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Air frying is a modern way of cooking. This method uses heated air and a minuscule amount of oil. In this way, you end up with less oil on your food and more years to live by. Most electric air fryers are 75-85% more efficient and healthier than their traditional cousins.

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Admittedly, air frying makes the food lose some of its taste. But if you’re on a diet and still want the joy of fresh French fries, then air frying is your go-to. While there isn’t much competition in the air frying industry, there are a few brands that stick out. We happened to stumble upon some of them. If you don’t know where to start, then take a look at our top 5 air fryers.

Here is a list of Top 5 Best Electric Air Fryers in 2019

5. OMORC 2.6 QT Air Fryer XL

OMORC 2.6 QT Air Fryer XL 

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The OMORC is a standard 7.6 qt non-stick air fryer that keeps your food oil-free. We recommend the OMORC air fryer due to its great capacity and elegant design. It has a 7.6-quart capacity and can serve a family of 10.

It’s perfect for parties and celebrations. Air fryers use lesser oil than traditional fryers. And the OMORC gives you all of that in a handy air frying basket. Cleaning the OMORC is easy as there is little to no residue left behind. The bottom is non-stick and washable.

This electric air fryer provides up to 7.6 quarts of volume to keep your food inside. It works best at family gatherings and occasions. The exterior features an LCD touch screen that lets you adjust the temperature. The temperature range is between 80 to 100 degrees Celsius.

  • Retains 85% lesser calories.
  • Wide temperature range.
  • Easy to clean and scrape up.
  • Can serve up to 10 people.
  • Not many safety features.
  • Takes longer to cook.

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4. Secura 4 Liter 4.2 Qt Air Fryer

Secura 4 Liter 4.2 Qt Air Fryer 

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Secura is the best brand for electric air fryers within your budget. The design is classy, and the power savings are top-notch. The Secura uses about 1500 watts of electricity, which makes it reach incredible temperatures.

The fryer can hold up to 4.2 quarts or 4 liters of food. This makes it perfect for up to 6 or 7 people. Now you can easily barbecue and air fry steaks in a healthy way. This model even features a thermostat and a cooking timer. It’s more customizable than the others.

Secura’s 4.2-quart capacity can serve up to 7 people. It’s the best gift and it makes a great companion. The cooking timer can be set for up to 60 minutes, allowing your food enough time to cook. This electric air fryer even features an auto shut-off feature once the timer goes off.

  • Multiple accessories included.
  • Voluminous and capacious.
  • Can serve a party or a get-together.
  • Uses hot air to keep food healthy.
  • Does not last more than a year.

3. GoWISE USA GW44800-O Deluxe Air Fryer

GoWISE USA GW44800-O Deluxe Air Fryer 

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This electric air fryer from GoWISE has everything you need, all in one place. The mega air fryer has a capacity of 12.7 quarts. That’s way more than what any other company offers. It features multiple “floors” of cooking racks.

We recommend the GoWISE due to its large size. It is the best air fryer in 2019 for its size and capacity. Other than that, it features a built-in rotisserie, 3 racks, and even tongs. 10 accessories overall are included in the package. And you get a recipe book included with it.

We’ve already talked about its family-sized 12.7-quart capacity. The GoWISE is an all-in-one air fryer, with 15 preset functions and a stainless steel interior. It’s perfect for air frying, desserts, rotisseries, and deluxe reheating. The unit also features ten accessories to get you started, along with a cookbook with 50 different recipes.

  • Provides accessories.
  • 3 cooking racks increase capacity.
  • Largest air fryer with lots of space.
  • Features rotisserie and dessert making.
  • Takes time to get to the required temperature.
  • Rotisserie rod may not rotate properly.

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2. Air Fryer Bagotte 3.7 Quarts 1500W

Air Fryer Bagotte 3.7 Quarts 1500W 

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Just like other electric air fryers, the Bagotte air fryer uses 1500 watts of power too. The extra power lets it reach incredible temperatures in a minimal amount of time. This fryer is oil and smoker free and has been certified by the FDA.

This fryer gives 80% fewer calories and oil as compared to the other fryers on the market. The basket is very easy to maintain and clean, and the unit features a memory function. The LCD panel helps control temperature and timing. And the 40-recipe cook book will enrich your culinary skills.

The Air Fryer Bagotte offers a nuance of versatile options. The fryer can reach temperatures above 380 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only that, but it has a small capacity of 3.7 quarts. This idealizes it for small gatherings and personal cooking. We don’t recommend it for parties and gatherings.

  • 1500 watts power saving.
  • FDA approved. Authentic and certified.
  • Temperature range: 180 to 380 F.
  • Timer and thermostat featured.
  • Small cooking space.
  • No grilling or rotisserie included.

1. COSORI Air Fryer 5.8 Quarts

COSORI Air Fryer 5.8 Quarts 

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COSORI is one of the best and most convenient air fryers in the market. This extra-large electric air fryer can contain up to 5.8 quarts of food. The cooking stations are non-stick and very easy to clean. Moreover, it is the best choice for both your taste buds and your heart.

The COSORI air fryer reduces oil and fat in the food by 85%. That’s an incredible number, even among other air fryers. We recommend the COSORI for its large size and healthy cooking options. And the best part? Its cookbook includes 100 recipes!

The air fryer from COSORI features 5.8 quarts of space. This is ideal for a small gathering of say 3 to 5 persons. It also features multiple accessories as well as 85% less fat in foods. The COSORI is the healthiest air fryer perfect for the heart.

  • Large space provided for cooking.
  • Easy to clean basket.
  • 100 recipes in the cookbook.
  • Cooks faster than other brands.
  • Uses more power.
  • May overheat food items.


After reading the review, you can probably make the decision for yourself. For us, the COROSI Electric Air Fryer led the line-up. This was because the product offers enough space while also being healthy and safe. The food cooks just to perfection, and you can set the timer too.

But of course, the other brands made an impact on us too. Some have more space, while others offer more accessories. Every model is specific to the customer’s needs. There isn’t a single winner in the end.

So go ahead and make the choice for yourself. We are no one to decide for you. Take our recommendation, or decide on a better product. The choice is yours.

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