Top 10 Best DVI to DVI Cables in 2019 | Cables for LCD Projection

Do you need a quality DVI to DVI cable for your video projection, video editing or gaming? You are at the right place. Here, we explore what makes the best cables and how to choose the right one for your actual needs. The options are numerous and you have everything you need in one place. Let’s see more about the right characteristics of DVI to DVI cables.

The 10 Best DVI to DVI Cables in 2019

Go ahead to read detailed review on each product below:

10. A-technology-DVI Cable

A-technology- DVI Cable

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The resolution this cable can achieve is more than you expect from a very affordable cable. Here, we have higher than full HD resolution that goes up to 2560×1600. This technology ensures faster transmission of data and better experience. A video, gaming, home theater, and conference calls will be easier with this cable.

You also get gold-plated connectors for a better performance that minimizes cross-talk and ensures high-speed transmission. In this case, we have good data transmission and filters that prevent unwanted interference. The only supported signal is the digital signal.

Key features
  • Resolutions up to WQXGA
  • Triple shielding
  • Error-free transmission

Why We Recommend This Product

If you want the very high speed of data transmission, you get it with this cable. The results are effective resolution potential and good connectivity options.

9. Postta DVI-D Dual Link Cable

Postta DVI-D Dual Link Cable

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Optimum signal transfer is ensured thanks to oxygen free copper conductor in this cable. Not too many cables have this kind of construction, and that is what puts this product on the list of the best DVI to DVI cables. Corrosion-free elements are of the highest quality here.

At the same time, the cable protects against radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference. There is also protection against noise and crosstalk. You can have an ultimate connection with projectors, CRT displays and video projectors of LCD and DFP types.

Key features
  • Shielded cable
  • For resolutions up to 2560×1600
  • 1-year warranty

Why We Recommend This Product

If you want a shielded cable with high-resolution capacity and protection against different types of interference, go for this cable. You will get ultimate connection capabilities and more secure transmission of data.

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8. Cmple Cable

Cmple Cable

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These carefully designed cables are able to deliver full performance and connection solutions to your devices. You can easily connect your PC to displays, projectors, and HDTV. The connection is secure and strong thanks to the configuration of grids, so you can easily make any kind of project, conference or video editing options.

The cable is fully compliant with the internationally represented standards of DVI which are part of DDWG (Digital Display Working Group). As a result, we have a very high speed of transmission of up to 9.9 Gbps. Many users claim the strong construction and easy usage of the cable.

Key features
  • Gold connector finish
  • Triple shielding level
  • Resolutions of up to 2560×1600

Why We Recommend This Product

If you need high-speed digital transmission combined with high-resolution potential, then this cable is the right one for you. Good characteristics and solid construction ensure long-lasting durability.

7. Rankie DVI to DVI Cable

Rankie DVI to DVI Cable

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Gold-plated connectors in this cable are able to resist corrosion in the long run. You can be sure this cable will be ideal for stable transmission where repeated plug and unplug moves are needed. The cable won’t damage and it will resist the test of time. There is also double-layer wire where quality copper and aluminum shielding ensure long-term durability.

The cable supports many different resolutions and the maximum rate is 1920×1080, which is not the highest in the industry, but it is still good for the overall performance. Universal compatibility will allow you to connect different devices, like monitors, game controllers, projectors and other devices. All of these features make the cable popular on the market.

Key features
  • High-speed digital transmission
  • Eliminated EMI Interference
  • Maximal resolution 1920×1080

Why We Recommend This Product

Possibility to connect very different devices is what makes this cable very effective. At the same time, you get speedy performance and solid construction.

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6. UGREEN Cable


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On the market with so many options, we have this Ugreen cable with some potent capabilities. One of them is the high-speed and error-free performance of the connectors which are able to provide the complete connection. The supported resolutions go up to 2560×1600 and these resolutions are possible with 16:10 aspect ratio. It is important to have the right aspect ration for adequate resolution options.

There are also anti-interference solutions like a magnetic ring that is 41.7mm long and it provides more abilities to the average users. You will have an easy connection at any time. It is important to mention that audio output is not possible with this cable, so you might need to have additional equipment to support audio content.

Key features
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • Triple shielding
  • Easy plugging and unplugging

Why We Recommend This Product

This cable is very good for average users who want stable connection and high transmission of data inside the cable. High resolution is also available.

5. KabelDirekt Cable

KabelDirekt Cable

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With this cable, you have maximum protection from interference that is possible thanks to aluminum braiding incorporated into the cable. Copper wires are oxygen free and able to provide the highest quality of a visual display. Protection is also secured with ultimate aly mylar foil. All of these segments add better visual quality and more options for connection.

You get maximum signal quality and efficiency of each data that is transmitted. The ultimate lifetime of the cable is possible thanks to reduced strain inside the cable. With all these functions, you will be able to connect your DVD player or computers with all kinds of devices, like monitors and projectors.

Key features
  • Gold-plated connectors
  • Maximum signal power
  • 18-month warranty

Why We Recommend This Product

Very quality design and fully protected wires are part of the ultimate connection ability of this cable. It gives more visual options and better performance.

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4. Dell Cable

Dell Cable

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Copper conductors in this cable indicate less interference, and this is possible due to individual insulation of the wires. Error-free and high-speed transmission is a result of this design. The length of the cable is 6 feet, which is quite enough for regular usage. The manufacturers from Dell give lifetime warranty as proof of ultimate quality.

High-end video devices will be adequately connected with this cable, which means better visual experience on all occasions. You will enjoy some great functionality and long-lasting durability. At the same time, the adequate design and length of the cable give a special quality to the product. Your display options will be complete with this cable.

Key features
  • Work with LCD and LED monitors
  • Cooper conductors
  • Lifetime warranty

Why We Recommend This Product

A very reliable and pure connection is what you get with this cable. It is a result of strong construction and reliable materials used in the production of the cable.

3. Cable Matters Cable

Cable Matters Cable

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You can finally make a completely pure display configuration in your office, conference room, or at home. The high-quality resolutions are supported with this cable so you will have an opportunity to have 2560×1600 resolution whenever you need it. With this kind of resolution, each video presentation will be an ultimate experience.

Connectors are gold-plated and secured with copper layers for the complete protection. Dual ferrite cores provide better performance of the cable, especially when you need static-free transmission and suppression of any types of noise. With this cable, the long durability and high-quality performance are guaranteed.

Key features
  • Durable construction
  • More bandwidth than usually
  • Up to 2560×1600 resolution supported

Why We Recommend This Product

With the ultimate resolution capacity, your videos will be perfectly displayed. A connection is secure and very fast so you won’t have troubles using this cable.

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2. BlueRigger Cable

BlueRigger Cable

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If you are looking for optimal conductivity, this cable in the one for you. This feature is possible thanks to a gold-plated conductor which is highly effective in data transmission. The data will be easily transferred to the main device. You can easily connect your DVI equipped device to CRT displays, video projectors, and panel displays. All of these devices require an adequate DVI to DVI cable, and you get it here.

Shielded PVC layers are part of the cable, as well as fully coated layers that add more security. Everything is supported by the conductor that gives more power to the construction. This kind of cable will be ideal for maximum protection against most types of interference.

Key features
  • Supports hot plugging
  • PVC and fully coated layers
  • Compliant with all DVI standards

Why We Recommend This Product

In traditional usage, this cable can be a real asset. The very durable and effective design gives more power to each gaming solutions, video presentations, and display possibilities.

1. AmazonBasics Cable

AmazonBasics Cable

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If you have a device with a DVI connection, this cable will be perfect. You can connect these devices with flat-panel displays, LCD monitors, projectors and CRT displays. The bandwidth is good for transmission of 2560×1080 resolutions. Not many cables offer this option, and that is why this AmazonBasic cable stands out from the rest.

Optimal clarity is possible with gold-plated contacts and PVC outer layers. These connectors are also good for corrosion resistance and signs of usage that are usual in other products. With these features, you will have compatibility with MAC and PC devices and all the mentioned projectors and displays. Functionality is the key element here.

Key features
  • Ferrites prevent signal loss
  • 2560×1080 transmission
  • 1-year limited warranty

Why We Recommend This Product

As an ultimate bestseller, this cable represents the standard in DVI production. You get a stable connection without interference where good display solutions give effective video results.

A Buying Guide for DVI to DVI Cable

When you search for an adequate DVI to DVI cable, pay attention to certain details. First of all, the cable should have a proper length. Your computer or video recorder needs to connect to the adequate device and that is why the length is very important. At the same time, consider different types of resolution which come with the cable. Some of the best cables have multiple options here, and you can have supported resolutions of up to 2560×1600, and even more. It all depends on the internal properties of a cable.

Another characteristic to pay attention to is definitely the option for secure connection. Some of the best cables have screws for tightening and very effective grip treads. These solutions give a better grip and the connection is more secure. If you are a fan of exclusive constructions, go for the cables with gold-plated connectors and copper conductors. All of these characteristics represent the best DVI to DVI cables, and here is the list of the most recommended products.

Final Verdict

All of these DVI to DVI cables are part of the most popular devices on the market. Each of them has features that represent some quality solutions. Some cables are constructed in a specific way, while others are good for high resolutions of the videos. You can select the one that fits your budget and expectations in the right manner.

DVI to DVI cables are not only good for display solutions. These are also effective for high transmission of data in gaming. Whenever you want to play your favorite video game, you need a DVI to DVI cable. The best options to achieve the ultimate experience is to have good cable. Each of the cables mentioned on the list is good for gaming, and that is why all of these are included in the best products you can find on the market.

Feel free to select the right DVI to DVI cable and have your video content presented in the best way. Go for the cable that suits your needs and change your gaming, conference and office experience. The feeling is different from the right devices. Get your favorite cable and see how every display option gets another dimension.

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