The Best Crystal Chandeliers in 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guides

Sparkling and shining chandeliers look elegant and luxurious. The crystals come in many shapes and sizes, so do the designs. From retro and contemporary to classic, you will find all decors for chandeliers you wish for. No matter if you are a fan of the Belle Epoque or the 60s, the choices are endless. Crystal chandeliers are also available in various dimensions, so you can find the right luster fitting your room size best. 

Crystal chandeliers not only brighten up the room but also set a special ambient. They can change a room’s atmosphere completely, especially in the evenings. The lights and sparkling crystals come in different qualities and price ranges, offering you a large choice of lusters to decide on. 

To provide you an overview of what is available this year and help you find the most suitable crystal chandelier for your home or business, we have researched and tested products that come with high quality and excellent value for money. We have also taken customer feedback of buyers into account to make sure that the crystal chandeliers are not just a shooting star but will lighten up your rooms for many years.

These are the best Crystal Chandeliers you can buy in 2021

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Check out the below-detailed reviews of our top 10 picks for the best Crystal Chandeliers:

10. Hsyile KU300114 Modern Simple Ceiling Lamp Square Crystal Lamp

Hsyile KU300114 Modern Simple Ceiling Lamp Square Crystal Lamp


A smaller sized and more simple crystal chandelier is the Hsyile KU300114. The silver square base is embellished with crystal balls and vertical streaks of crystals. The simple and elegant design does not overpower your interior and complements well into your rooms or hallways. Its compact size makes the lamps suitable for smaller corridors, stairways, balconies, or small rooms. It is also a beautiful eye-catcher for your guest area if you run a restaurant or bar.

The durable quality materials will guarantee a reliable performance for many years. Yet the chandelier comes at a very reasonable price. The luster operates with only one E12 light bulb with a maximum of 100W. It comes with a 24 months limited warranty.

Key Features
  • Operates with just 1 E12 light bulb.
  • Stainless steel in chrome finish.
  • 24 months of limited warranty.
  • Elegant and simple design.
  • Recommended for smaller rooms and areas.

9. LightInTheBox Modern Contemporary Crystal Chandelier with 6 Lights

LightInTheBox Modern Contemporary Crystal Chandelier with 6 Lights


Are you looking for a more contemporary crystal chandelier fitting into your dining room, bedroom, or living room? Then please take a closer look at this beautiful piece of LightInTheBox. The sparkling crystal balls attached to the silver metal arms give the chandelier a unique look.

The luster requires 6 E14 light bulbs with a maximum of 40W per bulb. With 15.7 inches in diameter, the chandelier provides warm and bright lighting in your rooms or hallway.

All parts, including the crystals, are made of high-quality materials, providing long time durability. The assembling can take a bit of your time, but it is worth it for this elegant and beautiful chandelier. 

Key Features
  • Made of high-quality materials.
  • Silver metal mount.
  • Requires 6 light bulbs.
  • Elegant and contemporary crystal balls.
  • Unique design.
  • Recommended for hallway, dining room, living room.
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8. Saint Mossi Modern Contemporary Elegant K9 Crystal Glass Chandelier

Saint Mossi Modern Contemporary Elegant K9 Crystal Glass Chandelier


The Saint Mossi chandelier features a design like in a palace in a fairy tale. You feel like a queen or king when dining under the lights of this exquisite luster. The elaborate decor is in the style of the post-medieval European palaces and manors. High-quality K9 crystals shine and sparkle in your house. The luster will be the eye-catcher not only in your dining area but also in your living room and entrance hall. 

Only durable, high-quality materials are used for this lamp. 5 light bulbs with a maximum of 40W illuminate your place. Despite the high quality and intricate details, the crystal chandelier comes at a very reasonable price. 

Key Features
  • Made of real K9 crystals.
  • Operates with 5 candle-shaped light bulbs.
  • Medium-sized chandelier.
  • Elegant and classic design.
  • Chrome finished ceiling plate.
  • Recommended for dining room, entrance halls, and living room.

7. CRYSTOP Clear K9 Crystal Chandelier

CRYSTOP Clear K9 Crystal Chandelier


A ceiling pendant luster in retro design is this large rectangular crystal chandelier from CRYSTOP. Its classic design does fit your living room or dining area and your kitchen and bar area. It is also perfect if you run a restaurant or bar lounge. The large chandelier’s dimensions are 31.5 x 9.8 x 8.9 inches. It weighs 29.8 lbs, so the installation at the ceiling should be extra enforced.  

The clear, high-quality K9 crystals and the solid chrome base make the chandelier’s design elegant and fitting into every room. Five E12 bulbs with a maximum of 40W are needed to illuminate the luster and enjoy its impressive light refraction and sparkles. This chandelier’s price is on the higher end, but the investment is well worth it for this solid and large chandelier. 

Key Features
  • High-quality K9 crystals.
  • Elegant retro design.
  • Illuminates with 5 light bulbs.
  • Provides bright lighting.
  • Chrome finish stainless steel mounting plate.
  • Recommended for larger areas like dining room, bar, living room.
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6. NEW: Moooni Hallway  Chandelier

Moooni Hallway  Chandelier


If you like a rectangle or square light, the Mooni Hallway Chandelier brings light to your entrance. The small but beautifully designed chandelier operates with modern LEDs. Since they have a much longer lifetime than halogen or classic bulb, you may never need to change them. At the same time, they are energy efficient and still shining bright.

As the name suggests, this square chandelier is best placed in the hallway. But small dining rooms are also a good fit for it. The material used for this lamp is a polished stainless steel base and high-quality K9 clear crystals. When ordered, assembly is needed, but a manual will explain this step by step. With a width of 8″ and a height of  7″ the chandelier is certainly one of the smaller models. But with its timeless design, it fits well in different rooms and house decorations.

Key Features
  • Uses LED lights
  • Small size
  • Provides bright lighting
  • Recommended for smaller rooms such as hallways
  • Simple and classic
  • Comes with K9 crystals

5. Empress Crystal (TM) Chandelier Chandeliers

Empress Crystal (tm) Chandelier Chandeliers


A chandelier worth an empress indeed is this classy and elegant luster. Resembling the style of European palaces, it is adorned with original Empress Crystals (™). The crystal tube arms and the ball pendulum in the center bottom complete the timeless decor. Your guests will feel like in a medieval manner when joining your dinner parties. 

The Empress Crystal Chandelier is part of the Royal Collection from the famous manufacturer Gallery. The luster is illuminated with 5 maximum 40W light bulbs. Some assembling is required before installation. With 24 inches diameter and 12.4 lbs, this is a more solid and larger chandelier. Gallery provides each chandelier with a Certificate of Authenticity and a limited warranty.

Key Features
  • Original Empress Crystals (™).
  • Illuminates with 5 40W light bulbs.
  • Elegant and timeless design.
  • High-quality materials.
  • 24 inches diameter.
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4. Surpars House Crystal Chandelier

Surpars House Crystal Chandelier


The Surpars House crystal chandelier brings elegance and style to your home. Coming in a diameter of 11 inches, it illuminates with three 40W light bulbs. The high-quality K9 crystals generate beautiful light refraction, making the illumination in your room unique indeed. The chandelier is suitable for a room size of 8 – 10 square meters. 

The assembling is not too difficult, but please be aware that you need to assemble the crystals onto the strings before installing the lamp. The chrome base suits the sparkling crystals and makes the chandelier blend into your room design perfectly. Your living room, dining area, hallway, and bedroom will look stunning with this elegant crystal chandelier. 

Key Features
  • Small size
  • Classic and modish design
  • Illuminates with 3 light bulbs
  • Recommended for small rooms
  • Provides bright lighting
  • Mounted on a silver base

3. Saint Mossi Chandelier Modern K9 Crystal Raindrop Chandelier

Saint Mossi Chandelier Modern K9 Crystal Raindrop Chandelier


The Saint Mossi crystal chandelier is a beautiful eye-catcher for rooms with high ceilings. With its raindrop style and crystal strings, it makes your home sparkle. Premium crystal glass generates impressing reflections, which will set a unique ambiance in your rooms. The chandelier operates with five GU10 Base LED or incandescent bulbs.

The lamp is easy to assemble and install. You can decorate and illuminate your room in a matter of minutes.  High-quality materials make it durable and reliable for many years to come. The shiny and sparkling lights will impress your family and guests every time you turn the chandelier on.

Key Features
  • Recommended for rooms with high ceilings.
  • Easy to install.
  • Premium crystal glass.
  • Illuminates with 5 light bulbs.
  • Modern raindrop design.

2. Hile Lighting KU300074 Modern Chandelier Crystal Ball

Hile Lighting KU300074 Modern Chandelier Crystal Ball


This beautifully decorated pendant ceiling chandelier from Hile Lighting brings class and style to your home and business. The crystals come all in different shapes to give the chandelier an even more luxurious appearance.

The chandelier comes in a good size of 8.66 inches in diameter. It will look stunning in your hallway or corridors, but also on the ceiling of your living room. With a maximum wattage of 100W (E12 light bulb), it can deliver a bright illumination. The light refraction of the crystals will make your rooms look spectacular. 

The chandelier is lightweight with just 3.24 lbs and easy to assemble and install. The value for money for this chandelier is excellent. The reasonable price makes it also a perfect lighting solution if you need a row of lamps to illuminate a long aisle or a small – medium-sized board room. 

Key Features
  • Wattage up to 100W.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Needs only 1 light bulb.
  • Illuminates brightly.
  • Crystals are designed in different sizes and shapes.
  • Classy design.

1. Mini Style 1-Light Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier


This small crystal chandelier from Surpars House requires only 1 light bulb. Nevertheless, the crystals mounted to the base dazzle brightly. The required 40W E12 light bulb radiates bright light through the crystals, which come in different sizes. The elegant and modern design makes this small chandelier fit into most areas or your house, be it your living room, dining area, hallway, or bedroom.

The crystal chandelier is easy to assemble and to install. The small size makes it lightweight with just 3.3 lbs. With the crystals’ transparent neutral color and the chrome mount, the chandelier blends into any design in your home. Enjoy the sparkling lights whenever you switch on this lamp. It comes at a very affordable price, so you have plenty of decoration options when purchasing several of these beautiful lights.

Key Features
  • It only requires 1 light bulb.
  • Elegant and classic design.
  • Small size with just 7.8 inches diameter.
  • Fits perfectly into your bedroom, dining room, living room, or hallway.
  • Easy to assemble and to install.
  • Delivers bright lighting.

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How to Choose the Best Crystal Chandelier

  • QUALITY: The high quality of crystal chandeliers is the main point to focus on. Safe, durable, and long-lasting are the keywords to evaluate the quality of the lusters. As the chandeliers require electric installations, safety is paramount. High-quality materials will withstand the wear and tear of constant use. The crystals itself should be real glass crystals of the highest quality to provide the ambient light you expect. Plastic crystals will not deliver the same light refraction as glass crystals do, and also there are various qualities available. K9 crystals are fulfilling the high requirements and are not overly expensive. Empress Crystals (™) come in even higher quality, but also at a higher price.
  • SIZE & LENGTH: The size and length are essential factors as well. Each luster comes with a specific size or length, which may or may not be suitable for your room. Some chandeliers have crystal pendulums or longer decorative chains, which might fit only into areas with high ceilings. The dimensions should be suitable for your room size, as – for example – a small crystal chandelier in a large entrance hall would look ridiculous.
  • LIGHT: What is the wattage, and how many bulbs the luster requires? Are the size and capacity sufficient for the area you want to install the chandelier? Can the lamp also be dimmed? These are some of the questions you may take into consideration, as well. A crystal chandelier is not only a beautiful decoration but should also provide you exactly the light intensity you expect. What use is the most attractive chandelier when the wattage is not enough to see your dinner on your plate?
  • DESIGN & STYLE: There are endless options of designs and styles to choose from. Unlike many assumptions, crystal chandeliers can also come in modern and contemporary designs, fitting into stylish homes. Worshippers of the ancient European palaces and manors will not be disappointed as well. No matter if retro, kitschy, luxurious, or classy – you will definitely find your favorite decor.


There are a lot of designs and qualities to choose from when it comes to crystal chandeliers. Before you decide on the looks only, you should consider the quality first. As the chandeliers require electrical wiring, safety is as usual paramount. Also, the stable mounting to the ceiling is an important point.

It would help if you also focused on the materials’ quality to decide on a durable and long-living product. Further points are the brightness of the lighting, the dimensions, and of course, the design and style. The crystals should be genuine, as plastic crystals cannot deliver the same quality of light refraction.

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