The Best Dog Car Seat Covers in 2020 | Reviews & Useful Tips

Your dog likes to be with you as much as possible. Hence you like to bring it along also in your car. But wet fur, muddy paws or an active dog will take their toll on your seats. You can limit this sorrow by using a dog car seat cover to protect your vehicle.

The pet car seat covers come with many options and you need to choose carefully which product is the best for your needs. Dog car seat covers are versatile to use. Not only can you install them in bench or hammock style, they also come with extra features like mesh windows, pockets to store treats and toys and side flaps. Many covers offer a zipper system to divide the car seat cover or adjust the side flaps.

The pet car seat covers are also suitable for using in the trunk of your SUV or family car and double as a picnic mat. And the best of all they can protect your seats as well after your kids had a rough football match or bicycle adventure in the mud. With our selected dog car seat covers you will be able to find the right choice for your dog and you.

Top 10 Best Best Dog Car Seat Covers in 2020

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10. OKMEE Dog Car Seat Cover

OKMEE Dog Car Seat Cover

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Protecting your pet and car seats is made easy with the OKMEE dog car seat cover. It is made of eco-friendly 600D oxford fabric and has 4 different layers. Your car seats and trunk are protected from dirt, hair, liquids and scratches. The cover can be adjusted to hammock style to protect also the front seats, or to bench style to allow people to sit with your pet on the backseat.

The cover is suitable for your trunk too and can serve as a picnic blanket. Installation is simple: 2 adjustable buckles and seat locks allow you to set up the cover in less than a minute. 4 heavy duty buckles give a safe attachment to the headrests. Velcro openings secure your dog with its seatbelt.

  • Solid waterproof material.
  • Non-slip bottom.
  • Side flaps.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Not recommended for machine washing.

9. Vailge Dog Seat Cover with mesh window

Vailge Dog Seat Cover with mesh window

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A very versatile model is the dog car seat cover from VAILGE. Coming with a multitude of features this cover can be conveniently adjusted with zippers to every style needed to protect your car seats and door sides. Hammock, box, trunk or bench style are all possible.

The seat cover features a mesh breath window. This allows a better air circulation in all seasons. It also serves as a visual window, which lets your dog see you and helps him or her to stay calm when traveling. The dog seat cover is held in place by 4 headrest straps. The non slip cover prevents your dog from slipping on the seat. 2 velcro openings allow you to secure your dog with its seat belt. The VAILGE cover includes a seat belt for your dog as bonus.

  • Mesh window facing to the front.
  • 2 sizes available.
  • Comes with flap side protectors with straps.
  • Includes 1 dog seat belt.
  • The zippers can cause wear and tear if not handled correctly.

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8. URPOWER Dog Seat Covers with Mesh Visual Window

URPOWER Dog Seat Covers with Mesh Visual Window

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The URPOWER back seat blanket comes in a choice of colors to fit your car interior or personal taste. Like most dog car seat covers it matches most types of cars, no matter if limousine, family car, truck or SUV. The cover features 4 layers using heavy-duty fabric, high quality PP cotton, 100% waterproof TPU material and PVC non-slip soft rubber backing. This makes it not only waterproof and dirt repelling, but also keeps your dog from slipping on the cover.

The mesh visual window, 2 convenient pockets to store toys or accessories and a dog seat belt are included as extra features. The 2 foldable side flaps with straps let you adjust the seat cover from hammock style to box style to protect also your door sides from dirt and scratches.

  • Waterproof and non-slip.
  • Mesh window.
  • Includes 1 dog seat belt.
  • Features 2 storage pockets.
  • Recommended to vacuum or hand wash only.

7. URPOWER Dog Seat Cover

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover

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Another product from URPOWER, this model comes without the mesh window. Otherwise it features the same quality functions as other products of URPOWER. This includes the nons-slip and safe surfaces of the dog car seat cover. Heavy duty Oxford fabric guarantees that it is waterproof and durable. Your seats are protected from hair, scratches, dirt and water.

The car seat cover can be set in different styles so you can sit with your dog on the back bench or have your dog safely resting on the seats. A seat belt for your dog is included, the velcro seat belt opening secures your pet while driving. The seat cover is easy to clean with a vacuum or a damp cloth to remove hair and dirt.

  • Easy to install.
  • Velcro seat belt openings.
  • Box, hammock or bench style possible.
  • 600D heavy duty scratch proof materials.
  • Very large dogs can damage the cover.

6. VIEWPETS Dog Car Seat Cover

VIEWPETS Dog Car Seat Cover

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The VIEWPETS dog car seat cover is a perfect solution when you travel with your dogs and your small child. With 2 side openings for the seat belts you can attach child seats for all ages. With the seat belt buckle opening in the middle both your child and your dog can travel together safely.

On top of that the cover protects your car seats from moistness and dirt caused by your dog. It also keeps the car clean if your child drops a beverage or snack. The dog car seat cover is scratch proof, waterproof and non-slip. It is easy to install and holds on safely in place thanks to the 2 adjustable headrest straps with buckles, seat anchors and corner elastic straps. It fits all standard cars, SUV and truck models.

  • Convenient to install.
  • 2 side openings for the seat belts.
  • Allows also a child seat on the back bench.
  • Comes with a limited warranty.
  • Cannot support hammock or box style.

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5. URPOWER Pet Seat Cover

URPOWER Pet Seat Cover

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A more reasonable priced choice from the large product range of URPOWER. While not compromising on the high quality, this dog car seat cover comes with fewer features. Durable 600D oxford cloth with further layers of A-grade PP cotton, Polyester and sip-proof PVC net  keep the seat cover in place even on leather seats. Seat anchors and snap buckles keep the pet cover where it belongs.

The cover can be used in hammock, bench and trunk style. It comes with velcro seat belt openings and 2 handy pockets. 2 side flaps protect your car when your dog is getting in and out. However these have no straps to stay folded up to cover your side doors when these are closed. The cover is easy to install and to clean and fits most standard vehicles types.

  • Velcro openings for the seat belt buckles.
  • Choice of colors available.
  • Fits into all standard vehicle types.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Side flaps have no straps.

4. ACTIVE PETS Dog Car Seat Cover

ACTIVE PETS Dog Car Seat Cover

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The ACTIVE PETS dog car seat cover provides maximum protection of your car seats due to the integrated side flaps. These are firmly attached to the seats and will not change position after you installed the seat cover. The cover fits most standard vehicles and is put over your seats in just seconds.

The top layer is made of premium 600D Oxford waterproof cotton, the middle layer of Oxford 210D with waterproof coating. Dirty sports clothes of your children will also be no challenge for this cover. To clean the seat cover just vacuum the dry dirt or clean deeper stains with a damp cloth. The pet seat cover has velcro openings to attach the seat belt for your dog and side openings for the safety belt for human passengers, so your family can share the back bench with your furry friend.

  • High quality 4 layers seat cover.
  • Features 2 seat anchors.
  • Non-slip rubber backing.
  • Customer service available.
  • Only bench style possible.

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3. Vailge Dog Car Seat with Side Flaps

Vailge Dog Car Seat with Side Flaps

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Another product from VAILGE this dog car seat cover comes without a mesh window. Otherwise it offers the same high quality and durability as other models from VAILGE do. Anti-slip seat anchors prevent the cover from shifting around or coming off the seat. They support the anti-slip net underneath the seat cover. The pet seat cover can be installed in bench style or hammock style for protection of the front seats.

Side flaps with zippers help to protect your car door from scratches and dirt. There is also a versatile split zipper when using the hammock to allow pets and kids to share the back seat. Zip it down in the center for half/half, so dogs and passengers can travel together. The backseat cover comes with a dog seat belt for the security of your pet.

  • Convertible side flaps with zippers.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Non-slip also on leather seats.
  • Waterproof Oxford fabric.
  • Does not feature side openings for the seat belts.

2. ACTIVE PETS Dog Car Seat Cover Hammock

ACTIVE PETS Dog Car Seat Cover Hammock

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ACTIVE PETS provides different options for dog car seat covers as well. This model features the hammock style and comes with 2 side flaps for a more comprehensive seat protection. It is also suitable to be used in the trunk of your family car or SUV and doubles as a picnic mat. The water repellent high quality materials prevent your seats from dampness, mud and dirt.

Snap buckles secure the cover at the headrests. Seat anchors support to keep the non-slip mat in place. The installation is easy and fast. The pet car seat cover can be cleaned conveniently with a wet towel, or a vacuum cleaner for dust and dry dirt. For a more indepth-cleaning just wash the cover with clear water, shake it and let it dry in a shady place.

  • Water repellent.
  • Suitable also for your car trunk.
  • Convenient to clean.
  • Good value for money.
  • The product is not suitable for machine washing.

1. ACTIVE PETS Non-slip Hammock Dog Backseat Cover

ACTIVE PETS Non-slip Hammock Dog Backseat Cover

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This dog car seat cover from ACTIVE PETS addresses also to pet owners who like a bit of color for their 4 legged friends accessories. Choose from 4 different options to brighten up your car back seat and even match the color of the collar, harness or lead of your dog.

The seat cover can be installed hammock style for a full protection of the passenger area. Or you install it bench style and make space for your child to join its best friend. The cover also allows a child seat to be secured and to use the passenger seatbelt. This dog car seat cover comes in the same high quality as other ACTIVE PETS products and provides you comprehensive protection for your back seats.

  • Dirt save and waterproof.
  • Can be used for bench, hammock and trunk style.
  • Velcro opening for your pet seat belt.
  • Several color options.
  • Stiffer material.


With the large range of options available for dog car seat covers it can be challenging to find the right product for you. First of all consider for what purpose you need the cover primarily. If you have a smaller dog and you take it with you in your car mostly for vet visits or tours to friends then a more simple cover at a lower budget will do for you.

Owners of larger dogs should prefer a cover that can be installed hammock style for a better protection of the backrests of the front seat. A more active dog might require side flaps to be folded up when the doors are closed to avoid scratches or dirt on your side doors.

Some breeds simply love water and your trips outside will end with a very wet dog. High quality waterproof or water repellent materials are therefore paramount. The dog car seat covers should be convenient to clean. Please keep in mind that most of them are not suitable for machine washing. Durable materials for a long life are important too. Your dog might scratch or move around while driving and large dogs put quite a strain on the covers.

Safety is always most important. Therefore your dog car seat cover must be suitable to buckle up your dog while driving (please always let the dog wear a suitable harness to attach the safety belt). A cover with side openings to use the seatbelt for human passengers is a clear advantage. Not only does it allow you to sit with your dog in the back, you can also install your child seat safely to take your kids along.

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