Top 10 Best Corner TV Mounts in 2022 | A Comparison & Useful Tips

Best Corner TV Mount

If you don’t want a TV screen right in the middle of your living room wall, think about a Corner TV Mount. It will save your space and give you the best viewing experience from anywhere in the room. Above all, it will keep your expensive TV away from your kid’s range.

Corner TV mounts are an excellent option for so many reasons. Their ability to extend and fold back makes the TV almost invisible in the room when you are not watching. You can stretch it forward to your preferred angle when it’s screen time.

Should I mount a TV myself?

Yes, you can mount your TV. All wall mounts come with a complete instruction manual explaining how to install them yourself.

But we will recommend it only if you have all the tools and know-how to use them pretty well. Most of the wall mounts come with all the necessary hardware, but you need tools like screwdrivers, drills, or a stud finder.

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Make a plan before you actually start mounting and if it seems too much to handle, call a professional. Consequences could be damaging if you didn’t do it properly or perfectly.

Top 10 Best Corner TV Mounts in 2022 You Can Buy

Choosing a corner mount for TV can be confusing with so many of them in the market. Here we have tried to make the task easier by selecting some of the best options for your convenience.

Here is a list of our top 10 picks for the best TV wall mounts in 2022:

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10. VIVO Corner TV Wall Mount

VIVO Corner TV Wall Mount



This one is an excellent choice for corner wall mounting. Its solid steel construction will keep your expensive TV secure and out of the way. It can support TV screens between 32” to 63”. The wall mount is sturdy enough to hold 132 lbs.

The TV mount has a unique wall separating design that fits the screen in a variety of ways. It offers extending arms that can articulate from side to side, giving you the best viewing experience.

The corner mount offers more convenience for your viewing experience with its swiveling arms. No matter where you are sitting, adjust your screen to the right angle.

Vivo’s corner mount makes wall mounting easy and hassle-free. You don’t have to hire a professional to install your TV screen. It comes as a complete package, including everything from brackets to the nails.

It is an affordable option. The only downside we see is its cable management. It could have done better in that area.

9. Impact Mounts Corner TV Wall Mount

Impact Mounts Corner TV Wall Mount


by Impact Mounts

This one is another affordable option for your Plasma, LED, and LCD screens. Its dual wall plates are specifically designed for corners, but you can use them on flat walls as well.

Its sturdy brackets can provide a home to the TV screens between 37-63”. The brackets remain stable and can hold up to 80 lbs heavy TVs. Make sure to check your TV‘s VESA recommendations. This corner mount works with a maximum 600×400mm VESA setting.

The corner mount can swivel to both sides up to 60”; you can turn it to your liking and have the best viewing angle. You can also tilt it up or down to get rid of glare.

The wall mount can be extended forward so everyone in the room can watch the TV or fold it back to the wall as per your choice.

The mount comes with the installed bubble level and is also lockable for theft prevention. It’s a good choice if you are looking for an affordable TV mount.

8. Mount-It! Articulating TV Wall Mount Corner Bracket

Mount-It! Articulating TV Wall Mount Corner Bracket


by Mount-It!

Mount-It offers a great option for safely mounting your TV in a corner. It’s a full-motion TV bracket that is designed for mounting 55” TV screens.

One of its main advantages is its durability. Not only it has a solid steel construction, but double arm brackets for making it more secure for your TV. Unlike some other ordinary corner mounts, it won’t sag.

You should check behind your TV screen, and if it falls between 75×75 to 400×400mm, this one is for you. The brackets have the capacity to hold up to 115 lbs.

Even if you want your TV screen mounted in a corner, out of the way, the viewing experience should not be affected at all. This corner mount bracket makes sure you have an excellent viewing experience while sitting in any direction.

It features all sorts of movement facilities for your convenience. It can swivel 90 degrees left or right and can tilt to your perfect viewing angle. With all these wonderful features, it comes at a very reasonable price.

7. Everstone Corner TV Wall Mount

Everstone Corner TV Wall Mount


by Everstone

Everstone offers a great option for your 26-50” TV of any brand. It comes with split backplates and dual articulation arms for corner settings. But if used on flat walls, it works like any other wall mount.

The corner mount is suitable for a 4×4 to 16×16” VESA pattern. It can hold up to 77lbs.

The corner mount has a sturdy design that swivels to either side while keeping its level. Its brackets can move easily but are not loose by any means. It can tile up 3” to 15” down to reduce glare and maximize your viewing experience.

The corner mount comes as a complete package, with all the necessary hardware you might need for its installation. Also, the manufacturers offer a warranty of five years for your assurance.

6. Vemount Corner TV Wall Mount

Vemount Corner TV Wall Mount


by Vemount

Vermount offers another wall mount that is perfect for corner installation. Its dual articulation arms and secure brackets are designed to fit a 37-62” TV screen. The wall mount is perfect for any TV between 100×100 and 600×400mm VESA settings.

The heavy-gauge steel built of wall mount is absolutely safe for holding TVs under 99lbs of weight. The steady brackets keep it leveled against the wall without disturbing the view.

The best thing about this corner mount is its ability to full motion. It doesn’t matter where you are sitting in the room; the TV mount is capable of tilting and swiveling around so you can have the best viewing experience.

Maybe your TV is just an accessory in your living room, and you don’t spend much time on it. But when you are watching TV, you sure want the best experience. The TV can swivel 45 degrees left and right and can tilt easily up 5 degrees and down 12 degrees.

Not only it can swivel or tilt, but the corner mount can also retract and extend as per your preference. The TV mount is simply one of the best options if it fits your TV specifications. The only drawback we noticed was the not so good hardware quality.

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5. Husky Mounts Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Husky Mount Full Motion TV Wall Mount


by Husky Mounts

This one is a full-motion TV wall mount that is also perfect for corners. You can make use of it on walls, corners or can even mount it on the ceiling.

This one is compatible with almost any kind of TV screens between 32”-55”. It can fit the screen with large VESA settings as 400×400mm. It’s heavy-duty built can hold up to 66 lbs of weight.

The selling point of this wall mount is its flexibility, which won’t affect its strength. It can not only swivel around or tilt to give you the best view but allow you to extend it away from the wall as much as 15” and fold back to 2” away from the wall.

One of the common problems with wall mounts is cable management. It should not come in the way of the faceplate. This wall mount keep your cables well managed. Extending TV screen allows easy access to cable plug as well.

It is perfect for concrete walls as well as for plaster ones with wooden studs. The only downside we notice is its installation. Though the wall mount comes with all the necessary hardware and a complete manual with instructions, installation is not easy.

4. InstallerParts Corner TV Wall Mount

InstallerParts Corner TV Wall Mount


by InstallerParts

InstallerParts is another affordable option for your TV screens. The corner mount is designed for flat panel displays and is perfect if your TV is on the heavier side. It is a double arm wall mount that can hold up to 130 lbs of TV screens. It is perfect for LCDs, Plasmas, and LEDs between 23-55”.

The corner mount is VESA compatible with corner hole patterns from 100×100 to 400×400.

The full motion brackets provide a great range of motion so you can adjust the TV screen to a perfect angle. It can swivel 60” in either direction and can tilt up or down easily. You can adjust the TV screen to have the perfect view from wherever you are sitting in the room.

The possible downside of this wall mount can be its sturdy built. Its heavy steel design makes installation in concrete a bit of hassle.

3. InstallerParts 37″-65″ TV Corner Mount

InstallerParts 37"-65" TV Corner Mount


by InstallerParts

This is another great option from InstallerParts. This particular one is for huge TV screens. The corner TV mount is designed for any flat screen between 37”-65”.

Its high-quality steel structure is secure for even TV screens with VESA adapters between 200×200 to 800×400mm. The scratch-resistant steel is not only durable but will not lose its shines for many years to come.

The secure brackets have the capacity to handle the maximum load of 132 pounds. The full-motion swivel allows you to adjust the TV screen to your liking.

It offers a wide range of motion so you can have the perfect viewing experience. Tilt it as much up or down as you like to prevent any glare or reflection from disturbing your view.

The possible downside of this wall mount can be its price. It’s a bit expensive than the previous option, but the value it provides worth every penny spent. The corner mount is a great choice if you have a costly and heavy TV.

2. Mount-It! MI-484C Articulating Corner Mount for TV

Mount-It! MI-484C Articulating Corner Mount for TV


by Mount-It!

This one is another good option from Mount-It. Like our previous option, this one is also suitable for huge Plasmas, LEDs, and LCDs. Its mounting brackets can fit any TV screen between 37-63” with up to 800×400 VESA pattern. It is strong enough to handle up to 132 lbs heavy screens and remains steady.

The wall mount allows you to adjust your TV screen to your preference with full motion capability. You can tilt it up and down to avoid the reflections. Swivel it around to any angle where you have company. It can extend and fold back to the wall and provide you with the best viewing experience.

The corner mount comes with a complete hardware kit compatible with all major TV brands like Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, LG, or Haier.

Despite all these advantages, you may find installing your TV on the bracket a bit difficult. It’s better to use an extra hand or seek help from a professional.

1. Mounting Dream Full Motion Corner

Mounting Dream Full Motion Corner


by Mounting Dream

This one deserves to be on the top of our best corner mount list. Its durability, full-motion adjustability, and premium look make it an ideal choice for customers. The corner mount is reasonably priced and offers great value for your money.

Its heavy-duty double-arm bracket frame can hold TV screens between 26-50 inches. The mount can easily lift 99 lbs, making it ideal for an average-sized TV, not a good fit for huge screens.

The corner mount offers support for VESA setting between 3’×3” to the max 16”×16”.

The mounting brackets can be installed in any concrete or brick corner walls. It can also be mounted on flat walls with 24” wood studs apart.

The moveable brackets allow you to tilt 5 degrees up and 15 degrees down to reduce any glare or reflection. It offers a flexible viewing range and can swivel all around the room from one side to another for the best viewing experience. You can also extend or fold it back to the wall making it more alive to move.

The package comes with all the nuts, screws, bolts, or cables to make installation easy. It’s a great option to keep your TV screen steady on the wall while you can control the motion perfectly.

Buying Guide for Corner TV Mounts

Corner TV mounts are like any other wall mounts except that they are specifically designed to be placed between two walls. Some of the corner mounts can even be installed on a flat wall as well. Here are a few things you should consider while selecting a corner TV mount.

  • Choose a Reliable Brand

For such an expensive appliance as a TV, you cannot rely on just anyone. Choose a trusted brand that offers a money-back guarantee. So many things can go wrong, or it may not come with all the necessary hardware. Do your research online and select one that shares the best recommendations and reviews by other customers.

  • TV Specification

Look for a corner mount that fits your TV’s specifications. The sellers provide a detailed overview of what TV size should be placed on a particular wall mount.

The weight of a TV matters more than its size in inches. Even the lightest flat-screen TVs are heavy, and you need to check if the corner mount you are selecting is sturdy enough to handle the load of your TV.

  • VESA Recommendation

Always check the VESA standards of your TV screen and buy one that complies with its recommendation.

VESA is the standard used for TV wall mounts adapted by all major brands. You can check the VESA recommendations for your TV in the manual, or the easiest way to check it is by measuring the four holes at the back of your TV.

  • Compatibility with wall

The corner TV mount you are selecting should be compatible with your wall structure. Whether you have drywall, concrete, or brick ones, all types of walls have different mounting techniques.

For example, wall mounts for drywalls should have wooden studs, while concrete ones do not require any studs.

The wall mounts come with the specific hardware for a wall type. If you have a different type of wall, you will need a different set of hardware.

  • Flexibility of Viewing

Even if you want your TV in one corner, you should be able to adjust it to your required angle for the best viewing experience. Wall mounts offer different motion adjustability. Make sure you select one that provides full motion and remains stable in all viewing angles.

Almost all wall mounts come with swivel and tilt options, but they may not swivel to sides or tilt up or down enough to your preferred angle.

So make sure you select a corner TV mount that suits your sitting adjustments now and in the future as well.

  • Easy Installation and required Hardware

Choose a corner mount that comes with all the necessary hardware and is easy to install.

  • Cord management

Cord management is important, or your installation will look unprofessional and even untidy. Loose wires will ruin the appearance of your room. So make sure you select a corner mount that manages your cords and cables well behind the TV screen.

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