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Ceramic Christmas Tree

Christmas time is coming soon, and you surely start already to plan how to spend the festive holidays with your loved ones. Family and friends will visit each other to spend time chatting, dining, and exchanging gifts like ceramic Christmas trees. Of course, we want to set the mood and atmosphere right to enjoy these important days with our people closest. Food and drinks are one part, but we all want to decorate our homes as pretty as a picture to have the right spirit of Christmas coming to our houses.

Ceramic Christmas trees are beautiful decorative items fitting even in small places. They are also perfect as a centerpiece on your dinner table as they are not taking up much space and come in exquisite designs for every taste. The ceramic stands and tree bodies make them stable and safe to place them even on a loaded table. The ceramic is easy to clean, and the high quality of these mostly hand-crafted and hand-painted Christmas trees keep them looking brand new year after year.

Different sizes and designs are one thing, but we also tested different power options: some are battery operated ornaments, and some receive electricity via a power cord. Safety and high-quality materials are what we paid most attention to, followed by design. In the end, we all want to display the perfect Christmas tree. Our following selection will show you the most recommended products to make your Christmas holidays decoration perfect.

Top 10 Best Ceramic Christmas Trees in 2022 Reviews

10. HIGERH Ceramic Christmas Tree with Multicolor Light Bulbs

HIGERH Ceramic Christmas Tree with Multicolor Light Bulbs


A beautiful piece of festive decoration is this hand-painted ceramic Christmas tree. This centerpiece will be the eye-catcher on your dining table during a festive dinner. With the compact size, the ceramic Christmas ornament can also be decorated in your living room, sleeping room, or on your work desk in your office. With dimensions of only 15 x 7.9 inches, it does not take up much space.

Senior craftsmen with an eye for details have perfected the beautiful looks of this ornament. 50 multi-color light bulbs create a festive mood. All it takes are 3 AA batteries to illuminate the tree. The ceramic Christmas tree is crowned by a 7 point star on its treetop for the perfect look.

  • Hand Painted Ceramic Christmas ornament.
  • Compact size.
  • 50 multicolor light bulbs.
  • Fits on your dining table.
  • Treetop stars are available in only 1 color option.

9. Creative Hobbies Ready to Paint Ceramic Christmas Tree

Creative Hobbies Ready to Paint Ceramic Christmas Tree


A great idea for the festive season is to create your own and individually designed ceramic Christmas tree. This will also be a beautiful gift for your loved ones, as this Christmas ornament is designed by you especially for them. It is a gift coming truly from your heart. Everybody can buy a readymade decoration, but yours will simply stand out and be the eye catcher on the table.

The Creative Hobbies ceramic Christmas tree comes with a plain white body, so you can follow your own ideas on how to design it. The body is made from white Cone 04 low-fire. You can paint it either with acrylic paints or with ceramic glazes. The ceramic tree can be glazed and fired up to cone 06. We assure you that you will have lots of fun creating your own Christmas tree.

  • Design your own ceramic Christmas tree.
  • Includes 1 main light bulb, colorful plastic tree lights, 1 treetop star.
  • Electric cord included.
  • Ceramic painting booklet included.
  • Painting colors are not included.

8. Sunlit Cordless Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree

Sunlit Cordless Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree


Your festive decoration will be upgraded with this charming little vintage ceramic Christmas tree from Sunlit. With its compact size, you can place it even on a small shelf to bring a warm Christmas feeling into your home. The cordless operation lets you put the ornament wherever you like it most without needing to worry about a power socket. 2 AA batteries lit up the tree.

Energy efficient LED lights let your Christmas tree shine brighter than regular bulbs. They also do not generate heat. Just do not forget to switch off the ornament when leaving the room to avoid your batteries going empty too fast. The set includes the ceramic Christmas tree, the batteries, and 3 extra plastic bulbs to replace a broken light.

  • Compact size 7 x 13 inch.
  • Operates with 3 AA batteries.
  • Extra light bulbs.
  • Removable star topper.
  • No optional color choices are available.

7. Milltown Merchants Nostalgic Ceramic Christmas Tree

Milltown Merchants Nostalgic Ceramic Christmas Tree


A wonderful festive decoration is this ceramic Christmas tree from Milltown Merchands in a nostalgic and classic design. The ornament looks remind of the good old days, bringing back memories of your family gatherings in the Christmas season when you were young. This ceramic tree is available in 3 sizes; you can choose the best fitting option for your home.

The nostalgic Christmas tree comes in classic green color with a high gloss finish and with multicolored lights for a vintage look. A 5 point star on the treetop completes the festive decoration. The plug-in light cord lets you place the Christmas tree on your dining table, work desk, fireplace, or kitchen counter. Just plug it in, and the strong light bulb will illuminate the small plastic lights for your perfect Christmas feeling.

  • Operates with 1 main lightbulb.
  • 5 inch plug-in light cord included.
  • Vintage look.
  • 3 sizes available.
  • Replacement color bulbs are not included.

6. Collections Etc Christmas Tree Night Light

Collections Etc Christmas Tree Night Light


If you only have limited space at your home, or you travel during the festive days, but you do not want to miss your own little Christmas tree, then this product is absolutely right for you: the Collections Etc classic festive Christmas tree light. Simply plug the tiny tree into any power socket. The on/off switch controls the 5W lights.

The tree includes 18 colorful bulbs to create a festive mood in even the tiniest space. The measurements are just 3 3/4″L x 2 1/2″H x 6″H. This means you can bring it along simply anywhere to celebrate Christmas without missing your own tree. Our kids loved this product, especially since it also doubles as a cute night light.

  • Ideal for traveling.
  • Only 6 inches high.
  • On-off switch.
  • 60 days of the return policy.
  • No free-standing must be plugged directly into a power socket.

5. Binoster Black Halloween Ceramic Tree 12.5 Inch

Binoster Black Halloween Ceramic Tree 12.5 Inch


Why not start the festive season a bit earlier and celebrate Halloween already with a unique and funny ceramic tree? This uniquely designed ceramic tree brings you the real Halloween feeling on your table. The black tree with orange and purple lights and the funny pumpkin head on top will also please the spirits and ghosts of this ancient Celtic harvest festival.

If you happen to have a spare Christmas star for the treetop, you can replace the pumpkin head easily. But as pumpkin soup is also a delicious winter dish at Christmas, the ceramic tree with the pumpkin head can celebrate an extended season with you well until beyond Christmas. Just dare to be a bit different than others.

  • Hand crafted and hand painted.
  • Operated with 3 AA batteries.
  • Includes 3 replacement bulbs.
  • Makes also a perfect gift.
  • The tree body is available only in black color.

4. Mr. Christmas Nostalgic Ceramic Christmas Tree

Mr. Christmas Nostalgic Ceramic Christmas Tree


Children will love this colorful illuminated ceramic Christmas tree from Mr. Christmas. Coming on a solid ceramic base foot, the tree body itself is crafted with attention to details. A two-toned green finish gives a natural look. While the design is vintage style, the LED bulbs are an energy-efficient new technology. Just switch the little tree on and off as needed. The AC adapter with a power cord is already included.

A special feature of the ceramic tree is the illuminated star on the treetop. A total height of 18 inches makes the Christmas tree compact enough to find its place on your dinner table, fireplace ledge, or even your work desk. The spirit of Christmas will be with you, even in small spaces.

  • Hand-painted finish.
  • Led lighting and illuminated star.
  • AC adapter included.
  • Compact size.
  • The bulbs and the star are not replaceable.

3. ReLIVE Ceramic Christmas Tree, 16 Inch

ReLIVE Ceramic Christmas Tree, 16 Inch


16 inch tall stands this nostalgic ceramic Christmas tree. But that does not mean that it is not compact enough to brighten up your Christmas table and spread a festive atmosphere during your holiday dinners. The ornament is a beautiful decoration on your fireplace rim or a side table in your living room too. The multicolored lights and the star on top light up from 2 centred bulbs.

This vintage ceramic Christmas will bring everyone into the right festive mood. It is a real pleasure to enjoy the colorful lights in your cozy home while taking in the Christmas atmosphere with your loved ones. Share stories from the past festivals and laugh and cheer with your family and friends.

  • 16 inch tall.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Non removable translucent multi-colored bulbs.
  • Lightens up with regular light bulbs.
  • Needs a power socket close by.

2. Goplus Hand-Painted Ceramic Christmas Tree

Goplus Hand-Painted Ceramic Christmas Tree


66 colorful decorative light bulbs and a 7 pointed star topper bring a festive atmosphere to your home. The Goplus ceramic Christmas tree operates with batteries and needs no assembling. We liked that the hand painted ceramic surface is heat resistant and withstands daily cleaning without fading. This beautiful ornament is an eye catcher, no matter where it is decorated. Its compact size makes it fit perfectly in your office to bring a festive mood to your team. But even at your home, the ceramic tree fits into small places thanks to the cordless design. And why not bring it into the classroom of your kids to let the spirit of Christmas spread there too? The smooth surface provides a safe stand also on a school desk.

  • Heatproof and wear-resistant ceramic.
  • Battery powered.
  • Hand painted.
  • No assembling required.
  • Bulbs not replaceable.

1. Best Choice Ceramic Christmas Tree

Best Choice Ceramic Christmas Tree


Classic and timeless is the hand-painted ceramic Christmas tree of Best Choice Products. It comes at a very attractive price, making it an excellent value for money ornament. But that does not mean it compromises on quality. The 64 multicolored bulbs are illuminated by a center bulb inside the tree’s body. The large crystal-clear-colored 7-pointed star on the treetop catches every eye no matter where you place the ceramic tree.

A long enough power cord allows you to place the ceramic tree on any countertop, table, desk, or your fireplace mantle. This makes the little tree also a perfect decoration in your shop or the classroom of your kids. Simply use the on/off switch to let the lights shine and to get into the Christmas mood.

  • Hand-painted ceramic tree.
  • Built-in 5-foot power cord.
  • 64 multicolored lights.
  • The lightbulb inside can be changed easily.
  • Plastic parts inside can overheat if the wattage of the light bulb is too high.


Setting the right atmosphere for Christmas should not be a task to overwhelm you. If you have limited space for decoration or look for an ornament not obstructing your dinner table, then our selected ceramic Christmas trees will provide you with a good overview of the best quality options available at good value for money. We have tested these trees and collected family and friends’ opinions, and all choices got a thumbs up.

As these ornaments are operated with electricity, safety is as usual an important point to pay attention to. No matter if running on batteries or with a power cord, the quality of the materials must be high to prevent overheating and melting parts, or being exposed to electricity. The decision if you prefer battery powered ceramic Christmas trees or those options with a power cord might depend on the place you would like to put the ornament on. On a dinner table or rim of your fireplace, such trees operated with batteries have a clear advantage. Placed on a shelf or side table a power cord operated option can be the preferred choice. It also saves you the hassle of needing to keep a supply of replacement batteries at hand.

As these Christmas trees also make a great gift, why not opt for a “plain” ceramic tree you can decorate yourself. Nothing can be more personal than a self-designed and self-painted gift. Your loved ones will surely appreciate the dedication put into such a special Christmas tree. And your kids will enjoy their own self-painted Christmas decorations a lot too.

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