasing an electric air pump is that it reduces the pressure to inflate the object with your mouth or with the hand air pump. You can quickly inflate or deflate any inflatable objects within a few minutes. Whether you want to put an extra air mattress in your guest room or blow up the pool for the kids’ party, everything can be done in a few minutes.

The Electric air pumps are easy to carry because of their small size, and anyone in your family can use it. If you are going on an adventure trip with your family, you can pack all your inflatable items and can quickly inflate or deflate it during the trip.

With an electric air pump, it is time to bring a new style to your party!


An electric air pump can be a great addition to your household, but make sure that you choose the right pump according to your home. These are the top 10 electric air pumps available in the market, so go through the specification, pros, and cons of each pump and make your purchase today.

For any query or suggestion, feel free to leave a comment below!

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