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Have you already started putting up decorations for Christmas? We already had a look for our Christmas tree and some colorful and bright lighting.  But we also want some nice decoration for the front door, because a Christmas wreath brings a festive feeling to the people on the street outside.

As we change the Christmas tree’s decoration from time to tie, we also like to have different options for our wreath. Sometimes we are in a more colorful mode; sometimes, we prefer a classic and simplistic style. To help you find some good decorative decor, we looked at the market and the products available there.

Our list of the Top 10 Best Christmas Wreath in 2022, along with the comprehensive guideline, provides an in-depth review of what we think are great wreaths for Christmas. We also mention the factors you should consider before purchasing your ultimate pick and this review’s end.

Here You Can Choose the Best Christmas Wreath in 2022

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10. National Tree Christmas Wreath Snowy Green

National Tree Christmas Wreath Snowy Green



This beautifully decorated Christmas wreath from National Tree looks absolutely realistic. The “feel real branch tip” technology gives the wreath a natural look and feel. Decorated with artificial snow, it brings a real winter feeling to your home. 200 dual-color LED lights are dotted all over the branches. They are powered by standard batteries and come with a timer function. You can set 10 different light functions to let your Christmas wreath sparkle and shine.

With a 24 inch diameter and just 3 lbs weight, the wreath can be decorated creatively all over your home. You can put it as a centerpiece on your dinner or coffee table, place it over your fireplace or hang it at your entrance door. Grab your kids or friends and add some decoration of your own gusto to the wreath: colorful bows, small Christmas tree ball or star ornaments, tinsel, or even attach homemade Christmas cookies or gingerbread to nibble.

Key features
  • 24-inch diameter
  • 200 Dual Color LEDs
  • Natural-looking design
  • Cordless as battery powered
  • Elegant and simple
  • Has a hook at the back
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9. National Tree Christmas Wreath with Red and Silver Ornaments

National Tree Christmas Wreath with Red and Silver Ornaments



Red berries are the eye-catchers of this richly decorated Christmas wreath from National Tree. The wreath will be a great decoration at your front door or in your windows, attracting the Christmas spirit in lively colors. As the wreath comes without lights, it can be displayed outdoors or indoors. The Christmas wreath looks realistic, despite being manufactured from plastic. The artificial snow, red berries, and silver Christmas balls give it an elegantly decorated look.

With just 1.9 lbs weight, you can hang it easily from your front door, walls, or into windows. It also makes a beautiful centerpiece on your tables or mantel shelf. The materials used are fire-resistant, so your family and you can get creative and add decoration like candles, electric lights, or further small ornaments to make it your very own and special wreath.

Key features
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Decorated with silver and red ornaments
  • Fire-resistant materials
  • Made by a family-owned US business
  • Has a hook at the back for easy hanging
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8. Northlight V03944 Lush Mixed Pine Artificial Christmas Wreath

 Northlight V03944 Lush Mixed Pine Artificial Christmas Wreath


If you want to customize your own wreath and dress it up with your own style, the Northlight Lush Mixed Pine artificial wreath might be the one you need. You can go plain and simple with this green wreath and add the sparkles of any other  Christmas lights. It is up to you to add artificial berries, balls, ribbons, or garlands of your choice.

The 24-inch pine wreath is suitable for doors with a size of 36 inches. Whether you place it indoors or outdoors, it’ll definitely look great on your door. Many positive reviews from the consumers highlighting its realistic and high-quality appearance, and we have to agree. It comes in one piece with no assembly required. It also has a heavy-duty metal frame backing for quick and easy hanging!

Key features
  • 24-inch wreath with different shades of green
  • Realistic and high-quality appearance
  • Customizable; decorate with your own Christmas embellishments.
  • Easy to set up; no assembly required
  • Comes with a heavy-duty metal frame for hanging
  • Fluffy and full; easy to decorate

7. Thomas Kinkade Victorian Christmas Village Wreath by The Hamilton Collection

Thomas Kinkade Victorian Christmas Village Wreath by The Hamilton Collection


When you want to bring a whole Christmas village to your doorstep, the Thomas Kinkade Victorian Christmas Village wreath is probably one of the best ways to do it with its extensive range of elements. The wreath is fully embellished with a snowy Christmas village. The figurines are based on the holiday paintings from the renowned artist, Thomas Kinkade.

Aside from the stunning aesthetics, the wreath also delivers a warm glow from its decorative small house and tiny lanterns. 7 buildings light up and 11 welcoming lanterns that also provide subtle sparkles; it is indeed an artistic way to deliver warm lights! To make it even more special, each character and home are intricately illustrated and hand-painted.

Key features
  • Derived from the holiday paintings of Thomas Kinkade
  • Designed with hand-painted characters and homes in a village
  • Engineered with lights from the buildings and lanterns; 11 welcoming lanterns and 7 lighted buildings
  • Comes with a hook for quick and easy hanging
  • Designed with a golden ribbon, green garland, and sparkling snow
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6. Goplus Christmas Wreath with 6-Hour Timer

Goplus Christmas Wreath with 6-Hour Timer


The detailed crafted pine optic with realistic looking snow flocks gives this beautiful Christmas wreath a natural appearance. 50 “golden” LED lights let the ornament sparkle and spread a festive feeling in your home. Powered by 3 AA batteries in a hidden battery box, the cordless wreath is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It features an on/off function button plus a 6 hours timer setting for the LEDs. This means there is no need to worry about forgetting to switch off the lights.

The wreath is made of durable and non-flammable PVC. The branches are arranged around a stable metal ring, so the wreath keeps its shape even when stored away for a longer time. It is also a perfect holiday season gift for family and friends. The beautiful and simple natural design leaves you also room for getting creative by adding more decoration to bring the festive spirit into your home.

Key features
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Environment-friendly PVC
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to set up; comes with a hook at the back.
  • Luxurious design
  • Engineered with a timer for the lights
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5. Marion Winter Berry Wreath 24 Inch – Versatile Woodsy Winter Wreath

Marion Winter Berry Wreath 24 Inch - Versatile Woodsy Winter Wreath


The next wreath on our list is the Marion Winter Berry Wreath. If you want to spruce up your doorstep or porch to blend in the holiday, this wreath is a great way to do it. It isn’t your usual greenery ornament with loads of ribbons, berries, or pinecones. It’s all just red berries and a dash of greenery and twigs intricately arranged into a seemingly beautiful abstract.

The wreath showcases the weave of bushy winter greenery, natural wispy plant twigs, and a grapevine base. Whether it is for the Christmas season or want to embellish your door with an attractive ornament, this wreath will do. It is also covered with UV rated silks that make it applicable for outdoor use.

Key features
  • Designed with berries, weaves of full greenery, and wispy twigs
  • Can be displayed for the Christmas season or any season of the year
  • Covered with UV rated silks for durability; ideal for outdoor use
  • Easy to set up
  • Elegant, beautiful, and simple
  • 24 inches

4. Vickerman Cheyenne Pine Pre-lit LED Wreath

Vickerman Cheyenne Pine Pre-lit LED Wreath


If you’re all into pinecones and green garlands, the Vickerman Cheyenne Pine wreath will definitely not disappoint. It showcases the traditional green garland adorned with pinecones and tiny LED lights. These LED lights give off subtle and warm sparkles that will beautifully light up your doorstep this Christmas.

It comes in different sizes, which range from 24 to 120 inches. It’s all up to you and your door size, which wreath size you’ll pick. Whether you have average-sized and oversized doors, there is a suitable Vickerman Cheyenne wreath for you. With this high-quality wreath, you can light up and adorn your home with shimmers and a symbolical display for many Christmas holidays to come.

Key features
  • Available in many different sizes – from 24 to 120 inches
  • Suitable for oversized and average-sized doors
  • Designed with the traditional green garland and LED lights
  • Engineered with energy-efficient LED lights for added shine and sparkle
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable
  • Gives off warm and subtle sparkles

3. National Tree 24 Inch Wintry Pine Wreath with Cones, Red Berries, Snowflakes

National Tree 24 Inch Wintry Pine Wreath with Cones, Red Berries, Snowflakes


Whether for indoor and outdoor use, the National Tree Wintry Pine Wreath with Cones is one of the best picks you can take home. It showcases the traditional green garland ornamented with red berries, pinecones, and a little dash of snowflakes right on the leaves’ tips. Engineered with LED lights, it guarantees a bright and shimmering wreath display on your door!

One of the safety features of this wreath is its resistance to fire. It is durable and reliable to use this season. With a 24 inches diameter, you can put it up on your door to give your patio or doorstep a beautiful revamp. And to save energy, this lighted wreath is programmed with a timer that keeps it on at night and off during the day.

Key features
  • Engineered with a timer mode; on during the night and off during the day
  • Designed with LED lights that provide bright light
  • Has a diameter of 24 inches
  • Easy to set up
  • Fire-resistant
  • Durable and reliable to use
  • Energy-efficient
  • Designed with berries, pinecones, and snowflakes

2. Collections Etc Lighted Nativity Scene Christmas Wreath

Collections Etc Lighted Nativity Scene Christmas Wreath


The Nativity Scene Christmas Wreath from Collections Etc features the highlight of the season. It shows the famous scene with Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in the center of the wreath. The wreath, moreover, is embellished with some greenery, pinecones, berries, and sparkling lights.

3 AAA batteries power the LED lights. As the wreath lights up, it unleashes a soft and subtle glow while highlighting the nativity scene ornament in the middle. It is also wrapped up with a red ribbon lined with a golden glittery rim. You can hang it right on your door; it comes with a hook at the back.

Key features
  • Features the nativity scene – the highlight of the season
  • Easy to set up; has a hook at the back for easy hanging
  • Engineered with LED lights that are powered by 3 AAA batteries
  • Designed with pinecones, berries, greenery, and a red ribbon
  • Unique and beautiful design

1. National Tree 24 Inch Crestwood Spruce Wreath with Silver Bristles

National Tree 24 Inch Crestwood Spruce Wreath with Silver Bristles


This National Tree wreath is another great find to spruce up your Christmas decors. It has silver bristles in a Crestwood spruce wreath as main features. This 24-inch wreath is designed with branch tips, pinecones, and berries that will perfectly complement your Christmas ornaments at home. A dash of snowflakes on the tips also give off a wintry feeling that can definitely jive in the season.

This fire-resistant wreath is also embellished with LED lights that give off a bright and shimmery glow while saving more energy. It is easy to set up, and you can put it up on your door or walls, whether it is indoor or outdoor.

Key features
  • 24-inch wreath
  • Designed with branch tips adorned with pinecones, berries, and snowflakes
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with plug-in LED lights
  • Provides bright and shimmery glow
  • Can be displayed indoors or outdoors
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How to Choose the Best Christmas Wreath

  • QUALITY: If some of the Christmas Wreaths you see seem to be identical, one effective way to narrow down your choices is to check the durability and overall quality. If there are ornaments and other kinds of embellishments, make sure they are intact and not cheap pieces that will fall off.  We checked, for example, the stems and the other parts of the wreath thoroughly. Whether they are stiff or flexible, they should not easily break apart and wear out over time.
  • SIZE: These wreaths are available in different sizes. Your ideal option depends on your door’s size or another place you want the item to be displayed. Check the dimensions or diameter. Those that have 36-inch doors can go for the standard wreath size of 24 inches. For oversized doors and a more impressive setting, 36-inch wreaths would beautifully complement. Also, check if your loophole might be covered.
  • STYLE: The ideal Christmas wreath depends on your preferred theme. The typical designs and styles are green embellished with Christmas ornaments like crystal balls, LED lights, berries, and cones. But if you’re going for a white Christmas this year, you can try the white Christmas wreaths with snowflake ornaments and yellow lights. Some designs have exquisite ornaments, themes, and designs that you can choose and customize according to your preference.


Christmas is just right around the corner! Everyone’s cramming and finding the perfect decors to brighten up their homes and jive in the season. And if you’re jotting down the popular ornaments on your shopping list, you surely won’t miss Christmas wreaths. There are tons of choices you can find, but if you’re looking for the best wreath to spruce up your door, the picks listed above are some of our best options you can try.

Make sure to consider the size, theme or style, and quality of the wreath you’re buying. There are even extravagant designs, while others showcase simple yet elegant styles. And if you haven’t found the Christmas wreath for your home, our top 10 list, reviews, and comprehensive guidelines can serve as your reliable reference. Enjoy shopping and decorating!

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