Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Car Vacuum Cleaners

Vehicles require thorough cleaning every now and then. When you’ve got crumbs, dirt, dust, and particles everywhere, a few brushing and sweeping might not be enough. And to keep your vehicle spotless clean, a portable car vacuum cleaner will do the trick.

These compact vacuum cleaners are innovatively engineered with great suction power, whether cordless or corded, to suck up every bit of dirt, pet hair, and dust in your car. To sneak in between those tiny spaces in your car seat, on the mat or under the seat, car vacuum cleaners usually come with multiple attachments or nozzles to make cleaning a breeze. They are portable and lightweight, making them much easier to carry around for quick cleanups!

If you’re planning to tidy up your car but still can’t find the perfect vacuum cleaner, we’ve come up with a roundup of the Top 10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in 2022 Reviews and an in-depth buying guide to help you find the worthwhile purchase.

These are the 10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners of 2022 on sales now

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Read details about each product below:

10. Baronage Car Vacuum Cleaner


If you need a corded car vacuum cleaner with a decent cord length, this unit from Baronage might just be the one you need. Baronage Car Vacuum Cleaner comes with a 16.4-foot power cord which is long enough to utilize the vacuum cleaner and maneuver it inside the car. It also delivers excellent power suction that can clean up all kinds of dirt, dust, pet hair, and other particles in your car interior. It can suck up messy spills and liquid, too!

What’s also great about this cleaner is the HEPA filter which ensures clean and unpolluted air as it traps the dust, dirt, allergens, and other allergy-induced pollutants, preventing them to be expelled back into the air. To get through each and every corner of your car interior, it also comes with multiple accessories such as brush tool, crevice tool, and extended tube.

Key Features
  • 4-foot power cord
  • Great suction power for efficient cleaning
  • Sucks up dirt, dust, pet hair, crumbs, particles, and liquid
  • Features HEPA filter that prevents allergy-induced pollutants from being released
  • Includes multiple attachments for ease of use and thorough cleaning

9. XDesign Car Vacuum Cleaner

XDesign Car Vacuum Cleaner


For a hands-free disposal, the XDesign cleaner is innovatively designed with a dust cup where all the dust and dirt are carried into. With just one click, you can dispose of all the dirt easily and quickly on the trash bin. Crafted with HEPA stainless steel filter, it traps every bit of dirt and dust inside, keeping the air clean while you’re tidying the car. It is also washable.

This product is compact and lightweight, which is a great cleaning buddy to carry around while cleaning the corners of the car and to bring even when you travel. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold as well. With the great selection of nozzles, it can sneak into crannies and nooks to suck up small particles, dirt, and dust. The built-in LED light makes cleaning a breeze, too!

Key Features
  • Bagless; has dust cup for easy disposal
  • Stainless steel washable HEPA filter
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes with nozzles to suck up small particles, dirt, and dust in tight spaces
  • Built-in LED light
  • Provides powerful suction for quick cleanups

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8. Armor All Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Armor All Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner


When it comes to versatility, this Armor All vacuum cleaner has it all worked out. It works as a car vacuum cleaner and a blower or a dryer as well. Designed with large capacity and ample suction power, it can clean up both solids and liquids. So if you have messy spills or tiny crumbs in your vehicle, this cleaner will do the job.

Another highlight of this vacuum cleaner is the convenient size which is large enough to accomplish a lot of jobs, making cleaning done in no time. It also includes multiple nozzles that you can use for detailed cleaning such as blower nozzles, brush, crevice tool, 2-in-1 utility tool, and deluxe car nozzle. And to prevent overflow and when it reaches the capacity limit, it features an automatic shut-off.

Key Features
  • Works as a vacuum cleaner and a blower
  • Large capacity but comes in a convenient size
  • Easy to use and light to carry around
  • Sucks up both wet and dry mess
  • Comes with multiple nozzles for thorough cleaning

7. HOTOR Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner with LED Light

HOTOR Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner with LED Light


If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that can do cleaning jobs both on wet and dry clutter, this one from Hotor is worth a try. Engineered with powerful suction, it does a great job tidying up your car from messy spills to stubborn dirt and dust. With 3 attachments included, it provides efficient cleaning.

If you have pets and animal fur and hair has been your problem, this will also do the job. It is corded and provides extended cord length, allowing you to move freely for quick touch-ups. As you get rid of all the dirt and liquids, everything goes into a dustbin that’s easy to empty and clean. The HEPA filter is also washable and makes cleaning easy-peasy and free from allergy-induced pollutants.

Key Features
  • Works on wet and dry clutter
  • Great suction power for efficient cleaning
  • Sucks up dirt, dust, and pet hair
  • Includes attachments for thorough cleaning
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Easy-to-empty dust cup
  • Extended cord length

6. ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum

ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum


If you need to get rid of dirt, dust, and spills in every corner of your car interior, ThisWorx vacuum cleaner renders an exceptional performance. With its optimum suction power, it sucks up all kinds of clutter both liquids and solids. They are all carried out to a clear container that allows you to check when it’s all filled up. It’s detachable and easy to clean.

Designed with a 16-foot power cord and an elastic hose, you can get into every spot in your car and clear all the clutter easily. As it is compact and lightweight, you can easily maneuver it across the mat or car seats. You can also use the nozzles – crevice tool, brush, and elastic hose –  to comply with all your cleaning demands.

Key Features
  • Works great on liquids and solids
  • Sucks up dirt, dust, messy spills, and pet hair
  • Compact and light to carry
  • Comes with 16-foot power cord for portability and maneuverability
  • Has 3 attachments for multiple cleaning purposes
  • Easy-to-empty and washable clear dirt container

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5. HOTOR Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power

HOTOR Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power


If you struggle to clean in low-lighted or shadowed areas, this Hotor vacuum cleaners have got something you can make use of: an LED light. It illuminates every dirt and dust that are difficult to see and allows you to do quick cleanups in no time. Along with the HEPA filter, the powerful suction provides efficient cleaning without releasing the dirt back in the air. The filter is stainless steel and washable.

For a hassle-free disposal, this unit is crafted with clear dust container that’s easy to empty. You’d also be able to monitor how much dirt you’ve collected. Once filled up, you can detach the container and wash it off. The attachments included also help you get the most dirt out of your car.

Key Features
  • Optimum suction power that delivers excellent cleaning performance
  • Easy-to-empty and detachable clear dust container
  • Stainless steel washable HEPA filter
  • Built-in LED light
  • Comes with multiple attachments for efficient cleaning
  • Compact and lightweight

4. MEG Handheld Rechargeable Cordless Car Vacuum

MEG Handheld Car Vacuum Cordless, Rechargeable


If you’ve been struggling with power cords, a cordless car vacuum cleaner is probably what you need. This wonder from Meg is cordless that promotes portability and ease of use. It allows you to go from one area to another, leaving your car spotlessly clean and free from stubborn dust and dirt. It delivers strong suction power that clears out the clutter efficiently.

This cordless car vacuum comes with a rechargeable battery. And when the power runs out, you can just recharge it through an adapter in your car. Great for traveling or when you just want to keep a handy vacuum cleaner in your car at all times. When it’s all set, you can use it both on liquids and solids, allowing you to clean every area in your car effortlessly. The filter is also washable. And to dispose of the dirt, the dust cup is detachable and very easy to empty.

Key Features
  • Cordless
  • Incredibly lightweight and compact
  • Rechargeable
  • Washable filter
  • Can work on liquids and solids
  • Sucks up dirt and dust efficiently
  • Detachable easy-to-empty dust container

3. Raniaco Innovational Lightweight Car Vacuum Cleaner 3300

Raniaco Innovational Lightweight Car Vacuum Cleaner 3300


The handle and the overall structure of this vacuum cleaner are probably what makes it stand out. It is innovatively designed with an ergonomic handle that allows you to hover and maneuver over your car interiors for quick and efficient cleaning. It is incredibly lightweight and compact. But the strong suction power from its tiny body helps you optimize your cleaning routine.

It is crafted with a non-woven fabric filter that prevents clogging. It is also easy to clean where you can just wash it after every use. And for a detailed cleaning, it comes with 6 attachments that you can use to clean up every bit of dirt on your car seat, carpets, floor mats, and even between those tight spaces and crannies in your car interior.

Key Features
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ergonomic design and overall structure for easy cleaning
  • Powerful suction for efficient cleaning
  • Uses non-woven fabric filter that prevents clogging
  • Comes with 6 attachments for detailed cleanups

2. HOTOR Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner

HOTOR Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner


For a fast and hassle-free cleaning that works on stubborn dirt, this 5th Gen car vacuum cleaner from Hotor offers optimum suction power that eliminates rubbish at lightning speed. The stainless steel HEPA filter also does a great job in taking all the dirt while preventing them from being expelled back into the air.

Streamlined with innovative detachable nozzle head, disposal of dirt and dust is no trouble. And because it works swiftly and efficiently, it minimizes cleaning effort, allowing you to save time and energy. Although it is quick, it deeply cleans every nook in your car, especially with the help of the nozzle attachments. The LED light also lights up the area and lets you collect all the dirt even in the dark.

Key Features
  • Fast and easy cleaning
  • Provides powerful suction that sucks up dirt, dust, pet hair
  • Has stainless steel HEPA filter
  • Detachable nozzle head for easy disposal
  • Has built-in LED light

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1. BLACK+DECKER HHVI315JO42 Dustbuster Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum

BLACK+DECKER HHVI315JO42 Dustbuster Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum


Besides its trustworthy brand, Black+Decker ensures exceptional cleaning power that makes tidying up your car a lot easier. Engineered with lithium-ion technology, it boosts its performance, delivering great suction power that can suck up dirt, dust, pet hair, and other particles. Designed with a wide mouth, it can also clear up large particles, leaving your car spic and span.

The dust container is clear, washable, and provides the large capacity to collect as much dirt as possible. Engineered with a cyclonic action, it renders strong suction that helps you clean up with minimal labor. It also keeps the filter clean at all times. Probably the highlight of this vacuum cleaner is the portability; it is cordless and allows you to move from one spot to another.

Key Features
  • Cordless
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ergonomic handle for easy use
  • Lithium-ion technology for excellent suction power
  • Sucks up dirt, dust, pet hair, large and small particles
  • Great bowl capacity; easy-to-empty and washable dust cup

A Buying Guide for the Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • SUCTION POWER: Whether it is corded or cordless, a car vacuum cleaner should be able to deliver a powerful suction that can suck up all the dirt, dust, and other particles even with just one pass. Every brand has its respective technology that boosts the suction power which makes cleaning a whole lot easier and faster. As this saves time and effort, you can get all the cleaning done in no time.
  • FILTRATION SYSTEM: The filtration is an integral part of a vacuum cleaner as it prevents dust, dirt, hair, and allergens to be spewed out back into the air and also reassures clean and purified air and therefore, averts any potential triggers of allergies and asthma. Many units use HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filtration system which traps all the dust, dirt, particles, and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner, preventing them from contaminating the air. This makes the vacuum cleaner safe to use for allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • ATTACHMENTS or NOZZLES: The wide mouth is great for sucking up tons of amount of dirt and dust. But if you need to sneak into tight spaces and other areas that are difficult to reach, especially if you need to tidy up those tiny crumbs or small particles in the spaces between the car seats, multiple attachments or different types of nozzles would be a big help. Most car vacuum cleaners have these attachments included: crevice tool, wand, brush tool, push-in brush and a lot more. They are very convenient to use, particularly if you need to conduct efficient deep cleaning.
  • TYPE OF VACUUM CLEANER: When it comes to the powerful suction, it depends on the power source and the technology. Many vacuum cleaners are cordless and source out power from a lithium-ion battery. With such a design, they have a major advantage in terms of portability. You can take them anywhere and even when you travel. But since they solely rely on batteries, they need recharging now and then and at times, may die out while you’re cleaning. Corded vacuum cleaners, moreover, provide continuous power, leaving you uninterrupted when tidying up your vehicle. The powerful suction saves a lot of time, making cleaning done in no time. However, power cords may limit your movement. These corded car vacuum cleaners are usually powered up through the cigarette lighter outlet in the vehicle. Some units also power up through electric outlets. Nonetheless, both types of vacuum cleaners, corded and cordless, offer exceptional performance that can get the cleaning work done in no time.
  • EASE OF USE: You can save a lot of time, energy, and effort when the vacuum cleaner makes cleaning easy-peasy with its ergonomic structure and powerful suction. Many units are crafted with wide mouth or nozzle to make sure you get the most dirt out of your vehicle, particularly mats and car seats. It would also be a lot easier with an ergonomic handle that allows you to carry it around with ease. If you need it to be portable and compact, the vacuum cleaner should also be lightweight, so you can carry it around without straining your arms and shoulders. Some units also feature LED lights which can make your cleaning work much easier, particularly when you need to light up dust and dirt that are hard to see or if you need to do some quick cleaning in the dark or in low-lighted areas.


For efficient and quick cleaning, backing yourself up with a car vacuum cleaner would surely come in handy. Investing in one of these portable cleaning machines can save you from expensive maintenance, repairs, and embedded dirt that would be a headache to get rid of eventually.

But with all the overwhelming options available and the trustworthy brands that offer a vast lineup of car vacuum cleaners, we’ve compiled the 10 best picks that showcase powerful suction, durability, portability, ergonomic structure, and excellent performance. Plus, the detailed buying guide will walk you through the vital factors to consider before making a purchase. I hope this helps!

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