Top 10 Best Chair Slipcovers in 2020 – Comprehensive Reviews

If you want to keep your chair protected and decorated, then you should consider getting the right chair slipcover. The chair slipcovers are great when it comes to protecting the chairs from dust, stains, and pets. However, not all chair slipcovers can offer this to maximum satisfaction. This calls for the need for an informed purchase of the best chair slipcovers.

These are the 10 Best Chair Slipcovers You Should Buy in 2020

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Get to more detailed reviews of each product below:

10. DyFun 2-Pieces Knit Spandex Stretch Dining Room Sofa Slipcovers

DyFun 2-Pieces Knit Spandex Stretch Dining Room Sofa Slipcovers

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By: DyFun

You can now protect your dining chairs from the spill-prone youngsters by simply getting this high-quality slipcover. 85% of it is made of the durable polyester material while the remaining part is made using spandex. It is perfect for chairs 32-47”, loveseat 57-70” and sofas measuring 72-92”.

When it comes to clean, it is super-easy hence you can keep your dining room to the highest hygienic standards.

They are made in a way that makes them easy to put on to help save you time for concentrating on other essential activities.

The different color options available also offer the variety for any user to choose from. This means that you will be able to pick the color of your choice without being compelled to go for something unappealing to you.

Key Features
  • They are available in different colors hence you have the freedom to select the color that will best pair with your dining room décor.
  • The machine washable nature means that you won’t struggle to remove stains, spills, and dirt.
  • The anti-allergic nature of the slipcover makes it perfect for people who are allergic to some fabric.

9. Maytex Pixel Stretch 1-Piece Slipcover Wing Chair

Maytex Pixel Stretch 1-Piece Slipcover Wing Chair

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By: Maytex

Taking the 9th position on our list, this is yet another slipcover that you can rely upon to protect your chair from spills, stains, and dirt when still introducing some elegance to your dining room. It comes with elastic corners hence will fit your chair.

By having been made with user satisfaction in mind, this slipcover comes with great features to ensure that the user needs are satisfactorily met. It is machine washable slipcover hence you won’t struggle with the removal of the occasional movie-night spills. The ultra quality material used in the construction of this chair slipcover makes it extremely tough and highly durable.

Key Features
  • Made with high-quality material for not only durability but also to ensure that it offers the best protection to your chair against wear and tear.
  • It is easy to put on hence you get more time to attend to other essential home activities.
  • We can clean it very easily.

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8. Chun Yi Printed Sofa Covers 1-Piece Spandex Fabric Slipcover

Chun Yi Printed Sofa Covers 1-Piece Spandex Fabric Slipcover

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By: Chun Yi

This slipcover is made of durable polyester and spandex material. The soft fabric ensures that you get the comfortable feeling while seated. Besides, though soft, it offers perfect protection to your chair against all forms of wear and tear.

For versatility, it comes with form-fitting stretch fabric to make it perfect for different chairs with different designs. This means that it can fit T-cushion sofa, leather couch, etc. If you are worried about getting the perfect color to pair with your house décor, you don’t need to; there are plenty of colors hence you can always get the color you want.

Given its non-sliding construction, you won’t have to worry about issues of sliding off the chair which is an added hassle on your part since you are forced to fix it occasionally.

Key Features
  • It cannot slide meaning that it stays just as you want it to.
  • It is a high-quality slipcover that you can rely upon to give your old sofa a new looking.
  • Reversible colors mean that you can always get a fresh look for different seasons and occasions.

7. Subrtex 2-Pieces Spandex Stretch Sofa Slipcover

Subrtex 2-Pieces Spandex Stretch Sofa Slipcover

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By: Subrtex

This slipcover boasts great versatility as it is perfect for 90% of sofas. Besides, it comes with amazing color and design that makes it perfect to be used for kitchen, bedroom, living room, office, or even a hotel.

Coming from Subrtex, it is made with the anti-mite process hence they are not only environmentally friendly but also healthy. The great protection it offers against spills, stains, wear, and tear makes it a perfect acquisition for homes with playful kids and pets.

Being machine washable takes away the hassle of hand washing which is tedious and time-consuming. Additionally, this is a great chair slipcover boasting a spandex and polyester construction for added durability.

Key Features
  • It is a stretchable fabric slipcover hence it can fit several sizes. However, it is advisable for you to measure the size of your sofa before placing an order.
  • It is a machine washable slipcover and should be washed separately with cold water.
  • It is made of polyester and spandex material for years of use.

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6. TIKAMI 2-Piece Spandex Printed Fit Stretch Sofa Slipcovers

TIKAMI 2-Piece Spandex Printed Fit Stretch Sofa Slipcovers

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By: Tikami

When you talk about style, you never get it wrong with this high-quality slipcover. It is made with a soft printed fabric that gives you a very soft touch for maximum comfort. To ensure that you get the best size for your chair, it is advisable that you measure the size of your chair.

It comes with a sewn-in elastic helm to ensure that it is slip-resistant. Hence, it does not shift or move. The lightweight nature means you have an easy time when putting it on.

It is easy to care because it can be easily cleaned. Being resistant to wrinkling and tearing, this is a great chair slipcover.

Key Features
  • The printed slipcover is available in a variety of colors to help freshen up any home décor.
  • Unlike other slipcovers that require frequent ironing, this slipcover is wrinkle-resistant means that it stays new; you can now keep your electricity bills low.
  • It is a durable slipcover to ensure that you don’t incur costs on another slipcover.

5. Sure Fit Stretch Metro 2-Piece – Chair Slipcover

Sure Fit Stretch Metro 2-Piece - Chair Slipcover

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By: Sure Fit

Coming fifth on the list, this is yet another slipcover you can trust. It comes from one of the oldest companies in the slipcover industry with a great reputation when it comes to innovation.

It features a plush material that provides a soft touch; hence you will want to relax the whole day. The fabric pattern is made in a way that though it gives a contemporary look, the feel remains traditional.

The slipcover is made of an elastic material that easily stretches to make the hard-to-fit furniture easy to cover. Besides, you no longer need time in ironing; the high-quality fabric is shrink resistant.

Key Features
  • This chair slipcover comes with a great pattern that adds beauty to your house.
  • It is machine washable and should be washed separately in cold water.
  • It is an affordable slip-cover.

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4. Chun Yi 2-Piece Jacquard Polyester Spandex Sofa Slipcover

Chun Yi 2-Piece Jacquard Polyester Spandex Sofa Slipcover

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By: Chun Yi

Chun Yi is one of the well-reputed organizations when it comes to the production of household items. This chairs slipcover is one of the highly preferred slipcovers on the market. Not only that; it is among the best-rated slipcovers. Do you know why? Well, it’s because it possesses great features not present in most chair slipcovers.

This slipcover comes with more fabric than ever and extra material that you can always tuck it to the gap between the back and the sitting cushions.

It is made to fit the sofa perfectly; hence you won’t feel it as a separate part of your sofa. Fabulous selections of colors are available to ensure that you get the best cover that will match your style.

Key Features
  • It comes with a highly elastic and thicker fabric to help protect your chair from dust, dirt, spills, and stains.
  • It does not shift or move hence it stays in the perfect position you want it to.

3. Chun Yi Jacquard Sofa Covers

Chun Yi Jacquard Sofa Covers

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By: Chun Yi

It doesn’t matter how old your sofa is; you can always introduce the new look by getting this high-quality slipcover. Also coming from Chun Yi, this slipcover can be relied upon to offer perfect protection to help keep your chair in the best condition.

85% of the material is made with high-quality fabric while the remaining 15% is spandex. This soft fabric provides you with great comfort hence you will always want to spend more time on the sofa.

Though you cannot wash the sofa, you can easily wash this slipcover to keep your house looking neat and clean.

Key Features
  • Though it comes with a thicker fabric, it only weighs 1.9 pounds.
  • It is a highly durable chair slipcover.

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2. Kaariss Dining Chair Slipcover

Kaariss Dining Chair Slipcover

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By: Kaariss

If you are looking for a perfect slipcover for your dining chair, then, getting this slipcover should be helpful. For comfort, it is made with a soft material to ensure that you enjoy your meal to the fullest. Not only that; the fabric is wrinkle-resistant hence you won’t need to iron even after washing. Besides, having been made with versatility in mind, it can also be used for hotels, wedding banquet, celebration, ceremony, etc.

We all know that hygiene should be taken seriously in the dining room. To ensure high levels of cleanliness, this slipcover is easy to clean and can be cleaned using a machine.

Key Features
  • This chair slipcover can be used with chairs with different styles.
  • The sewn-in elastic hem ensures that the slipcover resists shifts and movement.
  • It does not only bring comfort to the dining room but also decoration.

1. Weshine Chair Slipcovers

Weshine Chair Slipcovers

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By: Weshine

Based on research and user experiences, this is the best chair slipcover on the market. For this reason, it is the highest rated chair slipcover in 2020. It comes with user-friendly features that ensure that the customers’ needs are not only met but also surpassed. Having been made with high-quality fabric, it has the unparalleled durability to serve for years.

The fact that it is machine washable means that it helps you to create a clean foundation that complements your home décor. Unlike other slipcovers, it comes with breathable material. Besides, the moderate soft material helps to provide a comfortable feel when keeping you fixed in your sitting position.

Key Features
  • This is a high-quality fabric that is made to provide the best services for years.
  • The design suits the four seasons hence you won’t incur a cost every season.
  • It provides an amazing look at furniture.

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Factors To Consider When Buying A Chair Slipcover – Buyer’s Guides

Before buying a slipcover for your chair, there are some things that you must have in mind to ensure that you get the perfect one that fully satisfies your needs.

  • The Size: This is an essential factor you need to consider. Here, you look at the size of the chair to determine the right size for that size. The size needs to be adequate for the chair if at all you need to have perfect results.
  • The Design: Chairs play a significant part when it comes to decoration. Therefore, you should consider the best design that you think will bring the kind of decoration you want in your house.
  • The color: Ensure that you go for the color that will easily pair with the color of the chair. This will help to ensure that the slipcover does not look like a separate part of the sofa.
  • Durability: This is determined by the type of material. Consider going for chair slipcovers made with high-quality materials.


Whether a sofa or a dining chair, you can always ensure that it remains new regardless of how old it is or the feel. How? It’s simple; chair slipcovers are perfect for that purpose.

They are made to not only protect the chairs against all kinds of dirt and wear and tear but also to add decoration to your home. However, not all slipcovers can offer a combination of all these. For this reason, we would recommend you to go through this list and pick the best one that suits you. They are the best chair slipcovers on the market.

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