The Best Crystal Chandeliers in 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guides

Shining, shimmering, splendid. Sounds like a cliche, but these are probably the words that cross your mind when you think of chandeliers. They don’t just illuminate to brighten up the room but also glamorize your interior and the entire area with a touch of contemporary design.

Crystal chandeliers always carry an elegant and sophisticated element that intensifies a room’s atmosphere to make it more soothing and relaxing. With all those glittering lights and sparkling crystals, these chandeliers can make your room more stunningly beautiful. They are expensive-looking, too!

If you want to add contemporary details and embellish your room with shimmers of light, better keep reading and find the best crystal chandelier that will suit your elegant taste!

These are the best Crystal Chandeliers you can buy in 2019

Check out the below detailed reviews of our top 10 picks for the best Crystal Chandeliers:

10. Hsyile KU300114 Modern Simple Ceiling Lamp Square Crystal Lamp

Hsyile KU300114 Modern Simple Ceiling Lamp Square Crystal Lamp

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If you want to start off with a simple crystal chandelier, you can opt for the Hsyile modern ceiling lamp. It comes with a silver base that is embellished with the crystal balls and vertical streaks of crystals. Because of its simple and elegant design, it doesn’t overpower your interior thus complement it.

Due to its size, it is recommended you place it on the aisle, corridor, along with the stairway, balcony, or a small room. If you have your own bar or resto, you can also adorn it with this chandelier.

It comes with a stainless steel finish and uses the same material for the base. Hence, you can expect an excellent quality that you can use for long periods of time.

It is not overly expensive and yet expensive-looking, so you can flaunt it on your living room or wherever you want to place it. It uses LED light bulbs and ensures to give you bright lighting!

Key Features
  • Uses LED light bulbs
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Elegant and simple design
  • Recommended for smaller rooms

9. LightInTheBox Modern Contemporary Crystal Chandelier with 6 Lights

LightInTheBox Modern Contemporary Crystal Chandelier with 6 Lights

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Are you looking for a contemporary crystal chandelier that you can put up in your dining room, bedroom, or living room? Then, you might want to check this beautiful piece of LightInTheBox. You’ll see those shimmering crystal balls attached to a silver metal fixture that makes the chandelier even more sophisticated.

It requires 6 light bulbs with a maximum of 40W per bulb. With the power and the total number of lights, it promises to provide you with bright lighting on the designated spot in your house.

All the pieces, including the crystals, are made of high-quality materials that make it very durable and reliable for a long time. The assembly actually takes time, but it’s all worth it for this elegant beauty!

Key Features
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Features silver metal fixture
  • Requires 6 light bulbs
  • Elegant crystal balls
  • Provides sufficient light for the room
  • Recommended for bedroom, dining room, living room
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8. Saint Mossi Modern Contemporary Elegant K9 Crystal Glass Chandelier

Saint Mossi Modern Contemporary Elegant K9 Crystal Glass Chandelier

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The next on our list is another spark of beauty that showcases small pieces of crystals and candle-like lighting. This pendant crystal chandelier is made of glass fixture and K9 crystal droplets that provide splendid sparkles! Take note; this chandelier uses real crystals that ensure a high-end and durable quality.

This pendant ceiling lighting uses five bulbs that illuminate well enough to brighten up a room. It is actually a bit big, so you can place it on your living room ceiling or in the dining room.

The crystals that dangle along the fixture add a classic and stylish element to the chandelier.

Key Features
  • Made of real crystals
  • Has candle-like lighting
  • Uses 5 bulbs for better lighting
  • Elegant and classic design
  • Pendant ceiling lighting type
  • Recommended for a dining room, bedroom, living room

7. CRYSTOP Clear K9 Crystal Chandelier

CRYSTOP Clear K9 Crystal Chandelier

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There’s nothing more classic and modish than genuine crystals. They might sound expensive, but they certainly won’t compromise every bit of its quality.

This CRYSTOP crystal chandelier is one of the classic pieces that you can check out. It is large, so it complements well in dining rooms with high ceilings.

The luxurious design and excellent lighting fixture make it look even more expensive. You can put it up on the hallway, living room, dining room, or if you have a bar or a restaurant that you want to shower with crystals and glittering jewels, you can expect nothing but real beauty with this chandelier.

Key Features
  • Made of genuine crystals
  • Beautiful, elegant, and luxurious design
  • Uses 5 light bulbs
  • Provides bright lighting
  • Designed with a stainless steel mounting plate
  • Recommended for larger areas
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6. LOCOÂ Chrome Finish Crystal Chandelier with 3 lights

LOCOÂ Chrome Finish Crystal Chandelier with 3 lights

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If you want to keep simple yet classic and stylish, you can go with LOCOA’s crystal chandelier. It comes with a dainty and small size that complements with smaller rooms. And if you do have a smaller area in your house that you want to decorate with modern lighting, this piece might be a great piece to consider.

This mini beauty is designed with a silver metal fixture and transparent crystals. When all those three lights illuminate, it can provide the sufficient light you need for your room.

It may take time before you can put everything up together. But this contemporary piece of lighting is definitely a real beauty you should never miss!

Key Features
  • Uses 3 light bulbs
  • Small size
  • Provides bright lighting
  • Recommended for smaller rooms such as office, study room
  • Simple and classic
  • Comes with dangling crystals

5. Empress Crystal ™ Chandelier Chandeliers

Empress Crystal (tm) Chandelier Chandeliers

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Here’s another option for those who have smaller rooms or walk-in closet that needs embellishment. This empress crystal is a dainty and mini chandelier that you can put up on your kid’s bedroom, an office, or somewhere in your house with a smaller corner that you want to light up with a little glimmer.

This Empress Crystal Chandelier illuminates with the 5 light bulbs that reflect through the dangling crystals along the metal fixture.

It is a cottage type of ceiling lighting that you can hang to your ceiling for additional decoration. It comes at an affordable price, but it does look luxurious with its stunning design!

Key Features
  • Small size
  • Illuminates with 5 light bulbs
  • Provides sufficient light for smaller rooms
  • Designed with draped crystals and mini crystals
  • Beautiful and elegant design
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4. Surpars House Crystal Chandelier

Surpars House Crystal Chandelier

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As what they say, everything’s better when together. This can be true as well with crystal chandeliers. The crystals sparkle much brighter when they are together! And this Surpars House crystal chandelier truly dazzle with all the crystal balls and shiny small pieces that are all mounted on a metal base.

It lights up with 3 light bulbs but beautifully delivers the right amount of lighting in your room. It is not that large that’s why it sparkles best with smaller rooms or areas in your house.

You can adorn your kid’s room or nursery, dining room, bedroom, or a contemporary living room. It is made of top-notch materials that you can get a great value!

Key Features
  • Small size
  • Classic and modish design
  • Illuminates with 3 light bulbs
  • Recommended for small rooms
  • Provides bright lighting
  • Mounted on a silver base

3. Saint Mossi Chandelier Modern K9 Crystal Raindrop Chandelier

Saint Mossi Chandelier Modern K9 Crystal Raindrop Chandelier

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This Saint Mossi crystal chandelier is best used for rooms with high ceilings. With its raindrop style, you can beautify your room with an exquisite piece of a chandelier. It layers down and comes in a long size and hence, not preferable for rooms with small areas or spaces.

It is easy to set up, and you can illuminate and decorate your room in just minutes! This gorgeous ceiling fixture is made of superior materials that make it much more durable and reliable for long periods of time. It is made of stainless steel material that complements with the sparkles of the dainty crystals!

Key Features
  • Recommended for rooms with high ceilings
  • Easy to set up
  • Exquisite and elegant design
  • Illuminates with 5 light bulbs
  • Modern raindrop design
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2. Hile Lighting KU300074 Modern Chandelier Crystal Ball

Hile Lighting KU300074 Modern Chandelier Crystal Ball

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Another pendant ceiling chandelier on our list is from Hile Lighting. The crystals all come in different shapes that make the chandelier even more luxurious.

It is not that big and comes with a dainty size that you can put up in your hallway, corridor, or aisle. You can also place it on the ceiling of your room. It may be small, but it does illuminate brightly to light up your room!

It is easy to install and only requires 1 light bulb to light it up! If you need to put up an additional piece in your house, or if you have a large hallway that you want to embellish with a luxurious atmosphere, this chandelier can be a stunning piece!

Key Features
  • Close to ceiling design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Needs only 1 light bulb
  • Illuminates brightly
  • Small size
  • Recommended for hallway, corridor, bedroom

1. Mini Style 1-Light Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier

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The top chandelier that takes over the list is a dainty and small piece of lighting from Surpars House. It only requires 1 light bulb but dazzles so brightly together with the crystals mounted to the base. This elegant design radiates bright lighting through the crystals and all the other mini pieces that come with it.

This elegant and classic crystal chandelier is easy to put up. With its beautiful size, you can hang it on the ceiling in your kids’ bedroom, dining room, and living room.

You can also put it up in the hallway if you want to provide shimmering crystal shades as you walk through. It is a splendid design that comes at an affordable price!

Key Features
  • Only requires 1 light bulb
  • Elegant and classic design
  • Small size
  • Recommended for the bedroom, dining room, living room, hallway
  • Easy to install
  • Delivers bright lighting
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How to Choose the Best Crystal Chandelier

  • QUALITY: This factor includes the durability and how it would come out if you hang it on your ceiling in your living room, dining room, or in your bedroom. Though these chandeliers don’t have to be always expensive, they should be at least expensive-looking. The quality of materials plays a vital role here. If the crystal chandelier you’re buying is made of high-quality materials, you would expect a high-end product with a great quality that can last for a long time and not just a piece of plastic hanging on your ceiling!
  • SIZE or LENGTH: The size and length are essential factors as well. Each design comes with a specific size or length which may or may not be suitable for your room. Some chandeliers have crystal dangles or longer lights that are only applicable to rooms that have high ceilings. Some are incredibly large while the other designs can be too small for your room. It also depends on the size of your room or the distance of the ceiling.
  • LIGHT QUALITY: How many bulbs and the number of watts does it require? How much light can it illuminate? Does it provide enough light to brighten up your room? These are some of the questions you may consider before purchasing a crystal chandelier. They might be used as a beautiful decoration in your room, but you should know how it works when it comes to the lighting feature.
  • STYLE: There are a ton of designs and styles to choose from. There is definitely a style among these chandeliers that will suit your preference. They might be dainty and small, large and extravagant, or just the average size but simple and elegant. It depends on your choice. Just make sure that you’re getting the best quality out of your money.


There are a lot of designs to choose from when it comes to crystal chandeliers. But before you head out and purchase the model you want, you should consider first the quality, the lighting, style, and the size or length. You have to make sure it is of the best quality and at the same time, suits your preference and your lighting needs.

This list uncovers the best-selling crystal chandeliers you can find on the market. You can read the reviews to help you come up with the best choice! If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to share them through the comment box below.

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