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Nowadays, with everything getting touch up, Home Décor is no less. People all over the world are excited to have a makeover of their home with cool and elegant décor items that come in a variety and can be used for different purposes. We all can put life into our homes by making use of these décor items in such a manner that every piece in the home appears appealing. Fortunately, there are such products available which are useful and at the same time unique and eye pleasing. One such product is the Corner Shelves. These extremely stylish and useful storage pieces add a charm to every corner of the home or office. They come in various shapes. One is a Floating corner shelve, which is mounted on a wall with the help of nails and screwdrivers, by drilling a hole in the wall. Once mounted, many display things like frames, collectives, plants, books, almost every other thing which fits into the height of the shelf and adjusts as per the weight of the shelf can be rested there.

There is another category of these shelves. Apart from the wall mounted ones, there are shelves which can be assembled and places in the corner of any room. They have legs and they rest on the surface.

We are here to guide you about the best Corner Shelves available for different corners of your beautiful home and help you to choose the best ones. Let’s get going:

These are the Top 10 Best Corner Shelves in 2020

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Read details about each Corner Shelves below:

10. Greenco Corner Floating Shelves

Greenco Corner Floating Shelves

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This is a mini 2 Tier floating corner shelve. It comes as a single piece, which you just need to mount. This is extremely easy to assemble and can be mounted at any corner. Being 2 Tier, we can place any sort of display items like Photo Frames, Vase, Plant, Books etc. Made up of MDF Laminate, it has a strong body. But due care has to be taken that it should not be overloaded with heavy things.

Why to Buy this Product:

If you are looking for something very compact yet elegant piece of décor for the corners of your rooms, you should definitely try these corner shelves. And in case, you are looking for some similar décor items for various rooms of your house, you may buy more than one pieces of these shelves and transform the corner of the house into an appealing one. Also, these shelves can be used to for keeping almost any small thing which fits into it with ease.

Key Features
  • The Dimensions is 7.75” L * 7.75” W * 16” H.
  • It weighs around 2.85 pounds.
  • It is made up if MDF Laminate.
  • It is a 2 Tier storage corner shelve.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • As it is a mini storage, it can be fitted at almost any corner.
  • Being two tiers, the storage area is very less.

9. Mkono Hanging Corner Shelve

Mkono Hanging Corner Shelve

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These vintages shelves are quite pleasing to the eyes if one is looking for a retro look. They are hanged using jute ropes. It is a 3 Tier design which has a good amount of storage space, where you can place any of your decorative items like plants, pictures, frames etc. The distance between the boards can be easily adjusted with the rope. It is made up of Paulownia Wood and Jute Rope and these materials are completely recyclable.

Why to Buy this product

As it provides a vintage look, it is ideal for all those who love the touch of retro. Also, if you are looking for a side – board less shelves, which is open on every side, this would be best choice for you. You just need to make one hole with the drill and fit the hook in the wall. Once done, just hang this shelve with the rope. It will completely adjust itself and set in to the shape of the corner.

Key Features
  • It is hanged on the hook with the jute rope attached to it.
  • The distance between the wooden boards can be easily adjusted with the help of the rope.
  • Materials used are Paulownia wood and jute ropes.
  • It weighs around 2.15 pounds.
  • The height is around 39”.
  • The wooden board’s diameter is 11” and thickness is 0.625”.
  • Distance between each wooden board is 10.5”.
  • This is easy to assemble as it just needs to be hanged on a hook.
  • The height can be easily adjusted between the boards.
  • As it is open on all sides with no support expect base, there is a chance that any of the breakable things placed on it might fall down.
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8. Sorbus Corner Floating Shelves

Sorbus Corner Floating Shelves 

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These are very compact square shaped shelves available in three sizes. They are designed in such a way so as to reduce the clutter altogether and have zero square feet space. There are three individual shelves which can be mounted in any shape. Also, being individual, they can be used in different rooms based on the requirement., It is made up of MDF wood and very minimal assembly work will be required.

Why to Buy this Product

If you are looking for something very small and single shelves to be placed in different parts of the home, this would be the best option for you. Also, they would be easy to fit and can be adjusted at any height and in any layout of your choice. As they are single shelve and that too in different size, anything like a Set Up Box, Telephone, Frames, Speaker, Small Table Lamp and many such things can be placed on it depending on the space required by the object.

Key Features
  •  The dimensions for three different sized floating shelves are:
    Large: 10.62” * 10.62*
    Medium: 9.25” * 9.25”
    Small: 7.75” * 7.75”
  • It weighs around 6.25 pounds.
  • All the boards are individual, means they can be used at different places as per their need.
  • Easy to assemble
  • It has a multipurpose use
  • The boards can be shifted individually
  • Few things may not sit well on the boards due to size and may hang out.

7. IRIS Corner Curved Shelves

IRIS Corner Curved Shelves

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This is yet another cool corner shelf made up of wood, which easily gets fitted in to any corner of the house. It is a 3 Tier storage shelve. Assembling it is quite easy and users get all hardware to mount it. The three shelves can be used to store anything, thereby introducing something really stylish in the room. But, we cannot keep anything too heavy on the shelves. This product is available in different shapes and sizes.

Why to Buy this product

If you looking for something in the middle, i.e. not too small and not too big for the storage, this would be your ideal corner shelve. Also, if you are looking forward to something especially for display of light weight items, this would do wonders for you.

Key Features
  • It is made up of Wood and polished to provide a sleek look.
  • It is a 3 Tier storage shelve.
  • Its dimension is 11.4 * 11.4 * 34.6 inches
  • It weighs around 14.72 pounds
  • Sleek look, best for any display items.
  • The shelf space is too much small to be kept anything.
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6. C- Hopetree Corner Display Shelves

C- Hopetree Corner Display Shelves

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This 5 Tier storage unit by C – Hoptree is an A shaped corner shelf that can be used for multipurpose storage. It can be a Bookshelf, Plant stand for indoors, Display Furniture. This storage has a bit of retro touch in its designing. It is contemporary, practical and versatile which can used to store and arrange anything. There is no difficulty in assembling this and is quite easy and quick. It is made using tubular steel frame which makes it highly durable.

Why to Buy this Product:

If you looking for something with a good space and more layers, this would be perfect for you. It has 5 shelves, which is perfect for many storage items as well as the boards are very hard to be broken by any heavy weight object. Staring from the lower most shelf, we can start placing objects of heavy weight which decreases as we go up. Also, it has 3 legs that will be placed at the surface which prevents anything from falling down in any of the above shelves.

Key Features
  • Sturdy galvanized frame.
  • It is made up of MDF Board along with Wood Lock Veneer Laminate.
  • The frames of the Shelf are power coated.
  • It weighs around 12.8 pounds.
  • Its dimension is 13” W * 13”D * 65” H
  • The shelves can be easily assembled without any hassle.
  • 5 tier makes it big in storing and display capacity
  • The legs are touching the surface and can adjust easily on an uneven surface.
  • Heavy weight objects can be placed as per the size of the shelf.
  • Topmost shelf is not of much use until we have something light and small to be kept there.

5. VASAGLE Corner Legged Shelves

VASAGLE Corner Legged Shelves 

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Built by the company VASAGLE, this is a great product if you are looking for something with good space. The material of the frame is quite sturdy. It is a 4 Tier fan shaped shelf which fits well in the corner and making the complete use of space. It has three legs each with protective caps, of which one is adjustable if required on any uneven surfaces. The parts assembling are also quite easy as it comes with the complete instructions. It is a matte black frame which is combined with vintage shelves.

Why to Buy this product

A great space organizer which rests at the corner of the room. The legs are easily adjustable on uneven surfaces. Being 4 tiers, the space provided in each shelf is very good to place any object. The material is too hard and can easily handle weighted things.

Key Features
  • Rustic Brown in color
  • Made up of Iron and Chipboard
  • Load capacity of each Tier: 5 Kg
  • It weighs around 14.6 pounds
  • Its dimension is 13.4” L * 13.4” W * 49.2” H
  • 5 Tier shelves with 3 legs
  • Good amount of Space
  • The three legs provide a good support.
  • Highly Durable.
  • Ability to stand still in uneven surfaces.
  • The exposure to sun has to be avoided.
  • To avoid surface damage, be careful to touch it with any pointed objects.
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4. Greenco Wall Mount Corner Shelves

Greenco Wall Mount Corner Shelves 

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This decorative and functional piece from Greenco can be used anywhere including Home, office. It has a beautiful espresso finish. It is 5 tier organizers which have to be mounted on the wall. The material used to make this up is MDF laminate. The space provided within each shelf can place any medium weight object with ease. Also, we must take care of the weight of the objects that we are placing on it as this being big architecture, there is risk of it coming down due to heavy weight.

Why to Buy this product

A very elegant piece lying on the corner of the wall provides a very appealing loom to the home. It really looks like a great piece of art. Having 5 Shelves, each having a good amount of space, will be very useful to place different display items. Also, the shape of each shelve adds to the charm. The material used to make it is very reliable and durable.

Key Features
  • Its dimension is 7.75” L * 7.75” W * 48.5” H.
  • It comes with all mounting hardware.
  • Can be used as a practical shelf or for display.
  • It weighs around 7 pounds.
  • A great storage organizer with a unique design
  • The assembling needs some effort

3. Furinno Turn-N-Tube Corner Shelf

Furinno Turn-N-Tube Corner Shelf 

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Furinno Turn-N-Tube provides a variety of products. The tubes and panel systems can be adjusted to different heights by adding on or reducing tiers. Additional storages can be provided. They come in different colors. Furinno encourages 90 to 95 % of recycled materials. Among all its material, the particle board is made up from recycled materials of rubber tyre. The PVC tubes are made from recycled plastic. The shelves are individual and can be added or removed as per your need.

Why to buy this product

Elegant storage organizer requiring minimal space at the corner of the room. A wide space is provided in all the five shelves. Books, Displays, Toys, Showpieces, Telephones, Frames, Flower Vases and almost anything can be kept in it. It’s like a piece requiring minimal space but providing users with maximal space. Also, the three legs holding the shelves provide a great support. A good amount of storage space is found both horizontally and vertically.

Key Features
  • Open Display Racks
  • Storage and display shelves
  • Ease to assembly
  • No tools required to assemble the shelve.
  • Environmentally Friendly: CARB Compliant composite wood holding the Forest Stewardship Council Certification.
  • They provide a good storage space horizontally and vertically.
  • You can add or remove the shelves as per your requirement.
  • You can fit any number of shelves as they are independent.
  • No disadvantages as of now.

2. Sagler Corner Floating Shelves

Sagler Corner Floating Shelves 

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Sagler has come up with yet another masterpiece of corner shelf, which provides a good amount of storage. A 5-tier corner shelf, providing a very good storage space yet looking very elegant. It can be used as a storage unit in any corner of the house, be it in bathroom, closet, living room, kitchen, as a shower shelf or even in office. There is absolutely no hassle in assembling it and can be done very quickly and with ease.

Why to buy this Product

This is a very masterpiece that can be well mounted on the wall’s corner. Being 5 tiers, the space provided in each shelf is good enough to keep anything. Also, the durability and the quality is guaranteed and can be trusted. The material used to manufacture it is MDF Laminate, hence it is a very strong architecture. Moreover, being adjustable, it can be used as two shelves which means we can divide this organizer.

Key Features
  • It is made up of MDF Laminate.
  • It weighs around 9.1 pounds.
  • It is adjustable and can be used as two shelves also.
  • Its dimensions are 7.75″ L * 7.75″ W *48.5″ H.
  • Comes up with just 2 nails to get attached to the wall.
  • It has a contemporary black finish.
  • A great Book Storage
  • The installation is quite easy as it comes with just 2 nails which gets mapped easily on the walls.
  • Although being 5 tier, it provides a good storage, but the shelves are bit small horizontally, so if you are planning to keep any medium sized books or any long show pieces, this won’t fit it in.
  • The flat space is also bit small for wide things. if the thing to be kept is too wide, they would be half hanging outside.

1. AmericanFlat Corner Floating Shelves

AmericanFlat Corner Floating Shelves 

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This corner shelfs are manufactured by a leading company named AmericanFlat. These shelves are designed in such a way that you can showcase any of your favorite pictures or any trophies. Mounted on wall, they provide you with some extra storage space. It is 2-tiered corner shelf, which comes up with all the instructions, screws and leveler so that the installation can be done with ease.

Why to Buy this Product:

They are easy to install as their ledges are predrilled, making it quite easy to hang them. This floating corner shelf is too easy to use, providing a good storage space and looks very elegant. These shelves are highly durable and the quality is way too good.

Key Features
  • It is made up of wood composite material.
  • It is 2 tiers with a height of 24.5 inches tall and 8 inches wide.
  • It weighs around 4.89 pounds.
  • Highly Durable.
  • Sophisticated Look
  • Designed to hold framed photos or any collectives like trophies, small show pieces.
  • They are designed in a way to guarantee for the style, quality and durability.
  • Their installation is quite easy. The holes are pre-drilled, which helps to hang them very easily.
  • They acquire Screw Covers, which hides any unnecessary hardware providing a sleek look
  • They are not made up for too heavy weight materials.

Factors to Consider When Buying Corner Shelves for Home

Let’s have a brief understanding about the Corner Shelves:

  • Purpose: Household, Business or Store. Attached to the wall, they are usually used for displaying any display items or anything like books, lamps, candles etc. Anything can be kept in the shelves, just that it’s weight should be according to the material of shelf.
  • Built: Corner shelves are usually made up of very strong materials like MDF Wood, Bamboo or Steel, which are used for holding heavy objects while for the lighter weight objects, the shelves are made up of glass or plastic. People can buy any among these depending on their requirement.
  • Dimensions: Usually the manufacturers take care of the dimension ensuring that it should be no wider than 1.4 * bracket’s width and no wider than 1.2 * bracket’s height. The screw’s length and size differ based on the material and the wall.
  • Place: Corner Shelves can be used almost everywhere, be it in home, business area, stores or anywhere where the items are being displayed, or stored or offered for a sale.


This ends up our list of the best corner floating shelves to be purchased in 2020 among all the available. We have handpicked the best ones based on our research and inputs from the customers who have purchased these corner shelves. We hope, we helped you get a clear picture of the Floating Shelve you want to buy. So. If you have made up your mind, just go for it.

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