Best Burton Snowboard Boots for Men in 2023 – Complete Buying Guide

The charms of snowboarding are hard to resist and it is for everyone to enjoy. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to be a pro. By only equipping yourself with the best snowboarding equipment and having the ability to balance a snowboard, you can enjoy the thrill that comes from skiing. For this reason, you shouldn’t hesitate to join the fun when the weather allows. When it comes to snowboarding equipment, the snowboard boots are some of the most crucial items that you should not miss.

However, Burton is a company that takes this seriously. Perhaps this is why Burton snowboard boots for men have major detailing in them. While we have various brands and models on the market, the Burton brand stood out. This brand has not only been on the market for long, but it is also popular for making the best models. Over time, it has been in this business, and it has managed to produce a long list of snowboard boots.

One thing about the Burton snowboard boots for men is that there are so many. In fact, it may almost be impossible to select which ones to pick. Here is where we come in. Watch as we let you guide you through the Burton Snowboard Boots for men.

Factors to consider when purchasing a Burton Snowboard Boot

Whether you are starting snowboarding or you are a professional, but you would want to replace your old model, then you need to make sure that you get the best model. With so many boots out there, it is easy to get confused about the best model. To help you in making an informed decision, please look at the following factors to consider. These tips will help you find a model that suits your needs best.

  • Fit: As with any other boot, you should ensure that the snowboard boots offer a comfortable secure, and snug fit. However, you should ensure that the boots are not too snug that your feet become sore. Remember that new boots have a tight fit, but they will mold to your feet after a few times of use. Additionally, don’t choose a model that is too big as they tend to wear out fast and feel uncomfortable.
  • Riding Style: Another feature to consider is your riding style. Whether you are an all-mountain snowboarder, free-ride border, or would like more speed, you should go for models that are responsive to your needs.
  • Construction materials: Additionally, you should ensure that you have selected boots that are made of high-quality materials. Besides ensuring that the upper is made of sturdy materials, you should also ensure that the outsole offers decent traction. Also, ensure that the boots come with a warm and well-padded interior.
  • Lacing System: The Burton snowboard boots have various lacing system. Here you will have to choose between the boa, traditional, and quick pull lacing system. Although each of these systems works perfectly, each has its benefits and disadvantages. For this reason, you should ensure that you go for the model that offers you the best experience depending on your needs.

Our experts have sifted through the internet to collect Burton boots facts and carefully assessed the customer reviews. Keeping the results in mind, we have compiled the Burton snowboard boots reviews. Stick till the end so that you can know the best ones.

Top 10 Best Burton Snowboard Boots for Men in 2023

Today we are going to look at the best Burton Snowboard boots on the market. Besides reviewing the best models, we are also going to guide you on the vital elements and things that you should consider before making your choice. We hope by the end of the article, you will find a model that will work best for you.

Here is a list of our top 10 picks for the best Burton Snowboard Boots for Men of 2023:

Read the detailed reviews of each product at the following:

10. Burton Swath BOA Snowboard Boots

Burton Swath BOA Snowboard Boots


The Burton Swath BOA Snowboard boots are a great fit for men. One of the best things about these boots is that they come in plenty of different sizes that suit all kinds of feet. Of course, the internal gusset is snow proof. But one reason why we thought that this product is worth the money is the comfort.

Since many snowboard boots lack in comfort, this was a refreshing surprise by these ones. Another great feature that pulled us towards these boots is that they actually come in two colors. That is not a lot, but more than what most people offer.

One of the best features in these boots is the Grip LITE backstay system. These allow the boots to not slip off internally. Boa type lacing system is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to wear these boots. Additionally, these boots are very light in weight.

  • Lightweight boots
  • BOA system of lacing
  • Grip LITE backstay allows a better fit
  • Ultra weave shell material
  • Hard tongue
  • Size selection is tough

9. Burton Men’s Moto Snowboard boots

Burton Men’s Moto Snowboard boots


One of the best things that we thought is that Burton Men’s Moto Snowboard boots have a Shrinkage Footprint Reduction technology. In this, you buy the size you wear regularly, but the boot size adapts to that. The Soft flex tongue makes the boot comfortable as well.

The speed lacing fit is also one of the reasons why we think it is great to have these snowboard boots. This makes the boots easy to handle. Finally, there are endless sizes to these boots which everyone can use for.

One of the best features in the Moto Snowboard boots is that they are one-liner. They offer a single layer of additional comfort. The soft tongue adds to the comfort too. The flex of the shoe is great for beginners on the snowboard as well.

  • Soft flex and tongue
  • Easy size deduction
  • Sleeping bag reflective foil
  • Speed lacing
  • Easy to wear out
  • Sole uncomfortable

8. Burton Invader Snowboard Boots

Burton Invader Snowboard Boots


One of the best things about these snowboard boots is that they have an internal gusset, which is snow proof. Since most of them do not have this feature, they usually wear out internally faster than externally. Additionally, the show is softer, including the tongue. This feature allows the user to easily break in the shows and be more mobile in the shoes.

There is also a great footprint reduction technology which we love. It really helps you go green and preserve the earth from global warming. Finally, the footbed is a great sole with a perfect grip, which makes them one of the best Burton Snowboard Boots for men.

One of the best features is the footprint reduction technology. This feature allows less release of Carbon dioxide with every step. This feature helps in making it friendlier to the environment. Additionally, an internal and external snow proof feature makes it more long-lasting.

  • Soft Flex and tongue
  • The internal gusset is snow proof
  • Less release of carbon dioxide
  • Footbed great for beginner traction
  • Very cumbersome laces to tie
  • Not a wide color selection

7. Burton Photon BOA Snowboard Boots

Burton Photon BOA Snowboard Boots


The Burton Photon BOA snowboard boots are another collection by Burton that left an impression on us. The Boa style laces are a great way to ensure that adjustment of these boots anywhere, even with gloves on. One of the best things about these boots is the sole.

The midsole is optimized for better comfort and support. The outsole is rubber and footprint reduction, which makes it environmentally friendly. The sleeping bag reflective foil allows the heat to accumulate inside the boot, allowing better warmth and comfort.

One of the best features in these boots is the sleeping bag reflective foil. This feature allows the warmth to stay inside the boot to help you be as warm as possible. However, even with the cushioning, the boot remains lightweight and gives easy mobility. Overall, these really are one of the best Burton Snowboard Boots for Men.

  • Lightweight shoes
  • The warmth stays inside the boot
  • BOA laces allow easy lacing
  • Supportive midsole
  • Lesser shoe sizes
  • Easy to wear out because of very soft flex

6. Burton Ruler Snowboard Boots

Burton Ruler Snowboard Boots


The Burton Ruler Snowboard Boots come in a military green color, which is a nice change in color from the regular ones. One of the best things about these boots is the regulation and comfort.

The 3M Thinsulate Insulation is an exclusive way to keep the boot warm. The internal gusset keeps the lower part of the show entirely covered. This feature allows the boot to remain dry and comfortable.

There are plenty of great features in these boots. However, the best one is the detailing in the insulation of these boots. Man Fur is also a great addition to these boots. The tongue construction is of dual-density. This feature allows better rebound and durable boot.

  • The boot has several features to make it warm
  • Internal gusset keeps the boot covered and dry
  • Speed zone lacing
  • Refreshing different color
  • There is not much support on the sole
  • The terrain traction is not great

5. Burton Ruler BOA Snowboard Boots

Burton Ruler BOA Snowboard Boots


We love the Burton BOA snowboard boots because of many reasons. They certainly are one of the best Burton Snowboard Boots for men.  Yet the one reason that stood out for us were the laces. The laces are so easy to use even when there are gloves on. Additionally, there are a couple of different colors that make it better as a choice.

Another reason why we love these boots is because of the optimized midsole. The cushioning is Gel. This makes the shoes supportive and helps bouncing back easily. The comfort and support are for everyone. These shoes come in several different sizes to make them suitable for everyone.

These Burton Rule snowboard boots make for a great pair of boots. Flex is medium, which is why it does not wear out too soon. The cushioning is a B3 Gel. These gel cushions help in ensuring maximum support and minimum toe-drag.

  • ­Gel cushioning
  • Easy Lacing system
  • Optimized midsole
  • Several sizes and colors
  • Not much terrain
  • No foot reduction technology

4. Burton Ion Snowboard Boots

Burton Ion Snowboard Boots


The Burton Ion Snowboard instantly won our hearts when we tried them on. It comes in two colors and several different sizes. One of the reasons why it won our hearts is because of total comfort. The soft flex allows instant break-in in the shoes.

Additionally, dual-density EVA helped us keep our foot in a natural position. Ion Boa allows a better outsole design and more control on your feet. The stiff support helps in keeping the foot in place as well.

The Burton Ion boots have wicking property – the Dryride. This lining helps in wicking away the moisture. Additionally, the Heat Cycle lining helps radiate body heat and keep it in the boots. The life liner ensures comfort along with keeping the boot lightweight.

  • Dryride wicking moisture
  • Dual-density EVA for comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Heat cycle heat radiation
  • Difficult laces
  • Not snow proof inside

3. Burton Moto Boa Snowboard Boot

Burton Moto Boa Snowboard Boot


The Burton Moto comes in several different colors and sizes, which suits everyone. This is one of the reasons why we love these boots. The Boa fit system of lacing helps in easily tightening or loosening the boots.

There is a coiler to help with this, so you may do it with gloves on as well. Moreover, the laces are not metal. However, they are still strong.  Natural fiber makes it very durable. With a lifetime guarantee, these features make it one of the reasons why we recommend these boots.

Apart from the laces detailing, these boots have several features. One of them is the DynoLITE superior cushioning. These help in making the boots 20% light in weight than regular. This feature also makes the boots shock-absorbent and easy to bounce back.

  • 20% lighter in weight
  • DynoLITE helps in cushioning and shock absorption
  • Natural fiber laces
  • Boa lacing system
  • Not much heat-trapping
  • Simple liner

2. Burton Rampant Snowboard Boots

Burton Rampant Snowboard Boots


One of the best things about these boots is the exclusive pattern of these shoes. The B3 cushioning helps in breaking-in in these shoes. Yet, they do not harden in cold temperatures. Moreover, it helps in absorbing impacts as well. These boots also have the ability to give you maximum support.

The Lock-up system helps in carrying the laces all around the boots for maximum heel hold. Also, this process allowed us easy slipping in the shoes. The several size options make these boots versatile for almost all sizes in the market as well.

The key features in these boots are the liner. Imprint 2 liner gives off a better fit and comfort. Top it off with 3M Thinsulate insulation; these boots retain as much heat as possible without being suffocating. Man fur is a cherry on top for comfort and keeping these boots waterproof on the inside.

  • 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Not a huge breaking-in period
  • Lock up system helps give support
  • Exclusive design
  • Not lightweight
  • Traditional hassling laces

1. Burton Moto Snowboard Boots

Burton Moto Snowboard Boots


Out of all the best Burton Snowboard boots for men, these ones are our favorite. There is so much attention to detail in them that we cannot get past their greatness. Their camouflage look gives a refreshing new change to the regular boots.  The soft flex compliments the soft tongue, which helps give it a better wrap to your feet.

Another reason why we adore these boots is that there is little to no breaking-in time on these boots. The all-mountain terrain traction on these boots makes them very sturdy to walk and snowboard in as well.

There is a shrinkage footprint technology on these boots, so there is no guessing on size. These boots also have the DynoLITE outsole to make it lightweight and very supportive. Speed Zone lacing system helps easy lacing of the boots as well. Finally, the sleeping bag reflective coil helps keep the warmth inside of the boots.

  • ­Lightweight
  • Easy break-in
  • Warmth insulation
  • Easy lacing
  • Not for flat terrain
  • Might stiffen in cold


The choice of snowboard boots that you choose can make or break your snowboarding experience. For this reason, you should ensure that you select the best. You can only do this by comparing several models and choose the model that will meet your needs. Luckily, for you, with the above reviews and buying guide, offer you everything you need to know to help you make an informed decision.

After going through this article, you probably made up your mind about the Burton Snowboard Boots for men. However, for us, the best ones are the Burton Moto Snowboard boots.

There are unique features in all of the Burton Snowboard Boots for Men. Yet, these stand out. The reason is that these boots compile all of the great features and give out something very unique and impressive. They are sturdy and even supportive. Perfect for beginners and even experts snowboarders!

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