Best Dog Sweaters for Winter in 2022 – Cool Sweaters for Dogs

While dogs are well protected against the cold by their fur, sometimes it is not enough protected especially in the extreme cold temperatures experienced during winters.

During this winter, you may notice your dog shivering or trembling, especially in the outdoors or unheated indoors. Leaving him/her exposed to this freezing temperature may cause joint pain or worse pneumonia. In these situations, it is advisable to invest in a dog sweater. These sweaters ensure that your dog is warm by keeping the extreme cold out allowing them to stay happy and protected from illnesses.

What to consider when buying a dog sweater?

When you find that your dog is in need of a sweater, you will need to consider his size, the style and the color you want. It is also paramount to ensure that the sweater is made using safe materials that don’t irritate his/her skin and has a snug fit that doesn’t limit his flexibility.

The following post looks at the best dog sweaters for winters that ensure optimal protection while keeping your pet warm. We have also discussed some of the tips that will help you make an informed decision when it comes to selecting the best model that suits your dog’s requirements.

List of top 10 best dog sweaters for winter:

Go to detailed reviews of each dog sweater below:

10. CHBORLESS Pet Dog Classic Knitwear

CHBORLESS Pet Dog Classic Knitwear


The CHBORLESS Dog classic Knitwear is perfect winter apparel that will keep your pooch warm and dry. This model is constructed using the best construction materials that ensure a comfortable experience without any fabrics or unnecessary ornaments that may irritate your adorable furry friend. What makes this model stand out are the hundred percent woolen construction materials that offer exceptional warmth while remaining incredible to clean.

While it is designed for smaller dogs, this coat also comes with various sizes ranging all the way extra small to extra large, allowing you to pick a model that suits your needs. As if this is not enough, the model comes with over nine color choices allowing you to choose the model that suits your needs best.

Also, this coat comes in a unique design that makes it not only easy to wear but also offers optimal warmth to your furry friend.

Key features
  • A hundred percent woolen materials ensure the best protection and warmth for your poodle
  • Comes in impressive colors allowing you to pick a model that suits your needs
  • The Coat is fully machine washable making it hassle-free to maintain
  • Available in various sizes from extra small to extra large

9. PAWZ Road Large Dog Plaid Shirt Coat Hoodie

PAWZ Road Large Dog Plaid Shirt Coat Hoodie


The PAWZ coat hoodie will surely look great and luxurious on your dog. Measuring 25.5 inches on the neck and 25.6 inches back, this checked sweater will make a great choice for medium to a large sized dog.

It is crafted from high end and warm materials to ensure optimal comfort and flexibility. Unlike other models on the market, this model comes in a comfortable wear design, so you don’t have to struggle to force your poodle to wear it. Plus, we love the sturdy stitching that has been reinforced to provide your furry friend with extra strength and protection.

More to this, this hoodie comes with a soft interior that enhances the comfort of your pet. We also love its cute pattern that will make your dog stand out. Some of the other impressive features that come with this model include the easy to wash fabric, reasonably priced as well as breathable yet war, design.

Key features
  • Features a super cute pattern design that makes your dog looks adorable
  • Soft and warm inner fabric ensure that your pet is warm and comfortable
  • Well designed to fit medium-sized to large poodle
  • Reinforced stitching ensures superior performance and comfort
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8. Scheppend Adidog Winter Hoodie

Scheppend Adidog Winter Hoodie


This Scheppend hoodie for your dog is designed to protect your adorable pet from extreme outdoor weather. It is crafted from comfortable fleece fabric that is soft and flexible nature. By combining with the fashionable energetic strips on the head, leg, as well as arm, this sweatshirt will surely make your best friend stands out from the rest.

In addition, this hoodie is available in various sizes and colors allowing you to pick the model that suits your needs. Another feature that makes the model stand out is the exquisite workmanship. Each material used in constructing this hoodie comes with superior quality and durability. Actually, this model is stitched well to ensure superior protection and comfort.

Having a closer look, this model also stands out when it comes to design. Different from other models on the market, this unit comes with a snap button closure design that makes it easy to wear and takes off. Similarly, we love the unique four-legged design that ensures that your pet warm throughout the year.

Key features
  • Made using tough yet soft materials that ensure optimal warmth and durable
  • The outfit will keep your pet from cold weather preventing shivering or joint pain
  • Features a simple to wear and take off button closure design
  • Comfortable, fashionable and easy to clean fabric

7. Blueberry Pet 4 Patterns Nordic Fair Isle Snowflake Dog Sweater

Blueberry Pet 4 Patterns Nordic Fair Isle Snowflake Dog Sweater


The obvious is often boring especially for those looking to treat their pets as queens. This Blueberry dog sweater is a great choice for people looking for a classic, comfortable, and well fitting model for their pets. Inspired by the numerous Nordic patterns, this cute and comfortable sweater boasts of a new festival snowflake styling.

As any sewing fun may know, the traditional Fair Isle Knitting technique will stand out when it comes to the creation of multiple color patterns. This model stands out as it explores these venues to ensure something that you will love.

Besides the beautiful knitting, this sweater is incredibly warm. This ensures that your pet has a classy and fashionable look, making him/her stand out from the crowd. We also love the uncompromised comfort, as the fabric is flexible so it will never limit your pet’s movements. Better yet the fabric is machined washable making it a great choice for those looking for a simple to clean apparel for their pets.

Key features
  • A hundred percent acrylic fiber ensures elasticity, boosting the pet’s flexibility
  • The sweater is machine washable making it easy to clean and maintain
  • The unique pattern and reinforced stitching ensures durability while still allowing the pet makes a fashion statement
  • Comes with a free polybag and hang card
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6. Zack & Zoey Basic Hoodie for Dogs

Zack & Zoey Basic Hoodie for Dogs


Designed for those who want a classic take on a hoodie, the Zack and Zoey dog will make an excellent choice. This model comes with a wide range of colors allowing you to select the favorite color for your poodle. You will also love the six sizes for you to choose to let you pick the most appropriate size for your pet.

Another feature that we love about this model is the ribbed sleeves and hem that ensures a comfortable fit. Moreover, this hoodie also boasts of the classic kangaroo pocket on the shirt back that offers you with a nifty storage for its storage.

Above all, this innovative hoodie also comes with a high-quality construction that consists of a blend of sixty-five percent polyester and thirty-five percent cotton. This ensures a unique blend that brings about flexibility plus warmth. The construction ensures that your pet gets optimal protection from harsh weather elements without compromising his/her flexibility.

Key features
  • Comes in a unique blend of bright and bold colors
  • Features an innovative kangaroo pocket for storing snacks
  • It comes in a wide range of sizes to meet your needs
  • Ribbed hem and sleeves ensure a comfortable fit

5. Baja Ponchos Dog Sweater

Baja Ponchos Dog Sweater


Every one of the Baja Dog sweaters is handmade to offer you a unique look. They are hand cut from an authentic Mexican blanket to ensure optimal performance when it comes to ensuring optimal warmth and a stylish design. The sweaters come in seven different sizes making them a great choice for all dog breeds and sizes.

The brand prioritizes quality that’s why all the models are crafted from the highest quality materials. They are also fitted with superior feature including Velcro straps around the chest and neck to allow for adjustability.

Additionally, by combining the acrylic and polyester materials, the sweater will provide superior protection against cold weather while ensuring flexibility.

Key features
  • Hand constructed meaning that each model is customized to meet your pet’s needs
  • Acrylic and polyester material blend ensures superior quality for optimal comfort
  • Available in various colors, pattern, and sizing
  • Functional, durable, lightweight, yet stylish design
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4. Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater

Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater


If you are looking for a dog sweater to fit your smallest pup, this might be the best choice. With its sizes fitting pups that weigh as light as 2 pounds, you don’t have to worry about protecting your small puppy from harsh cold winter weather. This makes it also a great choice for cats.

We love the V-neck design that makes it easy to put on and take off without interfering with the leach and collar.

The Sweater is made from a hundred percent wool and is handmade to ensure the best performance while ensuring absolute safety and protection. Additionally, the sweater runs long ensuring superior warm while still not interfering with his potty habits.

Key features
  • Available in eight color choices making it a great choice for small puppies and large breeds of dogs
  • Easy machine-wash, although hand wash is recommended
  • Handmade from a hundred percent organic wool
  • Stylish design, fashionable and easy closure system

3. Gooby Every Day Fleece Cold Weather Dog Vest

Gooby Every Day Fleece Cold Weather Dog Vest


The GooBy pullover dog vest is a simple yet functional sweater for all poodles. This vest sweater is made using stretching fabric that ensures a simple wear and removal without having to fight your dog. Besides the snug fit ensures that your pet is warm all the time as it is not easy for him/her to remove it when playing.

Talking of warmth, this sweater is made using a blend of fleece and polyester that ensures that optimal warmth even in the coldest days without limiting his/her movements. As this is not enough, this sweater is conveniently machined washable so you do not have to worry about cleaning it.

What’s more, the sweater is available in various sizes allowing it to fit various small to medium sized dogs.

Key features
  • Made of fleece and polyester materials ensuring optimal protection from cold weather
  • Comes with an O-ring attached, which makes it easy to fit a leach
  • Features a pullover design making it hard for the pet to take off
  • Modern, functional, and overly protective design
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2. Blueberry Pet Vintage Festive Dog Sweater

Blueberry Pet Vintage Festive Dog Sweater


The Christmas is around the corner. As we shop for our own apparel that brings the festive season spirit, it is paramount to also remember our pets.

This sweet sweater is decorated with Christmas colors bringing the holiday festive mood. It is designed to fit small to medium sized poodles with back length from 8-20 inches.

This chic and classic cream and burgundy red color blend will allow your pet to make a statement or share the love for the holiday with your friends. With this sweater, your pet will not only stay warm in this holiday but also stay matched with your style for an even more enjoyable holiday party.

Key features
  • Constructed from a hundred percent acrylic materials to ensure durability and easy care
  • Machine washable on the gentle wash and tumble dry
  • Comes with a free polyester bag plus a hand card
  • Made using safe, environmentally friendly materials

1. Kuoser Dog Coats Dog Jackets

Kuoser Dog Coats Dog Jackets


Having been made of a premium quality blend of polyester and cotton materials, this sweater will offer your pet with exceptional softness while the exterior water-resistant exterior ensures excellent protection from the harsh cold weather in winter.

Besides ensuring water resistance, the polyester materials also helps in heat retention boosting your pet’s comfort. The jacket also comes with a Velcro system, which is adjustable ensuring a more secure fit on your pooch.

Additionally, this fashionable and durable dog jacket is also lightweight, windproof, flexible and breathable ensuring that your poodle gets best of both worlds when it comes to functionality and style.

Key features
  • Comes with a soft touching interior made of cotton materials
  • Thick polyester exterior ensures superior winter cold protection
  • Elastic chest design
  • Has a neck and chest hook loop design
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Factors to consider when it comes to the selection of the best dog sweaters for winter

The best Dog sweater for winter comes with various important features.

In order to make sure that you have picked the model that suits your pups or larger dogs needs make sure you consider the following tips.

  • The size:  We have small, medium, and large breeds of dogs. There are also young Pups and mature poodles. For this reason, the dog sweaters come in different sizes and styles. Before making the choice you need to have the correct measurement of your dog. This includes things such as the chest size, back, and neck. After this, you can pick a model has the corresponding measurements.
  • Construction materials:  The next feature to look at is the construction. As the name suggests, dog’s sweaters for winter should be constructed using warm and protective fabric that keeps the harsh winter weather out. We recommend models that are made using a blend of cotton for warmth, polyester to keep water out and trap in heat or fleece to ensure optimal warmth.
  • The design and style: While ensuring that you pick a sweater that has a modern, stylish and beautiful look ensures that your pet stands out, you shouldn’t stop here. You should also ensure that the sweater is easy to wear and take off. Additionally, it should have a snug yet secure fit to prevent your mischievous pet taking off when playing.
  • Machine washable: While this is a no-brainer especially because machine washable models are easier to wash and clean, don’t assume that all models are machine washable. besides ensuring that it is washable you should also make sure that it is made using high quality and safe materials that don’t irritate his/her skin.
  • The collar and harness: Regardless of how warm and cute the dog sweater might be, it might be unusable outdoor if it doesn’t have holes that fit the appropriate leash and collar. To be on the safe side ensure that the sweater has provisions to fit your collar or a leash. Additionally, the sweater should have a wide neck that doesn’t interfere with the position of the collar as this may choke your dog.


While there are many dog sweaters on the market, it is paramount to make sure that they meet your pet’s requirements. By following the above guide as well as comparing, the reviewed products will help you make an informed decision when it comes to selecting the best model. All the best!

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